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cranky Alien Hunter 2003 Mar 10
     ... UFOlogy . Area 51 . alien abductions . alien implants ...
"Derrel Sims, Alien HunterTM is a Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Board Certified Hypnotic Anaesthesiologist who teaches seminars, workshops, and speaks at conferences worldwide on these subjects as well as being one of the top UFO Investigators in ufology. His expertise in all of these areas, and the fact that he was an abductee until age 17 is why he stands out above the rest in the quest to unveil the hidden agendas behind alien abductions and alien implants."

crankiest Mothership 2000 May 05
     ... UFOlogy . Area 51 . paranormal . philosophy ...
"Aliens on Earth ... UFOs/Alien life ... Paranormal phenomena ... Area 51 ... Psychology ... Philosophy ... Exploration ... Borderlands ..."

crankiest 2000 Jan 06
     ... Area 51 . UFOlogy . conspiracy ...
"The following pages are the result of over five years work in an effort to recreate and illustrate the scientific aspects of an interstellar craft and the physics of its propulsion system. This is a biography in database form, of the events and statements of Bob Lazar. The result is the most complete collection of information to date regarding this subject."

anti Blue Fire 1999 May 27
     ... UFOlogy . Area 51 . conspiracy . skepticism ...
"The original purpose of this site, was to provide some solid information and fact to others interested in Area 51 and associated legends. ... Here you will find an array of information ranging from quality, attributed stuff, all the way to wild-ass rumors, clearly identified as such."

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