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cranky Religion and Physics, XXI C. 2005 Jul 02
     ... physics . philosophy . religion ...
"Is there a God? Yes - whether or not? And if there is, who it (he)? Does the religion give the answer? ut there are a lot of religions and in different places - everyone beleives his or her own religion. Which of them to trust? Physics is another business. The laws of physics are fair everywhere. And they work irrespectively of any opinion of an individual. Is it possible to unite the laws of physics with religion? 20 years ago I was surprised with this question and doubtfully considered such an opportunity. However I had to change my point of view." In English and Russian.

cranky Pythagorean Physics 2005 Feb 12
     ... philosophy . physics ...
"Pythagorean Physics postulates the existence of a basic unit of matter, the Pythagorean atom. It deals with discreteness in favor of continuity. It considers both time and space to be absolute. Motion is a function of space and time. Unlike classical mechanics, Pythagorean Physics considers mass to be a variable and has a different concept of what a particle is. Pythagorean Physics employs an axiomatic system that incorporates both philosophy and science in order to achieve meaning. ... Scientists sometimes have a difficult time understanding the limits and validity of what they think they know. Neither the theory of relativity nor quantum mechanics employs an axiomatic system that can guard against such errors. Rather, they both superimpose notions for convenience. Pythagorean Physics follows an axiomatic system that starts with definitions and proceeds step by step from there in a logical fashion that provides meaning in a way that other approaches can not."

crankiest Metaphysics of Astrology: Astrological Signs 2004 Apr 06
     ... metaphysics . astrology . astronomy . philosophy . physics ...
"So how does this knowledge affect Astrology? Well it tells us that the planets do actually have some affect on our matter, and perhaps even more significantly, have a pronounced affect on the sun (causing cycles in its energy output) and thus cycles in our weather patterns. Thus it is quite reasonable that the position of the planets does subtly affect our evolution, and in particular certain aspects of our personality. I must admit that I did find remarkable similarities in my personality and the description of a Scorpio, as described in the section below on Astrological Signs. Likewise my partner Karene has a personality very consistent with her Libra sign (though this is irrelevant in terms of Science). We hope that you will enjoy this page on Astrology, and also hope that you find the Wave Structure of Matter an interesting explanation for how these distant planets can subtly affect our evolution and personality."

crankiest Federation Internationale des Nombres 2003 Oct 30
     ... mathematics . philosophy ...
"Download your FREE 50 files of geometric constructions ... NEW Industry benchmark problems. Possible NEW constructions. Academic Classical Geometry eJournal - must visit. Numbered triangle centers. e.g. create and use Euklides macros, new constructions etc. Your efforts. Short but noteworthy proofs. How good is YOUR Geometry. Get your ruler and compass out, (or your EUKLIDES!) ..."

crankier Montalk 2003 Sep 20
     ... new age . conspiracy . extraterrestrials . evolution . philosophy . physics . New World Order . religion ...
"It is the intent of this site to present viewpoints and ideas that push the boundaries of fringe knowledge. Hopefully, this helps you become aware of new choices and better utilize your freewill. Whether your path is to serve yourself or serve others, knowledge assures that choices are made in full awareness and lessons are gained with full efficiency. Here you will find original articles devoted to fringe topics. To put it simply, material on this site has three themes: what's out there, how to get out there, and how to defend against those who try to keep you back."

cranky What is and what will be: Integrating spirituality and science 2003 Sep 20
     ... metaphysics . philosophy . mathematics . science . spiritualism . new age ...
"What is and what will be integrates spirituality and science by making the simplest possible assumptions about the relationship between conscious experience and physical structure. These assumptions have their roots in mathematical and scientific understanding and have implications for those disciplines. The assumptions come from pushing science an mathematics to their limits creating an opening for connecting the structure of science with the essence of spirituality."

