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crankier Anti-Relativity 2005 Dec 06
     ... relativity . Einstein was wrong . aether ...
"Some of you who have just arrived at this site already have a self-satisfied smirk of superiority. Many of you are at least amused and find the topic absurd. I would like to take this opportunity to point that fact out to you. Take a moment to objectively appraise your current pre-conceived notions about the topic and the strength of your convictions in those same notions. What is the foundation of your belief?"

cranky General Theory of Relative Motions 2005 Dec 06
     ... relativity . aether ...
"New concepts are introduced to describe the mechanical operation of the Doppler effect, and which successfully explains the null result found in the Michaelson-Morley experiment without resorting to time dilation or length contraction principles. It offers new transformation equations, four new laws, geometric proofs, agrees with Maxwell's electromagnetic wave theory, Fresnel's convection theory, Keppler?s laws, and Newton's laws. The main five conservation laws are not violated, the constancy of the velocity of light is assured and there is complete agreement with de Sitter's arguments in this respect. It demonstrates the necessity of separately describing source and observer motion in equations by showing that the source alters wavelengths by a factor derived by the reverse of the addition or subtrac?tion of velocities, and the observer alters wavelengths by a factor obtained by the inverse of the addition or subtraction of velocities. The same laws, equations, and geometry may be used to describe Doppler phenomena in any spectrum and operates from stationary to carrier propagation velocity."

cranky Einstein's Relativity and the viability of the inertial speedometer 2005 Dec 06
     ... relativity . Einstein was wrong . aether ...
"The present article provides an analysis of the Michelson-Morley experiment. It demonstrates the flaws in the logic, as well as the setup of the experiment. The Experiment is not suited to detect the ether drift. The Classical solution of the experiment eliminates the basis of special relativity. Its compliance with the Fizeau effect proves that it is the correct solution. Time dilation is caused by the effect of the ether drift on the propagation of a wave within an electromagnetic resonator. It affects the click rate of the clock, not Time. Light travels at a rate c in relation to the ether frame. Light does not have inertia, and neither does sound. The former is an ether density wave the later an air density wave. As a result, you may expect the speed of light to depend on the local ether density. The observed gravitational lens effects are the result of the higher ether density around a celestial body. It is, if you like, an ether displacement effect. This effect can be expected to be slightly asymmetric because of the orbital motion of the celestial body."

cranky A Summary of Ronald Pearson's Theory 2005 Oct 07
     ... Big Bang . relativity . Einstein was wrong . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"Ron has spent the last 16 years developing a new theory on the creation of the Universe. The old Big Bang theory has so many gaping flaws and inconsistencies that it is now restricting physicists from progressing. The following summary of the interview will give you an idea of these flaws and outline Ron's new theories."

fringe A Flaw of General Relativity, a New Metric, and Cosmological Implications 2005 Oct 07
     ... relativity . cosmology ...
"Let a test particle fall freely from rest at infinity toward a Schwarzschild object. A gravitational field is locally uniform. Along a radius a gravitational field is a succession of uniform gravitational fields. Section 1 shows that the particle's free-fall velocity in a uniform gravitational field is given by eq. 19 where t is the time elapsed in the particle?s frame. This velocity approaches a limit of c. Eq. 19 assumes an initial velocity of zero. The velocity returned by eq. 19 is additive to an initial velocity using the velocity addition formula, eq. 27, which returns a velocity less than c. Then the final free-fall velocity of the test particle is a result of eq. 27, used to sum a series of results of eq. 19, and approaches a limit of c. Escape velocity is the velocity needed by an object to rise freely from a given altitude to rest at infinity. An object?s fall reverses its rise, so an object free-falling from rest at infinity passes each altitude at the escape velocity for that altitude. Then escape velocity is always less than c. This finding is a result of employing only special relativity and the equivalence principle, both of which are components of general relativity, which allows an escape velocity equal to or greater than c. Then general relativity is inconsistent."

crankier Edward O'Sullivan Reality Check Website 2005 Jul 02
     ... aether . quantum mechanics . relativity ...
"I have created these pages as a platform to receive feedback on my hypothesis 'Dynamics of a Superluminal Aether' and the greater philosophy it represents. My thoughts on this are all contained within these twenty pages of text covering topics ranging from quantum physics to mass psychology all of which I feel are effected in some way by the purposed aether. In writing I have tried to keep each topic as simple and accurate as possible through definitions and wikipediator links so that everyone, regardless of the level of education, can follow along in some fashion. My wish for this website is that through exchange of information over these topics I, and whoever else visits, can become more critically balanced in our own personal views of nature (however she looks)."

anti Pseduo science 2005 Jul 02
     ... relativity . resources ...
"While chasing some facts for an article I'm writing I came across the page of a group calling themselves the Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics. ... What a load of rubbish. Of course it's not 'common sense', that's the point! Newton's laws 'make sense' because they are based on everyday observations, ones the average person with even a bit of sense can replicate for themselves. Special relativity, on the other hand, describes what happens when things start to move at speeds approaching the speed of light. Now, I don't know about you, but I can't think of any situations in the course of my life (so far) where I have direct experience of objects moving at that sort of velocity, apart from light itself of course. So how, without either direct experience or knowledge of the mathematics involved, is it supposed to be common sense?!?!"

cranky Ether Gauge Theory 2005 Feb 12
     ... physics . relativity . Einstein was wrong ...
"Thus, SRT has it backwards. It assumes the apparent equivalence of inertial frames is real and uses that result, together with the magic of a universal speed of light, to derive length contraction and clock slowing. On the other hand, the ether theories use the length contraction and clock slowing to show that there is an apparent equivalence of all inertial frames and an apparent common universal speed of light."

crankier Scientific Papers of Koshun Suto 2005 Feb 12
     ... relativity . Einstein was wrong ...
"Thought experiments which disprove special relativity ... Thought experiments whose results do not agree with the prediction of special relativity ... Revision of the relational expression of special relativity in a hydrogen atom and Bohr radius ... Limit of application of special relativity and the size of a proton ... New transformation equation which replaces Lorentz transformation to be applied in an atom ..." Articles in PDF format.

