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crankier Holophysics 2005 Dec 23
     ... cosmology . grand unification ...
"Abstract: a 'quantisation of everything' that quantifies the 'Everything itself' (this Universal Quantum is called 'Hol') and also quantifies Mathematics: 'only whole number exists and all that exists is whole number'. The Holic Principle defines the Discrete Inevitable Holistic Universe by postulating that the functionnal differentiation between Duration, Extension, Mass,... is provided by the exponent to which the number representing the Physical Quantity is raised: T2; L3; M5. The simplest equations are then T2 = L3, giving the Kepler law and the critical Galaxy Recession, while by symmetry a new physical quantity must be introduced. This is the 'Comatter' M', such that M5 = M'7. The generalised simplest equations give the Unification of Forces, including a Geometric Vital Force. The equation T2 = L3 is interpreted as a 'complexity conservation', leading to the rationalisation of p , giving in turn a proposal to the rationalisation of the Electromagnetic Coupling a , which is shown to be a Central Parameter both in the data correlations and in the Unification of Forces. That implies complete failure of Standard Theory, and thereby debunks Standard Thinking. The connection with Eddington's Theory suggests the basis to the three Leptonic Pairs and predicts the masses of the three Neutrinos and the Higgs Boson, we propose to call 'Eddon' (700 Gev)."

cranky A Summary of Ronald Pearson's Theory 2005 Oct 07
     ... Big Bang . relativity . Einstein was wrong . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"Ron has spent the last 16 years developing a new theory on the creation of the Universe. The old Big Bang theory has so many gaping flaws and inconsistencies that it is now restricting physicists from progressing. The following summary of the interview will give you an idea of these flaws and outline Ron's new theories."

crankier The Electric Universe 2005 Oct 07
     ... grand unification ...
"... is a coherent 'Big Picture' of our situation in the universe, spanning many disciplines. It highlights repeated electrical patterns at all scales that enable laboratory experiments to explain the strange, energetic events seen, for example, in deep space, on the Sun, and on Jupiter's moon, Io. The Electric Universe works backward in time using observations rather than forward from some idealised theoretical beginning. It provides simple answers to problems that are now clothed in fashionable metaphysics and mysticism. It is more interdisciplinary and inclusive of information than any prior cosmology. It points to practical possibilities far beyond the limits set by current science."

cranky The Grand Unified Theory of Physics 2005 May 04
     ... grand unification ...
"This is about the history and the development of the Kinetic Particle Theory of Physics from its inception in 1963 to 2004, a forty-one year odyssey. ... Dr. Brown had hoped the publications would reach scientists with similar interests and to hear their comments on further development of the theory. Hence the title, The Grand Unified Theory of Physics -- anticipating that the name itself would attract the attention of You, the reader! Thank you in advance for your interest, time and effort taken to review this work!"

crankier Unified Field Theory with New Model for Gravity 2005 Feb 12
     ... grand unification ...
"New Theory of Gravity -- A Brief Introduction - New gravity model by David W. Allan introduces an energy density component and diallel gravitational field lines as part of new Unified Field Theory. Synchronistic Modulation Detection - Incorporating new unified field theory for inexpensive, highly accurate navigation. 'Directions 2001' article by DWA published in GPS World, Dec. 2000. Exciting News for New Unified Field Theory (UFT) - Original December 1999 write up now available; additional validation information and experiments."

crankiest Theory of Everything 2004 Nov 06
     ... grand unification . gravitation . Big Bang ...
"After fifty one years of continuing to find support for this theory and no one proving any of my predictions or suspicions wrong, I can only come to the conclusion that scientists are afraid to admit that this is right. This theory should not be hard to believe, or to understand, but it seems that most people are not getting it, or are not admiting it; so I do not have any hopes that you will understand it, but I do expect you to be smart enough to add up all the evidence. This could be quite an achievement in itself, because the more you can see, the more your mind will let you see. It is my guess that most religious people believe it is a sin to reason. It seems that all my predictions and assumptions are coming true. In fact I believe that it borders on the impossible to make a wrong prediction if it is truly based on my theory."

