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crankier Outer Secrets 2005 Dec 06
     ... conspiracy . religion . September 11 . mind control ...
"* Is the WORLD, and the way it is, all due to random Evolution ?, the laws of Physics ?, or a GOD's plan ? * Do most Scholars reject this site before even reading it, simply because it is not presented in the simplistic Black and White feeble format ? Why are Scholars that predictable ? * Do you know why most Scholars are also 'OCCD' Practitioners ? ( 'OCCD' -- Obsessive Compulsive Certainty Disorder ) Ask a Scholar to read this web site. If the Scholar rejects the facts, then ask them why, and tell them to place all the facts that support their so called Sane decision, upon paper. Allow them to prove that they have not once again practiced the 'OCCD'."

cranky The Tehachapi Covert Underground Complex 2005 Jul 02
     ... UFOlogy . conspiracy . mind control ...
"You are about to take a journey into one of the darkest secrets of the American government and it's corporate cronies. If you are an American citizen, this journey will not be a pleasant one, since you will discover how thoroughly you have been deceived. If you are a citizen of another country, you (most likely) already know the utter contempt with which the American government deals with your elected representatives. What you may not understand is why your elected representatives allow such behavior to continue. Simply stated, the American government has developed and deployed a class of weaponry unlike anything previously used by mankind during the annuls of recorded history. Possessing these super weapons, the American government believes no power on earth can oppose it, and has chosen to behave accordingly. The Tehachapi covert underground complex is the secret factory where this weaponry is being manufactured."

bizarre Christians Against Mental Slavery 2005 Jul 02
     ... mind control . paranoia ...
"ounded in the UK, we are now an international political pressure group, of bible believing Christians who believe that monitoring or influencing the thoughts of other people technologically, without their continuing, informed consent, should be declared a crime against humanity worldwide. We present well-researched scientific evidence that this sort of interference with people?s minds has already become technologically feasible. We engage in peaceful political action, in an attempt to get such interference outlawed all over the world."

crankiest Vernon Wayne Ball 2005 Feb 12
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . mind control ...
"The reason for this web site is to seek help, from the people of our great nation. In September of 1994, at 2119 Plum Street, Terre Haute, Indiana, this government, through technology with voices, subliminal messages, mind control and telepathy, brainwashed, scrambled my thought pattern and brain teased me, because I would not obey their commands. I was placed into a hypnotic state of being which caused several suicide attempts, incarceration and the loss of my career, as a tree climber. I filed a grievance to George Bush, according to our constitution (article one). He will not confirm, or deny such technology in use, today. So, I'm wondering if anyone else has been victimized by this technology? If you have any information, please contact me. I know there must be many others 'out there' that have suffered, as the result of this technology. If you are one of them, I need some affidavits from you. You will find links to forms to fill out and have notarized below. Working together, we have a much better chance of getting this case into court. I want to get this stopped because what they have done to me with this technology is inhumane. I am looking for some legal experts to help me get this case to court, and to require Mr. Bush to confirm or deny this technology. If you can help me to get this web site out to our nation it would be greatly appreciated. We also need financial support to prepare this case. Any contributions will be appreciated! This technology, and the mind control it causes, are causing a lot of trouble in our country today. When governments force us to do things against our wills that's not freedom. It's a form of slavery! Please help me get this stopped. Any support and help will be appreciated."

crankiest Tearing Down the NWO Strongholds 2004 May 23
     ... electromagnetism . chemtrails . New World Order . mind control ...
"There is Danger in the Cell Phone and other anomalous Towers popping up all over the place and I'm going to tell you how to prevent their effects with Tower Busters and how to get rid of chemtrails and keep them away from your yard and/or neighborhood, town, city or state. Stop the Madness!! Stop the NWO from trying to Control Your Moods and Thoughts!! Stop ELF Harassment!! Orgone is the KEY ... They're talking to you..subliminal hypnotic messages..courtesy of these particular they are Mind conditioning and Mind control towers and they're going up in every neighborhood across the country."

cranky Techno-Magick, Psychotronics and Remote Mind Control Software 2004 May 23
     ... psychology . mind control ...
"Would you like to influence women or men remotely to love you deeply or just for sex? Would you like to influence people remotely with your computer? Would you like to make powerful magick operations (including angelic evocation and theurgy) with your computer? Would you like to get your ex back, influencing her/him again remotely to forgive and love you again? Would you like to improve your psychic powers and natural abilities with the only help of your photo, a computer and this amazing software 'Tele Hypnosis Pro'? Would you like to influence your wife or husband to ignite her/his passion and libido and recover a healthy and frequent sexual life? All these things are possible now, using the ultimate psychotronics and electronic-magick software 'TELE HYPNOSIS PRO'."

