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cranky Different View: Penetrating the Mystery of the Cosmos 2005 Dec 06
     ... science . mathematics ...
"However with all the progress in the fields of astronomy, electronics and computing the cosmos still remains essentially an elusive mystery. Is this because it functions according to laws and principles that are in a quite separate dimension of reality to those with which we are familiar as inhabitants of of our planet, or is there something that is fundamentally wrong in the way it is viewed? Different View is a theory that addresses this issue directly, and questions the way the cosmos is viewed scientifically and offers an alternative that shows the universe to be a natural phenomenon of distance and time, the product of restricted expansion and constant circulation." Available in PDF format.

bizarre Zim Mathematics 2005 Oct 07
     ... mathematics ...
"Zim's Philosophy on Mathematics - 'All Mathematics is equal. I have nothing against Mathematics, just how it is taught . I have a problem with how Mathematics is taught in the schools where Mathematics and their Axioms are represented as Universal Truths."

bizarre Diamond Theory Symmetry in Binary Spaces 2005 Oct 07
     ... mathematics ...
"Symmetry is often described as invariance under a group of transformations. An unspoken assumption about symmetry in Euclidean 3-space is that the transformations involved are continuous. Diamond theory rejects this assumption, and in so doing reveals that Euclidean symmetry may itself be invariant under rather interesting groups of noncontinuous (and asymmetric) transformations. (These might be called noncontinuous groups, as opposed to so-called discontinuous (or discrete) symmetry groups. See Weyl's Symmetry.)"

crankiest Division By Zero 2005 Jul 02
     ... mathematics ...
"There seems to be a problem. Many people still do not understand the meaning, the value, and the use of zero. In this day and age of high tech we still revert to this ancient myth that division by zero is some sort of error. Conceived and printed in the days when they thought the earth was flat, our early mathematicians created a mathematical error that has lasted for centuries and may last for eternity."

crankiest Galactic Examination Project 2005 Jul 02
     ... extraterrestrials . mathematics ...
"The idea behind the Galactic Examination is to simulate a situation that can help us to use a self reference constructive criticism, in order to find out if we can be considered as legitimate members of the union of the intelligent civilizations of our Galaxy. The minimal criterion is proof that the examined species can survive technological developments that could destroy it. One of the ways that has to be taken is connected to the language concept in general, and particularly, the language of Mathematics. Through an historical and current research the language of Mathematics is considered as one of the most powerful tools that can help us to implement ideas in a variety of areas, and particularly in scientific research and development."

cranky Godel's Theorem Disproved 2005 Jul 02
     ... mathematics ...
"In order to be fully comprehended, Godel's theorem must be expressed within its sociological and historical constraints. In this very brief comment, this is done, in order to be accessible to laypersons, without symbols."

illucid The Story of Everything: The Descent from Symmetry to Insanity 2005 May 04
     ... space exploration . Martians . religion . mathematics ...
"Put aside what you think you know. Imagine for a moment that for your entire life, you have heard not the simple truth, but a carefully crafted tale. Your whole understanding of history is based on that fabrication, and it is just the latest version of a lie that has been told for generations. You continually see the clues, because like any lie, there are countless loose ends and absurdities that become obvious to anyone who opens their eyes and wonders why ..."

crankiest The Exact Value for Pi 2005 Feb 12
     ... mathematics ...
"The correct value is 3.125." In PDF format.

crankier Quantum Physics Model 2004 Sep 19
     ... quantum mechanics . mathematics ...
"The Quantum Physics Model is a new and mathematically correct system of physics. The precisely measured constants characterizing the Standard Model are for the most part unchanged in the Quantum Physics Model. The Quantum Physics Model offers new insights into the mechanics and electromagnetics of the subatomic realm. A central concept of the Quantum Physics Model is the space surrounding physical matter is active and dynamic, contributing to the existence of subatomic particle angular momentum. This dynamic aspect of space is mathematically represented through Coulomb's Constant and the gravitational constant. The unit of quantum space is the rotating magnetic field."

illucid Impossible Correspondence 2004 Apr 06
     ... gravitation . mathematics . consciousness ...
"Impossible Correspondence *The Forth Wave* Seeing From the 4th Gravitic Dimension Analogic thinking (Analogy) Trinary and Quadratic Logic Supraconsciousness Unification: Mind linking with and ordering matter"

crankiest Trinity Christian College: Christianity and Mathematics 2004 Apr 06
     ... mathematics . religion ...
"The span of a collection of vectors is defined to be the set of all possible linear combinations of the vectors with scalars selected from some set (a field--usually the real numbers). For example, if you select vectors i = <1, 0> and j = <0, 1>, the collection of linear combinations ai + bj (for a, b real numbers) is every vector in the two-dimensional coordinate plane. Creating something so large using something so small is surprising but at the same time expected because of previous experience with vectors, say in Calculus. Now let's think about something whose words are very simple, say the love of God, and meditate on what the span of God's love might be. We read in Paul's letters to the Ephesians that he prays that they might 'have the power. . . to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.' So the span of God's love is really really big! Is this surprising? YES! Just think about our rebellion and sin--so it is a surprise that God should love us! Is this expected? Again, yes! We have models in our families and friends that demonstrate how broad a father's love for his children can be."