illucid ANPHEON 2004 Nov 06
     ... physics . aether . grand unification ...
"In 1965 there was a theory published which explained the nature of matter and energy using the motions, refractions and reflections of pressure waves in a continuous, compressible, frictionless, fluid, material medium. The theory used well known principles of fluid dynamics and wave mechanics to explain the physical mechanisms of all basic matter and energy phenomena including: the quantum and the 'wave-nature' of matter; the mechanism of gravity, inertia, electricity, magnetism, and the nuclear forces; the formation and structure of the atom; the physical mechanisms of all observed Relativistic effects; and the physical explanation of Einstein's E=mc2. It thus simultaneously unified and explained the mechanisms of all of the disparate 'fundamental forces' of nature through the actions of a simple, fluid net pressure called 'sorce'. Sorce, being the source of all our energies, can also be thought of mnemonically as the primary single force enacting and giving rise to all the other secondary forces. Through the years the theory has evolved in its scope and depth. Along the way the concepts, figures and predictions made by this theory were confirmed. For instance: in 1965 the theory predicted the existence of slight deviations in the rate of change of the strength of all gravitational fields. In the 1980's confirmation was experimentally stumbled upon during tests of the earth's local gravitational field strength. The deviations were quickly explained away by adding two new forces, the (still highly controversial) fifth and sixth forces, to the collection of already abstract and isolated forces, thus furthering the distance to grand unification and adding more empty mathematical complexity to the overly abstract standard model. Sorce Theory, however, expected the anomalies as a direct consequence of its theoretical constructions."

crankiest God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) 2004 Nov 06
     ... grand unification . religion ...
"General theorem providing a mathematical basis for a Grand Unified Field Theory or a Theory of Everything (TOE) is presented. The proof of the theorem is shown to be a recent work entitled, 'Generalized Mathematical Proof of Einstein's Theory Using a New Group Theory', which has been reviewed by the American Mathematical Society (MR 98e 83007). This work provided generic solutions to the unified force field, from which both the Newtonian and Einsteinian gravitational force fields seem to be recoverable. Similarly, the Electromagnetic force field , as well as the Strong and Weak force fields, also seem to be recoverable from these solutions. Thus one solution describes these four force fields (Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Strong and Weak), plus other possible unknown force fields, in a unified manner, together with experimental backing."

crankier The Secret of Nature 2004 Sep 19
     ... grand unification . evolution . religion . Intelligent Design ...
"Though humanity claims to have made enormous progress both scientifically and spiritually a simple review tells us both these world exist in absolute ignorance of the Reality of Nature. Science has gone out to exploit nature on partial and contradicting pieces of knowledge. It does not explain fundamental questions such as what causes gravity, what is mass, why speed of light is the maximum speed, why uncertainty, why dominant and recessive gene, why triplet code and so on. At the spiritual level, humanity has gone out to exploit human weakness to build organized forces that are fighting fiercely and causing immense misery and destruction in the name of God. Mother Earth is quaking, burning, flooding and erupting under human conquering motive and corruption. This earth and its inhabitants has no hope unless Reality of Nature and oneness reveals it self, and humanity gets into an self order."

cranky Alignment Theory 2004 Sep 19
     ... quantum mechanics . relativity . grand unification . zero point energy ...
"... is the mechanism of zero point energy, quantum mechanics, relativity, mass and gravity, cosmology, cosmic inflation, dark energy and the cosmological constant, the nature and speed of light and quantum entanglement, quantum chaos and the lumpiness of the universe. This mechanism unifies relativity and quantum mechanics. The following is a preliminary look at a new, very simple approach to Relativity, Cosmology and the Quantum nature of the universe that explains the proposed mechanism."

cranky The Final Theory 2004 May 23
     ... grand unification ...
"Rethinking our scientific legacy ... Had enough of warped space-time, dark matter, time dilation, dark energy, quantum mysteries, etc? Free yourself from these misconceptions and finally understand the simple, common-sense universe that we inhabit. See the truth for yourself .. read the free first chapter of the new book, The Final Theory, and start to open your eyes to the proper understanding of our world."

cranky 2004 Apr 06
     ... grand unification . politics ...
"- The Multiple Natures Conjecture: This essay explains my understanding of time and nature. I feel that this hypothesis may be the Final Theory of Everything that physics has been searching for. Most everyone else feels otherwise. - How To Be A Senator: The goal of this paper is to inspire those who are loosing faith in the ability of Democracy. It attempts to provide insight on the two issues that are the most crucial to the success of our Government: Education and Representation. A common theme is also enabling progress by the use of technology."

