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links Open Source Energy Network 2005 Dec 06
     ... free energy . cold fusion . perpetual motion ...
A collection of news, links, blogs, and projects.

cranky The Institute for New Energy 2005 Oct 07
     ... free energy . perpetual motion . cold fusion ...
"The INE is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and reporting on the development of advanced energy conversion devices. Such devices include charge cluster technology, 'free-energy' machines and 'over-unity' devices, where new or novel 'potential energy' sources can be identified as new energy sources. Several such devices have been developed in the past, including the dry-cell battery, fuel cells, dams, nuclear fission reactors, and cold fusion cells."

crankier The ADDA Homesite 2005 Jul 02
     ... star drives . perpetual motion . free energy ...
"Rockets are for fireworks ... Not Quite Right Physics ... Small children defy Newton ... Unlimited Energy ... Thermodynamics today ... Moving bodies by internal force (the most important chapter) ... Design of heatless internal force engines ... To the stars! ... Design of an interstellar spaceship, or viman ... Idealism, for a better world ..."

crankier How to Build a Homemade Nuclear Reactor 2005 Feb 12
     ... technology . free energy ...
"Super conducting generator ... Flux compression generator ... Matter/antimatter generator ... Antimatter reactor ... Matter replicator ... Particle/element gun ... STM microscope ... Neutron gun ... Cheap neutron gun ... Dereplicator ... Homemade nuclear reactor ... Quantum computer ... Homemade breeder reactor ... Ion propulsion engine ... Real starship ... Gravity wave amplifier generator ... Thermite gun ... Electric cannon ..."

cranky R.P. Energy 2005 Feb 12
     ... free energy . weather control ...
"We are group of physicists and inventors.We are engaged in renewed, alternative power and energy technologies. As we pay the certain attention of an opportunity of transformation to power of 'physical' vacuum. Our purpose - to liquidate vicious dependence of economy on power, considerably to reduce of the price for consumed energy including electric, to improve ecological conditions, to lower thermal environmental contamination, and to supervise the maintenance of ozone in an atmosphere, and as well reduce influence of 'magnetic storms.'"

cranky Free Energy News 2004 Nov 06
     ... free energy ...
"Daily 'Free Energy' News ..."

crankier Scientific Papers of Steven J. Smith 2004 Jul 10
     ... electromagnetism . gravitation . free energy ...
"The Physics of Space/Time, or the Complexity of Nothing ... The Physics of Flying Saucers, or A Crash Course in Electrogravitics ... The Physics of Mass, or When In Motion, Stays In Motion ... The Physics of Free Energy, or The Fine Art of Demonology ... The Physics of Death, or A Weapon fo Selective Destruction ..."

crankier How to Build Free Energy and Exotic Propulsion Devices and Systems That Utilize Gravimetric Mass Fluctuations 2004 May 23
     ... free energy . star drives . gravitation ...
"An object can't have constant mass, inductance, or capacitance, and fluctuate in the same space at the same time. Likewise, an object can't fluctuate its' mass, inductance, or capacitance, and remain constant of the same." Some articles in PDF format.

cranky Phase Opposed Reaction Systems 2003 May 22
     ... electromagnetism . free energy . perpetual motion ...
"Sometime ago I was thinking about the Butch Lafonte's method to remove a magnet from the action of magnetic cores without work. This method consisted on a rotor magnet into two attraction-repulsion stator coils in the same axis. This stator coils will cause no torque in the rotor, and the rotor movement will cause no back EMF on the coils, so it's like if the rotor and the coils doesn't interfere each other, and you dont need to apply work, only a current passing through the coils. I thought about a system were we can get two 'phase opposite' actions into two different stator magnets, and also two 'phase opposite' reactions into the same rotor ( so zero torque ). This means that we can get double the work of a single stator magnet with (almost) no work in the rotor!. Lafonte needed a current running, but with no work to exert. The only power wasted will be the resistance losses of the coils. Here, we need to turn the rotor, but with no work, only the work to move the mass of the rotor."

