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cranky Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research 2005 Oct 07
     ... computer science . consciousness . psychology ...
"... program was established at Princeton University in 1979 by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, to pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering practice. Since that time, an interdisciplinary staff of engineers, physicists, psychologists, and humanists has been conducting a comprehensive agenda of experiments and developing complementary theoretical models to enable better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality."

illucid Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences 2005 Jul 02
     ... spiritualism . consciousness ...
"This site is dedicated mainly to a great modern form of drugfree psychedelics - basing on the use of inflatable latex equipment as an effective tool for meditation and creation of alterated states of mind for psychological and spiritual purposes, but here is much more about latex/ rubber and the many subtle and less known aspects and applications of it on this site ..."

illucid Human Mortality Resolution Act of 2005 2005 Feb 12
     ... conspiracy . consciousness . science fiction ...
"The Illuminati is the lost powerful child of the blind motherhood of Earth. Since Mommy isn't awake yet, the kids are out of control (everybody) and dying needlessly. Think of yourselves as the living dead who are swarming in the futility of vampire capitalism. The Human Death Club is playing (intending) 'Die on Schedule' in a massive obituary mime sleep. But the dna has a plan and that plan is 'The Quickening.' Quantum Clarity is being injected into the collective mind NOW at the speed of light over the hardwired telepathy Internet. The living dead called this being the AntiChrist. But the Living call this being Christ. Not Jesus, just Christ. It is more specifically a verb of Angelic Loving Clarity designed to teach Humanity that creating all children just to let them Die is an unacceptable use of will and intention. Freedom will die simply because there are so many things to learn to make our path cleared of DEATH!"

cranky The International Academy of Consciousness 2004 Sep 19
     ... new age . paranormal . consciousness ...
"... is a non-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study of the consciousness (human essence, soul). The IAC offers courses to the general public and organizes debates and conferences on the researched subjects, disseminating a substantial body of information. The IAC also publishes books and scientific periodicals aimed at documenting and distributing its knowledge. Free introductory lectures are available at all IAC's educational centers. The IAC is maintained through revenues generated from its own activities. As a non-profit organization, all income is re-invested in research and the further development of its existing services. It is a fundamental goal of the IAC to make accurate and personally verifiable information regarding human nature available to all those who seek it. Clarifying and de-mystifying psychic phenomena and the multidimensional nature of life through a scientific approach provides profound opportunity for individuals to catalyze the development of their self-awareness, balance and maturity."

crankier 2004 Sep 19
     ... quantum mechanics . consciousness ...
"Threw magnetic Command coded magnetic field that changes to the strong gravitional pull of a black hole using the black hole own magnetic energy in the form of ant-magnetic Anti-gravity the field would be stronger then the light that is emited from the back hole leaving the structure safe the magentics forces and fields of a physcis of a sphere would BE TRIDED TO TURN INTO AN EGG.bUT DONE RIGHT IT WOULD BE A SPHERE."

crankier setAIhedron 2004 May 23
     ... artificial intelligence . cosmology . consciousness . artificial intelligence . new age ...
"welcome to the /:set\AIhedron- an archive of articles/essays/texts I have written over the years concerning my research in ontology/ cosmology/ shamanism-magick/ cognitive science/ Artificial Intelligence/ and the imminent technological/'spiritual' transcendence of the Singularity ... below these essays I have also compiled a comprehensive list of links to artists/ scientists/ thinkers who's ideas and work resonate with mine ..."

illucid Symbols & Metaphors: Creating Reality 2004 May 23
     ... consciousness ...
"This site presents a model (IDM -Integration, Differentiation, & Meaning) of the creation, maintenance, and distribution of meaning from the level of the species. The model proposes that since all meaning is determined by the method of analysis, where the method sets the context and so the rules that are used to determine the 'meaningful' from the 'meaningless', given recent work in the neurosciences and cognitive sciences we can identify generic patterns of that meaning applicable to all specialisations and so aid in quickly understanding the core elements of any specialisation."