crankiest Specularium 2004 Feb 26
     ... physics . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"'Don't quantise gravity, geometricate the quanta!' If a particle exhibits multiple properties these properties must arise from as yet more fundamental constituents or from the spacetime geometry of the particle. If, like space, time has three dimensions, and all spatial dimensions have equal orthogonality to all temporal dimensions, then fundamental particles could have the following spins and spacetime geometries to account for their various properties. Spins about various axes, and particle properties. Where s1, s2, s3 = spatial axes, t1, t2, t3 = temporal axes. ... Three dimensional time need not conflict with our experiences and observations, rather it may provide a basis for the probabilistic behaviour of matter and energy. See 8a. To simplify this paper numerically, the smallest unit of fundamental fermion chiral spin, h / 4 pi will appear as 1 rather than the conventional 1/2, and the electroweak charge on an electron will appear as -3 instead of the conventional -1, and thus the electroweak charges on quarks and anti-quarks will appear as -1 or 2 and 1 or -2 respectively."

cranky The Final Theory 2003 Oct 30
     ... grand unification ...
"... is a newly published science book that clearly outlines the many unexplained mysteries and irresolvable discrepancies in our science today ... then proposes a new theory that resolves them into the only fully explained and beautifully consistent scientific paradigm -- something that has never truly been done before. Although scientists openly admit there is much to learn as they are regularly confused, amazed, or mystified by their findings, The Final Theory examines our current scientific beliefs themselves -- which we are all taught in school -- and clearly shows that it is these very beliefs that are the problem. How can the universe be accelerating its expansion with no known explanation, as today's Big Bang Theory now states? How can gravity hold us to the planet, constrain our moon in orbit, and orchestrate the dynamics of our solar system and the entire universe with no known power source? Even fridge magnets and statically-charged objects cling via magnetic or electrical energy that mysteriously never drains -- and even has no known power source."

crankier Seven Steps to Truth of Nature 2003 Oct 30
     ... grand unification . religion ...
"The site presents a new foundation to science and sensibly explains all the development in science. It brings up inseparable relationship between life and matter and tells us how Time is formed and how it exist in cyclic form. In other words, it tracks the origin and end and explains the existence of this universe in a sensible manner that falls in line with the latest developments in science as well as the ancient knowledge written in Vedas, Bible and all the Great Religious Scriptures. It tells us the cause and necessity for the origin of initial pulse and the fall of the pulse. In the process it traces the reality of nature. The site has potentials for a New Revolution accompanied by New Technologies that are nature compatible. It has potential to bring peace and order to humanity."

crankier Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything 2003 Oct 30
     ... grand unification . Einstein was wrong . quantum mechanics ...
"In this you will see the universe's building principle. ... Why can't anyone give us a Theory of Everything? Someone has: It's in front of you right now. If you promise to stay awake and keep reading then I'll hand a genuine 'Theory of Everything' to you, right here, on a silver platter. It is plain to see everything is showing you these particles are built from waves. Especially quantum theory and superstring are showing you the building blocks are waves, therefore all you have to do is ask the following: 'How can a wave universe be designed to make us see things as particles?' Then the logical answer to unification is right in front of you. Fate played a role in the discovery of how this universe really works because I had the luck to be working on all the right things in the right areas at the right times. Albert Einstein was correct: The answer is an extremely simple and relatively easy to understand unified principle. Einstein predicted the human mind would be able to comprehend it. I'm afraid this universe is not quite what most think it is and while these invisible forces can be unified, this would have to be termed more of a unified principle than a unified field." Note: The page is very large.

illucid The New Physics 2003 Sep 20
     ... physics . politics . grand unification . history . End Times ...
"THE PLAN TO BEGIN THE VIGOROUS APPLICATION OF THIS TECHNOLOGY AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ON ENLARGED SCALE BEGAN JULY 28, 1999 (the world-wide hallucination was 'empowered' -- meaning that your fantasy world is 'valid.') THIS CELESTIAL EVENT WAS EFFECTED BY THE END OF AUGUST, THAT YEAR, WITH THE CONCURRENT INSINUATION OF CONDITIONS CRIPPLING TO USA ECONOMY AND GLOBAL STABILITY SOON THEREAFTER. Materials detailing this ARE HERE ... Does anyone recognize Armegeddon? Don't think 'terror,' think 'tribulation.' Don't think Jihad/Holy War, think Armeggedon. Don't think NWO (New World Order,) think 'End Times.'"

