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crankier Tony's Home Page 2005 Dec 23
     ... particle physics . apocalypse . politics . quantum mechanics . paranoia ...
"My book was banned by Cornell ... VoDou Physics ... ET? ... NO ET? ... 2012 ... Oil and Kittens ... Divine Justice 2000: Gore's loss to Bush ... Quantum Consciousness ... Compton Radius Vortex ... Conformal Gravity ... 130 GeV Truth Quark ..."

crankiest Factum Non Fabula 2005 Dec 06
     ... psychology . paranoia ...
"Hello! My name is Mikko (Michael) Juhani (John) Jack. I am Julie Elizabeth Andrews' (Wells) firstborn son. Are you surprised? Well, as one poster of her movies says: 'The whole of Paris was talking about her, but they knew half of the story.' This is the controversial story of secret bloodlines, public hints and hidden relics. I don't know what's the final truth, but you are welcome to search it with me. ..."

crankier 2005 Dec 06
     ... paranoia . psychology ...
"Canada's malicious army of police aggressors ... For over five years the police lie of having a case on me. This website demonstrates the contrary. Stephen J. Tanner (City Chief) and Darlene Easton-Sills (O.P.P. aunt) are leading officers of this just cause. An unrighteous cause sustained with billions of dollars in funding from the Canadian Government taxpayers. Stephen and Darlene's motives are for reasons of jealous hatred, total domination and manipulations. For this no proof no case is based on slanderous lies of child porn and drug trafficking. Police business is an unmonitored cash business. Allowing conspiracies, scams and fraud acted upon by a ruthless underground police mafia. Accumulated with Military, RCMP, CSIS, O.P.P., City Police, FBI and CIA."

crankiest Long County, Georgia 2005 Oct 07
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"Who really runs our government? the occult ... And Who Really Covers for them? Let's talk about The Local Media. ... Bush & Kerry Members of the Occult Skull & Bones ... What the Media Hides From You ... Ritual Murders Hidden From Public ..."

crankier Joy of Satan 2005 Jul 02
     ... satanism . hate mongers . paranoia . Nibiru . extraterrestrials ...
"To enlighten the public to the truth concerning Spiritual Satanism and to work with those who are interested in and working on establishing a relationship with Satan. Our goal is to educate humanity in the ancient ways. Much knowledge has been destroyed and lost which has caused humanity as a whole to degenerate spiritually, to the detriment of us all. We work with people on the Left hand Path so they can advance, evolve and lead happier and more fulfilling lives through Satan."

illucid Resistance Manifesto 2005 Jul 02
     ... paranoia . New World Order . conspiracy . One World Government ...
"Why join The Resistance? 1. Ability to voice your opinion in our online Forums. 2. Receive e-mail updates on The Resistance. 3. Help spread the truth. 4. FIGHT THE NEW WORLD ORDER!"

bizarre Christians Against Mental Slavery 2005 Jul 02
     ... mind control . paranoia ...
"ounded in the UK, we are now an international political pressure group, of bible believing Christians who believe that monitoring or influencing the thoughts of other people technologically, without their continuing, informed consent, should be declared a crime against humanity worldwide. We present well-researched scientific evidence that this sort of interference with people?s minds has already become technologically feasible. We engage in peaceful political action, in an attempt to get such interference outlawed all over the world."

crankier The Revelation @ The Forbidden Knowledge 2005 Jul 02
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . New World Order . satanism ...
"This domain is dedicated to the teaching of knowledge that was hidden from the human race all through history. Your government is poised to inject you with a tracking chip manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions called, 'Veri Chip'. Don't believe me? Click below, I'll prove it to you. ..."

crankiest Vernon Wayne Ball 2005 Feb 12
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . mind control ...
"The reason for this web site is to seek help, from the people of our great nation. In September of 1994, at 2119 Plum Street, Terre Haute, Indiana, this government, through technology with voices, subliminal messages, mind control and telepathy, brainwashed, scrambled my thought pattern and brain teased me, because I would not obey their commands. I was placed into a hypnotic state of being which caused several suicide attempts, incarceration and the loss of my career, as a tree climber. I filed a grievance to George Bush, according to our constitution (article one). He will not confirm, or deny such technology in use, today. So, I'm wondering if anyone else has been victimized by this technology? If you have any information, please contact me. I know there must be many others 'out there' that have suffered, as the result of this technology. If you are one of them, I need some affidavits from you. You will find links to forms to fill out and have notarized below. Working together, we have a much better chance of getting this case into court. I want to get this stopped because what they have done to me with this technology is inhumane. I am looking for some legal experts to help me get this case to court, and to require Mr. Bush to confirm or deny this technology. If you can help me to get this web site out to our nation it would be greatly appreciated. We also need financial support to prepare this case. Any contributions will be appreciated! This technology, and the mind control it causes, are causing a lot of trouble in our country today. When governments force us to do things against our wills that's not freedom. It's a form of slavery! Please help me get this stopped. Any support and help will be appreciated."