cranky C.F. Russell Cubed 2004 Feb 26
     ... mathematics . occult ...
"Welcome to an evolving web site on the magickal workings of the late mathematician/logician, Cecil Frederick Russell (1897-1987). This web site is intended as a valid perspective on his life's Great Work and genuine contributions to magickal culture. With this in mind, the primary intention is to focus upon and explore the mathemagickal structure of Russell's system and its relations to traceable threads from various traditions. A majority of the material addressed here is primarily taken from C.F. Russell's books, which are somewhat scarce, but extremely dense with practical information. As Russell himself puts it, 'each page is a Yoga drill to effect Illumination!' In particular, the contents of Barbara Cubed- the Manual of Pure Logic (1944), Tropermic Calculus (1944) and, Book Chameleon (1950) are being studied. Excerpts from Russell's collected memoirs, entitled 'Znuz is Znees' vols.1-3 (1970-72) provide further background on his life & works. Russell was a member of the A.'.A.'. & O.T.O. (Fr. Genesthai) and was secretary to Aleister Crowley during the (in)famous 1920's Cefalu period. Some speculation suggests that Russell's experiences on 'the Rock' during this period at Thelema Abbey subsequently led to his establishment of the Gnostic Brotherhood of God (G.'.B.'.G.'.) and his personal magickal explorations into the fields of mathematics & logic. For a complete listing of what is currently in this section, see the Contents page."

cranky The Proof and the Lie 2004 Feb 26
     ... mathematics ...
"A mathematical lie has been circulating on the Internet. It concerns the background of Wiles's recent work on mathematics related to Fermat's last theorem, which involves the earlier work of a mathematician named Taniyama. This lie states that at the time of a conjecture by Taniyama in 1955, there was no known relationship between the two areas of mathematics known as 'elliptic curves' and 'modular forms.'"

illucid The Universe is hierarchically infinite in size and complexity 2003 Dec 15
     ... mathematics ...
"-10 is not a negative number. It is mathematically MINUS as in the operation, but that it exists shows that it is positive. There is only positive, into infinity and then lack of a number. This fits the definition which is so clear with every other subject of study. Speed: No negative speed exists, only none and speed into infinity. Heat: No negative heat exists, only none and then heat into infinity. Size: There is no negative size, only non-existence and then size into infinity. So it is with the universe. Matter: it is. It exists and then onward into infinity, things exist to intricacy infinitely as well. I can either go infinitely into 2. e.g. 2.1111111111111111 into infinity. I can also go infinitely in size. 21111111111111111111111 etc. So there are three laws: Outward, Inward, and Non-existence. There is no such thing as negativeness."

illucid 2Pi 2003 Oct 30
     ... physics . perpetual motion . mathematics . psychology . UFOlogy ...
"Facilitating The Inquiry Into, Development And Usage Of, Supernormal Psychology And Alternative Science. TBR (Terrestrial Based Relativity) Reflectivity as a cause of Synchronicity click ... Photo of UFO's ... The Evoligram My photo's ... Printable copy of 2Pi Logo ..."

illucid Jokubonis Square Wheel 2003 Oct 30
     ... technology . mathematics ...
"In this site I present a Great idea -- The Square Wheel. Lets put it frankly: The Square Wheel idea is one of important ideas of the centuries. However generally everyday we are hearing locutions as: The triangle was an improvement of a Square Wheel -- it eliminated one bump... Re-inventing of the Square Wheel... Square Wheels -- Round numbers ... and more. Accordingly matter of fact that real construction of Square Wheel is possible, make this invention great and promising. Where the idea may be used? At first I want surprise You that roll of Square Wheel is very restful and lenitive! And if You will make it viable the basic possibility of the Square Wheel invention will be pointed: - to create Your New Personal Product - to create Your New Business Product - to create Your New Marketplace - to create Your New Future ..."

crankiest The Contradictions of the Mathematicians 2003 Oct 30
     ... mathematics . geology ...
"As we saw before, its planar surface being the very nature of liquid water, how can mathematicians claim that the earth is a sphere when they also affirm that a sphere is the opposite surface of a plane: The reader must be aware of the evil mathematicians, because most of them are engaged in their fantasies, really believing that mathematics is 'the Science that doesn't lie, the mother of all Sciences, the owner of the truth', and so on. If they were lovers of the truth they would reject the monstrous marriage of reality and unreality. The roots of this evil math spring out of Kabbalah, Sorcery, and Freemasonry ..."