illucid Impossible Correspondence 2004 Apr 06
     ... gravitation . mathematics . consciousness ...
"Impossible Correspondence *The Forth Wave* Seeing From the 4th Gravitic Dimension Analogic thinking (Analogy) Trinary and Quadratic Logic Supraconsciousness Unification: Mind linking with and ordering matter"

crankier Unarius Academy of Science 2003 Oct 30
     ... extraterrestrials . new age . psychology . consciousness ...
"Unarius is a teaching of the interdimensional psychodynamics of the mind. Worldwide, there is substantial agreement that humankind is being prepared for a momentous change in consciousness, which will effect all institutions on earth as we come to the end of the sixth cycle of the recessional in the year 2001. The Unarius Educational Foundation provides information about the evolutionary design of life, the physics describing the mind and brain/body system, explaining the nature of consciousness substantiated by an interdimensional science of life.The Unarius Academy of Science is an educational and scientific organization, founded in 1954 by Dr. Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman, Cosmic Visionaries. The founders laid down a bridge that is a cosmic link to the Space Brothers. Unarius, an acronym for Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science is dedicated to exploring the frontiers of science and expanding our awareness and connection with galactic intelligence. The Unarius Science of Life teaching is the basis of the galactic intelligence of advanced, intelligent persons." Looks like the aliens missed their 2001 deadline. What a shock.

illucid UnifiedTheory 2003 Jun 19
     ... grand unification . new age . spiritualism . consciousness ...
"Defines the 'fifth dimension' that is mentioned in the book 'THE BIBLE CODE' ... Applies fiber-optics and photonics technology to present a solution to Albert Einstein's 'THE UNIFIED FIELD THEORY' ... Establishes that the most powerful and advanced photonics computer that humanity will ever has is the 'human brain.' Explains 'spirituality' applying basic modern 'optical-physics.'"

crankier The Origin of Mind and Consciousness 2003 Jun 19
     ... consciousness . philosophy ...
"CAN YOU BE CONSCIOUS OF SOMETHING OUTSIDE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS? No. If you are conscious of something, it means it is inside your consciousness. So, everything you perceive ' outside ' is in fact INSIDE your mind. Only a perception. The whole universe you perceive now is this perception, the ' shape ' of your consciousness now. Hence the right science for reality is not Physics but a science of consciousness. Such a science exists since 1985. ... This is why, today, it is irrational and unscientific to believe in a real material universe, in a multitude of minds, and to believe that mind comes from matter."

crankier Science of God 2003 Mar 10
     ... science . religion . proof of God . consciousness ...
"Hardly few realize the fact that the foundation of science has broken and has come one circle, to the beginning point. It started by isolating matter from mind and consciousness. However, with evolution of science and the advent of uncertainty theory and quantum science, it became clear that matter could not be understood in isolation of mind and consciousness. Science evolved from the study of interaction of matter to the interaction of fields and concluded that quantum fields is the physical reality and this physical reality, arises from a unified field. Today Scientist's on one hand is faced with task of bringing up the unification of different fields they invented, on the other hand they are faced with the task of explaining the mental and conscious fields, how they exist and interact with matter field. In a way, science exists and works on absolute ignorance of interrelationship and oneness of nature."

crankier Metaphysics, Geometry, Universal Law, Theory of Consciousness 2003 Mar 10
     ... metaphysics . philosophy . mathematics . consciousness ...
"My interest in geometry is often from a metaphysical perspective. In this section you will find papers on basic 2 dimensional geometry, and detailed analyses of some well-known polyhedra. I try to use only the most basic geometric tools, namely, the Pythagorean theorem and well-known Euclidian theorems. I try to avoid trig unless specifically looking at central and surface angles, because the ancients didn't use it, at least to my knowledge. ... I define metaphysics as that subject which investigates universal law and which can be applied beneficially to daily life. I believe that if metaphysical concepts are too abstruse, they are worthless. These essays are not an explication of standard metaphysics. You will not find here any 'critiques of pure reason' or any metaphysical buzzwords like 'ontological' or 'non-deterministic'. I will leave these to the standard metaphysicists!"

