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cranky The Faster Than Light Site! 2003 Mar 10
     ... faster than light ...
"Towards a basic understanding of faster than light (superluminal) communications ... Back to basics -- why some fundamental ideas need to be re-examined ... Do we really have the technology to make FTL Communications work? ... What does it all mean? ... How to build a FTL Radio ..."

fringe Faster than Light Physics 2002 Aug 17
     ... faster than light ...
"Faster than light processes have been condemned and restricted to [the] sci-fi domain. However, new research is demonstrating that travelling at warp speed is no more a matter of fantasy but a reachable reality for the new millennium. Please join us in our effort to unveil the truth."

anti Tachyon Theory 2002 Aug 10
     ... physics . faster than light ...
"To send a message faster than light using tachyons, we would have to encode the message on a localised tachyon field, and then send it off at superluminal speed. But this is impossible as local tachyon disturbances are subluminal, and superluminal tachyon disturbances cannot be localised."

crankiest Spaceman's Space 2002 Feb 26
     ... space exploration . science fiction . faster than light . time travel ...
Totally incoherent.

cranky Faster Than a Speeding Light 2002 Feb 26
     ... faster than light . electromagnetism ...
"Is it necessary that the speed of light limit our communications? Are there other star-systems awaiting our contact? Is the SETI program realistic in using transverse or electromagnetic (radio) waves, which are light-speed limited? Why search microwave frequencies for distant life when the detected human biological frequencies are in the ELF spectrum? Are there alternatives which offer possible answers to the above questions? Yes! Join me as I unfold evidence for a new direction in communications technology; I will present some easy to construct circuits for you to begin listening to the galaxy. There is a possibility that in our own neighborhood of the galaxy there are other creative beings searching, imagining or wondering who else might be out there in the cosmos. Anyone for extreme DX? What amazing changes I have seen in the realm of amateur radio since the 'ham bug' first struck about forty years ago! Communications technologies are continually changing, each month's magazine issue and each new equipment catalog show this. Can any of us possibly guess what our communications technology might reveal in the next forty or so years? It is clear that our imagination unfolds in many unexpected directions. What new and unlikely challenges await our experimentation for the technologies of our grandchildren?"

cranky The Physics of Negative Mass Tachyons 2000 Aug 05
     ... particle physics . faster than light . grand unification ...
"This Web page provides a summary derivation of the first and only theoretical tachyon model to agree with experiment. No other tachyon model, to date, has produced agreement with experiment. It is a unified model that produces agreement with experiment for the electron, the proton, the neutron, the light nuclei, and the mesons."

anti Trick of the light 2000 Aug 05
     ... quantum mechanics . relativity . faster than light . electromagnetism ...
"Scientists broke the speed of light -- or so we were told. Did the press keep us in the dark, or was it the scientists?" A very calm and sedate look at the recent claims of faster-than-light travel achieved with pulses of light.

cranky Star Drive 1999 Nov 25
     ... technology . propulsion . star drives . extraterrestrials . faster than light ...
"Rapid and practical interstellar travel is possible. Humans may not need to spend long periods in space. And there's plenty of evidence out there that we are not alone."

cranky Curt Renshaw's Physics Homepage 1999 May 27
     ... relativity . star drives . faster than light ...
"A comprehensive analysis under radiation continuum model of the famous twin paradox demonstrates that time dilation is an illusion, while the slowing of clocks in motion remains valid. RCM theory lifts the theoretical relativistic constraints on velocities, thus allowing the plausibility of instantaneous communication over great distances and space travel at speeds reaching or exceeding c."

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