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crankiest Genesis 6 Giants 2002 Nov 16
     ... history . archaeology . religion ...
"Stretch your mind back to childhood. What giants do you remember? Jack and the Beanstalk? Hercules? Paul Bunyan? Goliath? What were you told and what did you read? With the exception of Goliath and an occasional ornery cyclops, legends emphasized their innate goodness, eye-popping feats accomplished with unparalleled strength, victories over the bad guys and all performed by 'gentle giants'. What if it were all a lie? What if the truth were something much, much more sinister? I have invested over 30 years researching the vast history of giants. It has, for the most part, been kept from the public. Proof of giants' existence -- their skeletal remains - has been quickly secreted away in obscure museums, when not destroyed. Additionally, time has cloaked and sugar-coated these creatures' true perverse nature, the majority too vile, too demonic for bedtime stories. However, history is replete with their tales of unimaginable cruelty, sexual perversity, cannibalism and pagan rituals. This is only the beginning. Some things are best forgotten ... or are they?"

crankiest Sphinx Stargate 2002 Aug 15
     ... catastrophism . archaeology . astrology . Egyptology . prophecy ...
"At the closing of the last ice age our ancient ancestors endured one of the most lethal global catastrophes to have occurred in the course of human history. Intelligent minds of those times thought it imperative to construct a message that would endure through time and be understood by the descendants of those who survived. Employing sophisticated cryptographic puzzle techniques similar to those modern astronomers use in designing extraterrestrial communications, they created a time capsule message that described the elusive celestial cause of this tragic disaster, alerting us that it could recur at long intervals and arrive at Earth's doorstep virtually without warning. This ancient cipher is today displayed in the heavens in the form of the 12 zodiac constellations (Greek / Egyptian / Babylonian versions), its informational content having been passed down orally in the lore of astrology. Also certain esoteric keys were handed down to help unlock its message, the Sphinx being one and the Tarot being the other."

cranky Search for the Mars-Earth Connection 2002 May 13
     ... Martians . archaeology . extraterrestrials ...
"It is my belief that Mars was once a beautiful, fertile planet capable of sustaining life, much like our own, until some cataclysmic, global event changed everything. I believe that the survivors went searching for another planet, on which to live, and that they chose the Earth. We are their descendants. They were an advanced civilization who brought their technology with them. Upon reaching Earth, they proceeded to build the same type structures that were familiar to them on Mars. That way, if there were more survivors they'd recognize the structures and know where the others were."

cranky 2002 Feb 25
     ... new age . paranormal . anthropology . archaeology . conspiracy . Martians . medicine . Philadelphia experiment ...
"The case of the Face on Mars ... Anomalous stones of Peru ... Mars Revisted ... SV40: A deadly cure? ... The Philadelphia Experiment ... A Phoenician furnace and fortress in Oklahoma? ... Devil lived ... Cosmic consciousness ... What does color say about you? ..."

anti In the Hall of Ma'At 2001 Aug 11
     ... skepticism . archaeology . Egyptology . history ...
"To the ancient Egyptians ma'at was a concept of truth, justice and balance. This web site is put forth in that spirit. The aim of this site is to provide a well reasoned case for the mainstream version of ancient history. We will present articles that validate our true heritage and that dispute the proposals used to support the belief in a lost civilization that seeded the familiar ancient cultures of the world. ... History cannot be written on the basis of possibilities supported by evidence that may, or may not, turn up at some future time; rather, we are convinced that it must be based on material which is present, checkable, and verifiable or falsifiable. It is therefore essential that people seeking to challenge mainstream theories provide verifiable scientific evidence in support of their claim."

anti "Fringe" or "Cult" Archaeology 2001 Aug 11
     ... archaeology ...
"Why pay it any attention? Because it's very popular. Books claiming that space aliens built ziggurats in Mesopotamia, that the Sphinx was carved by refugees from Atlantis or that the hills are alive with mysterious Earth Energies sell many times more than more ?conventional? accounts of the past. These sorts of beliefs have entered the popular consciousness and deserve to be addressed. Some of these may contain valuable ideas about the past that archaeologists can learn from; others are plainly nonsense and can be refuted by anyone with an open mind. How do we deal with it? At the risk of quoting Tony Blair, it has to be education, education, education. ..."

cranky Atlantis Rising Online 2001 Jun 17
     ... archaeology . Egyptology . Atlantis . periodicals ...
"Top ten ancient civilizations with advanced technology ... Fingerprinting the Gods ... Top ten impossible inventions that work ... Atlantis in Antarctica ... An engineer in Egypt ... Microbes or more: What's beneath the Martian rock ... Could the ancients fly? ... Japan's undersea ruins ..."

cranky News & Related Articles 2001 May 28
     ... paranormal . prophecy . archaeology . Martians ...
"Akashic records ... Edgar Cayce ... Earliest Scots discovered ... Archaeologists may have found new ancient culture in Southwest ... Many faces of Mars ... Face it -- it is a face ... Interplanetary surfing ..."

chat Yahoo! Groups: FMREZ_TALK 2001 May 28
     ... archaeology . Egyptology ...
"A free online monthly publication dedicated to learning about the ancient civilization and cultures of our world. There is a different focus each month. It also offers breaking news in Anthropology/Archeology and Science."

fringe Museum of Unnatural History 2001 May 11
     ... archaeology . UFOlogy . science . history ...
"Welcome to the Museum of Unnatural Mystery, a slightly bizarre, cyberspace, science museum for all ages. Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness? The Museum takes a scientific look at these, and other, questions. Feel free to wander our halls and make some serendipitous discoveries."