crankiest Federation Internationale des Nombres 2003 Oct 30
     ... mathematics . philosophy ...
"Download your FREE 50 files of geometric constructions ... NEW Industry benchmark problems. Possible NEW constructions. Academic Classical Geometry eJournal - must visit. Numbered triangle centers. e.g. create and use Euklides macros, new constructions etc. Your efforts. Short but noteworthy proofs. How good is YOUR Geometry. Get your ruler and compass out, (or your EUKLIDES!) ..."

cranky What is and what will be: Integrating spirituality and science 2003 Sep 20
     ... metaphysics . philosophy . mathematics . science . spiritualism . new age ...
"What is and what will be integrates spirituality and science by making the simplest possible assumptions about the relationship between conscious experience and physical structure. These assumptions have their roots in mathematical and scientific understanding and have implications for those disciplines. The assumptions come from pushing science an mathematics to their limits creating an opening for connecting the structure of science with the essence of spirituality."

illucid Untitled 2003 Sep 13
     ... Big Bang . mathematics . September 11 ...
"Death and burial of the Primeval atom, Big Bang and Big crunch theories. ... The Butterfly effect of September 11th WTC and genetic engineering ... I require the implementation of my intellectual data regarding the concepts of '0' and its' copyright dollars paid so as to finance this fusion project in Australia with international involvement. Mathematicians become very upset when confronted with my dividing and multiplying by 0. Seeing and hearing mathematicians and physicists tearing their hair out over my concepts of 'zero' is to believe it."

illucid Symmetry Forms the Basis of Mathematical Truth 2003 Aug 03
     ... mathematics . philosophy ...
"The laws of nature are explained in terms of symmetry. The completed infinities, mathematician Georg Cantor's infinite sets, could be explained as cardinal identities, akin to 'qualia' from which finite subsets, and elements of subsets, can be derived. Completed infinities, called 'alephs' are distributive in nature, similar to the way that a set of 'red' objects has the distributive property of redness. Predicates like 'red' are numbers in the sense that they interact algebraically according to the laws of Boolean algebra. Take one object away from the set of red objects and the distributive number 'red' still describes the set. The distributive identity 'natural number' or 'real number' describes an entire collection of individual objects."

bizarre Radiant Primes 2003 Jul 24
     ... mathematics ...
"Each prime number is converted to every base up to itself minus 1. Reversed, some numbers will form another prime number. The marks indicate where another prime exists. The primes on the left start at 2 and continue down the page. The bases extend across the page. These primes form a pattern similar to an astronomical radiant (the point in the sky from which a meteor shower appears to originate)."

cranky The End of Probability and the New Meaning of Quantum Physics 2003 Jun 19
     ... mathematics . quantum mechanics ...
"My common-sense double book ?The End of Probability and the New Meaning of Quantum Physics? is now available for purchase on the web. The book is in paperback format, 301 pages, and sells for US.95 a copy. I hope you're curious enough to check out its summary. You can get to the bookseller homepage from all sorts of links, including here. The bookseller is a print-on-demand publishing house. They are not set up to ship books overseas. The good news is, the book is finally available at,, (, and In recent months, in response to feedbacks, I have separated this book into two books. The first (revised) book, dedicated to the argument against probability, will be published in 2003. I will try to market it through bookstores in California and Minnesota. It will also be available on the web."

bizarre Fractal Buddha 2003 Jun 19
     ... mathematics . new age ...
"The equation of the Mandelbrot Set, z = z2 + c (zen = zen squared plus karma) is one of the simplest equations that you could imagine, and yet, this equation is so complex that an infinity of time would not be long enough to see it all. The detail and complexity of the emergent properties of this equation are beyond anything ever seen before. Fortunately for all of us, the only thing this equation seems to be good for is making pretty pictures or interesting music. It is completely harmlessm (unlike that other simple equation we all know and love.) So, for those who have eyes to see, or ears to hear ..."

crankier Metaphysics, Geometry, Universal Law, Theory of Consciousness 2003 Mar 10
     ... metaphysics . philosophy . mathematics . consciousness ...
"My interest in geometry is often from a metaphysical perspective. In this section you will find papers on basic 2 dimensional geometry, and detailed analyses of some well-known polyhedra. I try to use only the most basic geometric tools, namely, the Pythagorean theorem and well-known Euclidian theorems. I try to avoid trig unless specifically looking at central and surface angles, because the ancients didn't use it, at least to my knowledge. ... I define metaphysics as that subject which investigates universal law and which can be applied beneficially to daily life. I believe that if metaphysical concepts are too abstruse, they are worthless. These essays are not an explication of standard metaphysics. You will not find here any 'critiques of pure reason' or any metaphysical buzzwords like 'ontological' or 'non-deterministic'. I will leave these to the standard metaphysicists!"