cranky Wisp Unification Theory 2003 Sep 20
     ... grand unification . relativity . Einstein was wrong ...
"You can download for free a new scientific theory that explains the fundamental principles of physics. It is unique in that it not only challenges current views of physics, but also offers complete solutions to its mysteries. Although not quite the theory of everything TOE, or a grand unified theory GUT, it does offer answers to the questions: what is gravity and what is matter? It clearly explains the cause of gravity (Isaac Newton was right about gravity) and the mysterious dark matter in galaxies. It explains the big bang theory, Lorentz symmetry in ether flow, the structures of black holes and the fundamental particles of nature. Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity remains successful, but wisp theory gives clear reasons why the principle of special relativity is wrong! It shows that the speed of light is not constant for all observers, and very soon a one-way speed of light test will prove Einstein wrong, see one-way light speed test. If this test is done before 2005 -- the centenary of special relativity -- it will either strengthen or play a major part in its downfall. There is growing evidence to suggest the ether medium -- wisp space -- is responsible for the propagation of light." In PDF format.

illucid UnifiedTheory 2003 Jun 19
     ... grand unification . new age . spiritualism . consciousness ...
"Defines the 'fifth dimension' that is mentioned in the book 'THE BIBLE CODE' ... Applies fiber-optics and photonics technology to present a solution to Albert Einstein's 'THE UNIFIED FIELD THEORY' ... Establishes that the most powerful and advanced photonics computer that humanity will ever has is the 'human brain.' Explains 'spirituality' applying basic modern 'optical-physics.'"

crankiest Why Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-107 Collapsed 2003 May 22
     ... space exploration . grand unification ...
"The world witnessed a disaster in the human endeavor to conquer space. The space shuttle Columbia is gone taking with it seven lives. I am sure there will be lot of post mortem fixing the cause and further pursuing the endeavor, burning a lot of resources, which otherwise could have been diverted to the well being of humanity. Without digging into the explanation of the experts let me share a possible cause from a new foundation to science I developed that brings the relationship and oneness of nature. A theory that tells me that such disasters are bound to increase in number and magnitude affecting a wide range of human activities dealing with gravity."

illucid Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise 2003 May 22
     ... grand unification ...
"A unified field theory, including a new theory for gravity and experimental evidence, is introduced by an internationally recognized leader in the field of ultra-precise time and frequency measurements ..."

cranky Intelligent Evolution 2003 Mar 11
     ... evolution . grand unification ...
"A ground breaking new theory of life, the universe and everything. ... He has worked 25 years on this theory, and brought it to notice only last year. It is extremely difficult to envisage but had it not been, it would have been enunciated well before this." Available as ZIP compressed downloads.

crankier Theory of Life and Living Universe 2003 Jan 21
     ... new age . grand unification ...
"Death is conquering humanity, by way of increasing earth quakes, fires, floods, drastic climatic changes, war and terrorism. Under his conquering motive, his conventional defense has broken down. Peace and happiness has moved away from humanity. The power of science and his mastery over matter seems to be failing. He is caught helplessly at the mouth of the black hole. Humanity, very clearly has gone wrong at some fundamental level. It is time we stop to think and look back. Will humanity survive? Will Earth survive? Where lies the fault?"

crankier Luxon Theory 2003 Jan 21
     ... grand unification ...
"The quality of a theory is the relation between basic assumptions and derivations. The luxon theory is able to summarize the law of conservation of energy, the special theory of relativity, E = m c2, and the fundamental physical concepts of mass and energy into only three words: Tardyons are luxons. Each matter with rest mass (tardyons) consists of particles with light velocity (luxons) All theoretical objections against this hypothesis fail due to the existence of glueballs. In September 1997 out of pure light, physicists create particles of matter. This proof: You can make really every type of matter out of luxons - this table and this chair and this paper and everything. An extraordinary success of luxon theory!"

cranky Grand Unified Theory: Wave Theory 2003 Jan 21
     ... grand unification ...
"The Grand Unified Theory explains every principle process that occurs in nature by introducing energetic matter (basic force), which formed wave formations. Incredibly, these formations then went on to create everything."

illucid Quantum Universe: Manifesto 2002 Nov 16
     ... grand unification . quantum mechanics ...
"Perturbative methods probably do not hold the key to a 'consistent and comprehensive' theory. Since there is Godel's incompleteness theorem, a theory of reality will always be incomplete. But can we use the concept of 'identity' to logically formulate the Eigenfunction diffeomorphism?"

