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cranky 2002 Feb 25
     ... life extension ...
"Our goal is to provide a meeting place for those interested in life extension, health and the prospect of physical immortality. Join us!"

crankiest Seeds -- Eternal Life/Immortality 2001 Mar 20
     ... life extension ...
"It's true, statistically, we all have the right to eternal life / immortality after death. Courtesy, not of God or intangible divinity, but of the technology our descendents will possess. That is, their ability to develop a gateway back through time, to scan our minds / souls, and then recreate us in the future. Ok, it is easy to ridicule the above statement until you ask a professor or even student of quantum physics about what certain paired sub-atomic particles mean to teleportation or even communicating over time. If you can accept that technology advances every day, and will continue to do so beyond our current levels of comprehension. Then you should have no problem in accepting (virtual) time travel as a probability."

crankiest A lawyer presents the case for the afterlife 2001 Mar 03
     ... life extension . near death experiences ...
"What's wrong with being a closed-minded skeptic? ... Respected scientists who investigated. ... Electronic Voice Phenomena ... Instrumental Transcommunication ... Recent advances in ITC- under construction ... Rebutting the skeptics on EVP and ITC ... Einstein's E = m c2 and materialisation ... Other psychic laboratory experiments ... Scientific observation of mediums ... Leonor Piper- a US medium who convinced all skeptics ... Two closed minded cheats ... Materialisation mediumship ... Helen Duncan- a magnificent British medium ... Direct voice mediumship ... A modern medium who confounds the skeptics ... Irrefutable proof -- Frederick Myers Cross Correspondences ... Proxy sittings refute the allegation of mind reading ... Science and the Out of Body Experience ... Science and the Near Death Experience ... Science and apparitions ... Deathbed Visions ... Science and the magnificent aura ... The ouija board ... Xenoglossy ... Poltergeists and the failure of the (British) SPR ... Reincarnation ... Summing up the objective evidence ... Communicating with afterlife intelligences ... What does happen when we die?"

crankiest Dr. Clark Research Association 2001 Mar 03
     ... life extension . medicine ...
"Cancer can now be cured ... just as many other illnesses ..."

cranky Oxygen Research Institute, LLC. 2000 Jul 02
     ... new age . medicine . life extension . consciousness ...
"... is a boutique company specializing in performance enhancement smart foods. We draw from over 20 years of research by Normal McVea, Ph.D. in the fields of neuro-performance, vitology (the process of raising vitality) youthing, longevity and higher states of consciousness."

crankiest Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device 1999 May 27
     ... life extension ...
"New invention allows humans to live forever ... Please believe me. Everything you read is true and is important. Now people do not have to age anymore."

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