crankiest Science is Broken 2005 Feb 12
     ... science . relativity . geology ...
"Prions as Junk Science: Prions are proteins which supposedly cause Mad Cow Disease in contradiction to all principles of biology. The Truth about Relativity: Relativity is based on contradictions, such as the receiving point of light determining its velocity, so effect precedes cause. The Cause of Global Warming: Humans cannot create global warming. Only 0.04% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide; and oceans regulate it to the most minute degree. Hot spots in the earth's core are heating the oceans and causing global warming. Climate and Ice Ages: Ice age cycles explain climate changes when viewed from a model of oceans heating due to hot spots in the earth's core. Asteroid and Dinosaurs: An asteroid apparently marked the transition between the dinosaur age and modern biology. Grass was a major factor influencing the evolution. ATP Theory: Biophysicists developed a theory for energizing ATP which contradicts principles of physics by claiming kinetic energy is converted to chemical energy. Cancer and Evolution: Cancer must be caused by microbial agents, such as mycoplasmas, to have escaped the effects of evolution. The Cause of Heart Disease: Much evidence shows that the underlying cause is chlorinated water, which alters artery walls and causes white blood cells to attack the foreign substance."

cranky An Magical Derivation of the Lorentz Transformation 2004 Nov 06
     ... relativity ...
"I like to explain Einstein's theory of Relativity in the most illuminating, common sense manner possible. Most experts are satisfied with being vague and obscure. There is a reason for this. There are two opposing forces in the universe. One power likes to obfuscate and perplex. The other enlightens. My first goal is to not cheapen true science. Here's an insight to charm those who love and demand clarity in modern physics. It's the best derivation of special relativity available anywhere in terms of sheer elegance, physical intuitiveness and mathematical simplicity. ... What we have actually constructed is a colossal, universal, everywhere present clock: . The clock is wondrously intricate. It has an infinite number of moving parts. Each part moves at a unique speed and every possible speed has been represented. The most distinguishing feature of this clock is that time is well-defined for every 'inertial frame of reference' and that, irrespective of how time is computed, the Lorentz transformation ensures the same consistent, unambiguous mathematical answer, no matter the state of motion you are in or the comparing frame you use." In PDF format.

cranky Quantum Phase Relativity 2004 Sep 19
     ... quantum mechanics . relativity ...
"The description of any entity inside the real universe can only be with reference to other things in the universe. Space is then relational, and the universe, self referential. For example, if an object/event has a momentum, that momentum can only be explained with respect to another object/event within the universe. Space then becomes an aspect of the relationships between things in reality. ... The present moment is created and recreated constantly - analogous to continually opposing/juxtaposing reflective mirror images? originating deep in quantum phase space. The Heisenberg uncertainty relation provides both a resolution boundary and the invariant relational fabric for a translation between quantum[Planck scale] space and experiential reality. It is the quantum T-dual compactification that provides the Heisenberg resolution boudaries for experiential[perceptual] reality. Unstable or chaotic states at a given level are always 'compactified' (stabilized and bounded by eigenstates) into 6 higher dimensions condensing to the next level of 'event density.'"

cranky Alignment Theory 2004 Sep 19
     ... quantum mechanics . relativity . grand unification . zero point energy ...
"... is the mechanism of zero point energy, quantum mechanics, relativity, mass and gravity, cosmology, cosmic inflation, dark energy and the cosmological constant, the nature and speed of light and quantum entanglement, quantum chaos and the lumpiness of the universe. This mechanism unifies relativity and quantum mechanics. The following is a preliminary look at a new, very simple approach to Relativity, Cosmology and the Quantum nature of the universe that explains the proposed mechanism."

crankier Natural Philosophy Alliance 2004 Sep 19
     ... metaphysics . quantum mechanics . relativity . Big Bang . science ...
"The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) is devoted mainly to broad-ranging, fully open-minded criticism, at the most fundamental levels , of the often irrational and unrealistic doctrines of modern physics and cosmology; and to the ultimate replacement of these doctrines by much sounder ideas developed with full respect for evidence, logic, and objectivity. Such reforms have long been urgently needed; and yet there is no area of scholarship more stubbornly censorial, and more reluctant to reform itself."

crankier Nasty Little Truth About Spacetime Physics 2004 Sep 19
     ... physics . relativity ...
"Some of the most famous physicists in the world are not telling the truth about one of the most taken for granted concepts in scientific history. They are not telling us how they can come up with their fanciful time travel theories (wormholes, advanced and retarded waves traveling in spacetime, etc...) using a model of the universe that precludes the possibility of motion. Nothing can move in spacetime or in a time dimension-axis by definition. This is because motion in time is self-referential. It is for this reason that Sir Karl Popper compared Einstein's spacetime to Parmenide's unchanging block universe[*], in which nothing ever happens. The following is a short list of notorious time travel and spacetime crackpots, not necessarily in order of crackpottery. Some, like Hawking, Wheeler and Feynman, are venerated by the physics community and are considered by many to be among the most brilliant scientific minds that ever lived. Too bad they believe in time travel."

crankier Cosmological Model of the Living Universe 2004 Jul 10
     ... relativity . cosmology . Big Bang . quantum mechanics ...
"In this work, the Einstein Special Relativity transformation formulas are derived from a new and very simple model. According with this model, the speed of electromagnetic waves are so closely associated to the structure of what we call matter, that any attempt to measure the speed of these waves is made through themselves. Thus, it will be shown that detecting the changes arising from systems in motion becomes impossible in two-way trips. The model presented may be defined as 'classic,' understanding as such a synonym of 'understandable' or 'in accordance with our daily experience.' The basic assumption is that 'elemental particles' are the result of interactions inside a 'primordial media' at an average speed known as the speed of light ('c'). This 'primordial media' is postulated as a sub-level support for all physical manifestations such as waves, particles, energy, etc. but is unlike the old conception of 'ether.' The basic idea of primary oscillators is conceptually similar to the superstring theory."