crankiest The Watcher Files 2004 Nov 06
     ... extraterrestrials . Reptilians . Nibiru . conspiracy . paranoia . science fiction . New World Order ...
"Exposing human retpilians, aliens, secret government, black projects ... Warning: This site contains an excess of free speech! ... Tearing Down the NWO Strongholds:Neutralizing Towers, Defeating and Stopping Chemtrails, Asphyxiating Aliens ... They Live ... What I find interesting about this 'UN Bio-Diversity map' the restructuring of America is that in every instance I have located an alien base or joint human-alien base, it ended up on this map being found as a red zone. Are they revealing what these red zones really are? Seems like it! ... Sign My Petition to End the Presence of the New World Order in America: Let's Take Our Country Back! ... The Sellout of America - The Companies and Organizations Involved with Joint Alien-Human Bases ... Is Ted Kennedy Shape-shifting? ..."

cranky Upstream Thinking 2004 Feb 26
     ... conspiracy . medicine . paranoia ...
"Noam Chomsky spends his sparetime sifting through various forms of the media and other sources of information (gov't docs, etc.) to find the unreported/misreported/underreported truths of the world. Upstream Thinking is an internet journal registered in Canada that was originally meant emulate Chomsky's ideal...specifically that anyone can get a clearer picture of the world with a little time and motivation. Anyone can affect their communities, their worlds. ... Me vs. the flu vaccine!!! I've recently become involved in just one of the many fights against the pharmaceutical companies...this one is all about being pushed to shoot up. More information on the chemicals in vaccines. My recent letter to the editor, regarding vaccines. Don't get the flu vaccine!!!!"

crankiest Mind Control 2004 Feb 26
     ... mind control . paranoia ...
"Ever been to a dentist, or been in the hospital and had an invasive procedure, if so there is a high probability you have been implanted! Million have been murdered already! Count yourself lucky if you find out, there is a way to neutralize it. The primary enemy are the mass media, who have willingly kept you in the dark as to the millions of Americans that have and are being murdered as we speak, having been implanted and quickly or slowly murdered through disease! Symptoms are further down the page, read everything if you have any doubt, its understood that the main protection against discovery of this massive termination campaign by you 'the public's' that it cannot be believed due to a complete shut down of the press & media that failed to regularly educate you that it there has been a progression of acceleration of terminal experiments."

illucid Dialogs With a Christ 2003 Oct 30
     ... religion . paranoia . megalomaniacs . legal ...
"On this past Tuesday and Wednesday, September 9 & 10, 2003, I represented myself, pro se, in a two-day criminal trial against bogus charges of 'simulation of legal process,' otherwise known as 'Paper Terrorism.' I was found guilty. One court spectator was taking notes for an Internet story purportedly titled 'The Piece, Ray Karczewski Found Guilty by a Brain-Dead Jury'. Sad commentary about a contemporary jury, isn't it? With a 'full court press' by our Federal government towards stripping away our Unalienable and Constitutional Rights in their highly publicized battle against 'terrorism,' our Federal and State governments have successfully morphed into an effective force now being used domestically against law-abiding American citizens who have no ties to terrorist organizations or activities."

crankier Xenphobic Persecution in the UK 2003 Oct 30
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . megalomaniacs ...
"Since June 1990 the British security service MI5 has waged a campaign of harassment against a UK citizen, through the broadcast and print media, verbal abuse at work, and molestation in public and during travel. Despite widespread knowledge of the campaign in the UK and discussion of its characteristics on Usenet for over eight years, it continues today both in Britain and North America. Its cause and basis is xenophobia on the basis of the genetic accident of mental illness, coupled with discrimination against an inferior 'foreigner' whom they condemn as 'not up to British Standards.'"

crankiest The Bare Truth 2003 Oct 30
     ... megalomaniacs . paranoia ...
"Most of you are so brainwashed by your lie-based society what you believe to be the absolute Truth is just total fallacy. Hello. You have had the good fortune of reaching a Seer of Truth. Please note that this web-site is under construction. ... I am Me. Seer Undertaker. I am a tortured victim of society. When I was a toddler and a child, I was abused and beaten. That is all you need to know for now. You humans are often described as sheep. I like to also think of you as Ostrich with your heads buried in the sand. Society is a factory -- but its product is faulty. Being an aspiring Superior, I am often the target of harrassment by Police and social agents. The lie-based brainwashed 'community' often pitches in at the approval of society. I have detailed some of the events in case you wish to read. This is a quick draft, and not complete. I've had Social-Workers etc. with Police try put me out of action."