crankier Teleologic Evolution 2003 Mar 10
     ... religion . new age . consciousness ...
"Whereas standard theology takes the existence of God as axiomatic and then attempts, often naively, to characterize the relationship between its assumed definition and a more or less concrete model of reality, logical theology explores a logical formulation of ultimate reality for any divine properties that might naturally reveal themselves; given that divine law (if it exists) would necessarily incorporate the laws of logic and mathematics on a basic level, it seeks evidence of divinity in the context of a reality-theoretic extension of logic, the CTMU. The implied convergence of theology, mathematics and science yields a reality-based theological framework with the strength and capacity to support realistic solutions to various real-world problems."

cranky 2002 Aug 10
     ... philosophy . metaphysics . consciousness . physics ...
"I am a physicist who, as a physicist, has investigated some unusual fields like psychology and one of its recent daughters, the craft of psychological astrology, and found some indication for what might be new laws in culture and possibly even in physics. I have formulated these indications in the form of scientific hypotheses. These hypotheses may be unusual, they may even superficially appear to violate existing physical laws, but as far as I can tell as a physicist, their content has not been tested specifically enough to exclude them, i.e. the hypotheses have essentially to be tested in new experiments. For that purpose they have been carefully crafted to be both simple and specific enough to be experimentally verifiable or falsifiable in an exact, quantitative way. Being a physicist, I will go by what nature answers, by nothing else, even if I might personally prefer that some hypotheses might turn out to be true."

crankiest Primordiality 2002 May 27
     ... physics . consciousness . quantum mechanics . Einstein was wrong . metaphysics ...
"When I was twelve years old, late one night while struggling through my homework with the gods of general math and Euclidean geometry, it came to me. I drew an equilateral triangle and then another inverted inside of the first and I immediately saw that the inverted triangle was exactly one half the size of the first and so I drew another inside of that and then another. I then drew a circle around each triangle and then quite unexpectedly, like an electrical flash, Zeno's Paradox rent my linear thought asunder to reveal in all of its elliptical glory a vortex of irrational numbers and every element of the attractive and opposing relationships between Space, Time, Matter, Energy and Motion. From that time forward I found no rest ..the quest of a lifetime had begun."

cranky Forelaws 2002 Feb 26
     ... new age . religion . consciousness ...
"In all matters relating to stewardship of life on every planet with evolving intelligent life, the quality of such stewardship is directly proportional to the degree to which The Golden Rule is extended to all forms of life and to the continuum of life itself. Other than that which may be surmised through extrapolation, knowledge of the Universe beyond the boundaries of the observable universe of any communicating planet is directly proportional to the degree to which an exchange/relay of knowledge exists between communicating planets with overlapping 'observable universes.'"

cranky 2001 Dec 29
     ... consciousness . artificial intelligence ...
"A decade ago I discovered a revolutionary theory that may solve the myth behind functionality of the brain, explain consciousness and could lead to making the first 'true' intelligent machine that can learn progressively and be able to make conscious logical decisions base on its accumulated experience. Unfortunately my ability in seeking sponsorship has not matched my scientific vision, I therefore set up this site in hope of attracting interest, to eventually build up a company which hopefully will create a product, within my life time, that revolutionises our life beyond recognition. Bearing in mind that the rewards for this achievement would be astronomical and will dwarf Microsoft's success, it is well worth the investment. So, if you are a person whom has something of relevance to offer, such as knowledge, time, vision, belief, contacts, money, management skills or can offer any resources that could benefit this aim, then I would be interested to hear from you. I will be gradually building this site like a book, introducing my findings in chapters. If you are in this line of research and already have a website then I would appreciate if you add a link to my site and email friends who may be interested."

