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cranky The Delusion Resistance 2005 Dec 06
     ... UFOlogy . religion . evolution . prophecy ...
"There are many people out there who haven't made a decision for Jesus yet. Some are avid believers in UFO's, and/or evolution. Some have involved themselves in strange religions or occult practices and are looking for an avenue to the truth. Some are riding the fence where their beliefs are concerned and some haven't thought about what to believe."

illucid Soldier of the Lord's Home Page 2005 Dec 06
     ... religion . prophecy ...
"GUILLOTINES are in AmeriKa NOW & being prepared for the FINAL INQUISITION of CHRISTIANS! Now do you see why the United Nations, FEMA and even the US Government etc etc is so desperate to destroy the Constitution & in particular the 2nd Amendment?.......because an UNARMED NATION = SLAVE NATION ..."

bizarre The Creators Project 2005 Dec 06
     ... science fiction . prophecy . near death experiences . paranormal . extraterrestrials ...
"A science fiction book with a hidden agenda ... Why do humans exist and what is their purpose as an intelligent species? ... First lets explain what a Project is: A project has a specific begin date and end date, and it also has specific objectives and specific resources assigned to perform the work. Which answers what we humans are, and have been for the last thousands of years. We are part of what they call 'The Creators Project.' The alien creators according to my book, are the ones responsible for creating the earth, and they have been undertaking and evaluating their own experiments through out the universe and as creators, they hold full responsibility and authority over the projects future which will end when the creators feel the objectives have been completed."

crankiest Newswatch Magazine 2005 Dec 06
     ... conspiracy . New World Order . religion . extraterrestrials . prophecy ...
"Making clear today's news in the light of Bible prophecy ..."

crankier Thatcher Thunders 2005 Oct 07
     ... religion . supremacists . prophecy . End Times ...
"Straitjacketed into believing ministers who say the Beast will arise in Europe? How stupid and ignorant these false prophets are. The great Beast of Rev. 13 is NOT Europe. It?s RUSSIA! And Russia has allies who also don?t like the Christian West."

illucid The Prediction of System Design Is Coming True 2005 Oct 07
     ... prophecy . apocalypse ...
"Asian tsunami and Katrina are related and point to greater natural catastrophes on the way ... We are heading to a chain of destruction, by wind, fire, water and earth and the break down of psychological state of humanity leading to great wars and terrorist activity ... Discover the only way to escape the agony and fury of Nature ... System design notes that all life is anti- gravitational by its instinct. Human beings are central to the actions and reactions taking place in nature. It underlines that with out Galileo the ball would not have gone to the top of the table for him to role and lay the foundation to modern science."

cranky Survive 2012 2004 Sep 19
     ... prophecy ...
"What will happen in 2012? The Maya believed that their world would end on Dec 21, 2012. Of all the dates put forth by prophets and cultures for a doomsday, this is one with an authentic almost eerie feel to it. But what will happen? A global cataclysm is one possibility. Presented here is enough information to help you decide - be you an expert or a beginner. What is Survive 2012? Survive 2012 is a non-fiction book I am working on. After a two-year break I am back and working on it full time. It is constantly evolving in line with my researching. It is also the name of this website which is an online version of the completed chapters, some half-finished chapters and some other bits and pieces. A brief explanation of my theory is here."

anti ZetaTruth 2004 Sep 19
     ... extraterrestrials . astronomy . prophecy . resources ...
"Since 1995 Nancy has led a campaign of paranoia and disinformation in an effort to convince the general public that a rogue planet will sweep past the earth causing devastation on a level previously unheard of to modern man. She has never in the years since offered any verifiable evidence to back up her claims. She has given one failed prediction after another."

cranky Alpha-Omega Report 2004 Sep 19
     ... religion . prophecy ...
"'An online biblical prophecy news and studies magazine.'"