crankiest Mind Control 2004 Feb 26
     ... mind control . paranoia ...
"Ever been to a dentist, or been in the hospital and had an invasive procedure, if so there is a high probability you have been implanted! Million have been murdered already! Count yourself lucky if you find out, there is a way to neutralize it. The primary enemy are the mass media, who have willingly kept you in the dark as to the millions of Americans that have and are being murdered as we speak, having been implanted and quickly or slowly murdered through disease! Symptoms are further down the page, read everything if you have any doubt, its understood that the main protection against discovery of this massive termination campaign by you 'the public's' that it cannot be believed due to a complete shut down of the press & media that failed to regularly educate you that it there has been a progression of acceleration of terminal experiments."

crankiest Mind Control Forum 2004 Feb 26
     ... mind control . New World Order ...
"Left - Brian: An MRI Scan showing a brain implant. Middle - Robert Naeslund: A brain implant being removed; scar after surgery. Right - Ed Kats and Family: Two implants in Jay Kats' brain. We have added Totally Anonymous, Untraceable Questionnaire for Mind Control/Electronic Harassment PERPETRATORS. ear Mind Control PERPETRATOR: This is a serious questionnaire, and is 100% safe for you to respond to. Your answers are generated by a third party web service host, and are emailed to the website manager, by that host. No trace of your email address or ISP is sent to me. You are part of the New World Order, which is many things but in any case is one of the most amazing undertakings this planet has ever seen. This is especially true now that a half century of incredibly advanced, but kept tightly secret, technology is in your hands, or the hands of those you work for, which can produce effects most people consider only science fiction. By submitting answers to a few questions below, you will get a chance to tell your story in complete anonymity. While we all want the torture you are heaping on us to stop, at the same time, we would like to know something about you as well."

illucid Invisible personnel can induce sleep on the driver to cause a car accident 2002 Oct 04
     ... conspiracy . mind control ...
"The invisible operatives who secretly entered my car and used psychotronic generator to produce the low frequency electromagnetic radiation on my head (through the steering column) had flown away. They left because they found that I had been knocked unconscious and would have a car accident soon. Thus, to avoid themselves being hurt in a staged car accident, these invisible personnel quickly flaw away. Thus, after the invisible personnel stopped power low frequency electromagnetic radiation on me, it allowed me to regain consciousness. When I found that I veered into the other lane, I tried to stop it immediately. I also stepped on the accelerator instead of brakes because I thought the accelerator were the brakes at this moment. I made the mistake because I was not fully awake (still semi-conscious) and totally forgot to move my foot to the brakes from the accelerator as usual (which a normal driver would have done if he was fully conscious). This caused me to almost hit another car on my left. I immediately made a hard right turn, then regain control my car (and avoid the accident). Unfortunately, the female victim was driving near a cliff, so there was not enough room to regain control the car. Therefore, she drove off the cliff."

cranky Your Tax Dollars aT Work 2002 Jul 26
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . mind control ...
"I am writing an article that is somewhat angry, but I can't help myself. I am angry that my tax dollars are being used, and yours as well, to fund certain projects. I am risking my articles here at this site being pulled for writing this, but I can't stay silent. The projects are under the umbrella of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. These projects are investigations in the techniques of different forms of mind control and how easily 'subjects' can be coerced, drugged, hypnotized, traumatized, or otherwise brought under 'control' and turned into willing workers who believe fully that they are doing a 'good thing' for either their 'country' or their 'family'. I should know. I was a victim of these brutal experiments, and later in life I was an experimenter on others."

anti FACTNet 2002 Apr 21
     ... mind control . cults ...
"... is a nonaligned electronic lending library and preservation archive. The purpose of Factnet's news and historic archive service is to promote independent investigation and public debate and dialog on cult and mind control issues critical to our social and individual well-being. Statements made in any documents in any of our libraries on or off the Internet do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the F.A.C.T.Net organization. F.A.C.T.Net provides only the electronic medium for transferring information, with the explicit understanding that each user will independently evaluate it and carefully make up his or her own mind as to its factual accuracy and usefulness."