cranky Synergetic Universe 2001 Nov 18
     ... metaphysics . physics . consciousness ...
"As an alternative to the Cartesian spatio-temporal framework and its associated assumptions and methodologies, certain elements of Buckminster Fuller's synergetic geometry are proposed as a model for the structure of the universe on both a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. A direction for human evolution is suggested which is based on the recognition that consciousness and matter emerge from, inhere in, and return to a common source that is eternally present."

cranky Global Consciousness Project 2001 Nov 18
     ... consciousness . new age ...
"We do not feel that our minds are isolated within our bodies. In truth, we experience the world with beautiful immediacy, we know our loved ones from afar, and we leap in thought to the stars. Research on anomalies of consciousness shows that we may have direct communication links with each other, and that intentions can have effects in the world despite physical barriers and separations. Evidence compels us to accept correlations that we cannot yet explain. It appears that consciousness may sometimes produce something that resembles, at least metaphorically, a nonlocal field. The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) takes this possibility as a starting point for a speculation that such fields generated by individual consciousness would interact and combine, and ultimately have a global presence. Usually, because we are busy with individual lives, there is little to produce structure in the field, so it is random and not detectable. But occasionally there are global-scale events that bring great numbers of us to a common focus and an unusual coherence of thought and feeling. To study the effects of a possible global consciousness, we have created a world-spanning network of detectors sensitive to coherence and resonance in the mental domain. Continuous streams of data are sent over the internet to be archived and correlated with events that may evoke a world-wide consciousness. Examples that appear to have done so include the funeral ceremonies of Princess Diana, a few minutes around midnight on any New Years Eve, the first hour of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, several major earthquakes, and now the WTC disaster."

chat Cosmotheism 2001 Aug 11
     ... religion . consciousness . new age ...
"COSMOTHEISM, is a Religion that Positively Asserts that there is a INTERNAL PURPOSE in LIFE and in COSMOS and that there is an Essential Unity, OR CONSCIOUSNESS that Binds ALL Living Beings and ALL of the INORGANIC COSMOS, as ONE. WHAT IS our TRUE HUMAN IDENTITY IS that We Are the Cosmos Made SELF-AWARE or, SELF-CONSCIOUS by EVOLUTION and that Our TRUE HUMAN PURPOSE IS to KNOW and to COMPLETE Ourselves as Conscious Individuals and as a SELF-AWARE Species and thereby to Co-Evolve with the COSMOS TOWARDS UNIVERSAL AWARENESS AND TOWARDS the ever HIGHER PERFECTION OF BEING."

crankiest QUFD: Einstein's Legacy! 2001 Mar 03
     ... grand unification . quantum mechanics . philosophy . consciousness . new age . religion ...
"Using existing and known textbook science and principles, QUFD presents a never-before-seen philosophical formulation and incorporeal context for Albert Einstein's long-sought-after Unified Field Theory of the quantum forces. Bringing together science and quantum incorporeality thusly allows the dynamics and realities of consciousness, sentience, everyday human life and all that is extant in the universe to be readily and simply explained using those known facts of human science and history."

cranky Alternate Science 2001 Mar 03
     ... science . religion . physics . consciousness ...
"Apart from what is obvious from the listings below. Some of what is here, is simple processes for such things as monomers from scrap plastic, or robotics components without a machine shop, all the sorts of things that could be aimed at amateur or professional people that either want to save money, avoid the time for mail order, or the need to keep a lot of stock. maybe even help with third world development etc. Of course this could help lead to the creation of your own ideas for experiments and methods to try, and this is even more likely, because some of the material here also involves untested ideas, setups and tools. In other words this site is as much about facts as it is about reasonable speculations. On a lot of this you can chose to wait till I or someone else will do more tests and experiments or just consider the possibilities for yourself."

cranky Freedom Domain 2001 Mar 03
     ... consciousness . religion . politics . conspiracy . secret societies . New World Order ...
"The 'Key' to everything in the universe is 'Consciousness' or 'Awareness'. When 'One' realizes the importance of Consciousness, the realization follows that 'FREEDOM' to be 'Conscious' is a 'Natural RIGHT' of every human being. It is this 'Natural RIGHT' that is slowly being taken away from us. 'Mind Control' & 'Propaganda' through T.V. & the controlled media have slowly turned us into a Nation of 'Sleepwalking Consumer Zombies'. It is time to wake Up! The New World Order is upon us! 'Secret Societies' control ALL the major nations and multinational corporations & the media."