crankier Artificial Intelligence and the Bible 2004 Sep 19
     ... artificial intelligence . religion . prophecy ...
"The ruling classes of many ancient civilizations had a way of using metaphors to record their sacred knowledge. To the casual reader, a sacred text might look like a collection of fables or poems, but to the initiate, the hidden meaning was immediately apparent. Symbolic encoding is known to have been practiced in the ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek empires. It was even used by the Mayans, a new world civilization which is not known to have been culturally connected with the old. The Mayan priesthood devised ingenious tales about mythical battles to encode its sophisticated knowledge of astronomy (see the work of the late Linda Schele for more on Mayan symbology). There are good reasons to suspect that many of the well-known myths of antiquity are not myths at all, but carefully compiled records of sacred knowledge. The above strongly suggests that these ancient keepers of knowledge--at least the ones we know about from history--somehow inherited their record keeping practices from an even more ancient authority. The question is: who was this ancient source?"

crankier A Mighty Wind! 2004 Jul 10
     ... religion . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"Alpha & Omega Almightywind ... Kuach Ha Kodesh Wildfire! ... Last Chance Ministry ... Prophecies Given to Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia ... I, Yahveh, have declared war on planet Earth from Heaven! ... Below is the dream my beloved husband had on 6/25/04. Those with the gift of interpretation of dreams please email us and share the interpretation ..."

cranky Prophetic Ministry of Dreams 2003 Dec 15
     ... religion . prophecy ...
"In about the spring of 2002, God gave me a vision that let me know something big was coming my way. I used to go to downtown Indianapolis, Indiana to monument circle, and feed the birds, and read my bible, witness to people, etc. In this vision, I am downtown on monument circle, and I throw out seed's to the birds like usual. Only this time, the seeds looked like grayish color paintballs, and they were beating, and there were thousands of them.(the seed is the 'Word of God') I knew something was about to chage in my life from this vision! bout June of 2002, God showed me in visions to start a website, and has showed and told me in many visions to 'warn people'. About three weeks later when I woke up one morning, God spoke a name for this work to me, 'ministryofdreams'. Please take the warning some of these visions show seriously, and seek God!!!!!!!!!!!!"

crankier 30 Years of Channelled Information 2003 Oct 30
     ... new age . prophecy . extraterrestrials . psychic phenomena ...
"The intention of this site is to present previously hidden channelled information, to network this information with other sources of information, and to offer a location for Seekers to gather together in discussion and commentary."

illucid Awakened to Do Prophecy 2003 Oct 30
     ... prophecy ...
Well, it's colorful, at least.

crankiest Operation Terra: Preparing for the Harvest 2003 Sep 20
     ... religion . extraterrestrials . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"The term 'Operation Terra' refers to both a body of information and an operational concept. The information is being telepathically transmitted to Sara Lyara Estes (aka Lyara) by a group of higher-dimensional beings who refer to themselves as 'The Hosts of Heaven.' It comes to us as a series of Messages--cosmic 'lessons' from these celestial beings. The Messages are fully available at no charge on this site, and have also been published in two softcover books, for those who prefer that format. Additional material is available in the Articles section of this site, and an ongoing discussion about the details of the material and its relevance to our present world is taking place in the online Forums."

anti Assassinations Foretold by Moby Dick 2003 Sep 20
     ... Bible codes . prophecy . resources ...
"It has come to my attention that some people have taken this page as claiming that Moby Dick really predicted the assassinations of famous people. Please be assured that none of these patterns happened by other than pure random chance. No laws of probability are violated here, or even stretched a little. That is also true of Drosnin's book, which is the whole point of this page. Once you learn Drosnin's rules (none) and the method (a bit of messy programming) you can find things like this anywhere. The reason it looks amazing is that the number of possible things to look for, and the number of places to look, is much greater than you imagine."