crankiest Quantum Power Devices Which Yield the Grand Unified Theory 2002 May 13
     ... quantum mechanics . free energy . grand unification ...
"The mechanism for Darwinian natural selection and the role of an aether vacuum as the cause for all mass condensation in an infinite universe. A simple theory for the Dirac hypothesis and an explanation for neutron-proton alternating equilibrium. Charles Darwin certainly attained real genius but was careful not to use the laws of physics as an aid to wisdom. Michael Faraday predicted a unified theory of everything, but money, power, selfishness and greed were the new gods of the industrial revolution. The then world power in science, the Royal Society, all too eagerly, jumped in to the most fashionable sewer of ignorance. The universe is infinite and devoid of human concepts of length and time. The meaning of the infamous expression E = m c2 must be properly explained because MASS is the relativity factor and m c2 is a totally benign event. The one natural tool which governs all mass evolution. It is the mechanism for all reflected images. It provides a simple Quantum theory without magic dualities, anti-matter concepts and instantaneous equal and opposite reactions (which prevent evolution). All gods must exist by faith. The thermodynamic laws are an equally forlorn god concept. Light exists in the massive universe as a bi-product of all mass. Without the emission of light all mass would be unstable and revert to -m c2 fission. A simple law now referred to as the conservation of mass equilibrium."

illucid Unified Field Theory 2002 Feb 26
     ... grand unification . religion ...
"Dear God, please forgive me! I'm sorry I have caused much pain and grief to you and your creations. Such creations are marvellous beyond my comprehension. You are our brilliant God who thrives with more splendour than stars you created. You have absolute power to determine all destiny. Where every creation is far less great than you, the creator, I'm sorry I've been so egotistical! I shall struggle to love, but cannot love so well as you love. Thanks for all you have given."

crankiest The Ofappit Institute of Technology 2002 Feb 25
     ... grand unification . religion . mathematics . physics ...
"God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT), discovered at the Ofappit Institute of Technology (OITECH), constitutes the long awaited, the long sought, the holiest of Holy Grails of mathematics and physics, the Unified Field Theory of the theory of everything. OITECH helps build a better future through math and science. We promote mathematics, mathematical sciences and mathematical research."

cranky Unified Field Theory: Initial Hypothesis 2001 Dec 29
     ... grand unification . physics . mathematics ...
"Hello, The goal is unification with physics and mathematics. Ultimately discovering the mathematical syntax of 'reality.' Researching Chaos Theory and Number Theory. Binary logic and holograms. If the universe is a 4D sphere, then time can be interpreted as changes in the 4D structure of that manifold. The universal constants have a ratio that is designed for sentient life forms. ... Take the limit as R approaches infinity. If the universe has a spherical wavefront with radius R, and it is a perfect 4D sphere, and if R is increasing... approaching infinity, then the inverse spherical wave 1/R would be approaching zero. If R expands outwardly from a point 'zero', and if 1/R contracts inwardly from 'infinity', then when R and 1/R intersect (1/R) (R) = 1. ..."

illucid Unified Field Theory 2001 Oct 05
     ... grand unification . cosmology . Big Bang . gravitation . relativity ...
"The cosmos is an unending process of relative motion and relative stillness. The universe logically unfolds from one principle to another -- hydrogen becoming stars, and stars giving light as they change their hydrogen fuel into heavier elements, the substance from which planets and life on earth is made. Before hydrogen? A similar process of unfolding, creating the smallest particles. the building blocks of the elements themselves, and following a pattern formed out of an initial principle, rather than the chaos of a big bang! A search for a theory of gravity as well as a way to find the one unifying principle."

links WebRing: Theory of Everything 2001 Oct 05
     ... grand unification . philosophy ...
"The ring for Theory of Everything in Physics and Philosophy. Talking about the fundamental level of nature, mechanisms, models and cosmology. Grand Unification Theory in alternative physics. Not recommended for metaphysics."

illucid An Open Invitation to the Temples of Science to Break It 2001 Jun 17
     ... physics . particle physics . quantum mechanics . gravitation . antigravity . cosmology . biology . grand unification ...
"Secret of nature: Unification theory and perpetual universe ... Secret of the fundamental particle ... Secret of gravity, force and mass ... Secret of quantum world ... New dimensions of force -- secrets of action and reaction ... Origin of force and creation of the universe ... Evolution of living universe ... Secret of DNA and formation of information system ... Cloning in darkness ... Cracks in the foundation of science ... God throws empty dice -- man figures the number ..."