illucid Symmetry Forms the Basis of Mathematical Truth 2003 Aug 03
     ... mathematics . philosophy ...
"The laws of nature are explained in terms of symmetry. The completed infinities, mathematician Georg Cantor's infinite sets, could be explained as cardinal identities, akin to 'qualia' from which finite subsets, and elements of subsets, can be derived. Completed infinities, called 'alephs' are distributive in nature, similar to the way that a set of 'red' objects has the distributive property of redness. Predicates like 'red' are numbers in the sense that they interact algebraically according to the laws of Boolean algebra. Take one object away from the set of red objects and the distributive number 'red' still describes the set. The distributive identity 'natural number' or 'real number' describes an entire collection of individual objects."

crankier The Origin of Mind and Consciousness 2003 Jun 19
     ... consciousness . philosophy ...
"CAN YOU BE CONSCIOUS OF SOMETHING OUTSIDE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS? No. If you are conscious of something, it means it is inside your consciousness. So, everything you perceive ' outside ' is in fact INSIDE your mind. Only a perception. The whole universe you perceive now is this perception, the ' shape ' of your consciousness now. Hence the right science for reality is not Physics but a science of consciousness. Such a science exists since 1985. ... This is why, today, it is irrational and unscientific to believe in a real material universe, in a multitude of minds, and to believe that mind comes from matter."

crankier Metaphysics, Geometry, Universal Law, Theory of Consciousness 2003 Mar 10
     ... metaphysics . philosophy . mathematics . consciousness ...
"My interest in geometry is often from a metaphysical perspective. In this section you will find papers on basic 2 dimensional geometry, and detailed analyses of some well-known polyhedra. I try to use only the most basic geometric tools, namely, the Pythagorean theorem and well-known Euclidian theorems. I try to avoid trig unless specifically looking at central and surface angles, because the ancients didn't use it, at least to my knowledge. ... I define metaphysics as that subject which investigates universal law and which can be applied beneficially to daily life. I believe that if metaphysical concepts are too abstruse, they are worthless. These essays are not an explication of standard metaphysics. You will not find here any 'critiques of pure reason' or any metaphysical buzzwords like 'ontological' or 'non-deterministic'. I will leave these to the standard metaphysicists!"

cranky 2002 Aug 10
     ... philosophy . metaphysics . consciousness . physics ...
"I am a physicist who, as a physicist, has investigated some unusual fields like psychology and one of its recent daughters, the craft of psychological astrology, and found some indication for what might be new laws in culture and possibly even in physics. I have formulated these indications in the form of scientific hypotheses. These hypotheses may be unusual, they may even superficially appear to violate existing physical laws, but as far as I can tell as a physicist, their content has not been tested specifically enough to exclude them, i.e. the hypotheses have essentially to be tested in new experiments. For that purpose they have been carefully crafted to be both simple and specific enough to be experimentally verifiable or falsifiable in an exact, quantitative way. Being a physicist, I will go by what nature answers, by nothing else, even if I might personally prefer that some hypotheses might turn out to be true."

illucid Congregation of the Constable 2002 Apr 03
     ... mathematics . religion . philosophy . psychology ...
"Gerald 'The Constable' Hawkins lives in a world increasingly controlled through the power of his mind: his fears, his emotions, and his imagination. Everything written here is true ... every event herein depicted actually happened as much as anything has ever happened. This is a document."

fringe 2002 Feb 26
     ... religion . metaphysics . philosophy ...
"The California Institute of Omniology holds as fact that all theories of Origins, lacking empirical verification, are metaphysical and religious in nature. Therefore, they require and deserve equal examination, evaluation, and, critical review in the spirit of true academic freedom in science. The California Institute of Omniology also holds to the fact that educators and students alike are biased towards one view or another of Origins and other fields of science. In a free society high standards of academic freedom include the expectation that students are to be taught 'how' to think for themselves, not 'what' they should think. Therefore, we support a students 'Right To Know' an instructor's academic background, religious beliefs, and philosophical discipline. This information could be essential in understanding and evaluating instructor's teachings on any given subject."

illucid The Philosopher's Stone 2002 Feb 26
     ... spiritualism . philosophy . new age ...
"One is all ..."

