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crankier Tennessee Big Foot Lady 2005 Oct 07
     ... cryptozoology ...
"I'm here to say that I find it no longer unnatural, but quite normal, that the bigfoot are finding ways into our modern lives. Their intelligence and cunning is unbelievable in nature and only by an extended study of them are we going to learn exactly who and what they are. Are they a relict hominid from ages past that have somehow survived? Are they a genetic offshoot from Gigantopithecus Blacki, an extremely large and powerful ape that once roamed our land? Someday soon, maybe we will know for certain because time, habitat and space is running out for them."

cranky Great American Bigfoot Research Organization 2005 Oct 07
     ... cryptozoology ...
"You, the general public, the entire world, will be able to go on a live Bigfoot expedition with Tom Biscardi and his crew. ... Learn more about who we are and how you can get involved in the search for Bigfoot."

cranky Weird Paranormal 2005 Oct 07
     ... UFOlogy . cryptozoology . paranormal ...
"The largest collection of paranormal material on the internet! Weird stuff totally outside the range of normal. You won't find phenomena like this anywhere else! You decide if they are a hoax or real."

cranky Help us find the tooth! 2005 Jul 02
     ... cryptozoology ...
"I'm a college student in the Midwest U.S. In March (2005) my roommate and I went to the U.K and spent our last two days at Loch Ness. The boat rental season hadn't started so we hired a local who took us on a private boat tour. After a few hours we came across the remains of a dead deer. The animal had literally been ripped in half - hind quarters gone, its spine was broken and severed. There were huge bloody gashes, teeth marks and a bizarre bony protrusion sticking out of an exposed rib. Using a screwdriver, we cracked open the ribcage and pried it loose. It was a tooth - about 4 inches long, barbed and very sharp! I'm about the biggest skeptic you'll ever meet, but this tooth was real, and whatever ate that deer had to have been huge. Our Scottish local told us there are no bears in the area. Excited, we signaled a passing boat to join us. Big mistake! The man told us he was the water bailiff, flashed credentials, then confiscated the tooth and the video tape that was in my camera, claiming we could get everything back from the Highland Authorities as long as we cooperated. Fortunately, he didn't find the earlier footage in my backpack."

cranky Loch Ness Facts 2004 Sep 19
     ... cryptozoology ...
"The Loch Ness 2000 Exhibition in Drumnadrochit conveys the view that people who think they see NESSIE are influenced by expectation and wishful thinking and are really seeing a seal, or an otter, or a wave, or a boat wake, or a bird, or a deer, or, the Exhibition's favorite, a very large sturgeon. BUT IN FACT, THERE IS STRONG EVIDENCE THAT THERE REALLY ARE LARGE, YET-TO-BE-IDENTIFIED ANIMALS IN LOCH NESS ..."

cranky Wildmen of the World 2004 May 23
     ... cryptozoology ...
"Find out about the unknown wildmen on our planet."

cranky Mark A Hall Publications 2003 Jul 24
     ... cryptozoology ...
"Want to learn about monsters that are not in any zoo and are not extinct? Shop at the MONSTERS & WONDERS STORE. Use this link to get there. ... Regarding the neglected fossil find called Homo gardarensis: Two images showing the cranial fragment and the substantial fragment of the jawbone are now on display on the page containing an excerpt from LIVING FOSSILS."

cranky Strange Ark 2003 Jul 24
     ... cryptozoology ...
"Cryptozoology, BioForteana, Zoological Oddities, Unusual Natural History ..."

cranky Bigfoot Museum 2003 Jan 21
     ... cryptozoology ...
"The goal of the Bigfoot Museum is to provide an open forum for the bigfoot community to share it's research, information, stories, art and background with the world in the hopes of inspiring new talent and ideas to the search."

cranky Flordia Skunk Ape 2003 Jan 21
     ... cryptozoology ...
"The goal of this site is to collect as much data as possible about the Florida Skunk Ape. We encourage everyone that had a sighting, or has knowledge of a sighting to report them immediately. Time is crucial."