cranky Millennium Relativity 2004 Apr 06
     ... relativity . Einstein was wrong ...
"Millennium relativity is a new theory in relativistic physics that replaces Einstein's special relativity and general relativity theories. It is the result of more than seven years of independent research aimed at reconciling the principles of physics with the accepted body of experimental evidence. Methodical analysis of the evidence leads to the discovery of significant flaws in the underlying foundation of special relativity. These in turn undermine not only special relativity, but the entire foundation of relativistic physics. The new theory systematically resolves these issues beginning with an analysis of the classical principles of motion and progressing through the conclusions of nine additional works involving relativistic principles. The research papers are presented below in the order in which they were completed. Click on the history button at the lower left to obtain a detailed accounting of how the principles of the theory were arrived at."

cranky My H-aether Theory 2004 Feb 26
     ... electromagnetism . relativity . aether ...
"H-aether theory is an attempt to describe the way in which light travels through free space. It is based on the notion that light initially travels at c with respect to its source but subsequently changes speed as it traverses long distances. This occurs as a result of very weak interactions with other EM as well as with gravity gradients. The theory is purely speculative and no supporting mathematics is provided. Any statement made herein is liable to change at any time. Constructive comments are welcome. H-aether can be broadly defined as 'the stuff that makes empty space carrying EM different from empty space'. H-aether is the 'medium' that allows action-at-a-distance to occur even in a complete vacuum. What constitutes H-aether is of no importance at this stage but it is postulated that EM carries its own H-aether along with itself. If there is no EM, there is no H-aether. The H-aether concept basically assumes that light is projected through space in self-contained and self-propagating packages that possess intrinsic properties, including an amount of H-aether that carries the E and B fields. A light beam passing through space both alters that space due to its own presence and is itself altered by interaction with other EM in that space. The degree to which this happens depends on the amount of other EM present. In the macroscopic sense, H-aether possesses 'density' and density gradients."

cranky Andrija Radovic Physics Pages 2004 Feb 26
     ... physics . relativity . electromagnetism ...
"The items on the web page have intention to affirm my theory directly and indirectly, too. My theory says that the gravitational field has origin in annulations of the electromagnetic field, i.e. that electromagnetic fields transmute to gravitational one. The presumption is based on the strong agreement between the SR theory and electrostatics theory. I had also shown that the Cherenkov formula could be derived by SR theory only. The derivation indicates that charged particles that are moving faster than light are magnetons because its charge has imaginary value that indicated to magnetic field in electromagnetic. Consequently, they are able to penetrate into nucleus without strong electrostatic interaction and in case Cherenkov particle is proton, it is able to cause p-p cold fusion reaction. It is also shown that the two Maxwell equations might be merged into one by multiplying one of them by imaginary unit. Such equation is extremely suitable for practical computation of the electromagnetic fields. I have also shown on this web pages that similar equation may be applied to gravitational field. I personally think that Maxwell equations are not true enough as it is shown on the proper item on this web page."

cranky Wisp Unification Theory 2003 Sep 20
     ... grand unification . relativity . Einstein was wrong ...
"You can download for free a new scientific theory that explains the fundamental principles of physics. It is unique in that it not only challenges current views of physics, but also offers complete solutions to its mysteries. Although not quite the theory of everything TOE, or a grand unified theory GUT, it does offer answers to the questions: what is gravity and what is matter? It clearly explains the cause of gravity (Isaac Newton was right about gravity) and the mysterious dark matter in galaxies. It explains the big bang theory, Lorentz symmetry in ether flow, the structures of black holes and the fundamental particles of nature. Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity remains successful, but wisp theory gives clear reasons why the principle of special relativity is wrong! It shows that the speed of light is not constant for all observers, and very soon a one-way speed of light test will prove Einstein wrong, see one-way light speed test. If this test is done before 2005 -- the centenary of special relativity -- it will either strengthen or play a major part in its downfall. There is growing evidence to suggest the ether medium -- wisp space -- is responsible for the propagation of light." In PDF format.

cranky Utele Group 2003 Apr 09
     ... physics . quantum mechanics . relativity . Einstein was wrong ...
"Standard conception of physics concerning quarks can be forgotten -- there are no quarks as particles! The three theories concerning the birth of the universe ... The new Theory of Time discovered by Utele. The Space-Time physics of Einstein is false?"

anti The Spaceman Emulator 2003 Mar 11
     ... relativity . Usenet kooks ...
"Anyone familiar with the sci.physics newsgroup, will also be familiar with James Driscoll, better known as Spaceman. For years, James has been bombarding the newsgroup with endless semi-literate, semi-intelligible posts that purport to disprove relativity. His disbelief in relativity is based on personal incredulity mixed with a negligible understanding of both the theory and the experimental evidence supporting it. His staple argument is to falsely assume that relativity is primarily supported by direct observation of time dilation, and to then claim that the clocks used in such experiments malfunctioned. Most criticism is met by ad nauseum repetition of the above claim, combined with insults that range from the offensive to the bizarre. His favourite insults are claims that a person has a religious or emotional attachment to relativity, for example, 'Clock Worshipper'. This web site enables you to create your own Spaceman messages. Why you would want to is a different matter altogether ..."

cranky Shade Tree Physics 2003 Mar 10
     ... physics . relativity . Einstein was wrong . medicine . Velikovsky ...
"Arrows of time ... Astronomer's theme song ... Bending water ... Cosmoogical redshift ... Don't go to 3-D movies! ... Electrical lifting of water ... Galilean relativity ... General electrodynamics ... Influenza 1918, a Venus connection? ... The Ritz-Einstein agreement to disagree ... Grappling with science's limits ... Velikovsky pages ... West Nile virus ..."

fringe Experimental Flying Object 2003 Jan 21
     ... relativity . technology ...
"Space craft with a thruster ring of more than 10000 m diameter. The thrusters mounted at the center of the disc provide an theoretical speed lever of 10000 or more. If we hadn't the theory of relativity this craft could spin as fast that it's outer points reach or pass light speed. The EFO is also a gigantic gyroscope as well as an flywheel, bringing rotational speed and size, orders of magnitude above all gyroscopic devices. With the absence of friction this is an ideal invention for rotational studies were concentrating on rotational and gravitational forces is possible. With this device scepticists and believers of rotational anti gravity and the theory of relativity could work together to prove their opinions. We also could find out some things we don't know or assume yet."

