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cranky Alien Hunter 2003 Mar 10
     ... UFOlogy . Area 51 . alien abductions . alien implants ...
"Derrel Sims, Alien HunterTM is a Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Board Certified Hypnotic Anaesthesiologist who teaches seminars, workshops, and speaks at conferences worldwide on these subjects as well as being one of the top UFO Investigators in ufology. His expertise in all of these areas, and the fact that he was an abductee until age 17 is why he stands out above the rest in the quest to unveil the hidden agendas behind alien abductions and alien implants."

illucid Alien Intervention on Earth 2001 Nov 18
     ... extraterrestrials . conspiracy . science fiction . alien implants ...
"This is an allegory about the alien intervention on Earth, where the two alien groups that operate with characters living in the terrestrial society masquerading as terrestrial humans were euphemistically called 'the Confederates of Nirvana' and 'the Consortium of Animals from Dragonia.' It presents details about the principles of alien teleportation, how and why alien clones are used on Earth, the alien technique of human mimicry used to operate on the 'jungle Earth', and the rules of the secret alien war between these two groups on the surface of Earth. Terrestrial countries are ironically designated as 'tribes' in order to consider the alien point-of-view. In some chapters, terrestrial concepts as diverse as money, fallen angels, angelic beings or pristine conception are given a new treatment. A down-to-Earth approach establishes a connection between the choices of your personal life and which alien characters already inserted in your social circle of relationships in the terrestrial society you're going to attract, as well as the consequences of this attraction : an alien crystal or an alien implant inside your head."

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