crankiest QUFD: Einstein's Legacy! 2001 Mar 03
     ... grand unification . quantum mechanics . philosophy . consciousness . new age . religion ...
"Using existing and known textbook science and principles, QUFD presents a never-before-seen philosophical formulation and incorporeal context for Albert Einstein's long-sought-after Unified Field Theory of the quantum forces. Bringing together science and quantum incorporeality thusly allows the dynamics and realities of consciousness, sentience, everyday human life and all that is extant in the universe to be readily and simply explained using those known facts of human science and history."

cranky General Theory of Universe Structure and Dynamics 2001 Feb 21
     ... grand unification . quantum mechanics . relativity . aether . antigravity . extraterrestrials ...
"I have invalidated the Michelson and Morley Experiment of 1887; and the Non-Skewed Lightwaves Experiment, which are the only indications in all of physics history that reject the Ether. When people are ridiculed today for mentioning the Ether, it is because of these two, flawed experiments. ... The Michelson-Morley Experiment is conceptually flawed, and failed to find the Ether Wind because of a tricky bit of wave mechanics. ..."

cranky New Unified Field Theory 2001 Feb 05
     ... grand unification ...
"A new theory of gravity as well as a unified field theory (UFT) are being proposed, showing how the four force fields work together, implicating also a fifth field. A main feature of this new model is the proposal of the existence of diallel [sic], gravitational-field lines that emanate from every entity. For the earth, for example, they emanate radially from its center. These diallel lines provide a conduit for combined particle and wave flow and exchange beyond the speed of light, and they have quantum states similar to the atom. On the web site, we present a general field equation showing the importance of energy density in this new UFT. We also present a new gravitational force equation, that has as a special case the commonly accepted gravitational equation."

crankiest The Collected Works of Bert Schreiber 2000 Dec 30
     ... physics . grand unification ...
"The main point herein is my new physics theory that destroys all previous physics theories and replaces them with one simple theory. In addition there were other (new) mathematical discoveries as side results from this theory. I, for all theoretical purposes, demolished the current immaculate mathematical theory and its current applications, especially in physics, in more ways than one. ... In the near future, there will be added under 'correspondence' some very interesting correspondence with the elected officials, persons, and other scientists, including Nobel Prize recipients, etc. In the near future under 'civil action,' will be the action I filed by myself (pro se) in the federal court that was eventually thrown out. Some of these (selected correspondence and results) are in my book."

illucid Rediscovering Gravity, Force, and Quantum Phenomena 2000 Nov 04
     ... physics . gravitation . antigravity . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"The scientists are helpless. They are limited by the boundaries they themselves laid. If the ?mass? should be stopped from heading to disaster then the scientist should show in clear terms the drawbacks in science and its limitations. They have to discover a new base on which all developments in science can rest and at the same time it should have potentials to show the relationship between various phenomenon of nature that science has discovered and exploited. In other words scientist should show in clear terms the Unification Theory. It has to link mind and matter. In other words scientist have to clearly show that nature is not conquerable and that any attempt to conquer it by physical means only leads to his own destruction."

cranky Professor Fran De Aquino's Webpage 2000 Sep 15
     ... gravitation . cosmology . grand unification ...
"For several years the physicist Fran De Aquino worked as Senior-Researcher at the National Institute for Space Research -- INPE (Brazil). Also, he has been director of the INPE's Space Observatory at São Luís, since its creation up to 1997. At present he is professor at the State University of Maranhao (Brazil). Also, he is Science & Technology Consultant for international companies. Fran De Aquino's publications list includes several articles and scientific books. Its research involves many aspects of Gravitation and Cosmology. After thirty years of research, professor De Aquino have shown that gravity can be quantized starting from the generalization of the called action function. When Fran De Aquino has quantized the gravity he carried out an old dream of the Quantum Physicists - to obtain a Quantum Theory for Gravity. This Quantum Theory of Gravity unifies Einstein's Theory of General Relativity with the Quantum Theory and furthermore it leads to an equation of correlation between gravitational and inertial masses, which opens doors for the gravity control. In spite the gravitational and inertial masses be not necessarily equivalent as it was supposed, the theory shows that there is a revalidation of the strong equivalence principle, and consequently Einstein's equations are preserved. Thus, De Aquino's Quantum Theory of Gravity does not invalid Einstein's Theory, on the contrary, just complement its theory. In such way as Einstein's theory has complemented Newton's theory."