cranky God Against Us 2003 Jul 24
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . End Times . extraterrestrials . September 11 ...
"Read my weird and unusual take on current End Times events as predicted in the Book of Revelation, including the 9/11 attack and the return of the Messiah. The file is fairly small. Email me below with any comments. This ebook is for public distribution." In text and Microsoft Reader formats.

crankiest The Dark Side of Federal Law Enforcement Agency 2003 Jun 19
     ... paranoia ...
"They play a trick to harass reading by extending the width of page, hiding the scroll bar in right hand out of view. You have to go to right to find the scroll bar. (By using 'left-right moving bar on the bottom) This article contains several pages. (Second notice: They put an extra scroll bar there to cover the original one. So you still have to use left-right bar to find the original one to read whole story. The recent message is about anthrax.) (It gets normal, I still keep the comment in case...) My American nightmare ... New high tech weapons such like radiation material, microwave kill people without trace, leaving death look like heart attack, blood cancer, etc. In 1991, because an acquaintance was arrested for drug smuggling, I was under surveillance by law enforcement agent. They used isotope money as tracer which hurt my health badly. After I complained this I found I was frequently under microwave radiation which cooked my blood, solidified them to form clog, caused severe chest pain. As pressure intensified,I could not bear the torture of EM wave, I went abroad in 1999. There I still was under surveillance of local police. On Mar. 22 2000, attempts of frame me up to a drug case forced me seeking political asylum in Thailand."

crankier 911 Exposed 2003 Mar 11
     ... September 11 . paranoia . politics ...
"... Please understand what we are facing as a nation right now -- and please help spread the news, abeit painful news, to others all over in order for us to eventually overcome this downwardly spiraling state of tyranny and reclaim our Bill of Rights and Freedoms. That's all we want -- to be left alone to live our lives in full and to leave our legacies on a positive note. We don't want your plans for mass roundups, we don't want your concentration camps! The mass media and the government have been lying to you for a long long time; mass mind control for the masses; the 'useless eaters' (according to elite amongst them), or as the globalists do refer to sets of us including and namely our police, the 'useful idiots.' Dear Policemen, proclaimed defenders of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, those statements were made from the elite controllers who are employing the federal government over our local governments as your employer, and they refer to those at your level in their power structure as 'useful idiots'. Should we tolerate such treatment without even any verbal dissent?"

cranky Proper Response to the FBI 2002 Sep 19
     ... paranoia . September 11 ...
"After being contacted by an FBI agent who would not describe what he wanted to question me about, I found it necessary to prepare a full record of the situation. On this site, you can hear actual first contact calls with agents and their 'interview' of me! Below are pictures of the FBI agents and the vehicle they approached in. My suspicions began to be aroused when the FBI insisted they needed to speak to me pertaining to events surrounding the September 11, 2001, incident (their excuse to harass everybody), and that the matter was urgent, but that they could not come to speak to me at night 'because they get off work at 5pm.' It appeared to me at that juncture that the agents wanted to interrogate me in an attempt to twist my words, as they commonly do, so they could have cause to investigate me further. At that point, I implemented counter-intelligence measures to make sure I did not fall into their trap."

cranky Your Tax Dollars aT Work 2002 Jul 26
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . mind control ...
"I am writing an article that is somewhat angry, but I can't help myself. I am angry that my tax dollars are being used, and yours as well, to fund certain projects. I am risking my articles here at this site being pulled for writing this, but I can't stay silent. The projects are under the umbrella of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. These projects are investigations in the techniques of different forms of mind control and how easily 'subjects' can be coerced, drugged, hypnotized, traumatized, or otherwise brought under 'control' and turned into willing workers who believe fully that they are doing a 'good thing' for either their 'country' or their 'family'. I should know. I was a victim of these brutal experiments, and later in life I was an experimenter on others."

cranky Boyd E. Graves vs. The President of the United States 2002 May 27
     ... medicine . paranoia . legal . AIDS ...
"The articles and activists found on this website are dedicated to the immediate independent scientific review of the 1971 Special Virus 'AIDS' Flow Chart discovered by Boyd E. Graves, J.D. in February, 1999. Dr. Graves' research and judicial activism has led the world to an irreversible process of review, accountability, and the ultimate DISMANTLING of the GREATEST MAN MADE DESTRUCTIVE FORCE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, THE 'SPECIAL AIDS VIRUS'. These web archives are dedicated to making Dr. Graves' research discoveries and evidence available to the reading public."

