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chat Yahoo Groups!: chemtrailevidence 2005 May 04
     ... chemtrails ...
"This group is for citizens of the world to provide evidence of the chemtrail phenomena currently plaguing our plant. Do not bother to join this group if you are a debunker unless you can provide evidence to back your assumptions. This group is moderated."

crankiest Tearing Down the NWO Strongholds 2004 May 23
     ... electromagnetism . chemtrails . New World Order . mind control ...
"There is Danger in the Cell Phone and other anomalous Towers popping up all over the place and I'm going to tell you how to prevent their effects with Tower Busters and how to get rid of chemtrails and keep them away from your yard and/or neighborhood, town, city or state. Stop the Madness!! Stop the NWO from trying to Control Your Moods and Thoughts!! Stop ELF Harassment!! Orgone is the KEY ... They're talking to you..subliminal hypnotic messages..courtesy of these particular they are Mind conditioning and Mind control towers and they're going up in every neighborhood across the country."

crankier Stop Chemtrails 2004 Feb 26
     ... chemtrails ...

cranky Chemtrails of the World 2003 Dec 15
     ... chemtrails ...
"The most informative wall calendar/picture book in existence on the global chemtrail spraying program. This immensely important work documents the chemtrail induced heat waves over the major cities, wilderness areas and historic sites of the world and introduces what appears to be the start-up of a second phase of the aerial spray program."

cranky You Are Here in Reality 2003 Sep 20
     ... conspiracy . politics . September 11 . chemtrails ...
"Why was an Executive Jet owned by Omaha billionaire Warren Buffet 'tracking' Flight 93 instead of a military jet intercepting it? Why was Warren Buffet at Offutt Air Force base that morning? Why was the agent who blocked the Moussaoui investigation recently honored and given a large cash bonus? Why has the US media never examined the 'insider stock trading' the week before 9-11 that shorted AA and United Airlines stocks? Why weren't fighter jets from Andrews Air Force Base called in to intercept any hijacked airliners? Why did the White House try to stifle an independent investigation into the events of September 11? Why has the US media never scrutinized the now well known Bush & Bin Laden family, and the fact that Bin Laden family members were allowed to quietly leave the US after 9-11, without being questioned? Why does the media suppress the story of 400 9-11 victim's family members suing Bush for billion for knowingly allowing 9-11 to occur for political gain?"

crankiest Chemtrail Assisted Planetary Piloting: Moon Eclipse 2003 Jul 24
     ... chemtrails . astronomy ...
"Chemtrails crossed the space between the earth and the moon in the atmosphere just after the moon eclipse last night as viewed off the west coast of southern California. Perhaps the trails function as a deflector screen to alter the effects of gravity between these two celestial bodies. Was it a change in the earth's orbit around the sun that was effected? Is this how you pilot a planet through the milky way galaxy?"

cranky 2003 Jul 24
     ... chemtrails . electromagnetism ...
"Our atmosphere is being changed with aerosols to make it more conductive of electromagnetic frequencies. (An aerosol is a gaseous suspension of fine particles.) This is alarming when you consider the possible uses for this science. This website features photographs of aerosol clouds interacting with electromagnetic forces and related information."

cranky Will 2003 Jun 19
     ... September 11 . chemtrails . conspiracy . politics . New World Order ...
"Drawing on worldwide press reports, expert commentary and riveting eyewitness accounts, award-winning investigative reporter William Thomas presents the most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute look at the agents and agendas behind Sept. 11, and the 'War On Terror'. * Who were the hijackers, and why did they flunk flight training? * Did the White House know of the attacks in advance? * Who prevented nearby USAF interceptors from intervening? * Who profited from stock trades using 'insider' knowledge of the coming attacks? * How does mass trauma leave populations vulnerable to media manipulation? * How to deal with the Media, the Internet and the New World Order. * Did bin Laden do it?"

crankier 2003 Apr 09
     ... chemtrails ...
"Welcome to Cloud Busters! Got Chemtrails? Are you interested in a safe, simple, and reliable way to eliminate the Chemtrails in your area? Here you will find free plans for portable and easy to build, orgone generator devices, that you can build and use, to improve the quality of life in your town."

crankier Cloudbusters 2002 Aug 15
     ... chemtrails . technology ...
"Thanks to Wilhelm Reich and Don Croft, we are blessed to have a device that eliminates toxic chemtrails. Here is a way that YOU can make a positive difference in the air we breathe. Click this paragraph to learn how cloudbusters work and instructions on making them."

anti Contrails 2001 Dec 29
     ... chemtrails . skepticism ...
An actual page about real contrails.

anti Contrail Analysis 2001 Dec 01
     ... chemtrails ...
"Accounts of spraying often speak of contrails that, unlike 'normal contrails,' just hang and expand, and, along with dozens of other trails, blend into a haze that covers the sky. This spreading is assumed to be evidence that the trails are not condensation but some kind of nonevaporating particulate substance. I had the fortune to witnesses such contrail phenomena myself and took many photographs. It is my conclusion that what I observed and what we now see in these photos was the result of atmospheric conditions, and furthermore, I believe these phenomena may account for the majority of 'spray-trail' reports I've heard."

cranky Ground Zero 2001 Oct 09
     ... chemtrails . weather control ...
"Just for your review Ground Zero Reported the Contrail Controversy in Early January if you listen to Earthmail you will hear the story of How Jet Contrails may be making people sick and seeding clouds for weather control. Now look at the websites, Listen to the earthmails, and ask yourself why we experienced 62 degrees in February then 90 mile an hour winds and 6 inches of snow combined with temperatures in the teens ..."

cranky Chemtrail Central 2001 Feb 21
     ... chemtrails ...
"What are Chemtrails? Streaks of chemicals created in the air by spray systems on airplanes at any altitude. Chemicals are sprayed via planes for many purposes including crop dusting and mosquito control. Also fuel is sometimes dumped to reduce weight before landing. But within the Chemtrail observer community Chemtrails are the product of an active large scale operation. ... Some people are reporting what they describe to be unusual activity in the sky, including jets leaving trails at low altitudes, spray lines creating X's, S's and parallel lines, lines that slowly spread to create a canopy of haze, and reports of unusual smells, tastes, and even illness related to the trails. Also, a reddish-brown gel, dropped from low-flying aircraft, has been observed by people in the past and was even documented on Unsolved Mysteries. Samples of this substance have been alledgedly analyzed by Margareta-Erminia Cassani and found to be teaming with biological organisms."

crankiest Chemtrail Crimes and Cover Up Documented 2000 May 13
     ... chemtrails ...
"I, as a concerned citizen of The United States, demand immediate action from you and your agency as follows: 1. Full public disclosure explaining the truth behind the ongoing chemical, biological or other toxic aerial sprayings occurring over the United States and other countries. 2. Cessation of aerial spraying upon U.S. citizens. 3. Enforcement of existing Federal law which prohibits experimentation upon U.S. citizens without informed consent and permission. I attest to one or more of the following: I have directly witnessed these sprayings. I have experienced adverse health effects from these sprayings. I have reviewed the latest material from responsible and knowledgeable researchers, journalists and Internet sources on the subject. ... I conclude that this aerial spraying is real and a violation of human and constitutional rights. It must be stopped."

chat Yahoo! Clubs: Chemtrail Tracking USA 2000 May 13
     ... chemtrails ...
"A place, accessible to everyone, to report chem trail activity in your area on a real-time basis. ... Purpose: to gain info on aircraft involved and substance being sprayed, theories and in general: Who? Why? and What?"

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