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anti 2003 Aug 03
     ... Philadelphia experiment . resources ...
"This site will show you the truth about the man, who claims to be a real survivor of the famous Philadelphia Experiment." In English and German.

cranky 2002 Feb 25
     ... new age . paranormal . anthropology . archaeology . conspiracy . Martians . medicine . Philadelphia experiment ...
"The case of the Face on Mars ... Anomalous stones of Peru ... Mars Revisted ... SV40: A deadly cure? ... The Philadelphia Experiment ... A Phoenician furnace and fortress in Oklahoma? ... Devil lived ... Cosmic consciousness ... What does color say about you? ..."

cranky 2012 Unlimited 2001 Mar 03
     ... apocalypse . Philadelphia experiment . free energy . UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . new age ...
"We present information and tools to help you through the major changes taking place on Planet Earth now. This site and our catalogue cover: the Mayan calendar and prophecies, time acceleration, the frequency rise on Earth to a 16 hour day, the Quickening, Philadelphia and Montauk experiments in time, free energy, DNA upgrades, UFOs, extraterrestrials, the shift to fourth and fifth dimension, the Ascension, the synchronisation of earth with the universe. Other material that covers the mind realities, parallel universes and energy changes."

illucid The Unusual Library of Bob Paddock 2000 May 30
     ... science . physics . Philadelphia experiment . gravitation ...
"Abnormal glow information ... Gravitational reflections in plain English and cold stone ... Neurophone ... Philadelphia Experiment ... Photographs show a man becoming invisible ... What the USA may look like in 2001! ..."

cranky Orion technology and other secret projects 1999 Aug 21
     ... technology . Philadelphia experiment . conspiracy . science fiction ...
"The Philadelphia experiment, the Phoenix project, etc."

cranky Thomas Townsend Brown 1999 Jun 29
     ... extraterrestrials . Nikola Tesla . relativity . Philadelphia experiment . UFOlogy ...
"Brown's work became very controversial due to the similarity between his work and what is believed to be the propulsion method of some observed UFOs. His name is also often mentioned in the same breath as the so-called 'Philadelphia Experiment,' as a possible candidate along with Nikola Tesla, A.L. Kitselman and Dr. Einstein."

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