cranky Return to Socrates 2001 Oct 05
     ... mathematics . philosophy ...
"The content of this site is inspired by Socrates, the wisest of the mortals and gods ever. I worship no gods here, nor do I worship humans. I only draw your attention to Socrates' dialectical method: Everything is a unity of two opposites. At the very beginning of the end there is the very end of the beginning: Infinite and Nothingness. Expansion created by the Big-Bang followed by Implosion created by the Big-Crunch and so on for ever and never. If A is legitimate, non-A must have legitimacy as well. For there is no logical foundation for the expression only A is legitimate; or, only Opposite-A is legitimate. I synthesize these statements in the Fundamental Formula of Philosophy (FF0): Creation = Destruction ..."

links WebRing: Theory of Everything 2001 Oct 05
     ... grand unification . philosophy ...
"The ring for Theory of Everything in Physics and Philosophy. Talking about the fundamental level of nature, mechanisms, models and cosmology. Grand Unification Theory in alternative physics. Not recommended for metaphysics."

cranky Origins 2001 May 11
     ... religion . Intelligent Design . philosophy . origins ...
"This site features scholarly and popular resources concerning intelligent design and philosophical theism."

crankiest QUFD: Einstein's Legacy! 2001 Mar 03
     ... grand unification . quantum mechanics . philosophy . consciousness . new age . religion ...
"Using existing and known textbook science and principles, QUFD presents a never-before-seen philosophical formulation and incorporeal context for Albert Einstein's long-sought-after Unified Field Theory of the quantum forces. Bringing together science and quantum incorporeality thusly allows the dynamics and realities of consciousness, sentience, everyday human life and all that is extant in the universe to be readily and simply explained using those known facts of human science and history."

cranky Causality, Measurement and Space 2000 Dec 30
     ... physics . relativity . quantum mechanics . philosophy ...
"The eclipse of causality in 20th Century thought is one of the leading characteristics of this Dim Age. A revolt against causality began with influential 18th Century philosophers, notably Hume and Kant. The revolt grew throughout the 19th Century and, in the late 19th and early 20th Century it reached physics, where it gave rise to the two central theories of 20th Century physics: relativity and quantum mechanics. This may raise some hackles; for while quantum mechanics' disdain for causality is not the least controversial, relativity is usually regarded as a causal theory, a haven of sanity compared to quantum mechanics. Unlike quantum mechanickers, relativists don't crusade against causality; indeed, they occasionally appeal to it. Relativity's sins against causality are more subtle, but no less devastating."

illucid Brunardot's Reality: A Paradigm Shift 2000 Oct 07
     ... new age . astronomy . philosophy ...
"There is one Universe. It is perpetual, in equilibrium; and, a manifestation of the ... Unified Concept; also, Science, Theology, and Philosophy are a single discipline, which proclaims the perpetuity and nexus of Life; such is ... Conceptualism."

fringe The Ayn Rand Institute 2000 Aug 05
     ... philosophy . metaphysics . megalomaniacs ...
"... is the center for the advancement of Objectivism, Ayn Rand's philosophy of reason, egoism, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism. ... ARI's programs are based on the Objectivist tenet that ideas are the motor of history. As Ayn Rand stated in a 'Message from the Author' appended to an early paperback edition of Atlas Shrugged:"

illucid The Expression of Enlightenment Attained by the Prophets 2000 May 16
     ... philosophy . spiritualism ...
"The Enlightenment that all the prophets attained was based on the perception of the Truth that exists in the Universe, and the expression of it is the expression of the mind that goes beyond the limits of time and regions. When religions take shape out of the perceptions of the prophets, the expressions of the formulators of these religions influence these religions to such and extent that they become time-based expressions. Though wisdom is inherently part of the Truth, it disappears from religions when importance is given to faiths preached by them. As there had not been any system to express the intellectual, emotional, and psychological aspects of the mind reached by the prophets, these religions got highly subjected to mentalities. Consequently they began to split into several factions, and these factions competed with each other in establishing their versions of spirituality. Even God is not exempted from this. From ancient times onwards God has been subjected to wildest fancies."

cranky Pages of Philip Mintz 2000 May 13
     ... science . thermodynamics . quantum mechanics . philosophy . biology . psychology . chemistry . nuclear physics ...
"Essays on science: The building blocks of matter ... Thermodynamics: What makes machines run ... Optics: The two-slit experiment ... The philosophy of science: A suggested explanation of everything ... Biology: How senses work ... Chemistry: The what, how, and why of everything ... Nuclear energy: An explanation for the curious about a mysterious phenomenon ..."