crankiest Rene's Domain 2003 Jan 21
     ... Apollo program . September 11 . Einstein was wrong . physics . mathematics ...
"Rene, is the last name of a mostly self taught 'extra bright kid from the slums,' who says he was 'a victim of a plot of Byzantine proportions in the second grade.' It involved a 'conspiracy between his mother and his grammar school teachers' and resulted in his being skipped a grade. This placed him in 'the glorious position of always being the youngest, smallest and brightest kid in the class.' Transferred to a new school in the fourth grade, he subsequently 'became an anathema to his teachers.' ... Over a decade ago, the Rand Corporation contacted him pleading for contributions of free inventions or thoughts relating to space for NASA. ... y that time he had begun to have severe doubts that NASA's Apollo program's had ever landed men on the Moon. ... Don't you agree that as a 'former' consultant to NASA and the Rand Corporation that his credentials are impeccable?" Of course, he'd be glad to share his ideas with you ... for a price.

crankiest Bob's Positive Integer Pages 2002 Nov 16
     ... mathematics ...
"These pages focus on the set of positive integers and the operators between them. An Alternate Number System that has no need for the digit zero is presented, and other topics related to positive integers are discussed. You will find minimal reference to the number zero and negative numbers. Hopefully both recreational and professional mathematicians will find something of interest - the intent of these pages is to motivate others to explore the fascinating world of positive integers. I am confident with most of the ideas on these pages. However a few ideas are still in their infancy, and require further development and refinement. I therefore welcome your input to aid in expanding some of the thoughts. These pages are not necessarily static, and hopefully, will evolve in a positive manner as time goes on. ... Welcome to ANS in which the digit zero disappears and therefore all digits behave the same. So digit reversals work for all numbers. And, yes, base 1 is valid in ANS."

crankier Areas Explains Galileo's "Miraculous" Geometry Problem 2002 Sep 19
     ... mathematics ...
"Galileo's problem shows that Euclid's definitions are self-contradictory. This should suffice to not teach them or their variants to future mathematicians, physicists, and engineers in high school and beyond, or to use them as the mathematical definitions in the latest dictionaries, as is now done. But, it might be argued, since they don't appear to affect calculations, surely they are harmless fictions, only causing confusion on rare occasions. Galileo was a great physicist, far ahead of his time, but he died in 1642. Who would mistake the illogical for the magical today? The fact is they have caused much confusion. Discomfort with how a geometrical point seems to be both something and nothing has caused some to attribute materiality to it. They have even wondered whether geometry properly belongs to mathematics or physics. But there is nothing more immaterial than a distance. Many theoretical physicists assert that matter is infinitely compressible. If a geometrical point cannot occupy zero volume, how can a physical point? Famous skeptic and debunker Martin Gardner apparently reads Marilyn vos Savant's column, judging by the problems he occasionally submits to her, yet accepts Wiles' 'proof.' Certainly no believer in magic, he has been fooled into believing that the universe is made of mathematics, which is like believing it is made of words!"

crankier Math Lies 2002 Aug 17
     ... mathematics ...
Someone is very confused about the local direction of gravity and perspective.

cranky The International Society of Unified Science, Inc. 2002 Aug 17
     ... physics . metaphysics . mathematics ...
"The objective of this organization is to advance in all ways deemed feasible the Reciprocal System of physical theory as proposed by Dewey B. Larson in his publications and as extended by other authors in application to specific areas of the physical sciences. The Reciprocal System is a body of knowledge derivable from the logical extension of its two fundamental postulates: 1. The physical universe is composed entirely of one component, motion, existing in three dimensions, in discrete units, and with two reciprocal aspects, space and time. 2. The physical universe conforms to the relations of ordinary commutative mathematics, its primary magnitudes are absolute, and its geometry is Euclidean."

bizarre Poe, E: Near a Raven 2002 Aug 10
     ... mathematics ...
"The poem below was composed in 1995 and bears an uncanny similarity to a certain famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe. This is one of my longer pieces of constrained writing. Constrained writing (an old idea, but one which greatly increased in popularity in the latter half of the 20th century as a result of the work of the mostly French group Oulipo) is the art of constructing a work of prose or poetry that obeys one or more artificially-imposed rules."

bizarre R.E. Riker's Math Page 2002 Aug 10
     ... mathematics ...
"Logarithmic fields ... Similar mathematics ... A variation of the definition of differentiation ... Similar mathematics and public key encryption ... Read and write in color ..."

