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The esteemed Crank o' the Day for 2017 Mar 23:

anti Genesis World Energy Watch 2003 Apr 09
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"On December 5, 2002, a company called Genesis World Energy (hereafter GWE) announced the 'Edison Device', a 'miracle' which they claim is a source of energy that will eliminate the world's dependence on traditional energy sources. A week later, Bob Park's column announced it as a scam. A month later, Professor Park returned to the story. So, what is it, a miracle, a scam, or a misunderstanding? The information released by GWE is short on detail. The biographies of the principals are not provided. The business structure is opaque. And the operation of the Edison Device is described inconsistently. I hope to clarify the GWE story, posting links to press coverage, analysis and other information on GWE."


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