crankiest Boycott Brazil 2002 Mar 25
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . mind control ...
"The Torture and Electronic Mind Control of U.S. Citizen John Gregory Lambros, a Native of Minnesota. 2002 PRESS RELEASE (January/February/March) entitled 'WITCH-HUNT?' Will U.S. Federal Judge Robert G. Renner go down in history as a modern equivalent of the judges in the Salem witch trials of the 1690s? AMERICAN ASTROLOGY MAGAZINE predicts COUP D'ETAT in Brazil during January 2002. United States Senators Grassley, Leahy, Kennedy, Biden, Kohl, Feinstein, Feingold, Schumer, Durbin, Cantwell, Edwards, Hatch, Thurmond, Specter, Kyl, DeWine, Sessions, Brownback, and McConnell of the 'COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY,' investigate United States District Court Judge Robert G. Renner and Lambros' torture and extradition from Brazil. Motion to Vacate ALL JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS of Judge Robert G. Renner. CANADA has BANNED ALL BRAZILIAN BEEF IN THE CAN. Lambros asked HORMEL FOODS why they distribute Brazilian CORNED BEEF IN THE CAN. MOTION FOR LEAVE TO FILE SECOND OR SUCCESSIVE MOTION TO VACATE, SET ASIDE OR CORRECT SENTENCE UNDER 28 U.S.C. Section 2255 BY A PRISONER IN FEDERAL CUSTOD, denial by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and rebuttals. Governor Jesse Ventura supports boycott of Brazilian products!"

crankiest Trace-Formation of America 2001 Dec 29
     ... conspiracy . psychology . mind control . Usenet kooks ...
"... is the first documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control. Cathy O'Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency's MK-Ultra Project Monarch operation. Tracing her path from child pornography and recruitment into the program to serving as a top-level intelligence agent and White House sex slave, TRANCE Formation of America is a definitive eye-witness account of government corruption that implicates some of the most prominent figures in U.S. politics."

crankiest Government Mind Control 2001 Feb 26
     ... mind control . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"Hundreds of people in the US and Europe claim their government is experimenting on them using electromagnetic and neurological devices. This is a concerted effort of all technologically advanced countries to ultimately gain total control of every person on earth. The evidence presented herein speaks for itself. However, I wish to testify also, as a victim and eye-witness to the atrocities visited upon selected human targets by these 'secret' technologies."

crankiest Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse 2001 Jan 14
     ... mind control . paranoia ...
"For the first time in history, one human being, from hiding, at a distance, can control the thoughts and actions of another, by way of undetectable hypnosis, using still-classified electronic technology. These devices have totally disabled the world's justice systems. Those who have them use them without any fear of being caught or being prosecuted. Those charged with public safety consistently refuse to investigate, labelling all who complain as 'crazy'. That is what this site attempts to combat."

cranky The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects 2000 Aug 13
     ... mind control . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"... since the perpetrators [of mind control experiments] constantly work to prevent the public from knowing anything about electronic mind control, evidence is obtainable with great difficulty, and often the only evidence is of lower quality than would be accepted for a scientific treatise. In short, everything in this article represents a struggle against immense odds. We ask readers to understand this and hope that those who are not under electronic attack and surveillance will try through independent channels to find better quality proof."

cranky Above Top Secret 2000 Aug 05
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . mind control . New World Order . secret societies ...
"Aircraft projects ... Agencies ... Area 51 Installation ... Contractors ... Extraterrestrials ... Mind control ... New World Order ... Secret organizations ... Special projects ... Test facilities ... UFOs & alien craft ..."

illucid Sands of Time 2000 Feb 09
     ... paranormal . mind control . time travel . remote viewing ...
"Based on some of my memories, I would have to say that the mind control techniques are used in part to facilitate interdimensional travel, which is the harbinger of time travel. I have found the 'instinctive' ability to remote view, and in my own case the predominant ability lies in remote viewing in the past ..."

parody The Merlin Foundation for Psychic Freedom 2000 Jan 02
     ... psychic phenomena . conspiracy . mind control ...
"Our primary mission ... is to promote psychic freedom for the common man: psychic freedom from the tyranny of computers and their digital menace ... psychic freedom from the insane mind-control machinations of the CIA ... [and] psychic freedom from the crushing brutalities of our physical existence. It is our opinion that all men should be free to exercise their psychic faculties however they see fit. To this end, we are helping to coordinate the psychic revolution that will sweep this planet and revolutionize the way that we live. There are three ways by which we can achieve our goal: act now and destroy all machines ... refuse to obey the commands of your CIA masters ... [or] vote no when they say yes; do when they say don't!"

parody Zapato Productions Intradimensional 1999 Nov 09
     ... conspiracy . mind control ...
"Aluminum Deflector Beanie: Now even the poor can be sane! ... Microscopic Black Helicopters: Are you safe? ... Kelvin is lord!: End entropy toda! ... Kelvin's Kids Club: For kids of all ages! Even 12! ... NixonFly: Reincarnation in actoin ... The Republic of Cascadia: Independence now! ... Immerse yourself in the radiant glow of Daljit! ..."

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