cranky Speculations concerning how to make General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics more compatible with each other 2000 Sep 15
     ... relativity . gravitation . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"The stubbed T.O.E. ... The ghostly T.O.E. ... The balanced T.O.E. ... The imaginary T.O.E. ..."

crankiest Hydrino Study Group 2000 Aug 30
     ... technology . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"The mission of all discussion within the Hydrino Study Group is to determine whether classical physical laws describe reality on all scales. ... The orbitsphere represents the fundamental concept of Dr. Randell Mills' Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics ..." What amounts to a fan page about BlackLight Power, Inc.

cranky The Physics of Negative Mass Tachyons 2000 Aug 05
     ... particle physics . faster than light . grand unification ...
"This Web page provides a summary derivation of the first and only theoretical tachyon model to agree with experiment. No other tachyon model, to date, has produced agreement with experiment. It is a unified model that produces agreement with experiment for the electron, the proton, the neutron, the light nuclei, and the mesons."

cranky Stephen R. Bolger 2000 Aug 02
     ... physics . grand unification . economics . cosmology ...
"I am an independent inventor, physicist, philosopher and writer. Diverse experiences taught me many different ways the underlying self-organizing processes of the Universe create order out of chaos. Hire me to analyze a process or technology. I will relate it to parallel processes in other fields and propose solutions seeking to harmonize complex relationships."

cranky Selected Papers by J.L. Gaasenbeek 2000 Jul 27
     ... physics . relativity . grand unification . gravitation ...
"Helical particle waves ... Frames of reference ... Foundations for proposed unified field theory ... Time dilation: fact or fiction ..."

illucid Big Bertha Thing 2000 Jun 27
     ... particle physics . Usenet kooks . astronomy . quantum mechanics . relativity . grand unification ...
"High energy physics particle periodic table research software project pages ... First two battles of cyberspace pages ... Big Bertha Thing complete series ... Unified quantum mechanical relativity ... Big Bertha Thing Nation ... Irresistible force retrenchment last page ..."

cranky Physical Theories and Laws of Nature 2000 May 26
     ... science . physics . grand unification . antigravity ...
"Elements of classical structure of physical vacuum ... Some parities of physical constants of vacuum ... Applications of physics and united law of nature ... Antigravitation in Universe ..." In English and Russian. In HTML, PostScript, and PDF formats.

cranky The Foundation of the Universe 2000 May 01
     ... grand unification . gravitation ...
"This paper describes recent discoveries of the fundamental structure of the physical universe. The gravitational mechanism is finally explained."

chat Yahoo! Clubs: Achieving a Theory of Everything 2000 Apr 15
     ... grand unification ...
"Many people have creative ideas on the Origin of the Universe. Here, you can share your thoughts on how space, time and matter-energy build our physical world."

cranky A New Physics for a New Millennium 2000 Mar 21
     ... grand unification . physics ...
"Can there be a credible theory concerning the essence of matter, the origin of mass and the nature of existing forces? An all-encompassing theory that can explain the behaviourism of matter and energy? Such [a] theory does exist. Of that, there can be no doubt. The only question is whether or not our current knowledge on the subject is sufficient for it to be set out precisely and systematically. The answer is a categorical yes and I am now able to reveal the new theory entitled 'A New Physics for a New Millennium' ..." In Microsoft Word 97 format.

crankiest The Psychon Theory 2000 Mar 06
     ... new age . psychology . grand unification ...
"... is a panpsychist evolution theory based on a continuity from elementary particles to human souls. Elementary particles are like very primitive and basic organisms and we all (our souls) were elementary particles billions of years ago. During evolution our psychons (souls) have been responsible for the behaviour of atoms, molecules, enzymes, living cells, primitive neurons, primitive animals, ... monkeys, and of our ancestors. The psychon theory has very concrete consequences, for instance there must be a limit to the number of human souls, which according to the latest demographic data could be even less than seven billion."

