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cranky Alignment Theory 2004 Sep 19
     ... quantum mechanics . relativity . grand unification . zero point energy ...
"... is the mechanism of zero point energy, quantum mechanics, relativity, mass and gravity, cosmology, cosmic inflation, dark energy and the cosmological constant, the nature and speed of light and quantum entanglement, quantum chaos and the lumpiness of the universe. This mechanism unifies relativity and quantum mechanics. The following is a preliminary look at a new, very simple approach to Relativity, Cosmology and the Quantum nature of the universe that explains the proposed mechanism."

chat Yahoo! Groups: Free Energy 2001 Jun 10
     ... free energy . perpetual motion . Nikola Tesla . zero point energy . conspiracy ...
"This is an update list on the topic of Free Energy. It is skeptical in orientation and covers stuff like: over unity, Tesla engines, Dennis Lee, Joe Newman, zero point energy, monopoles, conspiracy theory and even 100 mi/gal carburetors. This will be a low frequency email list ..."

anti The Free Energy Archive 2000 Sep 15
     ... free energy . cold fusion . zero point energy ...
"This is not a solicitation for investment funds. Future performance in the field of cold fusion, free energy, perpetual motion, and zero point energy will very much reflect past performance. If your looking for a place to invest your money, try the government, as they grow boom time or bust. However, if money does not buy either love or happiness, I'll probably get different results."

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