crankier Bible Code: Picture Bible Code Prophecies 2003 Sep 20
     ... Bible codes . numerology . prophecy . September 11 ...
"Why did the Twin Towers fall EXACTLY 1290 + 1335 years (of Dan. 12:11-12) from the prophecy of Ezekiel 31? Why was the UN declaration to go after Saddam Hussein (of former Babylon) also EXACTLY 1290 + 1335 from the fall of Jerusalem (by the ancient Babylonians)? Why EXACTLY 430 days between the above events, as spoken of in Ezekiel 4? Why does Bush's '2 days' ultimatum for Iraq fall EXACTLY on 'the two days' of Purim (Est. 9:27), which celebrated the ancient victory over Haman -- enemy of the Jews?"

cranky Pole Shift Preparation Homepage 2003 May 22
     ... extraterrestrials . astronomy . prophecy ...
"Jeremy explains why he believed a large planet -- up until now considered hypothetical by astronomers -- would pass between the Earth and the Sun causing a pole shift in May 2003. The pole shift was expected to set off worldwide cataclysms -- massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and hurricane force winds."

crankier Bible Doctrine News 2003 Mar 11
     ... religion . prophecy ...
"Grace Oriented Divine Viewpoint of Current Events ... Bastard, Ted Bundy and the Rise of Israel ... Columbia Disaster ...Meaning of 2003 -- Justice of Holy Spirit ..."

cranky Blah Squared 2003 Mar 10
     ... prophecy . politics . religion ...
"Prez Bush's walking on THIN ICE: Bring our troops home ... or face the consequences: More-than-likely, WWIII. Pray For Peace. We CANNOT be the world's defender, Mr. President. Stop abortion and God'll stop the war."

bizarre Efraim Community 2002 Nov 16
     ... religion . prophecy . megalomaniacs ...
"We are people who know that Jesus Christ is God the Son and that the Bible is God's word and the full truth. We are allowed to understand God's will and the mysteries that God has hidden in the Bible more than anybody. We are also those who know that the prophet Elijah has been (re)sent, as God has had foretold in the last verses of the Old Testament (Malachi 4:5,6) and we know him personally. When you read the revelations in this Web site, you will have to agree that these are the mysteries that God has kept until the last of days."

illucid Is the Aurora Borealis a Sign of War? 2002 Nov 16
     ... prophecy ...
"Does the Aurora Borealis forecast war in the United States? November 6 -- A rare sighting in Ohio of the aurora borealis -- better known as the Northern Lights -- on Monday night prompted a flurry of phone calls from concerned citizens to National Weather Service offices. Media organizations and police agencies were flooded with anxious calls last night about strange lights in the sky."

crankiest Sphinx Stargate 2002 Aug 15
     ... catastrophism . archaeology . astrology . Egyptology . prophecy ...
"At the closing of the last ice age our ancient ancestors endured one of the most lethal global catastrophes to have occurred in the course of human history. Intelligent minds of those times thought it imperative to construct a message that would endure through time and be understood by the descendants of those who survived. Employing sophisticated cryptographic puzzle techniques similar to those modern astronomers use in designing extraterrestrial communications, they created a time capsule message that described the elusive celestial cause of this tragic disaster, alerting us that it could recur at long intervals and arrive at Earth's doorstep virtually without warning. This ancient cipher is today displayed in the heavens in the form of the 12 zodiac constellations (Greek / Egyptian / Babylonian versions), its informational content having been passed down orally in the lore of astrology. Also certain esoteric keys were handed down to help unlock its message, the Sphinx being one and the Tarot being the other."

cranky The Return of the King in 2002 2002 Aug 15
     ... religion . occult . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"There is an ancient Celtic legend that tells of a King who comes back at a time when his country needs him the most ... that time is almost here."

cranky Spirit of Prophecy 2002 Aug 10
     ... religion . prophecy ...

cranky Our Lady's Prophecies: These Last Days Ministries 2002 May 27
     ... prophecy . apocalypse ...
"In 1917 the Virgin Mary gave warnings and prophecies to three children in Fatima, Portugal. Many of these prophecies have already occurred with 100% accuracy. At Bayside, New York, Mother Mary explained in great detail the Fatima prophecies and the events soon to befall mankind."