crankiest Postal Inspectors on the Rampage 2002 May 13
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . legal ...
"This web-site is dedicated to all postal workers, past and present, who have been subjected to criminal harassment at the hands of the postal inspectors. Also, if you know of a friend or relative who has made complaints about their employer, the U.S. Postal Service, that you dismissed as crazy, this web-site is also for you. I would suggest that you print this web-site and give this friend or relative a copy, for what they have alleged is NOT crazy. Also, if you are an individual who has personal knowledge of the abuses described on this web-site, I urge you to 'do the right thing' and report what you know to the authorities. At the end of this web-site, I will provide you with a list of addresses and FAX numbers where you should send your complaints, but I should warn you that the postal service is obstructing mail communications relating to this matter and I strongly suggest that you FAX your communications or find some alternate means of delivery."

cranky Big Brother 2002 Apr 21
     ... One World Government . paranoia ...
"This web site is documenting how governments at all levels are taking our freedoms from us and bringing us under control of the governments."

cranky The Alien Jigsaw 2002 Mar 25
     ... UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . alien abductions . paranoia ...
"This is a personally funded project. There are no 'cookies' to track your movements and no advertisements to distract you. What you will find here is credible information pertaining to the subject of ufology and alien contact. This site is divided into four sections: In Defense Of The Truth, Researcher's Articles, Personal Contact & Art Gallery, and The New Men In Black. The end of each section has a resource page which contains names and addresses of organizations, links to other pertinent sites, where to report a sighting, and two on-line bookstores where you can purchase any book on the subjects covered here. The views and opinions expressed on this Web site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of K. Wilson, Puzzle Publishing or The Alien Jigsaw."

cranky Independent Flight 77: Pentagon Event Investigation 2002 Mar 25
     ... September 11 . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"It has occurred to me that my theory has taken a turn toward the 'extreme.' This was not intentional. I merely started out to debunk the French site, a seemingly simple task with the data available. I rejected most of the 'radical' theories out-right, but research has compelled me to look at some very disturbing circumstantial evidence. I still hold a more pro-American viewpoint and at the same time realize the extreme nature of the situation I propose requires the most extreme of measures to be taken only in an emergency as grave as war. This is war-time thinking. This is only a theory. ... So, if Flight 77's transponder was off (and radar/radio contact was lost), then what evidence do we have that it was, in fact Flight 77 that caused the Pentagon event? Questions like this kept me out of the good schools. What is implied is that opportunities for deception will be seized if it serves a purpose. The purpose, to hide a captured airliner with terrorists on board. Unless shown otherwise, we will continue to operate under the assumption that the original theory is accurate, mainly Flight 77 was clandestinely recovered, the terrorists captured and the civilians under a 'witness-protection' program."

crankiest Boycott Brazil 2002 Mar 25
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . mind control ...
"The Torture and Electronic Mind Control of U.S. Citizen John Gregory Lambros, a Native of Minnesota. 2002 PRESS RELEASE (January/February/March) entitled 'WITCH-HUNT?' Will U.S. Federal Judge Robert G. Renner go down in history as a modern equivalent of the judges in the Salem witch trials of the 1690s? AMERICAN ASTROLOGY MAGAZINE predicts COUP D'ETAT in Brazil during January 2002. United States Senators Grassley, Leahy, Kennedy, Biden, Kohl, Feinstein, Feingold, Schumer, Durbin, Cantwell, Edwards, Hatch, Thurmond, Specter, Kyl, DeWine, Sessions, Brownback, and McConnell of the 'COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY,' investigate United States District Court Judge Robert G. Renner and Lambros' torture and extradition from Brazil. Motion to Vacate ALL JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS of Judge Robert G. Renner. CANADA has BANNED ALL BRAZILIAN BEEF IN THE CAN. Lambros asked HORMEL FOODS why they distribute Brazilian CORNED BEEF IN THE CAN. MOTION FOR LEAVE TO FILE SECOND OR SUCCESSIVE MOTION TO VACATE, SET ASIDE OR CORRECT SENTENCE UNDER 28 U.S.C. Section 2255 BY A PRISONER IN FEDERAL CUSTOD, denial by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and rebuttals. Governor Jesse Ventura supports boycott of Brazilian products!"

cranky Spearhead 2002 Feb 26
     ... politics . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"The television industry in Britain is controlled mainly by people who, quite simply, are the enemies of this country. TV is a weapon aimed at the very heart of Britain, its heritage and its interests as surely as the missile system of a hostile foreign power would be aimed at us in time of war. In fact, 'British' television as presently constituted is worth a hundred divisions to any would-be military conqueror."