illucid Absolute Metric 2002 Nov 16
     ... relativity ...
"With flat sheets, foliations of space, or equatorial planes, the light cone cross section corresponding to a circle would be a 'rotated' light cone near a massive object. Using abstract generalizations of course! The two light cones form a relationship, describing degrees of rotation and circular-elliptic cross sections. It should be possible to derive a set of equations from these rotational perspective effects! Non-Euclidean geometry has great explanatory power, yet there must be a type o 'dynamics' involved, possibly related to a type of configuration space or varying density gradients. Static geometry cannot be the whole, complete explanation."

crankier The Theory of Relativity Is Wrong 2002 Aug 17
     ... relativity . Einstein was wrong . aether ...
"This paper elaborates on three new experiments, namely: 1. The experiment of two aircraft. 2. The aircraft experiment through the emission of electromagnetic wave train of a specific length, and 3. The GL experiment. The objective of these three experiments is to prove once more whether the Theory of Relativity is accurate or false, and more precisely, to demonstrate whether both postulates of the Special Theory of Relativity are valid. In essence, these three experiments will demonstrate the existence or non-existence of ether, and more precisely of the etherosphere which surrounds the Earth; in general, they will set out to prove whether every celestial body is surrounded by an etherosphere or not. These three experiments are of great importance to Physics, for their outcome will enable us to assert once more whether our knowledge of Physics is well founded or not. I hope that the 'Experts' will comprehend the paramount importance of these three experiments and that they will proceed with their realization. So many experiments have been carried out so far in order to prove the 'accuracy' of the Theory of Relativity. We have nothing to lose by conducting another three. After all, one has to bear in mind that to dare and to constantly doubt are fundamental to Scientific Research." In English and Greek. In PDF and HTML formats.

cranky On Classical Mechanics 2002 Aug 15
     ... physics . relativity ...
"In this work a new dynamics is developed, which is valid for all observers, and which establishes, among other things, the existence of a new universal force of interaction, called kinetic force, which balances the remaining forces acting on a body. In this new dynamics, the motion of a body is not determined by the forces acting on it; instead, the body itself determines its own motion, since as a result of such motion it exerts over all other bodies the kinetic force which is necessary to keep the system of forces acting on each of them always in equilibrium."

illucid Fusion Anomaly 2002 May 13
     ... physics . relativity . quantum mechanics ...
"The picture that emerges from both relativity and quantum theory is of a world conceived as a network of relations. Newton's hierarchical picture, in which atoms with fixed and absolute properties move against a fixed background of absolute space and time, is quite dead. This doesn't mean that atomism or reductionism are wrong, but it means that they must be understood in a more subtle and beautiful way than before. Quantum gravity, as far as we can tell, goes even further in this direction, as our description of the geometry of spacetime as woven together from loops and knots is a beautiful mathematical expression of the idea that the properties of any one part of the world are determined by its relationships and entanglement with the rest of the world."

cranky Einstein and Time Travelling 2002 Apr 03
     ... relativity . time travel . extraterrestrials ...
"Time travel and Einstein, mysteries of the Universe and aliens ... What are the possiblities of Time Travelling in the near future and why Albert Einstein will be regarded as the Father of Time Travelling when it becomes a reality. I assure you that you won't be dissappointed. ... Important: : Do you want to make easy money, while you are busy surfing the web??? I have tired it and found it pretty easy way to earn money. Unlike many other scams on the internet, joining this program will truly earn you money depending on the time u spend surfing the web...and the best of all its free and you have nothing to lose by joining!!! Joining the program is free and you will be paid on minute basis, while you are sufing the web!!! for more information and to join click here! ... Click on the blue elf to go to my alien land!"

crankiest The Absolute Present 2001 Nov 18
     ... relativity . Einstein was wrong ...
"More than an intuitive nonsense, Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, it would seem, legitimised a century of stupidity. A stupidity typified by schizophrenic, ghosting, time dependent, self-replicating, psychic 'god-like' particles; singularities; space-time warps and imaginary time. If sensibility is to be restored, then Science must exorcise the spooks, God-rationalists, and writers of science fiction that riddle modern theoretical physics. Provocative conjecture indeed. The motivation for such conjecture has root in the ultimate beauty of simplicity -- the analysis of the empirical data in the context of a new 'intuitive' theoretical model. Consequently, this work is not so much about an ultimate objective truth of physical theory or the philosophy of time, but is more a quest for re-evaluation in the face of esoteric, complex theories founded upon the 'near mystical.'"

crankiest All My Files 2001 Oct 09
     ... metaphysics . technology . relativity . Einstein was wrong . physics . mathematics ...
"The Dark Matter mystery ... Modifications of the strong nuclear force by the action of the zero-point force ... Einstein's twin paradox revisited ... Non-accelerated 'twin paradox' ... Single best argument against special relativity ... Simple challenge to supporters of special relativity ... Short reductio ad absurdum refutation of special relativity ... Another simple argument against special relativity ... Logical invalidity of Einstein's 'train' thought experiment ... Do the Lorentz transformations even do what they were intended to do? ... Does the Michelson-Morley experiment really indicate that the speed of light is a constant? ... Can mass really increase with velocity ... ? ... Contradiction between the special and general theories of relativity ... A short and sweet refutation of Gödel's theorem ..." In PDF, Word, and RTF formats.

cranky Journal of Theoretics 2001 Oct 09
     ... physics . relativity . gravitation . quantum mechanics ...
"It is shown that general-relativistic (like special-relativistic) time is larger than the proper one (gravitational time dilation). This conclusion contradicts the experiments on the gravitation time slowing down. ... Two existing relativistic theories of gravity are compared from the viewpoint of the fulfillment of 4 of Einstein's postulates. An additional 5th postulate of the agreement of theory with experiment is considered with the same aim. ... We pay attention to sensational Marmet and Couture's paper. This paper shows how all the experiments claiming the deflection of light by the Sun are subject to very large systematic errors, which render the results highly unreliable. Theoretical analysis of this problem (based on Minkowski's equation) is presented. ... This paper demonstrates a simple mathematical relationship between the fine-structure constant (which determines the strength of the electromagnetic interaction), the electron-proton mass ratio, and the gravitational constant. These together determine the relative strength of the gravitational interaction. The conclusion is drawn that the relationship described here underpins any valid unified field theory, and the paper ends by speculating about the possibility offered of an 'electro-gravitic' propulsion system. ..." In HTML and PDF formats.

