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crankiest Alien Voice on My Mobile Phone 2001 Jan 14
     ... extraterrestrials . lunatics ...
"The caller claimed he belongs to the Klindcontlar race. He is a humanoid, 1 m high with 3 fingers and grayish skin. Their home planet name is Aiotip in the Andromeda Galaxy. Thirty years ago an ecological disaster forced them to look for another planet. They found the planet Arcturus in our galaxy and settled down there. They built a hyper gate that shortens the travel time from Aiotip to Arcturus from several millions years to only 1 year."

illucid Herb, the royal ancient ancestrial alien 2000 Oct 01
     ... lunatics . Martians ...
"I am Herb, the royal ancient ancestrial alien. This site is about Mars, Plants also known as 'humans,' and life on Mars. On this site, I'm going to talk about my own skill or hobby. I'll give a bit of history on the subject itself, as well as some background on how I got involved in it. I might also include some instructions on how to perform my hobby, as well as any tips or tricks I've acquired through the years. And, of course, I'll include lots of pictures of the results of my hobby or of me enjoying myself doing it."

illucid World Alert 2000 Aug 13
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . lunatics . satanism ...
"The world is controlled by a Satanic group called the Council of Lucifer based at the Rothchild mansion by the Rothchild family in England in exchange for diviresied [sic] military, political, financial power ..." The lack of spelling, grammar, and the fact that front page text is in ALL UPPERCASE is a nice touch.

cranky The Official Western Canada Concept Page 2000 Aug 02
     ... politics . lunatics ...
"Founded in 1980, the Western Canada Concept stands for ... independence for Western Canada, chosen by the people of each of the four Western provinces and northern territories in a referendum."

cranky The Chauvinist Corner 2000 Aug 02
     ... chauvinists . lunatics ...
"A woman's place ... The feminist invasion of America ... Feminism and divorce ... Female defenders of our country can't defend themselves ... The real Special Olympics ... The joy of sexism ... Big Brother is a feminist ... Babes in film land ... A woman's right to choose ... The fragile female ... What women want ..."

cranky Free Republic 2000 Jul 02
     ... politics . lunatics ...
"... is an online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the Web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America. And we always have fun doing it. Hoo-yah! Jump right in ... Most of the visitors to the Free Republic web site are attracted to our very popular (and, warning: addictive) conservative forum ..."

crankiest The Unambomber's Manifesto 2000 May 26
     ... conspiracy . technology . paranoia . lunatics ...
"Industrial society and its future. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in 'advanced' countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in 'advanced' countries."

cranky A SETI project called "Invitation to ETI" 2000 May 13
     ... extraterrestrials . UFOlogy . lunatics ...
"Most SETI scientists now agree that any non-Earth intelligence we detect will likely be at least 100 000 years older than our civilization and therefore 100 000 years beyond our technology. Such an advanced civilization or intelligence could presumably reach our solar system in one way or another, perhaps by sending an extraordinarily smart computer embedded in a small interstellar probe. It could then monitor our telecommunications (including the World Wide Web), learn our languages, and study our society. Our SETI project extends a friendly invitation to any form of ETI that has reached our planet (or that is monitoring us in detail from afar)."

crankiest Weekly World News 2000 May 13
     ... extraterrestrials . UFOlogy . lunatics . conspiracy ...
"We'll stop right there."

parody Grandpa's House of Pee 2000 May 13
     ... megalomaniacs . lunatics ...
"Greetings to all vistors. Here you will learn of our mentor, The Grandpa, and his perfect way of life. ... A traitor is in our midst! ... Grandpa's House needs more members! ... Grandpa talks about robots ... Grandpa reveals why he is immortal! ... The Manifesto of the Grandpa ..."

cranky Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences, and Dreams 2000 Apr 10
     ... religion . prophecy . dream interpretation . lunatics ...
"... from Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. ... he testimony (the beginning of the story) of Raymond Aguilera's encounter with the Holy Spirit, which led to the supernatural occurrences, and eventually to the visions, prophecies, and dreams from Jehovah God."

parody First Church of Satan 2000 Mar 11
     ... religion . lunatics ...
"For me, there is no one way to define Satan. It is, on one hand, the darkness within me; on the other, the big All, the Universe equals Satan/God. We all are part of the Universe, like pieces in a puzzle, therefore we are all Gods or Satans. We are it ... it is us!"

cranky Sollong 1999 Sep 12
     ... psychic phenomena . lunatics ...
"From the quill of Sollog ... Dipped in the blood of sacrifice ... Viewed with the rod of Hermes and the flame of Delphi ..."

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