crankiest Professional Paranoid Home Page 2002 Jan 21
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"This site is visited regularly by military and intelligence community players, often for research (search engine directs and meandering accesses), and often just to see if I am putting up anything they need respond to. The Department of Justice, for example, visited many times in March, and so, I must presume, someone is nervous about something, somewhere (like Oklahoma?). To military and intelligence community visitors, I make a request. Remember your sworn oath to defend and uphold the Constitution. Do not follow orders blindly without question when there is evidence your leaders are corrupt or those orders are in violation of law, covering up crimes by government, or abusing the rights of fellow citizens. The NWO is real, coming to a nation near you soon, and you are its unrelenting and unwitting tools. I thank the many among you who do remember your oath and who have in the past provided helps and tips, etc., which has aided in exposing crimes against the people."

illucid KoreshX98 2001 Dec 01
     ... Usenet kooks . megalomaniacs . paranoia ...
"The purpose of this community is to wage a Waco Holy War against the current government control of Mt. Carmel. It is our intent to raise your awareness concerning the teachings of David Koresh and their implications in this mass murder. We also intend to explore the connections between his teaching and the teachings of Islam involving the Mahdi."

crankiest Public Action, Inc. 2001 Dec 01
     ... September 11 . conspiracy . paranoia . revisionism ...
"Stories of mass murder, both real and imagined, have been used as tools of terror and blackmail. What is truth, what is fiction? Public Action, Inc. supports the open investigation of holocausts 'to bring history into accord with the facts,' in the tradition of historical revisionism. Public Action, Inc. is the publisher of the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum For links to historical revisionists websites that examine the stories of World War II atrocities, please see below. ... There were no 'suicide' pilots on those September 11 jets. The jets were controlled by advanced robotics and remote-control technology, not hijackers. ... Using jet fuel to melt steel is an amazing discovery, really. It is also amazing that until now, no one had been able to get it to work, and that proves the terrorists were not stupid people. ... Did Winston Churchill wear a swastika while giving speeches during World War II? In war time, symbolism is of paramount importance. No national wartime leader would be caught wearing the regalia of the enemy. ..."

crankiest Xenophobic Persecution in the UK 2001 Nov 18
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"Since June 1990 the British security service MI5 has waged a campaign of harassment against a UK citizen, through the broadcast and print media, verbal abuse at work, and molestation in public and during travel. Despite widespread knowledge of the campaign in the UK and discussion of its characteristics on Usenet for over three years, it continues today both in Britain and North America. Its cause and basis is xenophobia on the basis of the genetic accident of mental illness, coupled with discrimination against an inferior 'foreigner' whom they condemn as 'not up to British Standards.'"

crankiest Quadrant Sign Code Exposed 2001 Oct 09
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"Secret mlitary codes discovered hidden in our road signs! The truth can now be told. Embedded in our nation's road sign system is a secret coding designed to target vital sites, facilities and resources for military confiscation during a National Emergency. Though, concealed by the lies of the Department of Transportation for many years, 'Free Indeed Research' has tapped deeply into one of the most clever, and deceptive cover-up operations to come down the pike in years!"

illucid Succubus and Incubus Information Wanted 2001 Oct 09
     ... paranormal . paranoia ...
"I'm scared shitless! Please help me! I am in hiding, all alone, terrified that they will find me! You see, I am being chased by succubi! And they won't stop until I'm dead! I know it sounds crazy, but you must read my terrifying reports. I swear to you, it's all true. And please check out T's messages to experience my frightening attempts to elude the succubi first hand. If you view the proof that I have placed on this site with an open mind, you will have no choice but to believe that these sexual monsters do exist. I have posted news clippings that indicate attacks by succubi! I have provided actual photographs of these demons! And I have even gotten my hands on rare audio interviews with a succubus and a succubus hunter! If any of you have more evidence, I would love to see it. With your help, we can build up this site to warn everyone of this terrible danger!"

cranky The Patriot Caucus 2001 Oct 09
     ... politics . conspiracy . paranoia . New World Order ...
"Find out about sinister conspiratorial cults that have been working since the eighteenth century for world domination. Watch Cults of the New World Order, a video available from Patriot Caucus."

illucid Terrorist Disaster, September 11, 2001 2001 Oct 05
     ... September 11 . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"The following material shows the behavior of the Global Consciousness Project's network of 38 REG devices called 'eggs' placed around the world as they responded during various periods of time surrounding September 11. These eggs generate random data continuously and send it for archiving and analysis to a dedicated server at Princeton University. We analyse the data to determine whether the normally random array of values shows structure correlated with global events. The underlying motivation for this work is to discover whether there is evidence for an anomalous interaction driving the eggs to non-random behavior. In a metaphoric sense, we are looking for evidence of a developing global consciousness that might perceive and react to events with deep meaning. The whole world reeled in disbelief and horror as the news of the terrorist attack and the unspeakable tragedy unfolded. The EGG network registered an unmistakable and profound response."