crankiest The Einstein Conspiracy 2001 Oct 09
     ... relativity . Einstein was wrong . conspiracy . history ...
"I have researched relativity theory and written a book ... The book deals with my maths investigation of orthodox physics, this Web site goes beyond the book. There is now no need to look at the maths of orthodox physics to show it to be wrong, because its history can be shown to be a myth."

illucid Unified Field Theory 2001 Oct 05
     ... grand unification . cosmology . Big Bang . gravitation . relativity ...
"The cosmos is an unending process of relative motion and relative stillness. The universe logically unfolds from one principle to another -- hydrogen becoming stars, and stars giving light as they change their hydrogen fuel into heavier elements, the substance from which planets and life on earth is made. Before hydrogen? A similar process of unfolding, creating the smallest particles. the building blocks of the elements themselves, and following a pattern formed out of an initial principle, rather than the chaos of a big bang! A search for a theory of gravity as well as a way to find the one unifying principle."

cranky Foundation of Redbourne Theories 2001 Oct 05
     ... cosmology . aether . relativity ...
"I have invalidated the Michelson & Morley Experiment of 1887; and the Non-Skewed Lightwaves Experiment, which are the only indications in all of physics history that reject the Ether. When people are ridiculed today for mentioning the Ether, it is because of these two, flawed experiments. ... The Michelson-Morley Experiment is conceptually flawed, and failed to find the Ether Wind because of a tricky bit of wave mechanics. ... The Ether Fabric is made up of elastic Ether Lines-of-Force, woven and welded at the junctions. (ELOFs). These ELOFs inherently possess tensile elastic strength against longitudinal stretch, and radial compressive force. But by this, the Ether Fabric acts as the Wave Medium for Ether Waves (electromagnetic waves like radio, light and x-rays)."

crankiest Book, Publications, Papers, and Writings of Ken H. Seto 2001 Jun 10
     ... physics . relativity . aether ...
"Book: The Physics of Absolute Motion ... Model Mechanics ... The Current State of the Universe ... The Concept of Absolute Motion ... Past Experiments Detecting Absolute Motion ... Proposed Experiments to Detect Absolute Motion ... Doppler Relativity Theory ... Links to websites with related information ..."

crankiest Yun-Qi Kingdom 2001 Jun 10
     ... science . physics . mathematics . relativity . Einstein was wrong . hoaxes . paranormal . astronomy . gravitation . metaphysics . conspiracy . new age ...
"When the new millennium begins, a great NEW KINGDOM also comes. It marks the END of SCIENCE. No matter whether you believe or not, no matter if you want or not, this is already a fact, and will definitely become the reality in the very near future. Actually, my first article 'Yun-Qi Kingdom -- Fundamental One' obviously has very well put today's PHYSICS into the DEAD END. Students, teachers and professors who have a solid background of mathematics and/or physics can easily examine what I say by yourselves. If you think my first article does not sufficiently shake down today's MATHEMATICS, my second incoming article 'Yun-Qi Kingdom -- Fundamental Two' will clearly show you that the MATHEMATICS we have used for centuries is also considerably and lawlessly WRONG. Please do not use today's knowledge as your prejudices to cut immediately what I have said down. Try to investigate it first. I hope one can beat Yun-Qi Kingdom down by using today's science and knowledge, but I'll be afraid to say that NOBODY CAN."

anti Some scientifically inaccurate claims concerning cosmology and relativity 2001 Mar 03
     ... relativity . skepticism ...
"In this page, I offer links to rebuttals by qualified scientists of some of the more common scientifically inaccurate claims made in ... many mass-market books, various personal web pages, many Usenet discussions, a very small number of flagrantly erroneous preprints posted to the LANL server, (lamentably) in a very small number (inadequately refereed) published scientific papers."

cranky On Accounting for Electromagnetic Phenomena 2001 Feb 26
     ... aether . relativity . electromagnetism ...
"Einstein resolved this contradiction in his argument for a (special) theory of relativity by the application of two hypotheses. Initially Einstein advanced the idea of the relativity of simultaneity and then as his coup de grace, introduced the Lorentz transformation, a mathematical supposition pioneered by Lorentz and Fitzgerald in the late 19th century intended to explain aether. Naturally Einstein's utilization of this mathematical contraction along with his premise on the non absolute nature of simultaneity resulted in constrictions of matter (measuring rods) and dilations in time (clocks) which innate logic aspires to deny. To some the resulting aberrations of time and matter are conceivably more unsettling than the original dilemma. To Einstein these anomalies of time and matter were an undeniable fact of nature and consistent with his elucidation of temporal law. In essence they provided the criterion for a plausible, albeit perplexing, solution to the problem. Notwithstanding the aforementioned solution, there may yet exist a means of reconciling these two seemingly irreconcilable realities without resorting to what could be portrayed as Professor Einstein's odyssey into the logic and mathematics of mystical reality."

cranky General Theory of Universe Structure and Dynamics 2001 Feb 21
     ... grand unification . quantum mechanics . relativity . aether . antigravity . extraterrestrials ...
"I have invalidated the Michelson and Morley Experiment of 1887; and the Non-Skewed Lightwaves Experiment, which are the only indications in all of physics history that reject the Ether. When people are ridiculed today for mentioning the Ether, it is because of these two, flawed experiments. ... The Michelson-Morley Experiment is conceptually flawed, and failed to find the Ether Wind because of a tricky bit of wave mechanics. ..."

cranky Causality, Measurement and Space 2000 Dec 30
     ... physics . relativity . quantum mechanics . philosophy ...
"The eclipse of causality in 20th Century thought is one of the leading characteristics of this Dim Age. A revolt against causality began with influential 18th Century philosophers, notably Hume and Kant. The revolt grew throughout the 19th Century and, in the late 19th and early 20th Century it reached physics, where it gave rise to the two central theories of 20th Century physics: relativity and quantum mechanics. This may raise some hackles; for while quantum mechanics' disdain for causality is not the least controversial, relativity is usually regarded as a causal theory, a haven of sanity compared to quantum mechanics. Unlike quantum mechanickers, relativists don't crusade against causality; indeed, they occasionally appeal to it. Relativity's sins against causality are more subtle, but no less devastating."

