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cranky R.P. Energy 2005 Feb 12
     ... free energy . weather control ...
"We are group of physicists and inventors.We are engaged in renewed, alternative power and energy technologies. As we pay the certain attention of an opportunity of transformation to power of 'physical' vacuum. Our purpose - to liquidate vicious dependence of economy on power, considerably to reduce of the price for consumed energy including electric, to improve ecological conditions, to lower thermal environmental contamination, and to supervise the maintenance of ozone in an atmosphere, and as well reduce influence of 'magnetic storms.'"

crankier Tornado Fighters 2003 Oct 30
     ... weather control ...
"Hi, I'm Brad Mason the creator of Tornado Fighters. The advancements made in tornado detection has put the ball in mans court as far as the next step in tornado defense. The stopping of the tornado and its dastardly evil. Following, I'll try to convince you to protect your lives and property from the tornado. I've been promoting tornado destruction for three years now. People have said they saw something on Discovery Channel or somewhere about stopping the tornado but I haven't seen it. The powers at hand (government NOAA, NWS) are dragging their feet as far as stopping the tornado. All I can see is we have to save ourselves. Money talks everything else gets to shut up. Continued forecasting is paramount. But the last outbreak of tornados (Nov. 6-7, 2002 Alabama to Ohio) killed 25-35 people, I heard as many as 70 tornados touched down, NOAA and NWS can't deal with this kind terror. We must start protecting ourselves. AMERICANS DON'T COWER! HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO BE HIT BEFORE YOU HIT BACK!"

crankiest 2002 Nov 16
     ... meteorology . astronomy . weather control ...
"Satellite data is gradually confirming what alternative theorists have been suggesting for years; that the moon controls the weather. Apart from being rather obvious, and so not such a bizarre notion, and it means that with the right mathematical techniques, weather can be predicted way into the future. Stone circles like Stonehenge, said to be at least 4,000 and maybe up to 50,000 years old, were nothing less than weather and climate calculators. The very word 'measurement' is derived from 'moon.' This is not pseudo-astrology, shamanism, wizardry, New Age, not the occult or voodoo but plain basic science and logic."

cranky Weather Control 2002 Mar 25
     ... Nikola Tesla . conspiracy . weather control ...
"Is it strange how, when we are in the middle of summer, it can be raining out, and one day it is very 'hot,' the next day it is 15 degree cooler, and two days later, it is 'hot' again? Does this seem strange? How about earthquakes in parts of the world, that are so devastating, that if they were to happen here, our whole economy could be ruined. Do you think it is 'odd' that people would suggest that the government can and does control the weather? I know it sounds a little paranoid, but if you do the research to investigate, you will undoubtably arrive at the same conclusions. Our weather is controlled!"

cranky Ground Zero 2001 Oct 09
     ... chemtrails . weather control ...
"Just for your review Ground Zero Reported the Contrail Controversy in Early January if you listen to Earthmail you will hear the story of How Jet Contrails may be making people sick and seeding clouds for weather control. Now look at the websites, Listen to the earthmails, and ask yourself why we experienced 62 degrees in February then 90 mile an hour winds and 6 inches of snow combined with temperatures in the teens ..."

cranky Revolution in Understanding Weather 1999 May 27
     ... science . meteorology . weather control ...
"... is a stunning breakthrough in the understanding of weather, which takes the field of meteorology out of the 'dark ages' into the 'mainstream' of 20th century science. Nevertheless, it is written at a the explanations are based on old, well-established scientific principles."

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