cranky The Allies of Humanity 2001 Aug 11
     ... extraterrestrials . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"Over twelve years ago, a group of individuals from several different worlds gathered at a discrete location in our solar system near earth for the purpose of observing the alien intervention that is occurring in our world. From their hidden vantage point, they were able to determine the identity, organization and intentions of those visiting our world and monitor the visitors? activities. This group of observers call themselves the 'Allies of Humanity.' This is their report."

cranky Conspiracies and One World Government 2001 Jul 21
     ... conspiracy . economics . paranoia . One World Government ...
"Summary of many true conspiracies on money, One World Government, education, banks, suppressed inventions, energy, wars, globalization, free trade, privatization, the Illuminati, the work force and much more ... Startling conspiracies and facts of the present time. Have we all been distracted and conned into doing the wrong thing? ... Many are suffering without knowing the cause of their suffering. Knowing the cause of current problems will help us to avoid them, and to do something more beneficial. Most are deceived into doing the wrong things. Therefore they are unhappy. However, if they knew what was right, and did it, they would be happy. In addition to explaining what is behind the world system, this report offers great hope and solutions, which many people are not aware of."

illucid Computer Problems? No Way! 2001 Jul 21
     ... economics . UFOlogy . paranoia ...
"Between the 9th to 12th of September 1986 there was a sudden dramatic fall in the Dow Jones Industrial Index of about eight percent or 150 points. This came about a week after a widely reported statement, by 'Supreme Allied Commander', General Rogers, that nuclear weapon attacks could be made against the Muslim in Africa. Later, on and after the 19th of October 1987, there was an even greater major collapse in World economic indices, of almost 35 percent or many hundreds of points. ... In the first strike of market fright, after the threat of nuclear-weapon usage was made: 1. A large commercial passenger plane crashed over Disneyland, California, the traditional home of 'Mickey Mouse' and 2. Very strange things happened near rural military areas in the United States : UFOs killed many large animals, such as cattle and horses! ... It often bears the same characteristics: UFOs are able to enter any air-space, irrespective of military aircraft or missile attacks. Then the UFOs descend over animals, to perform hideously grotesque surgical operations! Over 60 000 livestock have been killed in this way by UFOs in North America since about 1975, despite a massive News' cover-up. Could these horribly gruesome operations be implied messages, of the types of things, Intelligences of the UFOs, do to Nuclear Nazi activities, such as those threatened by World Government in September 1986?"

cranky The Incredible Bayside Prophecies 2001 Jul 21
     ... prophecy . paranoia ...
Someone is excessively paranoid about Israel.

cranky Sumeria: Politics History 2001 Jul 21
     ... politics . paranoia . history ...
Politics being basically a euphemism to describe the damage done by a collection of sick power freaks, I'm not going to waste time going into detail. Here's the stuff roughly sorted into categories.

cranky The Christian Gallery 2001 Jun 17
     ... religion . hate mongers . paranoia ...
"The Nuremberg Files are a sign of the judgement that awaits baby butchers! ... Smuggled abortion pictures show why legalized abortion is evil! ..."

crankiest Common Law 2001 May 28
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"The British legal system of mixed common and Roman law has been used to enslave US(A) ... The following brief is believed to have been presented to a Grand Jury in the State of California circa 1982 in an attempt to correct judicial abuse of people involved in patriot and income tax protest movements. Many people were being incarcerated as political prisoners of what is apparently a 'shadow government' now in control of the USA. These patriots were attempting to educate as many of the general public as would hear their message. Unfortunately, short-sighted self-interest and apathy seem to have prevailed. ... This narrative is based upon the American system, however, for Canadian readers, the American system of government and the Canadian system, are but 'slips', or more appropriately 'suckers' off the same plant, the British limited monarchy. Most of the following is, therefore, also directly applicable to the Canadian dilemma."

crankiest UND...isaster 2001 May 28
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . megalomaniacs ...
"Before you enroll in the University of North Dakota, read this Web page ... Larry entered UND with high hopes, in late August of 1998, but quickly discovered that professors can be just as deceitful and vicious as gangbangers. He'd spent 30 years searching for what is real because he believed that, by exposing that reality, he could make a positive difference. He had altered his very existence to devise a Revolutionary Theory of Human Sexuality and he had risked his life to obtain documentation for a master's thesis which exposed so much political corruption that St. Cloud State University had refused to publish it until he removed 200 pages of rock-solid documentation and blackened out all names of people and places in the remaining text. He hoped to devote the same energy to exposing, in his doctoral dissertation, what is really wrong with the American educational system. It would seem that Professors would be accepting of such a dedicated student but that was far from being the case."