cranky Apparent lack of symmetry in stellar aberration and Euclidean spacetime 2000 Dec 30
     ... relativity ...
"The effect of stellar aberration seems to be one of the simplest phenomena in astronomical observations. But there is a large literature about it betraying a problem of asymmetry between observer motion and source motion. This paper addresses the problem from the point of view of Euclidean space-time, arising from the proposition that stellar aberration gives rise to a Lorentz expansion."

fringe California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics 2000 Nov 18
     ... free energy . quantum mechanics . physics . astronomy . gravitation . relativity ...
"... is a privately-funded, academically-oriented research center dedicated to exploring fundamental problems in physics (e.g. gravitation, inertia, the nature of mass) as well as very-long range technological possibilities that may emerge from the properties of the quantum vacuum."

anti Modern Relativity: The Definition of Mass 2000 Nov 18
     ... relativity ...
Whether photons have mass or not is crucially dependent on one's definition of mass; this brief page details the modern definition of mass and how the term "relativistic mass" (the source of much confusion) has fallen out of favor.

cranky Space Genetics 2000 Sep 15
     ... physics . gravitation . relativity . cosmology ...
"Attention, student! Don't read! The stuff, proposed here, does not coincide to the general adopted views in modern physics. ... Every Young Universe ... Genetics of space conversions ... Gravity ... Hubble constant and others ... 4-D world ... The essence of time and 'age' of Universe ... Concentration of galaxies and quasars ... Some questions of special relativity ... You are the God ... Sun energy ... Fine structure constant collection ..." In English and Russian.

cranky Speculations concerning how to make General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics more compatible with each other 2000 Sep 15
     ... relativity . gravitation . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"The stubbed T.O.E. ... The ghostly T.O.E. ... The balanced T.O.E. ... The imaginary T.O.E. ..."

cranky List of selected Usenet Articles 2000 Sep 02
     ... relativity . quantum mechanics . Usenet kooks ...
"Quantum physics: An alternative interpretation of the double-slit experiment is presented as follows: The observed effect is simply the result of the field generated by the electron gun, and is not produced by the electrons themselves. ... Special relativity: It is shown that the argument presented in Special Relativity for constancy of cvacuum would also apply equally to cglass and cwater. ... General relativity: It is argued that the equations of GR are simply approximations with errors on the order of 1:cn and that the non-manipulative derivation of a four dimensional model of motion under gravitational influence would yield a model very close to GR, but without the spatial curvature components, and without any special significance to c being attached."

cranky To Understand Relativity 2000 Aug 30
     ... relativity ...
"So we can say that, although the fundamental principles of the Relativity Theory are only valid in a theoretical universe that isn't that in which we are living, all the formulas of the theory apply on reality, due to the electromagnetic nature of it."

cranky The Speed of Light -- A Limit on Principle? 2000 Aug 19
     ... relativity . aether ...
"If our universe has a Newtonian background, ie. if there is an absolute time underlying the space-time continuum, then there is no threat on causality by superluminal processes, because time travel and its paradoxes are excluded a priori. And thus, within this framework, faster-than-light travel is possible, at least in principle."

crankiest Physics Myths and Physics Facts 2000 Aug 13
     ... physics . Big Bang . cosmology . electromagnetism . quantum mechanics . relativity . thermodynamics ...
"Included are also topics where the flaws (or the alternative explanations where given) are not a certainty but only possible or likely within the light of other evidence. It should be obvious from the formulation when this is the case. The content of this page is being updated as necessary." A long, long list of extremely broken physics.

anti Trick of the light 2000 Aug 05
     ... quantum mechanics . relativity . faster than light . electromagnetism ...
"Scientists broke the speed of light -- or so we were told. Did the press keep us in the dark, or was it the scientists?" A very calm and sedate look at the recent claims of faster-than-light travel achieved with pulses of light.

anti Anomalous Dispersion, not Faster than Light 2000 Jul 27
     ... relativity . quantum mechanics . skepticism ...
An analysis of the recent experiments by Wung, Kuzmich, and Dogariu indicating that in fact no faster-than-light travel is taking place, as is claimed.

anti Dingle so-called-paradox 2000 Jul 27
     ... relativity . skepticism ...
"One of the fundamental puzzlers about special relativity, is the 'dingle paradox,' named in honor of one of its earliest and most persistent advocates, who thought it proved SR flawed. In essence, it is the puzzle of how two clocks in relative motion can each be slower than the other without a 'prefered reference frame' to act as a tie-breaker."

anti Why the Special Theory of Relativity is Correct 2000 Jul 27
     ... relativity ...
An analysis of Professor Dingle's flawed refutations of special relativity.

cranky Selected Papers by J.L. Gaasenbeek 2000 Jul 27
     ... physics . relativity . grand unification . gravitation ...
"Helical particle waves ... Frames of reference ... Foundations for proposed unified field theory ... Time dilation: fact or fiction ..."

cranky Speed of Light as a Function of Time 2000 Jul 27
     ... relativity . electromagnetism ...
"The Hubble Parameter (Constant) has historically been interpreted as a distance measure for an expanding universe. With this interpretation, red shift of distant objects is proportional to distance. Some objects we can see are moving at rates approaching the speed of light. The Hubble Parameter could be interpreted as a measure of the rate at which the speed of light (c) is changing with time. Then, the amount of red shift of an object is related to c at the time of emission. Distant objects are not constrained to be moving at any particular velocity. The universe is expanding with respect to the speed of light."

cranky A Solution for the Solar Neutrino Problem 2000 Jul 13
     ... particle physics . relativity . electromagnetism ...
"It has been proposed that the anomlay in solar neutrino production is due to an error in the basic physics of neutrino emission rather than any significant error in our understanding of solar energy production. The conventional view of the behaviour of light and matter in a gravitational field has been modified such that the speed of light is dependent on the prevailing gravitional field and on the frequency of the associated wave. In this case it has been shown that particles below a critical rest mass will be unable to escape from the core of the sun and will remain oscillating inside the sun according to condition."