anti Genesis World Energy Watch 2003 Apr 09
     ... free energy . perpetual motion ...
"On December 5, 2002, a company called Genesis World Energy (hereafter GWE) announced the 'Edison Device', a 'miracle' which they claim is a source of energy that will eliminate the world's dependence on traditional energy sources. A week later, Bob Park's column announced it as a scam. A month later, Professor Park returned to the story. So, what is it, a miracle, a scam, or a misunderstanding? The information released by GWE is short on detail. The biographies of the principals are not provided. The business structure is opaque. And the operation of the Edison Device is described inconsistently. I hope to clarify the GWE story, posting links to press coverage, analysis and other information on GWE."

crankier Perpetual Energy 2003 Mar 11
     ... perpetual motion . free energy . thermodynamics ...
"My believe is that the second law of thermodynamics is no more than a meme. However I never seen or heard of proof of a working machine that violates the Second law. The Second law states that you never can put heat energy for 100% into a other form of energy, You will always have a increase of Entropy that means you never get the same temperature difference back where you started with. The implication of this that in the long run everything will have the same temperature, Total Entropy wil than exist. But there is something untrue about this, I wil explain this to you."

cranky Revolutionary Electric Motor 2003 Mar 10
     ... free energy . particle physics ...
"Two Cairns, Australian inventors on March 12, 2001 unveiled a world first commercial motor generator which can power a house with a continuous clean, green and virtually free energy source, which are neutrinos and other gamma particles coming from our sun the stars which have been recently identified to exit in three states and have mass and electrical charge. The machine, developed by Brinsmead mechanical engineer John Christie and electrician Lou Brits, have an international patent pending and the motor generator is expected to go on the market for -5K."

cranky Confidental Technologies 2003 Mar 10
     ... free energy . perpetual motion ...
"... has developed a super efficient rotating transformer. It can dramatically step up electricity from the wall when it passes through a super efficient rotating transformer, using a 110 V or 220 V electric power supply. The 110v to 3 phase units are more efficient than 220v to 3 phase units. The 220v to 3 phase unit power supply would be best suited for heavy loads like quick electric vehicle battery charging. The unit is basically a 3 Hp generator that can create 3 phase industrial power. 12/2 common house wire can be used with a 30 amp breaker without the wires getting hot. CT/DE refers to the technology as cold electricity. Also the industrial motors using this new type of electrical power, use far less power to operate and never get hot!"

cranky Nu Energy Horizons 2003 Mar 10
     ... free energy ...
"Alternative energy is energy which can be produced that is better, more efficient, and cleaner than what is in use today. This energy can be much cheaper or almost free. ... We can not move against the tides of time, we can not move against the tides of societies. Voices come out of the past to haunt us, why do we not hear their cries? Only a catalyst can move against strong reactions. We must move as a catalyst, invisible, undetected to create a change against great tides."

crankier Aethmogen 2003 Jan 21
     ... electromagnetism . free energy ...
"The Third Law [of magnetism] in effect is what manifests the gating of energy from the aether at the instant in time that the magnet and stator are neutral in relation to the air gap and time. This results in the machine, at this point of time entering into a state of UNITY, i.e. Negative time, zero point, infinity - you name it. Read on to discover the 'secret' of the Adams Motor, and view diagrams of how Dr Adams tests his devices in the laboratory."

bizarre Antimatter Energy, Inc. 2003 Jan 21
     ... free energy ...
"Our goal is to educate people on antimatter technology and provide energy sources that will bring Every Country into the 21st Century without destroying earth's environment and turn the Star Trek Dream into Reality. But, where does antimatter come from?"

