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cranky Fathers for Life 2005 Jul 02
     ... chauvinists ...
"How could we imagine that the minds of ordinary people today could be perverted enough to ignore the arrests, the suicides and the injustices going on every day all around them? How could seemingly intelligent people in this, the 21st Century, be allowed to publish books and to freely promote them, advocating the reduction in the numbers of the unfit for living by billions? How could a modern civilization denigrate these people psychologically to such an extent that the will to resist is all but destroyed in them ? so that they are choosing to take their own lives in vast numbers? How could our universities and colleges run classes and courses that support and promote such an evil and inhuman ideology? How could so many ordinary men and women condone and even participate in the extermination of millions of their fellow human beings? How could millions of young people grow up believing that one half of the human species is naturally oppressive and essentially evil, whilst the other is naturally supremacist and essentially benign? Surely, it could never happen again, could it? To even suggest such a thing is unthinkable, isn?t it? Perhaps we have been persuaded to look back so intensely that we have failed to see what is before us now. Welcome to the 21st Century ? the age of the Patricaust."

cranky Exposing Feminism and the New Word Order 2005 Feb 12
     ... New World Order . chauvinists . UFOlogy . conspiracy ...
"Is the New World Order 'Jewish'? ... How UFOs relate to the New World Order ... Freemasonry: Mankind's death wish ... Satan is playing for keeps ... Another 9-11 warning from German intelligence ... Heterosexuals are the new Jews ... Is the US the next Mexico? ... Illuminati sex slaves paint horrifying picture ... Bush and Kerry represent the real terrorists ... The riddle of antisemetism ... Countdown to World War III ..."

crankier The Masculist Trinity 2003 Jun 19
     ... chauvinists . politics ...
"Political goals: Elimination of discrimination based on sex in the civil rights act of 1964. Assumption of Father's Custody instead of Mother's Custody. Father's custody will help reduce the divorce rate while encouraging a positive view of men. ... An end to drug and substance laws which victimize men. Increase in government support for rehabilitating substance abusers. Support of a government sponsored war to improve men's health. Expansion of social programs and the transformation of them using masculist approaches. Re-masculinization of the military. Encouragement of the use of Facilitated Communication (FC) for people with autism, four out of five of which are male. FC is presently banned in most places which effectively muzzles men with autism. ... The elimination of feminist laws and programs of the past thirty years. The abolition of abortion."

crankiest Women suck 2003 May 22
     ... chauvinists ...
"I've had enough of stupid evil females. Lets burn them all. (yes just the evil ones) ... Actually I don't even want to be a misogynist. But what do you call yourself then when you hate 99.7% of females for being evil sexist bitches? It's not my fault they are like that. I wish they weren't, but they are. If they were nice I would like them, and I would never say anything like that. I don't think that about the very few nice ones I know. Why can't they all just not be so stupid? It's not hard to not be stupid. It's not hard to have a heart. I suppose it's all their own fault then. Thats how they wanted it to be, because they are so evil."

cranky Father's Manifesto 2001 Mar 20
     ... politics . chauvinists ...
"Fighting feminism, ending affirmative action, and restoring responsible fatherhood."

chat Yahoo! Groups: repeal19th 2001 Mar 19
     ... politics . chauvinists ...
"Welcome to this discussion of the benefits of repealing the Nineteenth Amendment, which in combination with feminism led to a 50 fold increase in the US divorce rate and a 40% rate of fatherlessness."

cranky The Chauvinist Corner 2000 Aug 02
     ... chauvinists . lunatics ...
"A woman's place ... The feminist invasion of America ... Feminism and divorce ... Female defenders of our country can't defend themselves ... The real Special Olympics ... The joy of sexism ... Big Brother is a feminist ... Babes in film land ... A woman's right to choose ... The fragile female ... What women want ..."

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