illucid Big Bertha Thing 2000 Jun 27
     ... particle physics . Usenet kooks . astronomy . quantum mechanics . relativity . grand unification ...
"High energy physics particle periodic table research software project pages ... First two battles of cyberspace pages ... Big Bertha Thing complete series ... Unified quantum mechanical relativity ... Big Bertha Thing Nation ... Irresistible force retrenchment last page ..."

cranky and Physical Reality 2000 Jun 23
     ... relativity . aether ...
"The keystone of the theory of relativity is the invariability of the speed of light, which states that the speed of light in the vacuum depends neither on movement of a source of light nor on movement of an observer. The postulate of invariability is a result of a wrong explanation of known optical observations and experiments without keeping in mind the influence of environment which light is coming through."

fringe A New Non-Doppler Redshift 2000 Jun 14
     ... cosmology . Big Bang . electromagnetism . quantum mechanics . relativity ...
"It is known that many astronomical observations cannot be explained by means of the ordinary Doppler shift interpretation. A new mechanism must be found to explain those inconsistent redshifts and many other observations related to the 'redshift controversy.' It is demonstrated in this book that it is possible to predict a very slight inelastic interaction compatible with observed redshifts using electromagnetic theory and quantum mechanics, without the need of introducing ad hoc physical hypothesis. This redshift appears indistinguishable from the Doppler shift except when resonant states are present in the scattering gas. The energy lost appears as low frequency radio waves."

cranky Sculpture, Gravity, and the Illusion of the Expanding Universe 2000 May 13
     ... science . gravitation . cosmology . relativity ...
"This site's purpose ... To publish results that combined with Occam's razor lead to a conclusion that the observed expansion of the universe is an illusion caused by certain relativistic feature of gravity (namely the asymmetry of spacetime metric, suggested also, for a different reason, by Einstein in 1950)."

cranky Rajan Dogra 2000 Apr 15
     ... relativity . aether ...
"The stellar aberration finds explanation in classical time concept with which the principle of constancy of light speed in all inertial frames is incompatible. It is the Euclidean nature of space time that explains stellar aberration as well as principle of constancy of light speed in vacuum."

cranky Topological Geometrodynamics 2000 Mar 21
     ... relativity . physics . science ...
"... and topics related to it have been my main research interest for 21 years now. TGD is an attempt to unify fundamental interactions by assuming that physical spacetimes can be regarded as submanifolds of certain 8-dimensional space, which is product of Minkowski space light cone and 4-dimensional complex projective space CP2. One could end up with TGD as a generalization of string model obtained by replacing 1-dimensional strings with 3-dimensional surfaces or as an attempt to construct Poincare invariant theory of gravitation (Poincaré group acts in imbedding space rather than on spacetime surface)."

cranky On the Constancy of the Speed of Light 2000 Mar 21
     ... relativity . electromagnetism . cosmology ...
"Is the velocity of light a fixed constant of nature, invariant over time? This page presents the available measurements of c and several statistical studies which suggest that c has decreased in the past 300 years. What other 'constants' of physics might prove to be non-fixed? How would a non-constant c affect physical laws? Possible consequences for cosmology and the age of the universe."

crankiest Luxon Theory 2000 Mar 21
     ... relativity . electromagnetism ...
"The quality of a theory is the relation between basic assumptions and derivations. The luxon theory is able to summarize the law of conservation of energy, the special theory of relativity, E = m c2, and the fundamental physical concepts of mass and energy into only three words: tardyons are luxons. Each matter with rest mass (tardyons) consists of particles with light velocity (luxons). All theoretical objections against this hypothesis fail due to the existence of glueballs. In September 1997 out of pure light, physicists create particles of matter. This proof: You can make really every type of matter out of luxons -- this table and this chair and this paper and everything. An extraordinary success of luxon theory!"

cranky Proof of the Falsity of the Special Theory of Relativity 2000 Mar 08
     ... relativity ...
"A short mathematical proof of the falsity of the Lorentz -- or transformation equations in special relativity theory."

fringe Essays and Papers of Kevin Aylward, B.Sc. 2000 Mar 01
     ... relativity . quantum mechanics ...
"Derivation/discussion of the Einstein mass-energy equation from conservation of energy and conservation of momentum ... Quantum mechanics apparent paradoxes resolved? ..."

cranky Is Space-Time Really Euclidean? 2000 Feb 22
     ... relativity . gravitation ...
"In this work a space-time reality is described with an euclidean model made of a time dimension of an observed object and space dimensions of the observer. As a result, a simplification of description of many events and some conclusions different from predicted by Theory of Relativity are obtained." In English and Polish.

cranky Relativity and Waves 2000 Feb 22
     ... relativity ...
"My works show, that the relativity considered to be revolutionary as compared to the classical mechanics, is in fact only the classical mechanics of elastic mediums, or classical mechanics of waves." In English and French.

cranky Analytical Space-Time 2000 Feb 09
     ... relativity . quantum mechanics ...
"New theory that unifies special and general relativity ... and quantum mechanics ..."

cranky Rationality Versus Relativity 2000 Feb 05
     ... relativity ...
"There are lots of experiments disagreeing with the prediction of relativity which simply don't get published for several reasons (e.g., because the experimenters themselves do not believe in their own results) ..."

cranky The Symmetric Theory 2000 Jan 31
     ... cosmology . Big Bang . relativity ...
"Though widely accepted as a paradigm and elevated to the level of fact by many, the Big-Bang Theory is on weakening empirical ground. The Symmetric Theory -- named for the underlying symmetries which form the basis of general relativity -- provides a complete & viable alternative to standard model cosmologies."

cranky The Elastic Continuum Theory of Nature 2000 Jan 20
     ... relativity . aether . electromagnetism ...
"The author has proposed a new fundamental theory in physics ... It is a fresh attempt to explain the origin of elementary particles, fields and their interactions in empty space. The permittivity, presently attributed to the empty space, is interpreted as an elastic constant and permeability as an inertial constant of the proposed isotropic elastic continuum (revised concept of the old ether medium) pervading the empty space. The elastic equilibrium equations in the continuum turn out to be identical to Maxwell's vector wave equation. Maxwell's electromagnetic field in empty space is found to be the dynamic stress-strain fields in the elastic continuum. Various solutions of the equilibrium equations subject to appropriate boundary conditions yield the structure of various strain bubbles which are just the bounded regions of the continuum in a strained state."