crankier Evolved Technology 2002 Nov 16
     ... free energy ...
"There are many exciting things taking place at ET. For the past five years we have been focused on searching the world for advanced technologies in the fields of energy, transportation, health and environmental remediation. We have now identified close to 150 unique advanced technologies and the list is growing every day. However, now we are focusing on deploying these technologies one by one. We have just negotiated a strategic alliance with one of the world's leading electric vehicles companies. Together we will begin integrating several of our new energy and transportation technologies into a full line of products. ET's energy technology will help overcome the biggest limiting factor of electric vehicle sales - battery life. ET's innovative energy technologies will be integrated into electric vehicle products to help overcome this barrier. The first models will increase battery life substantially. Future models will act as an on-board battery charger so that the consumer will no longer need to find a battery charging station for their electric vehicles."

cranky Yahoo! Groups: CFPFM 2002 Nov 16
     ... free energy ...
"Energy from rotating pressurized fluid ... This group has been created for any discussions concerning the CFPFM this concept produces a surplus of pressurized fluid. and requires no input energy once charged. The CFPFM software is available in the files section."

crankier The Tilley Foundation, Inc. 2002 Oct 04
     ... free energy ...
"After several years of personal accomplishments in the alternative energy industry, Carl B. Tilley was convinced that it was possible to build an electric car that could be powered without the help of external power to keep the battery charged. The concept to produce a useful electric performance car that would last more than a few hours and would be economical to run, safe to drive around town or across the United States and never use a drop of fuel challenges the future of transportation as we know it today. With the establishment of the Tilley Foundation, Inc., in the year 2001, Carl Tilley set out to prove it could be done.It was an ambitious project and it broke ground on the facility in Tennessee that would build the first self generating electric car. Construction of a 1,800 square foot building, that was powered with another recently developed electric device, began in the year 2002. Electricity from the building built the car from a different energy invention, that was void of any outside power supply. It is ironic that one alternative energy device actually built the invention to power and build the electric car. There is a new car on the road today. A car built with technology that defies the concept of fossil fuel powered cars, and can run coast to coast without ever relying on the battery being charged from an outside source. The long awaited transportation revolution and the end of our reliance on fossil fuel has now begun ..... the Tilley Electric Vehicle."

cranky Zero Mass Energy 2002 Oct 04
     ... free energy ...
"A proposal to build a pipeline to carry sunlight to light buildings, streets and tunnels etc. ... This will not only expand current energy resources lifetime. This will also introduce a new way of transmitting pure filtered or unfiltered sunlight throughout the world from a virtually inexhaustible source of light. I. Pipe sunlight from at or near the north and south poles of the earth that has a Steady supply year round for about 24 hours per day at one polar region or the other. 1. Example Arctic pole about six months, Antarctic pole about six months for a 12 month calendar year. 2. The idea of starting at the poles of the earth and continuing on around the globe can be accomplished in the following ways. a. One could build parabolic collector stations that are on line when the sun passes over head at virtually any latitude or longitude. b. These collector stations would feed the over all grid in much the same way as the current expendable energy sources use. c. This is accomplished from a source that will last as long as the sun shall shine."

cranky Lutec Australia 2002 May 13
     ... free energy ...
"The Lutec 1000 is the first free energy machine to be developed to commercial stage anywhere in the world. The Lutec 1000 generator will produce up to 1000 watts of DC electricity twenty four hours a day, every day, which will be stored in a battery bank and then inverted to AC power and connected directly into the home or business. The Lutec 1000 draws the power it requires to run itself from the same battery bank. The average house in Cairns, Queensland, uses only fourteen of the twenty four kilowatt hours able to be stored in twenty four hours by this method."

