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illucid Ted Jesus Christ God Site 2002 Feb 26
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"The 3.5 years I found out later was important and was a timing and schedule to get me ready for Y2K and Year 2000 and this was on a schedule and was timed very carefully. I was born in California U.S.A. in 1959 and was adopted into a conservative Christian family. I do not understand if my actual conception was immaculate and from above or not. I do not understand if my natural Mother was a Virgin or not. I do not understand where the conception was from. I AM Adopted on this Coming and I have never met my natural Mother and do not have much information on her. My adoption records were and are sealed. I do not understand if she is still alive. My Mother that adopted me is a or practically a Saint. She is extremely loving and very good and very nice. I love her very much. I was told many times spiritually that The Temple was restored and that you Ted were and are The Temple and this was your Incarnation on World Earth for your Second Coming and Return also a descendent of the Jewish King David and that you are the Son of David. The Brain and Body of TJCG is The Temple. The 1960's were the Time of Trouble that was to happen before the Second Coming and Return and the Cuban Missile Crisis was suppose to end in a limited Nuclear War where their would be much desolation and this was thwarted by Satan and Demons. This Time of Trouble that many are looking forward to before the Second Coming and Return is already in the past and was not that extreme with a Nuclear War though this was a drastically Bad and Wicked and Evil time on World Earth and in the U.S.A. where THE ONE was born and getting raised not understanding who HE was."


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