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crankier 2003 Apr 09
     ... psychic phenomena . remote viewing . numerology ...
"Aaron is a natural born psychic, born into a family of psychics. As a remote viewer trained by Ed Dames, he is an expert within the field of 'non-historical data.' To prepare for this, he spent three years in total seclusion, remote viewing pi. As a consequence thereof, he has developed the ability to accurately remote view numbers - a skill that has allowed him to successfully and consistently win the lottery. His current ground-breaking work is focused upon the study - and manipulation - of particular numerical trends within specific world markets. Aaron is a certified remote viewing instructor."

cranky Western Institute of Remote Viewing 2002 Apr 21
     ... remote viewing ...
"The time for remote viewing in the public arena has now come and is available first to those with the courage, perseverance and foresight to try it. When taught correctly, the viewer stays well grounded in reality, with greatly enhanced intuitive skills. It can create more balance in one's life. It can greatly satisfy one's sense of wonder and curiosity as well as give extremely valuable information."

cranky Psychic Towers Research Foundation 2002 Mar 25
     ... psychic phenomena . remote viewing . paranormal . conspiracy ...
"... is a non-profit making body which maps the location of radio masts in an attempt to mitigate their harmful effects. We were formed originally in 1958. For more information select history. We are presently located at Spike Island in Bristol, UK. These offices are under threat. Health problems associated with proximity to radio masts are often caused by misdirected psychic energy. We redirect that energy and offer a range of ameliorative and healing services. We can also draw up radio interference maps for your local area. We are fundraising for a planned expansion."

crankiest Lucifer 2002 Jan 21
     ... prophecy . psychic phenomena . remote viewing ...
"The human carrying capacity of Earth has been theoretically breached as of 1985. Stresses related to industrial pollution, exotic fuels, weapon systems, high and low frequency communication systems, high frequency geothermal warfare research and development, hydrogen bomb research and development of related delivery systems, the testing of neutron bomb related weapon systems, genetically modified food sources such as corn that will reorganize' known and unknown plant and human pathogens, rainforest desturction, automobile production, oil and other fossil fuel prodution and use, electricity production and use, grounding of alternating current systems that raise the frequency of Earth beyond 7.8 Hz, and the consumption of tropic level 3 food sources have caused irreversible damage to a fragile balance within Earth ecosystems that direcly elate to human life support and development. Global ecological changes will be experience dlate August of 2002 in terms of human casualties related to pathogens, starvatio, heat, drought, flooding, plate movement, radiation, and wars related to limited natural resources, etc. There will be many unusual storms that involve high winds and rain. These changes will continue long after much of the human population of Earth is dead."

anti Remote Viewing Roast 2000 Jun 23
     ... remote viewing ...
"It works ... really ... it does ... sometimes ... to some degree ..."

cranky Cosmic Horizons 2000 Jun 16
     ... paranormal . crop circles . extraterrestrials . remote viewing . periodicals ...
"The Cosmic Horizons magazine does not hold any particular viewpoint and covers all manner of 'paranormal' phenomena. From aliens to the Loch Ness monster, everything you want to know is in here. Check to see what's in the latest issue, now."

illucid Sands of Time 2000 Feb 09
     ... paranormal . mind control . time travel . remote viewing ...
"Based on some of my memories, I would have to say that the mind control techniques are used in part to facilitate interdimensional travel, which is the harbinger of time travel. I have found the 'instinctive' ability to remote view, and in my own case the predominant ability lies in remote viewing in the past ..."

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