crankiest Quantum Power Devices Which Yield the Grand Unified Theory 2002 May 13
     ... quantum mechanics . free energy . grand unification ...
"The mechanism for Darwinian natural selection and the role of an aether vacuum as the cause for all mass condensation in an infinite universe. A simple theory for the Dirac hypothesis and an explanation for neutron-proton alternating equilibrium. Charles Darwin certainly attained real genius but was careful not to use the laws of physics as an aid to wisdom. Michael Faraday predicted a unified theory of everything, but money, power, selfishness and greed were the new gods of the industrial revolution. The then world power in science, the Royal Society, all too eagerly, jumped in to the most fashionable sewer of ignorance. The universe is infinite and devoid of human concepts of length and time. The meaning of the infamous expression E = m c2 must be properly explained because MASS is the relativity factor and m c2 is a totally benign event. The one natural tool which governs all mass evolution. It is the mechanism for all reflected images. It provides a simple Quantum theory without magic dualities, anti-matter concepts and instantaneous equal and opposite reactions (which prevent evolution). All gods must exist by faith. The thermodynamic laws are an equally forlorn god concept. Light exists in the massive universe as a bi-product of all mass. Without the emission of light all mass would be unstable and revert to -m c2 fission. A simple law now referred to as the conservation of mass equilibrium."

cranky Space Energy Access Systems, Inc. 2002 May 13
     ... free energy . technology . Nikola Tesla . conspiracy ...
"Research shows that over the past 75 years a number of significant breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have occurred that have been systematically suppressed. Since the time of Tesla, T. Townsend Brown and others in the early and mid-twentieth century we have had the technological ability to replace fossil fuel, internal combustion and nuclear power generating systems with advanced non-polluting electromagnetic and electro-gravitic systems. The open literature is replete with well-documented technologies that have surfaced, only to later be illegally seized or suppressed through systematic abuses of the national security state, large corporate and financial interests or other shadowy concerns."

fringe Alternative Energy Institute 2002 Mar 25
     ... free energy ...
"... was organized to educate the public about the impending non-renewable energy crisis, the search for solutions, and to improve the climate for development of new energy technologies. We are a group of concerned people who believe solutions can be found when people are aware of the problems facing the world."

cranky The Quest for Overunity 2002 Jan 21
     ... free energy . perpetual motion . antigravity ...
"You are welcome in the JLN Labs web site dedicated to the search of Free-Energy solutions and new generation of space-propulsion systems."

illucid The Tom Bearden Website 2001 Oct 14
     ... physics . technology . electromagnetism . free energy . medicine ...
"It is my intent to simply place here many of my papers, write-ups, information, etc. so that the information is more widely available. As I approach my 70th birthday, I'm very much impressed with how slowly science changes and how quickly we humans age. I realize that every human being is fragile; one could simply depart this life at any moment. ... The purpose of the site is for information only. I do not have time for, nor am I interested in, debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, so to speak. Whether a particular model is 'right' or 'wrong' is not the question; the question is, is it useful and does it predict some new and useful results? Eventually, technical concepts are useful only if they can do something different, provide a better model, etc. Also, abstract mathematics is a wonderful exercise and set of models, but the physics is in the concepts which the mathematical symbols represent and which the mathematical operations manipulate. The physics is not in the mathematics itself, per se."

cranky 2001 Jun 17
     ... free energy . technology ...
"Attention Homeowners! Register now for the chance to get free electricity for your home! The International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) plans to put their revolutionary new 'Permanent Magnet' generator on U.S. and Canadian homes at no cost once a target number of households are registered. The generator will be installed, maintained and owned by ITEC much like your meter is owned and maintained by your local electric utility. You will then be in line for 26 000 kilowatts of free electricity every year (the average all-electric home uses 14 000 to 18 000 kilowatts per year). The excess energy the generator supplies can be sold back to your current electricity provider under the new Electricity Deregulation laws, thereby generating revenue for our company and enabling us to supply your power at no cost. The unit we will install can be placed either in or outside the home, is small and compact, will require no outside energy, and will be quiet and friendly to the environment."

chat Yahoo! Groups: Free Energy 2001 Jun 10
     ... free energy . perpetual motion . Nikola Tesla . zero point energy . conspiracy ...
"This is an update list on the topic of Free Energy. It is skeptical in orientation and covers stuff like: over unity, Tesla engines, Dennis Lee, Joe Newman, zero point energy, monopoles, conspiracy theory and even 100 mi/gal carburetors. This will be a low frequency email list ..."