cranky An Expository Proof of the Goldbach Conjecture 2002 May 13
     ... mathematics ...
"Two-hundred, fifty have lapsed since Christian Goldbach proposed (in 1742) that every positive even Integer, not 2, can be expressed as the sum of two primes. This manuscript attempts to show that the proposition is correct as a consequence of Wilson's Theorem. Little effort will be required to understand the proof as it is not complicated. Many attempts have been made to solve the problem over the years, so that the author must acknowledge that it is only by a stroke of good fortune that this ?discovery,? as simply and straightforwardly as it presents itself, is the result only of astute observation. The method of proof is simple once the preliminary groundwork is presented."

illucid Congregation of the Constable 2002 Apr 03
     ... mathematics . religion . philosophy . psychology ...
"Gerald 'The Constable' Hawkins lives in a world increasingly controlled through the power of his mind: his fears, his emotions, and his imagination. Everything written here is true ... every event herein depicted actually happened as much as anything has ever happened. This is a document."

cranky Roger's Web Site of Metaphysics, Physics, Cosmology, and Set Theory Ideas 2002 Mar 25
     ... mathematics . metaphysics . physics . cosmology ...
"Hi. Welcome to my web site. My name is Roger. I'm a biochemist, but one of my hobbies is thinking about infinite sets, philosophy, metaphysics and physics. Some of my ideas about these subjects are listed below. As with most ideas, mine are built on all the thinking that has come before me. So, I'd like to credit all those who have contributed in this area in the past and who are doing so today. Please forgive me if I do not reference everything directly. In developing these ideas, my philosophy has been to assume as little as possible, even about the most basic of things, and then try to develop logical and internally consistent ideas. Because I'm an amateur, many academics would consider me a 'crackpot' and dismiss the ideas out of hand. However, in reading these ideas, I hope that you consider them on their individual merits and not based on their amateur source. After the ideas, some links to other, not all related, sites are also listed."

crankiest The Ofappit Institute of Technology 2002 Feb 25
     ... grand unification . religion . mathematics . physics ...
"God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT), discovered at the Ofappit Institute of Technology (OITECH), constitutes the long awaited, the long sought, the holiest of Holy Grails of mathematics and physics, the Unified Field Theory of the theory of everything. OITECH helps build a better future through math and science. We promote mathematics, mathematical sciences and mathematical research."

cranky Unified Field Theory: Initial Hypothesis 2001 Dec 29
     ... grand unification . physics . mathematics ...
"Hello, The goal is unification with physics and mathematics. Ultimately discovering the mathematical syntax of 'reality.' Researching Chaos Theory and Number Theory. Binary logic and holograms. If the universe is a 4D sphere, then time can be interpreted as changes in the 4D structure of that manifold. The universal constants have a ratio that is designed for sentient life forms. ... Take the limit as R approaches infinity. If the universe has a spherical wavefront with radius R, and it is a perfect 4D sphere, and if R is increasing... approaching infinity, then the inverse spherical wave 1/R would be approaching zero. If R expands outwardly from a point 'zero', and if 1/R contracts inwardly from 'infinity', then when R and 1/R intersect (1/R) (R) = 1. ..."

crankiest All My Files 2001 Oct 09
     ... metaphysics . technology . relativity . Einstein was wrong . physics . mathematics ...
"The Dark Matter mystery ... Modifications of the strong nuclear force by the action of the zero-point force ... Einstein's twin paradox revisited ... Non-accelerated 'twin paradox' ... Single best argument against special relativity ... Simple challenge to supporters of special relativity ... Short reductio ad absurdum refutation of special relativity ... Another simple argument against special relativity ... Logical invalidity of Einstein's 'train' thought experiment ... Do the Lorentz transformations even do what they were intended to do? ... Does the Michelson-Morley experiment really indicate that the speed of light is a constant? ... Can mass really increase with velocity ... ? ... Contradiction between the special and general theories of relativity ... A short and sweet refutation of Gödel's theorem ..." In PDF, Word, and RTF formats.

cranky Return to Socrates 2001 Oct 05
     ... mathematics . philosophy ...
"The content of this site is inspired by Socrates, the wisest of the mortals and gods ever. I worship no gods here, nor do I worship humans. I only draw your attention to Socrates' dialectical method: Everything is a unity of two opposites. At the very beginning of the end there is the very end of the beginning: Infinite and Nothingness. Expansion created by the Big-Bang followed by Implosion created by the Big-Crunch and so on for ever and never. If A is legitimate, non-A must have legitimacy as well. For there is no logical foundation for the expression only A is legitimate; or, only Opposite-A is legitimate. I synthesize these statements in the Fundamental Formula of Philosophy (FF0): Creation = Destruction ..."

