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crankiest My Math 2005 Jul 02
     ... James Harris ...
"James Harris has started another blog."

anti JSH and FLT 2002 Aug 17
     ... James Harris ...
"For the past seven years, James Harris has been a regular fixture on the Usenet newsgroup, sci.math. James, an amateur mathematician, has produced scores, if not hundreds of self-proclaimed elementary 'proofs' of Fermat's Last Theorem, none of which, to date, have withstood serious scrutiny. Due to James's unfamiliarity with mathematical exposition, the work available on his main and 'area one' web sites and his contributions to the newsgroup have often been difficult to understand and have been augmented and clarified by many others over the years. This page is my attempt to gather together what has been said by and to Mr. Harris about FLT and present it in a style which meets at least minimal standards for clarity."

anti James [Harris]' effort of July 2001 2002 Aug 17
     ... James Harris ...
"In 2001 we saw the umpteenth attempt of James Harris to prove Fermat's Last Theorem. As before I will parafrase the proof to proof something that is false. Again, you can lay this proof side by side with James' proof at his page. I have comments interspeced in red."

anti James Harris' proof [of Fermat's Last Theorem] 2000 Dec 16
     ... James Harris ...
"Since quite some time James Harris has pestered the sci.math newsgroup with proofs of Fermat's Last Theorem. ... His current effort is pretty strong, and can be modified to prove a lot of things. I have adapted his proof below to prove other propositions. ... It is instructive to read the proofs side by side, there is only a slight difference, which I will note in the text below. Also finding the actual error can be instructive."

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