chat Yahoo! Groups: Ambient Energy 2001 Jun 10
     ... free energy . perpetual motion . gravitation ...
"This discussion group is for people who know that it is possible to convert existing ambient temperature heat energy into work. This is not about Perpetual Motion machines like those of the great Swindler (John Keely) who according to the History books and the Encyclopedia Britannica fooled a multitude of people. Even today his followers are still trying to create energy out of nothing with Gravity, Permanent Magnets, etc. I don't want this group to grow to several hundred members of such believers. Just a few with common sense."

cranky Impulse Devices 2001 Mar 31
     ... free energy . technology . nuclear physics ...
"... has assembled a world-class team of physicists to develop an innovative fusion energy technology."

cranky 2012 Unlimited 2001 Mar 03
     ... apocalypse . Philadelphia experiment . free energy . UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . new age ...
"We present information and tools to help you through the major changes taking place on Planet Earth now. This site and our catalogue cover: the Mayan calendar and prophecies, time acceleration, the frequency rise on Earth to a 16 hour day, the Quickening, Philadelphia and Montauk experiments in time, free energy, DNA upgrades, UFOs, extraterrestrials, the shift to fourth and fifth dimension, the Ascension, the synchronisation of earth with the universe. Other material that covers the mind realities, parallel universes and energy changes."

cranky KeelyNet 2000 Dec 03
     ... free energy . gravitation . medicine ...
"Free energy ... Gravity control ... Alternative health ..."

anti Eric's History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines 2000 Nov 18
     ... perpetual motion . free energy ...
"In spite of no evidence of success hundreds of people for centuries have attempted to solve the holy grail of energy production -- Perpetual Motion Machines. Many people simply think it must be possible and if they only try hard enough, they will find a solution."

fringe California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics 2000 Nov 18
     ... free energy . quantum mechanics . physics . astronomy . gravitation . relativity ...
"... is a privately-funded, academically-oriented research center dedicated to exploring fundamental problems in physics (e.g. gravitation, inertia, the nature of mass) as well as very-long range technological possibilities that may emerge from the properties of the quantum vacuum."

anti The Free Energy Archive 2000 Sep 15
     ... free energy . cold fusion . zero point energy ...
"This is not a solicitation for investment funds. Future performance in the field of cold fusion, free energy, perpetual motion, and zero point energy will very much reflect past performance. If your looking for a place to invest your money, try the government, as they grow boom time or bust. However, if money does not buy either love or happiness, I'll probably get different results."

cranky The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation Homepage 2000 Sep 02
     ... free energy ...
"... is an Oregon based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which is dedicated to the development of energy efficient, nonpolluting technologies. ... Our current focus is on the development and implementation of very efficient water pumping technologies that would be useful in agricultural and business applications in both industrialized countries and third world countries around the globe. Not only is this emerging technology efficient it is also cost effective. This water pumping technology is being developed in a manner that would allow local communities to manufacture this efficient water pump in their own communities by their own cottage industries with local materials."

cranky Future Horizons 2000 Aug 30
     ... technology . antigravity . free energy . time travel . UFOlogy ...
"Free energy experiments ... Hoverboard ... Obtain fuel from water ... Lightsabres ..."

cranky Institute for Basic Research 2000 Aug 13
     ... particle physics . mathematics . free energy . perpetual motion ...
"Hadronic Journal ... Algebras, Groups, and Geometries ... The IBR announces the discovery by Dr. R. M. Santilli of the Hadronic Reactors developed at Toups Technology Licensing, Largo, Florida, Now EarthFirst Technology, Inc., which: recycle nonradioactive liquid wastes; produce clean, cost-competitive, combustible gases; and have an independently certified over-unity in the commercial energy efficiency. ... As well known to experts in the field, the over-unity here referred to is a commercial energy balance computed as the ratio between the energy produced (the combustible Magnegas + heat), and the electric energy needed for its production calibrated at the panel, which ratio is bigger than one (over-unity) for Santilli's Hadronic Reactors."

