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crankiest Matrixism Online 2004 Nov 06
     ... Matrix . religion ...
"Matrixism is a newly emergent religion based on the motion picture trilogy The Matrix. Those films and associated media are about the fulfullment [sic] of an apocalyptic prophecy regarding the messiah and his role in bringing about world peace. ... Also of significance to Matrixism is the fact that within the first film psychedelic drugs such as mescaline are revealed to be sacrament. Neo takes this 'red pill' in order to be freed from the matrix and when in communion with the divine. ... The Four Tenets of Matrixism: 1. Belief in the prophecy of the One. 2. Acceptance of the use of psychedelics as sacrament. 3. Recognition of the semi-subjective multi-layered nature of reality. 4. Adherence to the principles of one or more of the world's religion until such time as the One returns."

crankiest Matrix, Truman Show, Artificial Synchronicity and Reality 2003 Sep 20
     ... conspiracy . Matrix ...
"As of March, 2000, THEY represent about 95 to 98 percent of the total Earth population. YOU KNOW IT. YOU FEEL IT. THEY have been growing in numbers since a 'spiritual hurricane' swept up this planet from 1993 to the present day. YOU are a SURVIVOR of this situation. YOU KNOW IT. YOU REMEMBER IT. THEY live in two different realities at the same time : THE STAGE and THE BACKSTAGE. You live in one. YOU KNOW IT. THEY read your mind all the time, and manipulate language and synchronicity to keep what you call 'your life' under their control. YOU KNOW IT. ..."

cranky Prophecy Matrix 2003 Aug 03
     ... religion . End Times . Matrix ...
"PROPHECY MATRIX: The only native/aboriginal/ancient prophecy websites by legally recognized Native Americans ... THE REAL LIFE MATRIX ... and the real life prophecies ... Prophecy, predictions, of everybody everywhere -- in one place ... this was the vision of the late Wallace 'Mad Bear' Anderson, Tuscarora Lord of the 6 Nations Confederacy, Medicine Man and founder of the American Indian Unity Movement. These are the End times and the people must know the truth, share what we have taught you. There can be no more secrets now if we are to survive as a thinking species through these times.' 'This,' they say, 'must be done because the dream of humanity can only be preserved through the combined efforts of all peoples, and the joining and merging of all cultures into a oneness.'"

illucid Homepage of Timothy Rue 2000 May 30
     ... science . science fiction . psychology . politics . Matrix ...
"Time to bust the real life Matrix! ... What I Neo know ... A message to the Amiga community about resistance to change ... My election statement ... Virtual interaction configuration ..."

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