cranky International Bigfoot Society 2002 May 27
     ... cryptozoology ...
"... is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, 501(c)3."

cranky Minneosta Bigfoot 2002 Apr 21
     ... cryptozoology ...
"'For years people have reported strange encounters with a creature that resembles both man and beast. It is usually described as walking upright, covered in hair, (black, brown, tan, white) and standing at a height anywhere from 4 to 8 feet. What is this creature? Man has given it many names throughout time. Bigfoot, sasquatch, skunk ape, yeti, hairy-man, are all terms used to describe these animals. Yet their elusive and mysterious behavior makes them one of the world's greatest mysteries. Some regard these animals as fictional beings while others simply laugh at the concept that such a creature could exist. Yet there are a group of people (like myself) who's interests are captured by these beings and the mystery associated with them.'"

cranky Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization 2002 Apr 21
     ... cryptozoology ...
"We at the G.C.B.R.O. realized that a lot of research was being done on Bigfoot, but more so on the Creatures in the Pacific Northwest, and that not much research, if any at all was being conducted in regards to the Creatures here in the South. We joined forces to turn all this around and to bring to light more encounters and happenings from the South. And shed some positive light on a long history of these creatures in the South."

links Crypozoology Net 2002 Feb 26
     ... cryptozoology ...
A short list of links on cryptozoology.

cranky Roswell Rods 2002 Jan 21
     ... conspiracy . cryptozoology ...
"Rods are cylindrical shaped objects that are appearing in the skies, in homes and in the oceans. They are from four inches to a few feet in length. They hve what appears to be a membrane along the length of the torso, that allows them to 'swim through the air.'"

cranky NORKA of Akron 2001 Nov 18
     ... cryptozoology ...
"Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or undiscovered animals. An official science? No, but this field is not in any way short of dedicated researchers and even real scientists. Bernard Heuvelmans, considered the father of Cryptozoology,is a Belgian Born Zoologist who now resides in France. Mr. Heuvelmans has written two books on the subject that have been translated into English; 'On The Track of Unknown Animals,' and 'In the Wake of Sea Serpents.' Dr. Grover Krantz, is a Professor of Anthropology at Washington State University. He has written a book about Bigfoot called 'Big Footprints,' and has himself searched for this elusive creature. There are many other people with professional credentials in the natural sciences, like Loren Coleman, Karl Shuker, Jeff Meldrum, Larry Batson, John Bindernagel, Henner Fahrenbach, LeRoy Fish and Paul Johnson, among others, who research creatures not known to science, and also many without these credentials, but have contributed significantly to Cryptozoology none the less. You will learn about some of these creatures on this page. I hope to supply plenty of information about some common and some not so common Ohio cryptids."

fringe Cryptozoology 2001 Nov 18
     ... cryptozoology ...
"Have we found all the large animals still living in the world? Probably not, since in the last decade some previously unknown species have surfaced in Southeast Asia, for example. This page is dedicated to such animals -- commonly called 'cryptids' -- which might possibly exist in nature but whose existence has not yet been accepted by modern science."

cranky Cryptozoology 2001 Aug 11
     ... cryptozoology ...
"Over the years, the Secretariat has been the recipient of many communications from young people. Generally, these may be divided into three categories. The first category has encompassed letters from elementary schoolchildren who usually want 'everything available' -- including photos -- on their favorite 'monster.' These monsters usually range from Bigfoot to Dracula. Sometimes entire classrooms write individual letters, often inserted together by their teacher into a large envelope. The teacher sometimes may write a separate covering letter also requesting the materials. Many of these letters are precious testaments to the innocence and excitement of childhood. (After many years, I still have one such letter with two quarters -- a child's weekly allowance -- taped to it, his contribution to a future cryptozoology expedition. Somehow, I have never been able to bring myself to untape the coins and use them.) Sadly, however, the Society does not have an education department, and does not have the resources needed to meet all these requests from schoolchildren, which sometimes number in the hundreds per year."

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