cranky Ascension 2000 2002 May 13
     ... new age . prophecy ...
"Some say, 'It's the end of the world' and think they've got it figured out. Others say that a Golden Age of humanity is dawning, heralded by an event known as 'Ascension' where there is a spontaneous transformation of matter, energy and consciousness. (We believe this to be the case, and that this is not a 'doom' situation at all.) Most who espouse such concepts do so because a certain religion, prophet, indigenous teaching and/or alleged 'channeled' ET group said it is so. However, if such an incredible event were indeed 'real,' then there should be a massive amount of straightforward scientific evidence to support it. Many say that this website arguably contains the penultimate collection of that evidence, which forms a completely new paradigm for understanding the Cosmos as well as a sound and advanced body of spiritual teachings to support it."

cranky The Playing-Card Oracle 2002 Apr 21
     ... prophecy ...
"It dawned on me then that the deck of Cards (Tarot, Thoth, etc.) -- nay, even the method of Divination -- is irrelevant. Whether you are throwing sticks on the ground, picking Cards from an ornately- decorated deck, or casting rune-inscribed dried clay markers, the effects are the same. The power to divine is in the person, not in the divining instrument. Thus came my Illumination: Why use a deck of Tarot Cards? Why cast runes? Why throw sticks and consult a chart? If it is true that the Diviner is important and not the medium, then it is unimportant which medium actually is used, and all things will return to Equilibrium, as they always have and always will. Hence ARCANA ARCANORUM, the Playing-Card Tarot, was born. If medium is not the message after all, then why not use a very simple, easy-to-understand, easily-obtained, inexpensive one? That is, the average deck of playing Cards that can be bought in any store."

cranky Eve of the Last Days 2002 Feb 25
     ... religion . prophecy ...
"Now begins your prophetic adventure! The pages below are individual and bigger than the ones found on Propechy Center site listed above. To read them, you have to be patient, because the process involves clicking into each one, then when finished, click 'BACK' and begin process again with next page. It will be well worth your effort, and you can print them, too! Enjoy!"

crankiest Lucifer 2002 Jan 21
     ... prophecy . psychic phenomena . remote viewing ...
"The human carrying capacity of Earth has been theoretically breached as of 1985. Stresses related to industrial pollution, exotic fuels, weapon systems, high and low frequency communication systems, high frequency geothermal warfare research and development, hydrogen bomb research and development of related delivery systems, the testing of neutron bomb related weapon systems, genetically modified food sources such as corn that will reorganize' known and unknown plant and human pathogens, rainforest desturction, automobile production, oil and other fossil fuel prodution and use, electricity production and use, grounding of alternating current systems that raise the frequency of Earth beyond 7.8 Hz, and the consumption of tropic level 3 food sources have caused irreversible damage to a fragile balance within Earth ecosystems that direcly elate to human life support and development. Global ecological changes will be experience dlate August of 2002 in terms of human casualties related to pathogens, starvatio, heat, drought, flooding, plate movement, radiation, and wars related to limited natural resources, etc. There will be many unusual storms that involve high winds and rain. These changes will continue long after much of the human population of Earth is dead."

cranky Overcomer Ministry Home Page 2001 Dec 29
     ... religion . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"The Voice of The Last Day Prophet of God. Jesus Christ is Coming in YOUR Lifetime. THIS is the LAST Generation. Prepare to meet your God. Maranatha."

illucid A Mighty Wind! 2001 Dec 01
     ... religion . prophecy ...
"Latest Prophecies! Urgent! Please read! ... Important Message From Sherrie Elijah: Why Yahweh insists that my name is Elisabeth ... Warning! Do Not Take Your Children To See 'Harry Potter'! Who is YOUR 'Potter'? I, YAHWEH, or Harry Potter? ... Prophecies For America As Given To Dumitru Duduman ... Beware, You Are Like Sheep Being Led To The Slaughter! Anointed Message Related To Prophecy 54: Was YHWH Sleeping When Terrorists Attacked America? Hear Me, Fear Me, Believe Me! ..."

