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cranky Wolf Nation 2003 Sep 20
     ... sociology . extraterrestrials . micronations ...
"Lykosha was originally created when a pair of writers, postulating on what might result if humans had been lupine instead of simian, created an entire new world. Basing their research on this theory, the Xlel were born. The project just seemed to take on a life of its own, and these writers ended up with a culture, and a language. All of it was based on extreme honour, of warriorship, and the 'way of the wolf,' as one of them wrote once. These created aliens 'adopted' one of them; they became her people (in a way). But she noted, with great sadness, that it was not to be found on Earth. Such a pity... All whimsy aside, this is an experiment to see if any other people on this Earth also 'walked the way of the wolf.' Everywhere, there are certain, although ancient, warrior-based cultures which seem to do this also. religion. The Norse, especially, seem to do this, Given the erosion of ethics, morals, and mores in today's 'dog eat dog' world, perhaps it's time to walk this path again."

parody The Republic of Cascadia 2003 Jan 21
     ... micronations ...
"Now is the time for the citizens of Cascadia to demand their freedom from the oppressive governments of Canada and the United States. For too long have our people put up with indifference and condescendence from distant seats of power. We have been subject to francophonic imperialism and wasteful spending of our tax money. Our entrepreneurs have been attacked by the so-called justice system for merely doing their jobs and growing our economy. When will we say enough is enough? The former American states of Oregon and Washington and the former Canadian province of British Columbia must join together as a sovereign nation. Only then can we have self-determination and take our rightful place in the Global Community."

cranky Global Nation Federation 2002 Nov 16
     ... micronations . politics ...
"Global Nation has One Vision: A world without borders, a world without wars and pollution, a world where the strong do not victimize the weak and a world where all its inhabitants are one people. A world that will provide universal prosperity and bring benevolence and chivalry back into the minds, hearts and lives of all human society."

cranky The Independent Principality of Lavalon 2002 Oct 04
     ... micronations ...
"Welcome to the official website of the Independent Principality of Lavalon. To find out about our ideology read the Lavalonian Manifesto, for more general information see the FAQ?s section. If you are interested in becoming a citizen then read information at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or go to the online application form here. If you represent another micronation interested in opening diplomatic relations please go to the Department of Foreign Affairs and trade. Thank you for taking the time to view our website, we welcome all feedback so feel free to email us or visit the forum." The hidden irony is that they're using the tk (Tokelau) top level domain ...

links The Micronation and the Sovereignty Website Index 2002 Aug 10
     ... micronations ...
"A 'micronation' is any number of things: ...a model country that exists solely as work of fiction. ...a small group of people who are seeking sovereignty from another governmental power. ...a collection of brave souls who are trying to establish a new country. ...a tiny sovereign jurisdiction that may have escaped the notice of other major powers. These and more are detailed on this page. Have fun exploring!"

cranky Global Country of World Peace 2001 Nov 18
     ... new age . megalomaniacs . micronations ...
"... a nation without borders, was conceived and founded by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 'to provide a global home for peace-loving people everywhere.' Its purpose is, in part, to reduce the divisive influence of nationalism and national borders, which 'arbitrarily separate humanity from humanity.' The Global Country of World Peace is founded upon a new science of administration, based upon the most up-to-date understanding of the laws of nature from the combined standpoints of modern science and the Vedic Science of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi."

cranky Nova Roma 2001 Aug 11
     ... micronations ...
"Roma Resurgens ... Dedicated to the restoration of Classical Roman religion, culture, and virtues ... Nova Roma is an organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. From its legendary founding in 753 BCE to 330 CE, when it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority, Rome set the standard and laid the foundation for our modern Western civilization. Rome civilized the world, and we see the need for that divine mission to begin again. Founded 2750 years after the Eternal City itself, Nova Roma seeks to bring back those golden years. But where our ancestors imposed their will through the sword and the Legions, we intend the same result through the spread of knowledge and through our own virtuous example."

cranky Dominion of Melchizedek 2000 Dec 30
     ... micronations ...
Bored? Declare yourself a sovereign nation ... Gee, the premable to their constitution looks familiar ...

cranky Kingdom of EnenKio 2000 Dec 30
     ... micronations ...
"Embedded in 2000 years of tradition, an aboriginal people strive to rise above the mire of dependency, neglect and outright assaults from foreign invaders, atomic weapons, western ideologies and broken trusts. Their heritage now is on the verge of re-discovery in this age of enlightenment."

anti A Tale of Two Tax Havens from the Land of Oz 2000 Dec 30
     ... micronations . tax evasion ...
"Dominion of Melchizedek is located on Karitane Island and now includes the Taongi Atoll in the Northern Atolls of the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific 1000 miles south of Tahiti. However, the Marshall Islands government has condemned the 'fraudulent assertions' of two organizations, namely the DOM and sister nation, the Kingdom of EnenKio, claiming to represent the mid-Pacific nation amid an alleged investment scam according to an article in Agence France-Presse. The Marshall Islands foreign ministry has issued warnings to countries against acknowledging any fraudulent claims made by representatives of either nation."

crankiest Empire of Atlantium 2000 Dec 30
     ... micronations ...
"... is a primarily non-territorial state with an immanent, virtual global sovereignty. The purpose of Atlantium is to provide a functioning model 'future state' based on these ideas which, in time, can absorb and supercede existing state forms. ... Atlantium is a self-declared State possessing the fully functioning apparatus, institutions and representative symbols of an independent, sovereign entity, including a population, a Constitution, elected legislature and judicial system. ... Atlantium possesses a 61 square metre enclave located just over a kilometre from the central business district of Sydney, entirely surrounded by the City of South Sydney and the State of New South Wales within the Commonwealth of Australia."

cranky The Kingdom of Talossa 2000 Aug 02
     ... micronations ...
"... is a real nation in the real world, and is far older than the Internet. The Kingdom of Talossa is not a micronation founded on the internet but is a physical country--one which all people, on and off the Internet, are invited to join! Because of Talossa's relative antiquity and status, many online 'micronations' view Talossa with jealousy and animosity. It's something we're quite proud of."

bizarre Sealand 2000 Jun 06
     ... micronations ...
"... was founded as a sovereign Principality in 1967 in international waters, six miles off the eastern shores of Britain. The island fortess is conveniently situated from 65 to 100 miles from the coasts of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. The official language of Sealand is English and the Sealand Dollar has a fixed exchange rate of one U.S. dollar. Passports and stamps have been in circulation since 1969, however, contrary to many misleading websites and news articles, Sealand passports are not for sale, and anyone offering such are selling forgeries. Within a radius of 500 miles of Sealand live more than 200 million people who enjoy some of thehighest standards of living in the world. This area also encompasses the financial, industrial and cultural heart of Europe."

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