cranky Mysterious Australia Homepage 2001 Mar 03
     ... archaeology ...
"Here you will find information on the 'Australian Megalithic Uruan Civilization' ... the forgotten story on Australia's distant past, giant fossilized footprints, megalithic scripts and sites."

cranky Debunking the Lost Civilization 2001 Feb 26
     ... archaeology . Egyptology . mythology . Atlantis ...
"This site is now a mixture of Historical topics and spiritual thoughts. ... Plato's Myth of Atlantis ... Notes on Amun's names and the vist to Djamu ... Gods who hear Prayers ... The Great Restoration stela of Tut-Ankh-Amun ... The Man who was tired of Life ... Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, Redating Giza ... Problems of dating ... Age of the Sphinx ..."

cranky Age of the Sphinx 2001 Feb 26
     ... archaeology . Egyptology ...
"When we consider dating the Sphinx outside of the traditional framework, the questions of merit come down to these. What were the traditions? What was the culture? What were the geographics? What fits, and what doesn't? This poetic series on 'The Age of the Sphinx' will answer these questions, and it'll set the date back 30 000 years."

cranky The Official Graham Hancock Website 2001 Feb 05
     ... archaeology . Egyptology ...
"In my view the possibility of a serious 'black hole' in scientific knowledge about recent prehistory is plausible, reasonable and worthy of consideration. I therefore propose that the conclusions of modern archaeology regarding the origins and early evolution of human civilisation should be treated as provisional until a comprehensive, global, marine-archaeological survey of continental shelves down to depths of at least 120 metres has been undertaken."

illucid The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin 2000 Dec 16
     ... astronomy . religion . archaeology . Nibiru ...
It's hard to even see where this one's going.

parody The Institute of Druidic Technology 2000 Oct 07
     ... archaeology . computer science ...
"... is a not-for-profit organization devoted to increasing man's understanding of ancient technologies. The current goal of the Institute is to conclusively prove that the ancient inhabitants of Britain had access to advanced computer technology. A subgoal of the Institute is to acquire grant monies and tax-deductable donations to help us in our efforts to conclusively prove that the Ancient inhabitants of Britain had access to advanced computer technology."

cranky Dark Star Theory 2000 Oct 01
     ... archaeology . astronomy . catastrophism . Nibiru ...
"In a nut-shell, this theory postulates that the Sumerian civilisation's description of a planet in an elliptical orbit around the Sun has a basis in reality. Certain astronomical papers have been published pin-pointing its presence in the Oort Cloud. Contrary to the previously held beliefs that Nibiru is a terrestrial world, it can be shown that it is, in fact, a failed star, known as a brown dwarf. This Dark Companion of the Sun has its own planetary system, home to the 'gods' of the ancient world. Building upon the scientific and mythological foundations of the Dark Star Theory, I have offered detailed, and radical, new evidence that its last appearance in the planetary solar system was in the guise of the Messianic Star, heralding the advent of Christ."

cranky The Official Website of Ralph Ellis 2000 Jul 13
     ... archaeology . Egyptology . religion ...
"Welcome to the all-new Edfu Books web-site. Along with the usual book advertisements, we now hope to be able to add to your enjoyment with new features and information covering all topics on ancient Egypt and theology. We at Edfu aim to show you a radically new version of history and religion, topics that frequently challenge one's view of the world. But, if any of the information in these books or on this site requires clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Useful discussion points will be posted in the 'news' section."

cranky Catastrophism 2000 May 13
     ... catastrophism . astronomy . archaeology . mythology ...
"Ever since childhood I've been interested in the interaction of the history of astronomy with archaeology and mythology. I remain intrigued by the possibility that small solar-system bodies like comets, asteroids, and meteoroids have played a significant role in shaping the destiny of proto-historic and historic peoples all over all the world ..."

anti Doug's Archaeology Site 2000 Apr 10
     ... science . archaeology ...
"... I intend to use [this site] for what in my opinion is interesting information about archaeology. In particular this will include a section on what is often called cult or fringe archaeology. I'm including also various links to more serious and to my main interest in archaeology, Romano-British archaeology."

cranky When Pseudoscience Meets Honest Science 2000 Mar 24
     ... science . archaeology . evolution ...
"Man as old as coal ... The discovery of petrified human remains -- bones, teeth, and soft organs -- between anthracite veins in Pennsylvania proves man is as old as coal and therefore multi-millions of years older than the earliest emergence of the lowliest animal from which science has long claimed we evolved."

cranky Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archæology 2000 Jan 06
     ... evolution . archaeology ...
"From its initial release in 1993 to the present, Forbidden Archeology has shocked and delighted readers around the globe with a veritable encyclopedia of anomalous scientific evidence challenging the standard views on human evolution. Join us in this fascinating intellectual excavation of a vast store of hidden knowledge and meet author Michael Cremo, who has planted a time bomb in the archives of conventional history."

anti Carboniferous human bones -- an evaluation 1999 May 27
     ... archaeology . evolution . paleontology . skepticism ...
"This document evaluates some of the claims of 'human bones in Carboniferous-age rocks' in eastern Pennsylvania, as presented by Ted Holden and initially discovered and interpreted by Ed Conrad. Ted and Ed have graciously provided specimens of their material for analysis, and the results are presented here."

cranky The Mysteries 1999 May 27
     ... archaeology . astronomy . extraterrestrials . religion . mysteries ...
"The subject of my book is the relationship between the Holy Grail and archae-astronomy."

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