crankiest Blindsided 2001 Nov 18
     ... Planet X . science . prophecy ...
"Why do I believe Planet X will be returning in 2003? A combination of in depth research and life experience. In the mid '70's, at age 19, I started work with a solar cell corporation. It had technology that could undercut the cost of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Twelve years later it became clear that there were people that controlled the energy cartel, banks and media that were engaged in a combination of underhanded financial and legal maneuvers to stop us. I wasn't looking to find that these controllers existed. I had no interest in them. I did become acutely aware of them first hand, having watched as they slapped the company I worked with down and effectively shelved the technology."

illucid The Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon 2001 Oct 09
     ... prophecy . extraterrestrials . paranormal ...
"How was it possible for [Princess] Diana's death to be foretold in the work of Morrissey? Was it purely by Morrissey's own ability or did someone else influence his work? Morrissey does not claim that he has the ability to see the future. But, Morrissey does claim that he has encountered Extraterrestrials."

crankiest King Arthur 2001 Oct 09
     ... religion . apocalypse . prophecy . Nostradamus ...
"We are about to enter the Biblical event known as Armageddon where America and Israel are vehemently attacked. Eventually world war develops. After this arrives a king who speaks of what the world has never knwon ... peace."

crankiest Distillation or DOOM 2001 Oct 05
     ... prophecy . apocalypse ...
"This is not about a prophecy. The information contained herein is an evaluation of historical occurrences that will be coupled with culminating events --s cheduled to take place on October 5, 1997 -- that could be considered by God as the final straw which will set off His wrath." Needless to say, nothing happened.

cranky The Incredible Bayside Prophecies 2001 Jul 21
     ... prophecy . paranoia ...
Someone is excessively paranoid about Israel.

cranky News & Related Articles 2001 May 28
     ... paranormal . prophecy . archaeology . Martians ...
"Akashic records ... Edgar Cayce ... Earliest Scots discovered ... Archaeologists may have found new ancient culture in Southwest ... Many faces of Mars ... Face it -- it is a face ... Interplanetary surfing ..."

cranky Morgana's Observatory 2000 Sep 02
     ... apocalypse . prophecy . mythology ...
"Have you been watching the skies and paying closer attention to what is going on in the world lately? Do you wonder about the decline of today's civilization? Are you in search of multicultural prophecies potentially relevant to these times? Are you simply looking for news sources outside the mainstream media and/or contact with kindred souls? Just want to rest your weary Internet spirit?"

links Crystalinks 2000 Aug 19
     ... metaphysics . new age . crystals . psychic phenomena . conspiracy . extraterrestrials . medicine . prophecy ...
"Ancient and lost civilizations ... Celestial bodies and entities ... Conspiracies and mystery schools ... Crystals ... Extraterrestrials ... Healing and energy ... Prophets and prophecies ..."

crankiest Warning: 666 Is Coming 2000 May 16
     ... religion . numerology . prophecy . apocalypse ...
A cashless society is proof that the Book of Revelations is coming to pass?

cranky Prediction Registry 2000 May 05
     ... psychic phenomena . prophecy ...
"This is a registry of published predictions of future events and trends."

cranky Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences, and Dreams 2000 Apr 10
     ... religion . prophecy . dream interpretation . lunatics ...
"... from Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. ... he testimony (the beginning of the story) of Raymond Aguilera's encounter with the Holy Spirit, which led to the supernatural occurrences, and eventually to the visions, prophecies, and dreams from Jehovah God."

cranky UFOs, Aliens & the Antichrist 2000 Mar 11
     ... religion . UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . prophecy ...
"The Bible says that the b'nai Elohim, angels, sons of God, were ministers of creation, from before the worlds, Job 38:7. Contrary to popular secular theories, the b'nai Elohim are created beings distinct from Elohim the God of Israel. God created the b'nai Elohim to reflect His glory, and reflect His word which spoke all things into being. Before a third of the heavenly host rebelled, they were stewards of creation, building civilizations on the terrestrial planets of our solar system designed to glorify the Word of God. The Cydonia 'face' is a monument constructed by these Sons of God, revealing their knowledge of the message in the stars. Both the Cydonia face and the Sphinx are cherubim, combining figures in the constellations Virgo and Leo, symbolic representations of the first and second advent of Christ on Earth."

