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crankiest Reverse-Engineering Roswell UFO Technology 2005 Oct 07
     ... UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . Roswell incident . conspiracy ...
"Computer company chief Jack Shulman argues that the transistor could never have been invented so suddenly at AT&T in late 1947 without the input of alien technology."

parody Project Silver Screen 2004 Sep 19
     ... Roswell incident . extraterrestrials . conspiracy ...
"This project was started in 1948, when a connection was made between debris from the 1947 Roswell Crash and drive-in theaters."

anti The Roswell Files 2003 Dec 15
     ... Roswell incident ...
"The Majestic-12 government conspiracy, alien bodies, cover-ups, a missing nurse... the stuff of legends. But like all popular legends, there are as many versions as there are Storytellers. The Truth about Roswell may be 'out there', but is has been shrouded by faulty memories, hoaxes- and sometimes, deliberate lies."

anti New Mexicans for Science and Reason 2001 Mar 04
     ... Roswell incident . Bible codes . conspiracy . Scientific Creationism ...
"What really happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Are there 'hidden messages' from God encoded in the Torah? Is the government of the United States spraying deadly chemicals on its citizens? Is the Earth just 10 000 years old? If you wonder what New Mexico's scientists are saying about these and other questions, you've come to the right site!"

illucid Is Yugoslavia Being Depopulated In Order For Aliens To Settle There? 2001 Mar 03
     ... paranoia . UFOlogy . Roswell incident . extraterrestrials ...
"The following is my attempt to pull together four tangled threads and weave a tapestry that may or may not be the full story. I have no proof that the conclusions I am drawing are accurate, I am only putting out information that has come my way. Information that I believe to be true. The Four Puzzle Pieces: ... 1. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base ... 2. Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia and Yugoslavia ... 3. The Hale-Bopp Comet ... 4. The UFO Crash at Roswell, NM .."

cranky The True Story 2000 May 13
     ... Roswell incident . extraterrestrials . technology . conspiracy ...
"On July 8, 1947, at the so-called 'Foster Ranch' in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico, a certain incident occurred."

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