cranky Free Colutron Research Literature 1999 Nov 25
     ... cosmology . gravitation . time travel . relativity . quantum mechanics . electromagnetism ...
"Atmospheric electrostatics ... a textbook on cosmology, gravitation, time, relativity and quantum physics..." In DOS/Windows executable format.

cranky If we should speak about true physics ... 1999 Nov 04
     ... relativity ...
"If we should speak about true physics then: E = m c2/2 ..."

cranky Ben Wiens Energy Science Infosite 1999 Oct 29
     ... science . free energy . relativity . quantum mechanics ...
"Hello, my name is Ben Wiens and I am an applied energy scientist. The goal in my Infosite is to supply simplified information about energy. This does not mean that advanced topics are not covered. Even relativity and quantum theories which before were only understood by physicists are explained in a simple way."

cranky Refutation of Special Relativity 1999 Sep 22
     ... relativity ...
"I'll show that the Lorentz transformation cannot explain the constancy of c in all directions on Earth. I'll use only relativistic time displacement, which is in case of small velocities a first order effect whereas time dilation and lenght contraction are only second order effects."

fringe General Ether Theory 1999 Aug 21
     ... science . aether . gravitation . cosmology . relativity ...
"There is an absolute time and absolute space, filled with an ether. The ether is instationary and compressible, but rigid, crystallic. The gravitational field is described by ether density, velocity and stress. Usual matter fields and gauge fields are described by other (inner) steps of freedom of the ether, like crystal defects. This allows to explain the distortion of rulers and dilation of clocks and why we do not 'feel' the ether. The universe does not expand, but our rulers shrink -- it only looks like a big bang. There are no black holes, the gravitational collapse of a star stops immediately before horizon formation leaving a frozen star -- but it looks like a black hole in general relativity."

cranky Free Energy, Gravity, and the Aether 1999 Aug 08
     ... free energy . gravitation . aether . relativity ...
"Over the years the existence and understanding of the aether has evolved as the basis for gravity and free energy effects at a micro and macro level. Laboratory experiments have shown that superluminal energy and information transfer has been effectively accomplished via aetheric engineering, which effectively eliminates the theory of relativity and its absurd views of physics and cosmology."

cranky Thomas Townsend Brown 1999 Jun 29
     ... extraterrestrials . Nikola Tesla . relativity . Philadelphia experiment . UFOlogy ...
"Brown's work became very controversial due to the similarity between his work and what is believed to be the propulsion method of some observed UFOs. His name is also often mentioned in the same breath as the so-called 'Philadelphia Experiment,' as a possible candidate along with Nikola Tesla, A.L. Kitselman and Dr. Einstein."

cranky The Theory of Distance-Time 1999 Jun 22
     ... quantum mechanics . relativity ...
"... a quantum theory of space and time that defines distance as equivalent to a period of time and claims to be more accurate than special relativity."

cranky Relativity Mathematically Fails 1999 Jun 21
     ... relativity . mathematics ...
"Awards of up to US 000.00 each are hereby offered by the author, Cameron Y. Rebigsol, of this web site to people can successfully defend relativity -- the most dominating theory in physics -- in mathematical terms, and thus disprove the mathematical arguments made against relativity shown in the following text mathematical invalidity of relativity."

cranky Cosmology for the 21st Century 1999 May 27
     ... cosmology . relativity ...
"Actually, the Michelson-Morley experiment was a total success. It indicated that matter does not move relative to space. There was no need for the [Lorentz-Fitzgerald] contractions. What really happens is that, although bodies do not move relative to space itself, their mass/energy does fluctuate to different 'space energy levels.' The change in 'relativistic mass' of a body indicates changes in the body's 'space energy level.'"

cranky The Lightspeed Enigma 1999 May 27
     ... relativity . electromagnetism ...
"Several experiments seem to show the speed of light is a constant for any observer. My point of view is that experiments only show light takes off at a speed of c from its primary or secondary source. The escape speed of light is a constant but light can have any speed different from c with respect to a random observer. This speed is simply the vector summation of their relative speed plus c."

cranky The Physics of Absolute Motion 1999 May 27
     ... relativity . aether ...
"It is the purpose of this paper to explore the alternative of using absolute motion to explain the processes of nature. Model Mechanics is a term used to represent a group of new theories that were derived from the concept of absolute motion. A detail discussion of the following subject items reveals the power of the absolute motion concept."

crankiest The Society for the Advancement of Autodynanmics 1999 May 27
     ... Einstein was wrong . relativity ...
"In 1940, a young future physicist from Argentina came across a paradox in Einstein's Special Relativity that lead him to discover a theory of physics that Einstein came close to, but never found: a theory he called 'Autodynamics.'"

cranky Shadows of Reality 1999 May 27
     ... relativity . science ...
"Science appears in two different forms. The first form is that which exists within the 'establishment.' The second form is that which most members of the establishment refer to as 'crack pot' science. While I object to the name applied to the latter group, it should be clarified from the onset that the thought which I hope to convey in this document does not follow the currently recognized thought which the establishment commands."

cranky Curt Renshaw's Physics Homepage 1999 May 27
     ... relativity . star drives . faster than light ...
"A comprehensive analysis under radiation continuum model of the famous twin paradox demonstrates that time dilation is an illusion, while the slowing of clocks in motion remains valid. RCM theory lifts the theoretical relativistic constraints on velocities, thus allowing the plausibility of instantaneous communication over great distances and space travel at speeds reaching or exceeding c."

cranky Geometrical Physics 1999 May 27
     ... relativity . astronomy . physics . mathematics . cosmology ...
"This web site has been created to inform you about the works and researchs of J.-P. Petit, regarding physics, astrophysics, cosmology, mathematics and geometry."

cranky Aethro-Kinematics 1999 May 27
     ... physics . relativity . aether ...
"Simple, common-sense physics ... The mechanical comprehension of nature ... The cosmos of the all-pervading aether ... The non-mathematical understanding of the Universe ... Dissident alternative to theoretical physics ..."

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