crankiest The Backyard Cold Fusion Experiment 2000 Jul 13
     ... cold fusion . free energy . thermodynamics ...
"The experiment was performed on June 22. Prior to that date the preparation took about a month, but on a very limited time basis. A canister of deuterium gas was ordered from Amerigas in Los Angeles for .00. ... The canister contained 20 liters of gas at 700 psi of pressure. ... Titanium was chosen over palladium as the metal for several reasons. First I could not find a small amount of palladium anywhere in Southern California. ...'"

cranky Fred Van Lew's Essential Air & Water 2000 Jun 04
     ... paranormal . free energy . medicine ...
"... was established out of a need for accurate and complete information concerning water, air and energy as they relate to health, and the types of equipment needed to effectively clean, purify and revitalize these environments."

cranky Eagle Research 2000 May 26
     ... technology . free energy . Nikola Tesla ...
"... is a non-profit organization that develops and distributes practical energy solutions since 1984. Most income is generated by the sale of our own literature and products world wide. So buy those books folks, you're financing real answers! We define practical as simple, inexpensive, environmentally-considerate, easy to build, low maintenance and, applicable to small scale energy needs. We find practical solutions for ourselves and then we share those solutions with everyone. We gather information from diverse sources, perform comprehensive experiments using rigorous standards, then publish how-to books to share the results with other researchers and the general public. We believe that writing books insures that these energy-saving technologies will be secured public knowledge, and that our patent-free philosophy promotes increasingly better energy solutions."

cranky Cold Fusion Times 2000 May 26
     ... technology . free energy . cold fusion ...
"The journal of the scientific aspects of loading isotopic fuels into materials ... Worldwide new hydrogen energy and low energy nuclear reaction developments ..."

cranky Creative Science and Research 2000 May 13
     ... science . thermodynamics . free energy . gravitation . electromagnetism . Nikola Tesla ...
"The fuelless engine ... The gravity engine .. The fuelless heater ... Fuel from water ... High-voltage electromagnets ... Free energy from the Earth ... The air engine .. The Tesla turbine engine ..."

cranky The Solar Combustion Air Pages 2000 May 13
     ... science . thermodynamics . free energy . economics . conspiracy ...
"... is a method of preheating air to a natural gas burner, like a hot water heater. But more importantly it can preheat air to a coal burning power plant, or any typical fossil fuel burner, such as a propane, or oil stove. Preheating of air is actually a very common practice in industry. For example, often air is preheated by molten metal from a blast furnace. The preheated air is then blown into the firebox and mixed with fuel. The net result is less fuel is burned."

crankiest The Home of Primordial Energy 2000 Jan 17
     ... technology . free energy ...
"We designed this page to disseminate knowledge and accurate data relating to the Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe -- a sea of 'free energy' which permeates all. The N-1 Homopolar Generator ... is an example of the type of device which is able to 'plug in' to this free energy and eliminate the 'need' for the continued use of fossil fuels and the consequent destruction of our only home -- Earth. This device -- and many others like it -- have been proven to possess 'over-unity' characteristics, i.e.: the power output is more than 100% of the input. It is our hope that in the near future free energy will enable mankind to progress from a state of dependence to one of abundance."

cranky Better World Technologies & United Community Services of America 2000 Jan 02
     ... technology . free energy . conspiracy ...
"It should be obvious that we have enemies that do not wish for us to succeed. Many seemingly helpful people are, in fact, mouthpieces for our rich opposition. Why listen to reports about what Dennis says or claims to be about from biased people with an agenda when you can hear and see 'first hand' what he says and claims for yourself? We offer to send out 3 hours of videotapes and books written by Dennis Lee on a 'Free Look' offer. Unfortunately, we have to ask for a deposit of to ensure we could get our materials back. ... Dennis Lee was put into a Prison for two years for a civil code registration violation and, to this date, has never had a trial or ever even been convicted of the offense. He wrote a book in prison entitled, 'The Alternative.' It is filled with exhibits and much of the earlier experiences of trying to buck the powerful self-interest of those who do not think free energy is such a good idea. You could send for the book and/or the videotapes if you wish through this site. If you watch this show in its entirety, you will realize that this is a social event that will re-evolutionize the way we use and view technology."