illucid Truth Evolutionism 2001 Aug 11
     ... mathematics . science . physics ...
"d(-S)=-mcuidxi-qAidxi+aFik2dVdt-bRdVdt ... The above equation is the mathematical expression to calculate negative action in the universe. By replacing negative action with the corresponding pursued quantity, it can be the universal way to calculate happiness in society, profit in economy and knowledge in research. So sciences about largest negative action pursuit, largest happiness pursuit, largest profit pursuit and largest knowledge pursuit are unified into one: Science of Pursuit. Pursuit systems with different mathematical expressions and methodologies have different expanding speed. From least action principle in physics, universe pursues negative action the best, so physics is equivalent with 'Science about the fastest expanding system'. Since expanding velocity is invariant with dimension and unit of the pursued quantity, any pursuit system can perfect itself by 'Imitating Universe.'"

crankiest Yun-Qi Kingdom 2001 Jun 10
     ... science . physics . mathematics . relativity . Einstein was wrong . hoaxes . paranormal . astronomy . gravitation . metaphysics . conspiracy . new age ...
"When the new millennium begins, a great NEW KINGDOM also comes. It marks the END of SCIENCE. No matter whether you believe or not, no matter if you want or not, this is already a fact, and will definitely become the reality in the very near future. Actually, my first article 'Yun-Qi Kingdom -- Fundamental One' obviously has very well put today's PHYSICS into the DEAD END. Students, teachers and professors who have a solid background of mathematics and/or physics can easily examine what I say by yourselves. If you think my first article does not sufficiently shake down today's MATHEMATICS, my second incoming article 'Yun-Qi Kingdom -- Fundamental Two' will clearly show you that the MATHEMATICS we have used for centuries is also considerably and lawlessly WRONG. Please do not use today's knowledge as your prejudices to cut immediately what I have said down. Try to investigate it first. I hope one can beat Yun-Qi Kingdom down by using today's science and knowledge, but I'll be afraid to say that NOBODY CAN."

illucid Fantasy on the symmetry of differentiable function 2001 Mar 20
     ... mathematics . physics ...
"About article. The symmetry of function and differentiation symmetric. The development general of increment of primitive in power series with degrees of increment of derivative. Finding of primitive without integration-summation. The potentials unique. Newton's laws of any order. The elements of mechanics of third order and motion of particle (electron?) in space." In (broken) English and Russian.

illucid Panagiotis Stefanides 2001 Mar 03
     ... mathematics ...
"Quantization of circle duality ... Quadrature master theorem ... Circle circumference correlation ... Decorated Platonic solids ... Water -- Icosahedron inscribed in sphere ... Logarithm spiroid definition ... The most beautiful triangle ... Geometric concepts in Plato ..." In English and Greek.

illucid 4-D World 2000 Nov 18
     ... mathematics ...
"On the next picture you can see the example of non-Euclidean geometry. I draw this picture and asked colleagues, what is it? The answers were: Tardis, Clain's [sic] Bottle, Entrance to the Black Hole, Scale Changing Machine, UFO, Time-machine. What is it, if inside the first machine can be exactly the same second machine, inside the second machine can be the third machine, inside the third machine can be the fourth machine, and so on?"

illucid Solar Geometry 2000 Nov 08
     ... astronomy . mathematics . numerology . mysticism ...
"The points along the North-South axis of the drawing are, from the bottom, planetary distances represented correctly to scale. Seen this way they seem to be a chaos as no relationship is apparent. But look what happens when the planetary distances are swung with a compass to the circumference of this circle! Lo and behold, the distances along the circumferences now are perfectly aligned to describe seven points of a decagon, and they de-mystify both the Tai Chi or Yin-Yang symbol, and the pentagon!"

cranky Ong's Hat and other Gateways to New Dimensions 2000 Aug 19
     ... conspiracy . hollow Earth . quantum mechanics . mathematics ...
"Unlike other conspiracy theories, such as Hollow earth, Men In Black, cattle mutilation, UFO, Reich & Tesla or what have you, the INCUNABULA Theory harmonizes with genuine frontier quantum mechanics and chaos mathematics, and does not depend on any quack nostrums, psuedoscience or ESP for proof. This will become clear to anyone who takes the trouble to read the background material we recommend and offer for sale."