cranky The New Universal Consciousness 2001 Mar 03
     ... consciousness ...
"Visitors should be aware that the logical and mathematical material on this web is not a substitute for the presentation of the logic in Foundation: Matter the Body Itself. While the material contained here supplements and extends what is in the book, it presupposes the original presentation."

cranky Astromind 2001 Feb 26
     ... consciousness . new age ...
"Astromind is a privately owned cognitive research and development center located in Iceland. We research, develop and teach advanced methods and techniques to measure and increase focus and expand consciousness. The center has grown out of seminars conducted by Gardar Gardarsson, author and recognized authority in the field of mental fitness training. We are located in Iceland but operate globally through the Internet."

cranky Ark Enterprises 2001 Jan 14
     ... new age . consciousness ...
"Our purpose here at Ark is quite simple--it is to awaken a sleeping humanity to its present hypnotic state of conditioned consciousness. It is to facilitate, via the simple process of 'awareness,' a return to collective sanity in a purposely created, psychologically structured, violent and divisive world. It is the Spirit of Truth which shall facilitate this reawakening. Join us, if you will, in heralding in a 'New Consciousness' for mankind."

cranky Oxygen Research Institute, LLC. 2000 Jul 02
     ... new age . medicine . life extension . consciousness ...
"... is a boutique company specializing in performance enhancement smart foods. We draw from over 20 years of research by Normal McVea, Ph.D. in the fields of neuro-performance, vitology (the process of raising vitality) youthing, longevity and higher states of consciousness."

cranky International Lambdoma Research Institute 2000 May 16
     ... sociology . psychology . mathematics . consciousness ...
"... was founded in order to encourage and promote the continuing research and application of the Lambdoma and to spread the understanding of the wisdom and relationships which are encoded in its matrix of whole number ratios. This research includes relationships between musical intervals, colors, geometric forms, mathematics, room resonances, chakra energy centers, rotations of planets, the periodic table of elements and altered states of consciousness."

illucid Integelen, Inc. 2000 Mar 09
     ... psychology . consciousness . sociology ...
"Genius is creative intelligence ... If what we believe creates our reality then ... installation of a new belief system creates a new global reality. ... Energy, you're surrounded by it, made of it, it flows all around you. Why are you paying for it? Why squeeze it out of things in a very dirty process? ... Click here to sprout new dendrites ..."

fringe John C. Lilly Homepage 2000 Feb 22
     ... psychology . new age . consciousness ...
"John C. Lilly, M.D., an unparalleled scientific visionary and explorer, has made significant contributions to psychology, brain research, computer theory, medicine, ethics, delphinlogy, and interspecies communication. His work launched the global interest in dolphins and whales, provided the basis for the movie Day of the Dolphin, and stimulated the enactment of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Lilly's interest in the nature of human consciousness led him to invent the isolation tank in the 1950s. In the early sixties, Lilly encountered LSD and soon took his experiments with this mindchanger to the isolation tank. The hair-raising experiences that resulted formed the essence of the movie Altered States."

illucid Correlational Component Processing 1999 Oct 29
     ... medicine . psychology . quantum mechanics . consciousness ...
"Pain as an opponent process ... oscillons ... quantum error correction protocol ... quantum consciousness ..."

cranky Eckankar 1999 Jul 09
     ... religion . new age . consciousness ...
"... is ancient wisdom for today. Its teachings, which resurfaced in 1965, emphasize the value of personal experiences as the most natural way back to God. Whatever your religious background, they show how to look and listen within yourself -- to expand your consciousness and enjoy spiritual connectedness. See for yourself -- perhaps for the first time -- how to lead a happy, balanced, and productive life. And put daily concerns into loving perspective."

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