cranky The Genesis Project 2000 Jan 02
     ... technology . free energy . time travel . perpetual motion ...
"Existing physics tells us that destruction faces the same direction as time-flow. To prevent destruction radically, we have to find a new time-flow of creation in the field of physics. In other words, by generating energy from nothing, as the perpetuum mobiles described in science fiction. Recently, some theoretical physicists have begun to consider a concept of imaginary time and/or negative-energy. If the negative-energy can exist absolutely, energy concept in physics should be changed and extended to a negative-sphere. Then, it is consequent that perpetuum mobiles exist. Provided the perpetuum mobiles exist, people, for the first time, can be kept away from destruction. Thus, in order to change destruction into creation, first of all the mechanism of generating negative-energy should be cleared. That is the aim of Genesis."

cranky Infinite Energy Online 1999 Nov 26
     ... technology . cold fusion . free energy . sociology . politics . economics . periodicals ...
"... is the international magazine for cold fusion and new energy technologies. It is a technical magazine with outreach to the general public providing material of interest to all people. It includes some highly technical papers and patents. ... It also includes non-technical articles and news on developments in the field, as well as the social, political and economic implications of these changes."

cranky Ben Wiens Energy Science Infosite 1999 Oct 29
     ... science . free energy . relativity . quantum mechanics ...
"Hello, my name is Ben Wiens and I am an applied energy scientist. The goal in my Infosite is to supply simplified information about energy. This does not mean that advanced topics are not covered. Even relativity and quantum theories which before were only understood by physicists are explained in a simple way."

cranky Free Energy, Gravity, and the Aether 1999 Aug 08
     ... free energy . gravitation . aether . relativity ...
"Over the years the existence and understanding of the aether has evolved as the basis for gravity and free energy effects at a micro and macro level. Laboratory experiments have shown that superluminal energy and information transfer has been effectively accomplished via aetheric engineering, which effectively eliminates the theory of relativity and its absurd views of physics and cosmology."

crankiest The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman 1999 Jul 16
     ... technology . free energy ...
"Remember the guy with the energy machine which, when tested, fizzled out? And every time?"

cranky Perpetual Motion: An Ancient Mystery Solved? 1999 May 27
     ... perpetual motion . free energy ...
"... exists for only one [reason] -- to discover the means by which Johann Bessler utilized the earth's gravitational field in his so-called 'perpetual motion machine' in the year 1712 -- and ultimately provide a solution to the energy crisis."

cranky Chronos Apollonios' Home On Olympus 1999 May 27
     ... science . new age . alchemy . occult . free energy . paranormal ...
"... advocates science, education, botany, conservation, gardening, herbalism, The Doctrine of Signatures, alchemy, materialization, free energy, free thought, optimism, skeptical inquiry, magick, paganism, occultism, Palingenics, Catoptromancy, shopping around for opinions, open mindedness, holding as high as possible an opinion of your predecessors -- and their knowledge, skills, values and sensibilities -- treating Star Trek technobabble as reality, charity, the right to life, resurrection, immortality, and harming none, including yourself."

cranky BlackLight Power, Inc. 1999 May 27
     ... technology . free energy . thermodynamics ...
"... believes it has developed a new method ... for generating thermal energy for heating and electrical power generation, and a vast class of new compositions of matter."

cranky Singularity Technologies, Inc. 1999 May 27
     ... technology . free energy . cold fusion ...
"I have prepared this document to announce several breakthroughs in the field of applied physics of major importance. These unprecedented advances which are derived from the foundations of a new and apocalyptic physics which has made possible the design of a completely novel and radically different type of nuclear fusion reactor, one which could not, prior to these advances, even have been predicted with the present state of knowledge in science."

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