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illucid The Story of Everything: The Descent from Symmetry to Insanity 2005 May 04
     ... space exploration . Martians . religion . mathematics ...
"Put aside what you think you know. Imagine for a moment that for your entire life, you have heard not the simple truth, but a carefully crafted tale. Your whole understanding of history is based on that fabrication, and it is just the latest version of a lie that has been told for generations. You continually see the clues, because like any lie, there are countless loose ends and absurdities that become obvious to anyone who opens their eyes and wonders why ..."

crankiest Why Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-107 Collapsed 2003 May 22
     ... space exploration . grand unification ...
"The world witnessed a disaster in the human endeavor to conquer space. The space shuttle Columbia is gone taking with it seven lives. I am sure there will be lot of post mortem fixing the cause and further pursuing the endeavor, burning a lot of resources, which otherwise could have been diverted to the well being of humanity. Without digging into the explanation of the experts let me share a possible cause from a new foundation to science I developed that brings the relationship and oneness of nature. A theory that tells me that such disasters are bound to increase in number and magnitude affecting a wide range of human activities dealing with gravity."

crankiest Spaceman's Space 2002 Feb 26
     ... space exploration . science fiction . faster than light . time travel ...
Totally incoherent.

illucid This is a NASA "Mole Free Zone" 2001 May 28
     ... space exploration . conspiracy ...
"Some of the do-not-post-what-you-think cult (moles) are not so easily amused when you don't agree with them, and especially when you can't get down to their level of insults ... Moon (life supporting habitation) ... This is my imagination in serious overload (please send help) ... The 'GUTH Venus' discovery: Check this out; this is simply no lie, and as real as it ever gets. I believe NASA is not at all pleased that I was the first to uncover this discovery. ... With regard to Venus; what is going wrong with NASA? ... What are dimensions of structures? How might these structures function? Why are NASA & NASA moles objecting? What efforts are being made to contact this site? What is night (120 Earth days) surface temperature? What are deep underground temperatures? Is it possible that another site exist at 180 degrees W/E? Do you have better software that could improve this image?"

crankiest The Betrayal of Mission 51-L 2001 Mar 10
     ... space exploration . conspiracy ...
"Did you know that weeks before the Challenger disaster occurred, former Lockheed engineer John Maxson warned Senator Charles Grassley about it? ... Are you aware of the extensive evidence which shows that the Rogers Commission and NASA executed a coverup of Challenger's true cause? ... Have you ever wondered what really happened to space shuttle Challenger during Mission 51-L?"

cranky Moon Estates 2000 Sep 15
     ... space exploration ...
"Here at you can purchase right now, on line, your very own piece of land on the Moon. In the very near future, we will also sell land on Mars, Venus, and Jupiter's Moon, Io." You too can own a worthless certificate declaring nothing. While you're at it, want to buy a star?

cranky The Lunar Anomalies Homepage 2000 Jun 23
     ... extraterrestrials . astronomy . space exploration . Martians ...
"The Tom Corbett lunar pyramid ... Lunar anomalies, tetrahedral model of Cydonia, hyperdimensional physics and exploded planet hypothesis ... Visit the Alien Zoo! ... Crisium Bridge is falling down! ... 'Roman city' in Kepler? ... Ancient Moon map discovered ... '12th planet' discovered? ..."

cranky Face on Mars -- We Must Go 2000 May 13
     ... extraterrestrials . Martians . space exploration ...
"... is a no-ties web project aimed at increasing public knowledge of the anomalies present at 40.8° N, 9.6° W on Mars. We wish thereby to heighten the pressure on NASA to provide more and better photographs and other scientific data from the area and to eventually launch a manned mission there."

anti Ask the Space Scientist 1999 Aug 28
     ... astronomy . space exploration . skepticism ...
"... makes a space scientist available to answer general questions from the public, and archives all of the questions and answers that have been asked so far."

fringe Project Greenglow 1999 Jun 29
     ... gravitation . space exploration ...
"... a speculative research programme in the realm of gravitational physics with the aim of initiating some new areas of research and priming technology development, with the hope that subsequent implementation, could lead to significant advances in the aerospace industry."

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