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cranky Mysteries Magazine 2003 Sep 20
     ... mysteries . new age . periodicals ...
"If you have a voracious appetite for stories of lost treasure, are fascinated by the occult, or savor tales of the unexplained, Mysteries Magazine is for you. More than just another New Age journal, Mysteries Magazine is a factual, thought-provoking, in-depth look into the myths, the occult, and the paranormal-as well as the mysteries which have intrigued both historians and scientists from the beginning of time."

cranky Mysteries of the Unknown 2002 Oct 04
     ... mysteries . Atlantis . Egyptology . UFOlogy ...
A variety of essays on a variety of topics.

links Ultimate Webpage List of Anomaly Hunters 2002 Feb 25
     ... mysteries . paranormal ...
A monumental list of links to "anomaly hunters."

cranky Bert Janssen 2002 Jan 21
     ... crop circles . mysteries ...
"There is a lot of discussion going on about crop circles. Many people think the crop formations are just a joke. They think that hoaxers going around with stomper boards make all the crop circles. Then there is a group who is convinced that at least part of the circles are a phenomenon that cannot be explained. Not with the knowledge we have right now. And of course there are people who simply don't know what to think of the patterns. Bert Janssen read in the late 80's for the first time about crop circles and he definitively belonged to the first group. He was convinced that everything was a hoax. Then in 1994 Bert had a strange encounter with a crop circle in Holland. From that moment on Bert got more interested in the circles. Now, after many years of 'research', he definitively belongs to the second group. He is convinced we are dealing with a true phenomenon. In the following sections you can find out why this is so."

cranky Mystery Magazine 2001 Dec 01
     ... mysteries . periodicals ...
"Discovering Fortean mysteries of the United Kingdom and beyond!"

cranky Labyrinithia 2001 Oct 09
     ... paranormal . new age . mysteries . hollow Earth ...
"We invite you to meander awhile through the pages of Labyrinthina for Labyrinths, Ancient Mysteries & Prophecies, Sacred Andean Sites & Machu Picchu, Ley Lines & Dowsing Earth Energies, the Hollow Earth, OVNI's, Goddess Lore, and our Annual Journey to Peru!"

links Mysteries Megasite 2001 Mar 04
     ... resources . mysteries ...
"The biggest mysteries measite on the planet Earth!"

cranky The Noise Room 2000 Jul 19
     ... mysticism . paranormal . mysteries ...
"This Web site is dedicated to bringing you all of the news and information on modern mysteries, ancient history and the new research."

illucid Home Page by Sam Sloan 2000 Mar 11
     ... mysteries ...
"Icelandic girls on Wall Street ... Jerry Jones examines the issue of big boobs ... John McCain, the next President of the United States! ... Dirty Dancing is one of the all-time great movies ... Miss America now sells hot dogs on New York City streets ... My mother pleads with her family to stop their harassment ... Is it possible that I am related to John Sloan, the famous artist? ... It is perfectly obvious how Kennedy was really shot! ... Here are all 150 Pokémon monsters and their trainers ... I have now learned Java ... Is Sam Sloan the 'black sheep' of his family as some relatives say he is? ... Controversy has erupted in the Kasparov vs. rest of the world match ... Melissa -- why do mothers give their daughters this name? ... Was there really an Adam and Eve? ... Kalasha vocabulary and possible relationship with Greek ... Easter Island, one of the great undiscovered mysteries of the world ... Is Chelsea Clinton really Bill Clinton's daughter? ... Victoria's Secret fashion show ..."

cranky The Mysteries 1999 May 27
     ... archaeology . astronomy . extraterrestrials . religion . mysteries ...
"The subject of my book is the relationship between the Holy Grail and archae-astronomy."

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