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crankier National Economic Security and Reformation Act 2005 Oct 07
     ... tax evasion . legal ...
"NESARA initiates PEACE IMMEDIATELY and 1. Provides forgiveness of credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt as remedy for bank and government frauds; 2. Abolishes the IRS; creates flat rate non-essential 'new items only' sales tax revenue for government; 3. Initiates U.S. Treasury Bank System, which absorbs the Federal Reserve, and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency; 4. Restores Constitutional Law; 5. Requires resignations of current administration to be replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections within 120 days; 6. Requires the President Designate to declare 'Peace' enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly; ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately, and many more improvements."

crankiest Conspiracies and Underdogs 2004 Nov 06
     ... conspiracy . September 11 . legal ...
"An analysis of the September 11th attack ... How did Osama pull off such a devastating attack? ... 9-11 Flash ... What should we do with the USA? ... Stop blaming individuals; the majority of people are the enemy ... What have the JFK investigators accomplished? ..."

crankiest Bringing Criminal Charges Against Your Circumcisers 2004 Jul 10
     ... legal ...
"If you are like many Canadian men, when you were a baby, someone tied you down, cut you, clamped you, and finally cut an important part of you right off. This person was a doctor, and, depending on when he did it, what he did was technically criminal assault. You were hurt by this, and, depending on when it was done, you may have rights under the criminal law."

crankier 911 Lawsuit Is a Booby Trap 2004 Apr 06
     ... September 11 . legal ...
"If you have any way of contacting the 911 widow who has filed a RICO suit against George W. Bush, warn her right away. The complaint filed on behalf of Ellen Mariani by Philip J. Berg, Esquire, is booby-trapped. In short, Mrs. Mariani's case against the government has been hijacked by a suicide lawyer. Here is an overview of some of the problems we found with the complaint Berg wrote for Mrs. Mariani. You may find other problems. Because the analysis is lengthy, we have created a Table of Contents for quick navigation."

illucid Dialogs With a Christ 2003 Oct 30
     ... religion . paranoia . megalomaniacs . legal ...
"On this past Tuesday and Wednesday, September 9 & 10, 2003, I represented myself, pro se, in a two-day criminal trial against bogus charges of 'simulation of legal process,' otherwise known as 'Paper Terrorism.' I was found guilty. One court spectator was taking notes for an Internet story purportedly titled 'The Piece, Ray Karczewski Found Guilty by a Brain-Dead Jury'. Sad commentary about a contemporary jury, isn't it? With a 'full court press' by our Federal government towards stripping away our Unalienable and Constitutional Rights in their highly publicized battle against 'terrorism,' our Federal and State governments have successfully morphed into an effective force now being used domestically against law-abiding American citizens who have no ties to terrorist organizations or activities."

cranky Boyd E. Graves vs. The President of the United States 2002 May 27
     ... medicine . paranoia . legal . AIDS ...
"The articles and activists found on this website are dedicated to the immediate independent scientific review of the 1971 Special Virus 'AIDS' Flow Chart discovered by Boyd E. Graves, J.D. in February, 1999. Dr. Graves' research and judicial activism has led the world to an irreversible process of review, accountability, and the ultimate DISMANTLING of the GREATEST MAN MADE DESTRUCTIVE FORCE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, THE 'SPECIAL AIDS VIRUS'. These web archives are dedicated to making Dr. Graves' research discoveries and evidence available to the reading public."

cranky Public Warning Notice 2002 May 27
     ... megalomaniacs . legal ...
"To whom it may concern. During the time of November 1998 to September 2000 this man pictured above had an extramarital affair with my wife. I posted this 'Public Warning' in hopes this man, and his actions will never hurt other families the way he has mine. I want to end his deceitfulness? by exposing him to his friends, family, co-workers, and to the general public. This site will serve as 'public shame' for Mitchell Allen Schmidt for hurting my children and family. Not only will this page warn others around the world, but I will advertise in his home town of State College, PA so he will have to face his community for having this affair. This will also be my way of stating 'you don't get away with adultery completely.'"

crankiest Postal Inspectors on the Rampage 2002 May 13
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . legal ...
"This web-site is dedicated to all postal workers, past and present, who have been subjected to criminal harassment at the hands of the postal inspectors. Also, if you know of a friend or relative who has made complaints about their employer, the U.S. Postal Service, that you dismissed as crazy, this web-site is also for you. I would suggest that you print this web-site and give this friend or relative a copy, for what they have alleged is NOT crazy. Also, if you are an individual who has personal knowledge of the abuses described on this web-site, I urge you to 'do the right thing' and report what you know to the authorities. At the end of this web-site, I will provide you with a list of addresses and FAX numbers where you should send your complaints, but I should warn you that the postal service is obstructing mail communications relating to this matter and I strongly suggest that you FAX your communications or find some alternate means of delivery."

anti Dilworth v. Dudley 2001 Oct 09
     ... Cantor was wrong . legal ...
"The decision handed down by Judge Posner in the lawsuit brought by William Dilworth against Underwood Dudley, author of Mathematical cranks. The plaintiff was upset about being referenced in Dudley's book regarding his (cranky) refutation of Cantor's diagonal construction, and sued for defamation. The suit was dismissed 'for failure to state a claim.'"

anti Holocaust Denial on Trial 2001 Jun 10
     ... Holocaust deniers . skepticism . legal ...
"David Irving, a British Holocaust denier, sued American professor Deborah Lipstadt and her British publisher, Penguin Books, for libel in a 2000 London trial that made headlines around the world. Despite England's draconian libel laws, Lipstadt and Penguin not only won resoundingly, but also exposed the inner workings of the deniers, who distort 20th century history in order to promote 21st century antisemitism and white supremacy. This site is built around the defense's groundbreaking research, the riveting trial-room testimony, and the judge's historic opinion which found Irving to be a 'right-wing pro-Nazi polemicist' who 'deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence."

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