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parody Nintendo's Portable Simultaneous 4-Player Game Cube 2005 Oct 07
     ... Time Cube . humor ...
"ony evil is Microsoft worship. Revelations for Pichu and Pikachu's immaculate creation., that equates a whole lot of money and the 'Missingno' of game glitches. Cube synergy voids 2-company system. 4-players voids Windows god. I bet you can't handle Mew."

bizarre Above God 2005 Jul 02
     ... Time Cube ...
A documentary on Gene Ray, like the world really needed that.

illucid Above God 2004 Sep 19
     ... Time Cube ...
"You maybe academically retarded. Academia Retards By Fact Earth Has 1 Day When Dead Still, And 4 Days Within 1 Earth Rotation, losing 3 days retards humanity. Are you stupid and evil? If you are ignorant of natures harmonic time cube creation, then you were taught to be stupid and evil. Human Form God Is Impossible. Adult God is a Scam upon Children."

parody Bill Walton's Logic -- Essential Waltoncube 2004 May 23
     ... Time Cube ...
"Attention Misguided Reason Followers! Waltoncube is absolute economy of thought. Cubeless thinking begets common sense. Cubeless thinking allows for REASON GOD. Your IGNORANCE of Waltoncube is evil."

illucid The Greatest Thinker 2004 Apr 06
     ... Time Cube ...
"God is a Self. A self is the lowest form of humanity. A Self-word god is the lowest degradated human behavior. God is the supreme excuse for human adults to absolve themselves of any obligation to preserve natural resources for their own children during their lifetime. Any human who lives only for today, should die tonight, for they deserve no tomorrow."

illucid The Wisest Human 2004 Apr 06
     ... Time Cube ...
"The wisest human to ever live on Earth."

parody Dvorak Card Game: The Time Cube Deck 2004 Apr 06
     ... Time Cube ...
"'You are educated stupid and can't compute a Time Cube.' Disinterested science versus delusional paranoia -- all terminology, card titles and quotations are taken from" That's right, it's the Time Cube card game!

parody Time Cube: Communications from Elsewhere 2004 Apr 06
     ... Time Cube ...
This is randomly generated Time Cube messages. Not surprisingly, they're hard to distinguish from the original.

parody The Learning Triangle 2003 Oct 30
     ... Time Cube ...
A pretty clever (and spot-on) parody of the Time Cube site.

illucid Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Time Cube 1999 May 27
     ... Time Cube ...
"God is an evil invention. Singularity debunked by Time Cube. Self is the lowest form of humanity. Self-god is lowest human behavior. Family is source of human creation. Community is perpetual family/self. 'Evil' educators brainwash children."

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