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crankier Tony's Home Page 2005 Dec 23
     ... particle physics . apocalypse . politics . quantum mechanics . paranoia ...
"My book was banned by Cornell ... VoDou Physics ... ET? ... NO ET? ... 2012 ... Oil and Kittens ... Divine Justice 2000: Gore's loss to Bush ... Quantum Consciousness ... Compton Radius Vortex ... Conformal Gravity ... 130 GeV Truth Quark ..."

crankier Defining the Underlying Granularity of Matter 2005 Jul 02
     ... particle physics ...
"First I will compare the pion to the alpha particle, in both composition and behavior ... Next I will offer a reason that the Omega Minus particle is the heaviest 'strange' baryon ... I will show you how viewing the pion as a subatomic alpha particle explains the existence of the 'strange' particles ... I will show that you can link a number of subatomic particles to atomic-level ones, based on the same premise ... I will speculate on particles that might exist and offer an explanation for the mass of the 'top quark' ..."

crankier Discon Model 2005 Jul 02
     ... particle physics ...
"Could it be possible that only one type of fundamental particle exists and that all light and matter is formed from this single type of particle? What physical properties would such a particle need in order to form other particles and to provide answers to questions such as * How do electrons maintain a stable orbit inside atoms? * Why does light exhibit both wave-like and particle-like behaviour? The discon is a disc shaped particle which emits a positive or negative field from each face. This field is shaped like the frustum of a cone and extends indefinitely into space at an angle of 45 degrees. There are three types of discons ? positive (PP), positive/negative (PN) and negative (NN). The PP discon has a charge of +1/3 and +1/3, the PN discon has a charge of +1/3 and -1/3, the NN discon has a charge of -1/3 and -1/3."

cranky Particle and atomphysics 2005 Jul 02
     ... particle physics . nuclear physics ...
"Is not misson of the physics science that refuted by the experimental results and universal valided laws of the nature theories and models shows so as those are roughly knowledge of the reality. The real misson of the physics science it's that the natural occurrences appropriately to experimental results, without contradiction descripts with in the narture exclusively dominating, universal valided nature laws. These natural laws were discovered for end of the 19 th century and those are descripted in the classical titled, real physics science. The universal validity of the nature laws not just means that likewise valid on any point of the world, but means it also that likewise valid to the particles and atomic world, as valid to the total universum, which constructs up from particles and atoms. Not must to search mistakes in nature laws, but must to look false those models or theoiries, which say other like what's according to nature laws and must those to banish from the physics science. If a statement of the theory or the model contradicts to experimental result or nature law, then we can certainly that the model or the theory approximately neither possesed reality."

crankier A New Light in Physics 2005 May 04
     ... electromagnetism . particle physics . Einstein was wrong ...
"The book presents a set of new splendid theories about light, the elementary particles and the basic forces of nature. The new theories are coherent with Classical Physics, Quantum Physics and the De Broglie relation. Some of today's main theories are corrected, others are assumed wrong like Relativity. The real structure of light, photons, electrons, and neutrinos is revealed. The mystery of ?wave-particle duality' is solved! The experiments of Michelson-Morley, Davisson-Germer, Kaufmann, Hertz and Fizeau are analyzed with a new point of view. All this presented in a very concise, precise and simple style."

cranky Utele 2004 Nov 06
     ... physics . Einstein was wrong . particle physics ...
"Standard conception of physics concerning quarks can be forgotten -- there are no quarks as particles! ... The three theories concerning the birth of the Universe: - The Polarity Theory of Utele and Saarni (1999) - The Cyclic theory of Steinhardt and Turok (2001) - and 'the old, traditional Big Bang theory' ... The new Theory of Time discovered by Utele. The Space-Time physics of Einstein is false?"

illucid The Creation of Mass 2004 Feb 26
     ... particle physics . quantum mechanics ...
"The main problem in Cosmology is: where does MASS comes from, at the most fundamental level? To find that answer physicists try to find via large accelerators the Higgs boson which should be a spin-zero particle with nonzero mass. The central point of our approach is that MASS is created by a very special non-ecludian manifold. We call that manifold: a pelastration. By movements of a space - which has an infinite elastic membrane - parts of that space can be doubled, ... that way creating - locally - a new dimension (or layer) of a part of that same space. It's at first sight a paradox, but it is in fact adding a kind of 'isolated' part. The incident manifold location acts like a type of pressure valve, a wormhole. A new double layered tube is created with other internal conditions (tension, space curvature, horizon, density, ....), and general and specific local movements create friction between the layers ... creating resonance and all other interactions (EM, strong and weak forces)."

cranky Revolutionary Electric Motor 2003 Mar 10
     ... free energy . particle physics ...
"Two Cairns, Australian inventors on March 12, 2001 unveiled a world first commercial motor generator which can power a house with a continuous clean, green and virtually free energy source, which are neutrinos and other gamma particles coming from our sun the stars which have been recently identified to exit in three states and have mass and electrical charge. The machine, developed by Brinsmead mechanical engineer John Christie and electrician Lou Brits, have an international patent pending and the motor generator is expected to go on the market for -5K."