cranky Space Genetics 1999 Dec 15
     ... cosmology . gravitation . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"Attention. The stuff proposed here does not coincide to the general adopted views in modern physics. In this page you can find alternative cosmology or new theory of quantum gravity, the model of Ever Young Universe, the solution of time mystery, the boundary between equivalent particles -- photon and graviton, unique universal units for time, space, angle, wave phase. All of these quantities can be measured in flashes, new unique space-time-matter units. Flash is a link in material four-dimensional closed lattice. Lattice is our whole Universe."

illucid Your Basic Crackpot Theory of Everything 1999 Dec 15
     ... grand unification . science ...
"This theory has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. This theory uses no mathematical aparatus. This theory makes no predictions. This theory doesn't use formulas. This theory doesn't use formulas. This theory describes the most fundamental truths. This theory often uses uppercase letters. This theory contains no errors. This theory makes no use of the scientific method. The challenge: Prove that the viewpoint expressed in these slides is wrong, using the scientific method."

illucid Fime Net: The Universe in 5D 1999 Nov 04
     ... science . time travel . particle physics . grand unification ...
"What does an electron, a DNA molecule and a black hole have in common? ... How does this common apply to time? ... How does time relate to Fime? ... Is the unexplainable really non-explainable? ... What is the I (Eye) Principle? ... How can this principle help us in understanding our physical world and our place in the Universe? ..."

cranky A Unified Field Theory 1999 Oct 29
     ... grand unification . electromagnetism . gravitation ...
"In April 1999, Dr. Matthews published the results of his 31-year research project. The results include a unified field theory. The field equations of Dr. Matthews' theory ... are a superset of Einstein's gravitational equations, Maxwell's electromagnetic equations, and a set of kinematic field equations."

cranky Electrogravitational Mechanics 1999 Aug 21
     ... electromagnetism . gravitation . grand unification ...
"This work presents a study of electrogravitational field mechanics leading to a solution of the actual gravitational mechanism. Here you will [find] links to my free e-book, 'Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory,' as well as related files, some of which are animated graphics types." In PDF format.

cranky Bruce Harvey's Alternative Physics Site 1999 Aug 08
     ... science . physics . grand unification . electromagnetism . gravitation ...
"I believe that subtle errors in 19th Century physics have caused a build up of cumulative errors until physics now out-weirds science fiction. This is my attempt to find the unified laws of physics. I have a consistent theory which explains the phenomena of electromagnetism, Newtonian mechanics and gravity."

cranky Grand Unification 1999 May 27
     ... grand unification . electromagnetism . particle physics ...
"... presents a new Grand Unification Theory for Physics that defines time to be equal to what is now called the speed of light, and describes elementary particles as balls of light."

cranky The SubSpace Project 1999 May 27
     ... grand unification . mathematics ...
"I have developed a theory that builds a unification of ideas into what I call a 'deeply unified field theory,' in that rather than trying to unify the four fundamental forces, it unifies the physical units of measurement for space, time and mass. Central to this development is how pure geometry may be used to represent reality. This unity is achieved, in some sense, through a conservation of the identity of an abstract and real line. That is, the idea of a line is conserved with respect to real and abstract space. I think of this conservation as a semantic alignment, or as a bridge, between the real and the abstract."

cranky Gravity*Electricity*Magnetism 1999 May 27
     ... science . gravitation . electromagnetism . grand unification ...
"Matter and space, gravity and electromagnetism are great, unresolved questions, but there are also problems in theories explaining the structure of the atom and electrical current. The known laws of physics fail to explain why it is that electrons stay in orbit in an atom. Explaining electric current by the movement of free electrons is in many ways in conflict with the known facts. It is difficult to explain an electrically charged conductor, just as it is hard to explain the speed of an electric current. Is it possible that matter and space, gravity, electricity and magnetism are simple phenomena, being merely different expressions of a single thing? The answer is yes!"

illucid Nature's Theory 1999 May 27
     ... grand unification . mathematics . physics ...
"... a realization suddenly made it through my thick skull that there is a common link between everything in nature. A universal constant, or a universally repetitive pattern, that is inherent, and common to all things in nature. This common link caught my attention because I seem to key into patterns, but more importantly, because patterns are the essence of all math and physics. I was very skeptical at first, because people have a tendency to make things appear before them, sort of willing themselves to see what they're looking for. ... The further that I inspected the notion though, the more clear it became to me that this particular pattern was indeed validly represented everywhere in nature. The pattern, therefore, produces a pretty interesting theory, since a universal pattern in nature dictates the existence of a universal physics. Specifically addressed is the unification of perceived, and measured, reality."

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