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crankiest Weather Wars 2005 Oct 07
     ... meteorology . conspiracy ...
"Visit the site of Tom Bearden. His work is pioneering in this field. His latest paper is absolutely essential in understanding how this scalar technology works, how long it has been active, who runs it and why and finally what it is immediately capable of. He also discusses what kinds of events are planned for the U.S. in the coming two to three years. This man deserves the Prize for his research. ... 'So in early 1990, the weather engineering operations over North America were assumed from the FSB/KGB by the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams, and operations continued with the Yakuza's leased giant scalar interferometers. The weather engineering against the United States continues today under the rogue Japanese teams on site in Russia, with direct FSB/KGB supervision.' ..."

crankier 2003 Aug 03
     ... conspiracy . meteorology ...
"This website is dedicated to giving you the truth about Carbon Dioxide or CO2. The material presented here is not what you have probably been told. The change in emissions to CO2 was supposed to give us better air and help save energy. It has done neither. It should have been obvious that it never would. (The disparity between the truth as presented here and what is commonly espoused is so great as to suggest a conspiracy --- a conspiracy to cause harm, great harm)."

bizarre Sahara Desert Supposition for the Global Environment 2003 Jul 24
     ... geology . meteorology ...
"This is a PROPOSAL to try and Terraform the Sahara Desert; to reclaim it for the benefit of Humanity and the Global Environment. Desertification of the World spreads every day. This will attempt to redress the balance."

anti What's WRong With "Still Waiting for Greenhouse"? 2003 Jun 19
     ... meteorology . planetology ...
"Welcome to our web page. It is run by scientists who are concerned about misinformation that appears on the Internet in relation to Global Warming (also called the Greenhouse Effect). In particular, it seeks to expose errors of fact on one particular site -- Still Waiting for Greenhouse."

cranky The Bear: Essays 2002 Nov 16
     ... new age . meteorology . mythology . conspiracy ...
"On Psychedelics ... The True Reason for Drug Prohibition ... Diet and Exercise ... Ice Ages: Cause of Glaciation ... Myths in Modern Times ... Analogue vs. Digital ... Naming ... There has been a trip taken by many people over a number of years, starting in the 1960's. It is a trip to renew our connection with the planet we live on and its lifeforms. It seemed as though this journey was a natural and important one for our survival and the survival of the world as our home. We thought of ourselves as exploring new ways of looking at the universe, but as it turns out, the adventure is almost as old as man himself. ..."

crankiest 2002 Nov 16
     ... meteorology . astronomy . weather control ...
"Satellite data is gradually confirming what alternative theorists have been suggesting for years; that the moon controls the weather. Apart from being rather obvious, and so not such a bizarre notion, and it means that with the right mathematical techniques, weather can be predicted way into the future. Stone circles like Stonehenge, said to be at least 4,000 and maybe up to 50,000 years old, were nothing less than weather and climate calculators. The very word 'measurement' is derived from 'moon.' This is not pseudo-astrology, shamanism, wizardry, New Age, not the occult or voodoo but plain basic science and logic."

crankier Solar Furnace 2002 Aug 17
     ... astronomy . chemistry . meteorology ...
"Scroll down for flowers and rings ... The solar furnace would be in orbit approximatly 5 000 000 km from the sun. Standard solar furnace designs (such as the commercial one in france) will be suitable for this purpose. It will be different in that instead of using the light to produce steam it will instead use a Fresnel lens or a prism to separate the light into it's individual wavelengths. The light will then be transmitted to a geostationary earth orbit sattelite for transmission to earth. It is necessary to do this to reduce interferrence scattering of the light. At the output side of the fresnel lens or the prism will be bundles of optical fibers, these will be used to aim all identical wavelengths of light at the same mirror. From there the beam will be aimed at an ocean station on earth to be converted to hydrogen and oxygen, or into the stratosphere to destroy the molecules that cause pollution, depending on their wavelength. The wavelengths aimed through the stratosphere would be only the specific wavelengths required to destroy chlorofluorocarbons, chlorine monoxide, sulfur dioxide etc. These beams would not strike the earth, but would pass through the stratosphere and back out coming within 15 km from earth. This would give them twice the time as an earthbound laser to strike their target molecules from each km3 of seawater distilled the following chemicals and minerals can be recovered ..."

crankiest Global Warming: Earth Can Explode! 2002 Jan 21
     ... planetology . meteorology ...
"The real danger for our entire civilization comes not from slow climate changes, but from overheating the planetary interior. Galileo discovered that Earth moves. Copernicus discovered that Earth moves around the Sun. In 2000 Tom Chalko, inspired by Desmarquet's report, discovered that the solid nucleus of our planet is a nuclear reactor and that our collective ignorance may cause it to overheat and explode. The discovery, verified by experts in many disciplines of science, has been published in June 2001 by the new scientific journal"

cranky Plate TEctonics and the Global Climate 2000 Aug 30
     ... planetology . geology . meteorology ...
"Life on Earth reels under the Supercontinental cycles. Every Supercontinent forms in a 'Tectonic Pause' with a global ice age. Massive ice sheets covers whole or part of the Supercontinent. Supercontinental breakup creates the new plates with a severe global warming and rapidly melts the ice sheets, exiting the global ice age period. Breakup and joining of the plates in between two Supercontinental periods causes small scale global warming and ice ages. Mass extinction occurs in the ice age and global warming periods. Evolution takes place in the post global warming period. Life thrives in the steady moving of the plates or in the period of oceanic plate subduction."

cranky Revolution in Understanding Weather 1999 May 27
     ... science . meteorology . weather control ...
"... is a stunning breakthrough in the understanding of weather, which takes the field of meteorology out of the 'dark ages' into the 'mainstream' of 20th century science. Nevertheless, it is written at a the explanations are based on old, well-established scientific principles."

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