cranky Conspiracy Chronicles 2001 May 28
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"This is the start page for Conspiracy Chronicles, a free web published newsletter about conspiracies in the world today. Please BooK-MarK this page and enter the newsletter from here so your visit is counted below thanks! go ahed and click the title above to enter the site. ... Because of the current global situation, we will be focusing on the possibility of an up and coming World War. We hope our first issue will become known as one of the first to predict WWIII."

parody Citizens United Against Football 2001 May 11
     ... paranoia ...
"Why football? Because football kills our children. To the uninformed this may come as a surprise. After all, what could be more innocious then a little football game between kids? But statistics prove that football is a killer sport. The National Federation of State High School Associations made public in 1999 that 15 high school football players died during regular season and playoff games in that year. Fifteen lives sacrificed to the altar of the pigskin! But this revelation is not all: this number is equal to deaths caused by school shootings, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National School Safety Center for two different school years. To our children, there is no difference. The pigskin or the gun, we are killing them in the name of society's morals. And it has to be stopped at all costs. The football death lobby is killing our children."

cranky ChildCare Action Project 2001 Mar 20
     ... religion . paranoia ...
"Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP) is dedicated to investigating and reporting on the impact of the American culture on the integrity, self respect, and coping skills of youth, and inherently on family unity and values. The CAP system uses the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ as the standards for conducting investigations." Not surprisingly, they don't like much.

cranky Bible Believers 2001 Mar 03
     ... religion . conspiracy . paranoia . secret societies ...
"The Jesuits are the Great Zionists. They control all of the historical High Zionists -- Theodor Herzl, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir. Zionism is a Masonic term, coined by the Jesuits ... it's Roman Catholics in control, Knights in control of the FBI ... the Devil raised up Ignatius Loyola with his demonisms, his 'spiritual exercises' and -- because Loyola had been a member of the Spanish Alumbrados, which is what we call the Illuminati ..."

crankiest Alien Race Conspiracy 2001 Mar 03
     ... extraterrestrials . conspiracy . politics . paranoia ...
"The 'Alien Agency' and the 'Alien Race' has infiltrated, and taken control of the United States and its cultural institutions. The 'race' has implemented a policy of KILLING Americans(human beings) and replacing them with aliens. These aliens are either revived dead humans with facial modifications, alien changlings', or the actual human assimilated into the 'Alien Race.' Assimilation is via brain modification along with organ and tissue genetic re-coding (they essentially become aliens in every sense of the word). The technology utilized by the 'Alien Agency' is orders of magnitude advanced of human technology. The cause of this large technology gap is the 'iron fist' control of information and distribution of scientific Information."

illucid Is Yugoslavia Being Depopulated In Order For Aliens To Settle There? 2001 Mar 03
     ... paranoia . UFOlogy . Roswell incident . extraterrestrials ...
"The following is my attempt to pull together four tangled threads and weave a tapestry that may or may not be the full story. I have no proof that the conclusions I am drawing are accurate, I am only putting out information that has come my way. Information that I believe to be true. The Four Puzzle Pieces: ... 1. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base ... 2. Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia and Yugoslavia ... 3. The Hale-Bopp Comet ... 4. The UFO Crash at Roswell, NM .."

crankiest Government Mind Control 2001 Feb 26
     ... mind control . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"Hundreds of people in the US and Europe claim their government is experimenting on them using electromagnetic and neurological devices. This is a concerted effort of all technologically advanced countries to ultimately gain total control of every person on earth. The evidence presented herein speaks for itself. However, I wish to testify also, as a victim and eye-witness to the atrocities visited upon selected human targets by these 'secret' technologies."

parody Circling the Square 2001 Jan 21
     ... conspiracy . End Times . paranoia . politics . hoaxes ...
"We are a righteous knee in the groin of disinformation, fingers of Truth gouging deeply into the bloodshot eyes of deception. We delve into the deepest, darkest corners of the media; skulk through hideous movie sequels; probe paranoid publications and saucer-nut screeds. More often than not, we find hideous secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know. And we bring them to you, in the comfort of your own home. Because even in these, the End Times, it's all about comfort."

crankiest Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse 2001 Jan 14
     ... mind control . paranoia ...
"For the first time in history, one human being, from hiding, at a distance, can control the thoughts and actions of another, by way of undetectable hypnosis, using still-classified electronic technology. These devices have totally disabled the world's justice systems. Those who have them use them without any fear of being caught or being prosecuted. Those charged with public safety consistently refuse to investigate, labelling all who complain as 'crazy'. That is what this site attempts to combat."

cranky Freemasonry proven to be occultic! 2000 Dec 30
     ... conspiracy . satanism . paranoia . secret societies . occult ...
"We prove that Freemasonry is occultic, Satanic, from their own writings! We will show you what one Freemasonry Publishing House recommends that their members read and study. We will also prove from this recommended reading list that Freemasonry admits that it comes from the Satanic Knights Templars!"