cranky Nuova Fisica 2003 Mar 10
     ... particle physics . quantum mechanics ...
"Whilst exploring the extreme limits of the hydrogen atom, I have discovered that the proton mass and the quark mass originate from a gaseous cloud of micro-particles. Starting from a gamma photon it is possible to reconstruct the whole evolutionary cycle of matter on any scale. This is the announcement of a scientific revolution, which confirms present day science, whilst it overturns the general reference framework ... The foundations of a new physics are being laid here. The results obtained are thus of sufficient importance to justify their immediate presentation." In Italian and English.

crankier Galaxy Model for the Atom 2003 Jan 21
     ... nuclear physics . particle physics . electromagnetism ...
"A basic energy phenomenon called a 'charge-pair' is postulated to be caused by energy. Different movements this can be put into are then used to explain matter and radiation. An atom is composed of rotating energy which also precesses. Rotational energy given off are charge-pairs rotating in the plane of the direction of travel, i.e. end-over-end, and represent light, or photons. Precessional energy given off rotates at right-angles to the direction of travel (counterclockwise?), and represents neutrinos. If one considers a precessional rate of twice the rotation, one arrives at the Galaxy Pattern, which is completed by rings of sixteen members. Completing rings of sixteen members can be matched to the growth of the Periodic Table of the Elements. The Galaxy Pattern is composed of eight pathways, each of which can contain a maximum of two members from the ring: the two members exactly opposite each other and exactly the opposite of the other in movement and position."

crankier Engineering the Warp Drive 2002 Nov 16
     ... star drives . quantum mechanics . particle physics ...
"A Study of Modifying the Electrogravitational Nature Of The Quantum Active Vacuum ... Graviton waves are bidirectional phase waves of photon/antiphoton coupling and uncoupling in the vacuum ... The engineering of the WARP DRIVE will no doubt be the challenge of the 21st century. Progress is being made to understand the exotic physics behind the DRIVE with all the disciplines necessary to design and engineer such a device. For more information, see the website listed below. Enjoy!"

cranky Fields of force as multidimensional entities 2002 May 13
     ... physics . gravitation . particle physics ...
"The theory shows a unification of the fields of force using an unfamiliar concept of curved dimensions. In that concept, objects with a varying number of dimensions co-exist independently next to each other. It is assumed that an object can have dimensions that fall outside the scope of our 4-dimensional space-time. But it is also assumed that not all dimensions of this space-time necessarily participate in the dimensions that an object is actually built from. Based on these principles it will be shown that all fields of force can be ordered hierarchically based on their number of dimensions that 'overlap' our space-time. Interactions between fields will be described starting from the concept that all fields are basically equivalent. This results in the extrapolation of properties of one field into another field. Combined with the new concept of dimensions it will be shown that this leads to remarkably simple explanations for amongst others the propagation of the gravity field and the difference between fields of force with long and short range. Practical applications of this theory cover two theoretical methods to produce artificial gravity and a new view on the Big Bang that leads to the logical interpretation of what happened before it as well as the order in which fields of force and elementary particles must have been created." In PDF format.

parody Trungent 2001 Dec 29
     ... particle physics ...
"Well, to begin with, let me tell you that the Trungent not only exists here on earth. In fact, its very particles are born and spread throughout even the most distant stars, similar to perverts. Although a universal phenomenon, it is still near impossible to find any reliable information or research-data on the Trungent, since many scientists simply don?t want to face the cold facts or maybe they just don?t want to spook the herd. Much is still to be learned of the mysterious Trungent, but it seems to consist of distinct particles, all drifting throughout the dark cosmic void. They are scattered by supernovas, solar winds, and Trungent Blasts, while drawn together by a honing frequency (Trungent-Signature). The Trungent particles are invisible, even if you had ten of the worlds strongest microscopes all focused through each other. The problem with these bewildering particles is that they allow light to flow right through them, and therefore do not refract. It is thought that these primary Trungent-particles are trans-mutated from matter sucked into black-holes. The newly born particles are then spat out the opposite end, like a production-line in a Trungent factory."

illucid An Open Invitation to the Temples of Science to Break It 2001 Jun 17
     ... physics . particle physics . quantum mechanics . gravitation . antigravity . cosmology . biology . grand unification ...
"Secret of nature: Unification theory and perpetual universe ... Secret of the fundamental particle ... Secret of gravity, force and mass ... Secret of quantum world ... New dimensions of force -- secrets of action and reaction ... Origin of force and creation of the universe ... Evolution of living universe ... Secret of DNA and formation of information system ... Cloning in darkness ... Cracks in the foundation of science ... God throws empty dice -- man figures the number ..."