cranky Psychic Encounters 2000 Mar 09
     ... psychic phenomena . spiritualism . prophecy . dream interpretation ...
"Test your sixth sense ... Psychic readings now ... Spirit child angels ... The meaning of dreams ... Fun stuff and astrology ... Diana's spirit messages ... New the Golden Age? Predictions for the Millennium ... New psychic classes ... New psychic football section ..."

cranky Book of Life 2000 Feb 09
     ... prophecy . apocalypse . Nostradamus ...
"This was the Nostradamus first day of his seventh month when he was living ..."

crankiest Revelation 13: Astrology for the New Age 2000 Jan 02
     ... astrology . new age . mythology . religion . numerology . economics . prophecy ...
"My method of prophecy combines astrology and other new age schools, mythology, religion, and numerical analysis. The emphasis is on predicting the future. This is a new holistic method of prophecy I have developed. I will give a brief description of my theories in this web page. Also discussed here: economic predictions and the stock market, predictions of world events for this year and future years, astrology of diseases, a new age theory of geography, the horoscope and astrology of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and Countess Sophie."

cranky Kim Clement: Warriors of the New Millennium 2000 Jan 02
     ... religion . satanism . prophecy ...
"My passion for this generation has consumed me. I am only interested in the youth of America at this time. They are survivors of the present day genocide, perpetrated by Satan, who has a systematically planned the annihilation of the royal heirs of the latter glory and the double portion."

cranky Comets, Culture, & Currency 1999 Dec 06
     ... prophecy . apocalypse . astronomy . catastrophism ...
"... will increasingly reflect almost twenty years of research aimed at understanding the social and physical influence of a large comet, in a short-period Earth-threatening orbit. This object, according to astronomical evidence, has been progressively breaking up since the Holocene time period began. The result of such debris scattering was to increase the likelihood of Earth's climate being affected by periodic interaction with extraterrestrial material during this most recent time period."

cranky Brain Food 1999 Oct 29
     ... prophecy . apocalypse ...
"Forecasts about the abundance of oil are usually warped by inconsistent definitions of 'reserves.' In truth, every year for the past two decades the industry has pumped more oil than it has discovered, and production will soon be unable to keep up with rising demand."

links It's the End of the World as We Know It ... Again 1999 Aug 08
     ... resources . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"The following pages contain the most comprehensive collection of apocalyptic prophecies I could compile. Plus, discussion about the various types of Doomsday warnings and obsessions, quirks of the calendar, predictions of apocalypse from around the world and assorted other related stuff."

illucid The Message to the Non-born 1999 Aug 08
     ... extraterrestrials . prophecy . apocalypse . catastrophism ...
"For the first time in a history of our civilization the Message of non-human intelligence is discovered. Here I will begin to acquaint you with this Message. It was left to us many thousand of years ago. ... Full decoding and understanding of the Message will require many years. The Message, in particular, this contains information on global catastrophe in the history of the Earth, revival of life after this catastrophe, with reasons and method of prediction of similar catastrophes."

crankiest ZetaTalk 1999 May 27
     ... extraterrestrials . astronomy . prophecy ...
"... leads you through the vast amount of information being relayed by the Zetas in answer to questions posed to their emissary, Nancy [Leider]. The ZetaTalk answers cover such subjects as portents of a Pole Shift and how this relates to the coming millennium Transformation the world is about to undergo; the self-centered or service-minded spiritual Orientation of humans as well as aliens from other worlds and how inadvertently giving the Call to aliens can put you in touch with one group or the other; how Visitations can be more easily interpreted when spiritual orientation is understood ..."

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