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cranky 2002 Nov 16
     ... trepanation ...
"Trepanation is the practice of making a hole in the skull. It is sometimes spelled trephination. A trepan is the instrument used for making a hole in the skull bone. It is sometimes spelled trephine. (Sample usage: After Jonney and Sally studied the history of trepanation and the modern scientific facts they asked their doctor to trepan them. An electric power trepan was used. The trepanation took only about 15 minutes in the day surgery unit. They went home the same day and told their friends that they were now trepanned adults.) Trepanation is the oldest surgical procedure practiced by mankind. The earliest evidence of trepanation dates back 10,000 years. At no time had evidence been found that brain surgery was the intention of this procedure."

crankiest The Trepanation Trust 2001 Nov 18
     ... trepanation ...
"Trepanation (or trephination) is the making of a small hole in the skull of the adult by use of a surgical drill known as a trepan. In no way it is synonymous with brain surgery (e.g. lobotomy); it is performed solely on the skull bone and does not enter the brain. The purpose of trepanation is to give the closed skull of the adult an expansion window and thereby to restore the full pulsation which was lost when the skull sealed. The pulse wave then blows up the brain capillaries with blood to the level of childhood, accelerating brain metabolism and empowering the brain to permanently regain its youthful level. An equivalent volume of cerebrospinal fluid is squeezed out to make room for the extra blood and thereafter the ratio between the two fluid volumes in the brain is altered in favour of blood. An increase in energy and well being is the result. With more contact between capillaries and brain cells the brain functions more efficiently."

cranky Trepanning 2000 Oct 01
     ... trepanation ...
"... is the medical procedure of drilling a hole in the head. In the middle ages, surgeons often trepanned the sick and the insane to let the devils out. These days, trepanation is performed only occasionally by medical doctors, to relieve pressure in the skull. In the medical tradition of self-experimentation, Bart Huges (the founder of the New World Trepanation) sought to prove his theory by having himself trepanned. Unable to find a surgeon who would perform the operation, Huges decided he had better do it himself. After his first plan failed because his friends removed his tools, Huges kept his second plan to himself. This time he was successful: he drilled a hole in his own skull."

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