cranky New System of the Atom 2001 Mar 03
     ... physics . nuclear physics . particle physics . quantum mechanics . electromagnetism ...
"By considering the proton a fundamental particle, many calculations have been thrown off balance, becoming complicated and confused. The calculations can still be made but they are laborious, the underlying basis is obscure, and false techniques such as renormalization are required to make the math come out right. Attempts to simplify things lead to new problems, and a plethora of transient particles (the 'particle zoo'). This new system proposes that the proton is not a fundamental particle but a combination of two particles, the neutron and the anti-electron, the anti-matter equivalent of the electron. This anti-electron is not the 'positron,' which was discovered in cosmic rays in 1932 and has positive mass, but the original anti-electron of Dirac, which had negative mass. There would have to be some way to isolate it more or less permanently, and this is what actually happens inside atoms."

cranky Institute for Basic Research 2000 Aug 13
     ... particle physics . mathematics . free energy . perpetual motion ...
"Hadronic Journal ... Algebras, Groups, and Geometries ... The IBR announces the discovery by Dr. R. M. Santilli of the Hadronic Reactors developed at Toups Technology Licensing, Largo, Florida, Now EarthFirst Technology, Inc., which: recycle nonradioactive liquid wastes; produce clean, cost-competitive, combustible gases; and have an independently certified over-unity in the commercial energy efficiency. ... As well known to experts in the field, the over-unity here referred to is a commercial energy balance computed as the ratio between the energy produced (the combustible Magnegas + heat), and the electric energy needed for its production calibrated at the panel, which ratio is bigger than one (over-unity) for Santilli's Hadronic Reactors."

cranky The Physics of Negative Mass Tachyons 2000 Aug 05
     ... particle physics . faster than light . grand unification ...
"This Web page provides a summary derivation of the first and only theoretical tachyon model to agree with experiment. No other tachyon model, to date, has produced agreement with experiment. It is a unified model that produces agreement with experiment for the electron, the proton, the neutron, the light nuclei, and the mesons."

cranky A Solution for the Solar Neutrino Problem 2000 Jul 13
     ... particle physics . relativity . electromagnetism ...
"It has been proposed that the anomlay in solar neutrino production is due to an error in the basic physics of neutrino emission rather than any significant error in our understanding of solar energy production. The conventional view of the behaviour of light and matter in a gravitational field has been modified such that the speed of light is dependent on the prevailing gravitional field and on the frequency of the associated wave. In this case it has been shown that particles below a critical rest mass will be unable to escape from the core of the sun and will remain oscillating inside the sun according to condition."

cranky The Derivation of Planck's Law 2000 Jul 13
     ... particle physics . quantum mechanics . electromagnetism ...
"This monograph presents a method to derive Planck's law by a technique that links particle and wave action together, thus resolving the diochotomy between the particle and wave characteristics of electromagnetic energy propagation."

illucid Big Bertha Thing 2000 Jun 27
     ... particle physics . Usenet kooks . astronomy . quantum mechanics . relativity . grand unification ...
"High energy physics particle periodic table research software project pages ... First two battles of cyberspace pages ... Big Bertha Thing complete series ... Unified quantum mechanical relativity ... Big Bertha Thing Nation ... Irresistible force retrenchment last page ..."

cranky A Postulation for the Structure of the Proton and the Neutron 2000 May 01
     ... science . nuclear physics . particle physics ...
"The basic concept I am proposing is simple, and therefore easy to understand, and after having read it one will end up with a visualisation of the mechanics of atomic structure particularly on the formation of the nucleus. ... The article assumes that the only fundamental particles in our physical universe are the electron and positron. The positron is the antiparticle of the electron. The postulation indicates that a neutron is its own antiparticle -- that is the neutron and the antineutron are identical."

cranky Conceptual Physics 2000 Apr 10
     ... science . physics . particle physics ...
"Unitary orbital conception of elementary particles and their interactions ... An alternative approach to their sructure discrepant from the Standard Model ..."

illucid Knobelecke 1999 Dec 06
     ... gravitation . electromagnetism . particle physics ...
"Electron's size ... Magneton ... Charge (torus) Volume ... Fine structure constant ... the best gravitational constant ... Unified force equation ... m(t) is caused by the Basic Principle (Evolution must have a reason and can not be based on static physics -- and a little bit random) ..."

illucid Fime Net: The Universe in 5D 1999 Nov 04
     ... science . time travel . particle physics . grand unification ...
"What does an electron, a DNA molecule and a black hole have in common? ... How does this common apply to time? ... How does time relate to Fime? ... Is the unexplainable really non-explainable? ... What is the I (Eye) Principle? ... How can this principle help us in understanding our physical world and our place in the Universe? ..."

cranky Common Sense Science 1999 Jul 09
     ... science . particle physics . physics ...
"To correct ... deficiencies in modern physics, the Common Sense Science scientists independently returned to the scientific method to develop fundamental theories of the elementary particles, atoms and the forces between these objects. Today, CSS scientists have provided credible models of matter based on the common sense principles of reality, causality and unity, and they are confident that fundamental beliefs about reality can be integrated with a scientific approach that yields a consistent approach to life."

cranky Grand Unification 1999 May 27
     ... grand unification . electromagnetism . particle physics ...
"... presents a new Grand Unification Theory for Physics that defines time to be equal to what is now called the speed of light, and describes elementary particles as balls of light."

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