cranky Institute for Basic Research 2000 Aug 13
     ... particle physics . mathematics . free energy . perpetual motion ...
"Hadronic Journal ... Algebras, Groups, and Geometries ... The IBR announces the discovery by Dr. R. M. Santilli of the Hadronic Reactors developed at Toups Technology Licensing, Largo, Florida, Now EarthFirst Technology, Inc., which: recycle nonradioactive liquid wastes; produce clean, cost-competitive, combustible gases; and have an independently certified over-unity in the commercial energy efficiency. ... As well known to experts in the field, the over-unity here referred to is a commercial energy balance computed as the ratio between the energy produced (the combustible Magnegas + heat), and the electric energy needed for its production calibrated at the panel, which ratio is bigger than one (over-unity) for Santilli's Hadronic Reactors."

parody Fermat's Theorem: Disproved 2000 Jul 02
     ... mathematics . Fermat's Last Theorem ...
"I think Fermat succumbed to pressure when he claimed that he had found a proof, and I don't blame him. I mean, there's this theorem named after you, and they even tell you that it's the last one you're getting. Hell yeah, you're going to tell them you proved it. For years people have tried to show that Fermat's Last Theorem is true. Some have tried to show it was not untrue, and others have tried to show that it was not-not-not unfalse. It dawned upon me that no one had really tried to show that it was un-not not-not-anti-not untrue. When I looked at it this way, I immediately found that it was what I just said it was, and at that point I knew I had stumbled upon a great discovery."

cranky International Lambdoma Research Institute 2000 May 16
     ... sociology . psychology . mathematics . consciousness ...
"... was founded in order to encourage and promote the continuing research and application of the Lambdoma and to spread the understanding of the wisdom and relationships which are encoded in its matrix of whole number ratios. This research includes relationships between musical intervals, colors, geometric forms, mathematics, room resonances, chakra energy centers, rotations of planets, the periodic table of elements and altered states of consciousness."

cranky The School of Pythagoras 2000 May 16
     ... mathematics . sacred geometry . mysticism ...
"This site is dedicated to the mysteries of number and proportion. The work of Pythagoras provides a starting point for ongoing explorations of these topics. Contemporary developments in sacred geometry, cosmology, music, sound and acoustics along with new interpretations of ancient architecture are some of the other areas of focus."

anti Selected sci.math posts 2000 May 16
     ... mathematics . Usenet kooks ...
David Rusin has collected a choice sampling of crank posts from sci.math over the years.

illucid Sik Site 2000 Mar 21
     ... mathematics ...
"I could have started this work here, without disturbing noble Diophantus, and it will make nodifference to number nex. When a poet ventures in Mathematics he does as did Frege: writes in natural verses. To improve the language seduction, some murals will be added. With the glance of Gödel and the dream of Frege in my rucksack, I rushed in searching an external reference, since I was decided to solve such enigma. Had found the model, it has to be the reference to all and each one of the sign rules. Now silence! I declare in high and clear tone to all the aequeus: I unmasked the mystery, I found the solution; I bring it here in my strong hands."

cranky Nico F. Benschop 2000 Mar 09
     ... mathematics . Usenet kooks ...
"My cup-a-soup: ... Once upon a time there were three kinds of math-objects: sets, numbers, functions (between sets) ... Sets (logic) compose by intersection and union which are both idempotent. ..."

illucid Open Letter to Professor Wiles 2000 Mar 09
     ... mathematics . Fermat's Last Theorem ...
"To me the [Fermat's last theorem] problem seems to be at the core of arithmetic -- showing two operations (+) and (^) that are apparently too far apart for comfort, although (^) is repeated (.), which itself is repeated (+). So (^) is only one step beyond (.), yet one step too much for closure! ... Notice that (^) is not associative, nor commutative, nor does it distribute over (+). It is a highly non-conformist operation, despite its straightforward definition as repeated multiplication."

fringe The Farce of Physics 2000 Feb 25
     ... science . physics . mathematics ...
"The word scientist entered the English language in 1840, and few individuals earned a living doing research, with most of the investigations carried out by gentlemen of wealth and leisure. At that time, a handful of American scientist were taking steps to transform their status and image and separate themselves as professionals from those they considered amateurs. The major tactic used to create this artificial separation has been the elaborate use of technical jargon and complex mathematics. This erection of higher and higher barriers to the comprehension of scientific affairs is a threat to an essential characteristic of science, its openness to outside examination and appraisal. Because of this, modern theoretical physics has become to a large degree, little more than an elaborate farce. ..."

cranky Decimals and Logarithms in the [Shakespearean] Works? 2000 Jan 24
     ... mathematics . technology ...
"Stevin's ideas caused a revolution in ordinary arithmetic. He recommended converting all of the odd and varying fractions to be found, then and still in the measurement of weights, volume, length, angles and coinage, into tenths or hundredths or thousandths. Such new ways of measuring did not become universal in France until the metric system was adopted, but the concept has since spread over the world, especially for scientific uses, and has led to far greater efficiency and accuracy in the handling of numbers. ... What did Shakespeare know about Disme and his contribution to mathematics and technology? ..."

