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crankiest Endless, Boundless, Stable Universe 2000 May 13
     ... cosmology . Big Bang . steady state . tired light ...
"When the Hubble variable was discovered in 1926 it had a value of 500 kilometres per second per megaparsec. During the past halfcentury this variable has gradually declined to 50.3 kilometres per second per megaparsec. The radius of the universe is inversely proportional to the magnitude of this variable. Accordingly the universe is expanding by a factor of 100 per century. Dividing this factor into the above ratio discloses that the expansion began here on earth 961 years ago, or 1015 AD during the dark ages. Obviously, western cosmology was born in the dark and has been there ever since."

cranky Rufus' Galaxy Web Page 1999 May 27
     ... cosmology . steady state . Big Bang ...
"The purpose of this Web page is to show that the Steady State Galaxy Theory can provide an alternative to the Big Bang Theory in explaining the universe around us. It covers the operation of Galaxies and shows that they recycle both Matter and Energy and are able to carry on indefinitely. It also explains the shape of galaxies, redshift, microwave background radiation, entropy and the hydrogen-helium ratio."

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