crankiest Mothership 2000 May 05
     ... UFOlogy . Area 51 . paranormal . philosophy ...
"Aliens on Earth ... UFOs/Alien life ... Paranormal phenomena ... Area 51 ... Psychology ... Philosophy ... Exploration ... Borderlands ..."

fringe The Animate and the Inanimate 2000 Apr 26
     ... science . philosophy . thermodynamics ...
"This work sets forth a theory which is speculative in nature, there being no verifying experiments. It is based on the idea of the reversibility of everything in time; that is, that every type of process has its time-image, a corresponding process which is its exact reverse with respect to time. This accounts for all physical laws but one, namely, the second law of thermodynamics. This law has been found in the nineteenth century to be a source of a great deal of difficulty. The eminent physicist, Clerk-Maxwell, in the middle of the nineteenth century, while giving a proof of that law, admitted that reversals are possible by imagining a 'sorting demon' who could sort out the smaller particles, and separate the slower ones from the faster ones. This second law of thermodynamics brought in the idea of energy-level, of unavailable energy (or 'entropy' as it was called by Clausius) which was constantly increasing."

fringe hyperlackofspace 2000 Apr 10
     ... science . philosophy ...
"Welcome to hyperlackofspace, the website for science and philosophy. hat you can expect from this site: ... a place for your theories: science or philosophy ..."

cranky Sympathetic Vibratory Physics 2000 Apr 10
     ... science . physics . philosophy . new age ...
"This wholistic [sic] merging of science, music, art and philosophy is based on the idea that everything in the universe vibrates. Therefore the connecting link between all that there is is vibration. By studying the physics of vibration we will be enabled to see beyond material matter (effects) and into the very nature of the causative Forces of Nature operating by immutable Universal Laws. Aspects and dynamics of sound and vibration have been well organized and developed as and in music. It has been predicted by Rudolph Steiner in 1913 that the science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations ..."

cranky Human Artificial Intelligence 2000 Feb 09
     ... psychology . artificial intelligence . philosophy ...
"ew integrated psychological theory explaining human thinking principles for AI. Building basics for any simulation of artificial intelligence as a real autonomous human entity. ... I think the content will especially attract an intelligent computer systems analysts, psychology and psychiatric scientists, as well as serious AI philosophy fans."

crankiest EBTX 2000 Feb 05
     ... philosophy . sociology ...
"The nature of existence ... THe nature of Man ... Proper government ... The elements of art ... Earth Minimal Aux-Language ..."

cranky Henry Flynt, "Philosophy" 2000 Jan 24
     ... philosophy . mathematics . psychology . sociology ...
"The flaws underlying beliefs ... How substantial is non-actual possibility? ... Refutation of arithmetic ... That 1 = 2 ... The disintegration of possibility ... Personhood theory: A sketch ... Depth psychology as a post-scientific modality ... Escaping 'social' reality: Principles of a higher civilization ... The legal legitimacy of sovereignty ... My new concept of general acognitive culture ..."

cranky Theosophy Library Online 1999 Sep 30
     ... philosophy . new age ...
"The next impulse will find a numerous and united body of people ready to welcome the new torch-bearer of Truth. He will find the minds of men prepared for his message, a language ready for him in which to clothe the new truths he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival, which will remove the merely mechanical, material obstacles and difficulties from his path. Think how much one, to whom such an opportunity is given, could accomplish."

cranky Smart1234's Homepage 1999 May 27
     ... science . nuclear physics . antigravity . religion . philosophy ...
"The New Atomic Testament ... Anti-Gravity ... Religion and Philosophy ..."

cranky Raissa Research: The Path 1999 May 27
     ... science . physics . philosophy . metaphysics . new age ...
"Raissa Publishing is dedicated to exploring the unlimited potential of the human spirit, without restriction. Combining the sciences of physics and metaphysics, Raissa continues research to expand our knowledge and understanding of the nature of our reality and our relationship to it."

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