cranky Henry Flynt, "Philosophy" 2000 Jan 24
     ... philosophy . mathematics . psychology . sociology ...
"The flaws underlying beliefs ... How substantial is non-actual possibility? ... Refutation of arithmetic ... That 1 = 2 ... The disintegration of possibility ... Personhood theory: A sketch ... Depth psychology as a post-scientific modality ... Escaping 'social' reality: Principles of a higher civilization ... The legal legitimacy of sovereignty ... My new concept of general acognitive culture ..."

cranky Earth 360 2000 Jan 19
     ... mythology . mathematics . science . education . Egyptology . Atlantis ...
"This site contains articles on Math, Science, Education, Ancient Egypt, and many multidisciplinary topics--even my latest research into Atlantis."

bizarre Acme Klein Bottles 2000 Jan 10
     ... mathematics ...
"Need a zero-volume bottle? Searching for a one-sided surface? Want the ultiamte in non-orientability? Get an Acme Klein bottle! At last, Acme has conquered topological and engineering frontiers to manufacture genuine glass Klein Bottles. These are the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions. These elegant bottles make great gifts, fantastic displays, and inferior mouse-traps. With its circle of singularities, an Acme Klein Bottle can be said to exist inside of itself -- especially handy during time-reversals."

cranky The Complexity of the Universe 1999 Nov 25
     ... science . mathematics ...
"The complexity of the universe is inversely related to the probability of it being at a particular state. A more complex universe is one that has a lower probability of being in that state, and a less complex universe is one that has a high probability of existing."

cranky Mathematics in the Common Tongue 1999 Sep 12
     ... mathematics ...
"Many teachers only require recall of facts, or an ability to manipulate symbols without necessarily understanding or using the symbols. This places undue emphasis on the nomenclature rather than the things and concepts behind the nomenclature. Let's quit worshipping the words and start worshipping the concepts behind them. I am not trying to 'dumb down' math. I am trying to allow mathematic learning occur without archaic and cumbersome Greek and Latin terms getting in the way. I teach both the new term and the old term to most students. However, it is not inconceiveable to me that at some point in the future only the new term would have to be taught."

anti Marilyn Is Wrong! 1999 Aug 28
     ... mathematics ...
"Here are some columns [in Parade magazine] where the original answer published by Marilyn vos Savant is clearly wrong, with clear and simple explanations. In some cases, Marilyn has published a correction, but in most cases, the error was noted here first."

cranky Relativity Mathematically Fails 1999 Jun 21
     ... relativity . mathematics ...
"Awards of up to US 000.00 each are hereby offered by the author, Cameron Y. Rebigsol, of this web site to people can successfully defend relativity -- the most dominating theory in physics -- in mathematical terms, and thus disprove the mathematical arguments made against relativity shown in the following text mathematical invalidity of relativity."

crankiest Tom Potter's World 1999 May 28
     ... mathematics . religion . quantum mechanics ...
"An explanation of 0, 1, e, pi, time, space, mu, charge, etc. ... God is culturculture ... Potter explains all (quantum mechanics, special relativity, etc.) ... The BATF serving the Waco search warrant ... My home from space ..."

cranky The SubSpace Project 1999 May 27
     ... grand unification . mathematics ...
"I have developed a theory that builds a unification of ideas into what I call a 'deeply unified field theory,' in that rather than trying to unify the four fundamental forces, it unifies the physical units of measurement for space, time and mass. Central to this development is how pure geometry may be used to represent reality. This unity is achieved, in some sense, through a conservation of the identity of an abstract and real line. That is, the idea of a line is conserved with respect to real and abstract space. I think of this conservation as a semantic alignment, or as a bridge, between the real and the abstract."

illucid Nature's Theory 1999 May 27
     ... grand unification . mathematics . physics ...
"... a realization suddenly made it through my thick skull that there is a common link between everything in nature. A universal constant, or a universally repetitive pattern, that is inherent, and common to all things in nature. This common link caught my attention because I seem to key into patterns, but more importantly, because patterns are the essence of all math and physics. I was very skeptical at first, because people have a tendency to make things appear before them, sort of willing themselves to see what they're looking for. ... The further that I inspected the notion though, the more clear it became to me that this particular pattern was indeed validly represented everywhere in nature. The pattern, therefore, produces a pretty interesting theory, since a universal pattern in nature dictates the existence of a universal physics. Specifically addressed is the unification of perceived, and measured, reality."

cranky Geometrical Physics 1999 May 27
     ... relativity . astronomy . physics . mathematics . cosmology ...
"This web site has been created to inform you about the works and researchs of J.-P. Petit, regarding physics, astrophysics, cosmology, mathematics and geometry."

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