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Crank Dot Net has gone through another facelift. The Crank Dot Net has been more finely divided into over 100 sections. Each section contains a list of all related sections (by hierarchy and by topic) on the left, and each entry in each section contains a list of related sections directly below the title.

Entries are listed in reverse order of their inclusion, so that the most recently added entires are listed at the top.

Sites featured on Crank Dot Net are rated in terms of their crankitude. There's a simple scale:

fringe Going above and beyond the normal call of scientific duty; fringe science. Not necessarily cranky, but delving into areas traditionally associated with crankdom.
bizarre One has to suppose it's not cranky, but it sure defies sensibility.
CRANKY No doubt about it -- beyond the ordinary. Downright strange.
CRANKIER In a realm where few have ventured and returned safely.
CRANKIEST Above and beyond the normal call of the crank.
ILLUCID Something so beyond understanding that it defies classification.
funny They're almost certainly not serious, but it still boggles the mind.
parody A parody, but a particularly amusing one. With crankism, sometimes it can be tricky telling who's serious and who's joking.
anticrank A site devoted to fighting crankism, debunking bad science, and promoting logic.
links A link farm leading to more cranks.
newsgroup A Usenet newsgroup devoted to cranks or a crank subject.
chat A resource where you can discuss cranks or crankism.


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