cranky The Cutting Edge 2000 Dec 16
     ... religion . paranoia . politics . New World Order ...
"We believe our site represents the most complete, concise and comprehensive source of information available which deals with the Biblical prophecy of the New World Order. Our Christian organization is a fundamental independent Baptist Church outreach ministry. We are dedicated to the Scriptures as the only revelation of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Whether you're a fundamental Christian who already has knowledge of the New World Order, and who is seeking a greater understanding of how current events are affecting our daily lives, or someone who is seeking some basic answers, we know you'll find what you are seeking in our carefully organized and presented material."

parody Great Parents 2000 Dec 03
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . hate mongers ...
"Living in a world upside down. 1. The decade of the woman, and their leaders, oversee the greatest explosion of child abuse and molestation in history. Why? 2. The moral majority turns their back on child pornography and molestation. Why? 3. Liberals join law enforcement sabotaging privacy protections in the name of security and terrorism leading to an epidemic of criminal behavior. Why? The answer: Technology has turned us into a Gypsy Nation. Stop SCAG (Systematic Child Abuse by Gypsies). Call them SCAGs openly! Let them know what we know!"

cranky Civil Intelligence Association Defense Oversight Group 2000 Nov 18
     ... paranoia . conspiracy . politics ...
"Our mission is to reform the Intelligence community, as well as the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of the United States government so that they once again adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the Constititution."

cranky Nexus Magazine 2000 Nov 18
     ... medicine . conspiracy . paranoia . science . UFOlogy . periodicals ...
"... is an international bi-monthly alternative news magazine, covering the fields of -- Health Alternatives; Suppressed Science; Earth's Ancient Past; UFOs & the Unexplained; and Government Cover-Ups."

cranky New Netizen 2000 Nov 18
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . politics . secret societies . New World Order ...
"IRS ... FBI/Federal ... Bilderberg ... F.E.M.A. ... Illuminati ... Freedom Reporters ... No to New World Order ... United Nations ...Presidental ..."

cranky See Beyond the Obvious 2000 Nov 04
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . politics ...
"Seebo examines our world beyond those obvious appearances and experiences of our daily lives, which keep us ignorant about the real and frightening world beneath the deceptive facade, painted by the mainstream media and politicians in today's American society."

illucid The Soybomb Conspiracy 2000 Nov 04
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"You see, for the past four years, I have been rediscovering something that was created nineteen years ago ... material from 'the soybomb.' It started out as an experiment about the creative process but I think it qualifies now as a bonefide conspiracy because so many people are involved and I'm pretty sure they would like it this to remain secret. ... The soybomb is a large tape of songs and ideas made in my home in May of 1981. It was given away the following day to a teenage boy at a garage sale. Since then, the songs and ideas have been used by numerous artists and entrepeneurs."

cranky Gaetano Della Gatta's Story 2000 Oct 14
     ... paranoia . conspiracy ...
"Are passed, by now, more than three years from when the bank, Rolo Banca 1473, in which I have worked you up to June 17th 1997, dismissed me for an unfair 'motivation.' We are to [sic]. And the slow justice to arrive." In broken English and Italian.

cranky The Forbidden Knowledge 2000 Oct 14
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . Egyptology . satanism . Nikola Tesla . New World Order ...
"Ancient Egyptian light bulb ... The New World Order ... Freemasonry's connection to Satanism and World control ... Luciferic symbols in government center, Washington, D.C. ... The Creation of Mankind ... Nikola Tesla ..."

cranky Amazing and Accurate Expose of the New Age by a Secular Jew 2000 Sep 02
     ... religion . new age . conspiracy . paranoia . New World Order ...
"The following is the first part of an article on the New Age Movement from a Jewish perspective. Written for the Jewish people by a Jew who lives in Israel, the article provides a wealth of information about the New Age/New World Order and the genocidal plan which has been determined for the Jews."

crankiest Impsmail 2000 Sep 02
     ... religion . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"Documentation of harassment by wire, email harassment, blackmail threats, blatant lying, heresy, IRC harassment, threats, etc. by false christians, reprobates and generic criminal net trash."

cranky The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects 2000 Aug 13
     ... mind control . conspiracy . paranoia ...
"... since the perpetrators [of mind control experiments] constantly work to prevent the public from knowing anything about electronic mind control, evidence is obtainable with great difficulty, and often the only evidence is of lower quality than would be accepted for a scientific treatise. In short, everything in this article represents a struggle against immense odds. We ask readers to understand this and hope that those who are not under electronic attack and surveillance will try through independent channels to find better quality proof."

illucid World Alert 2000 Aug 13
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . lunatics . satanism ...
"The world is controlled by a Satanic group called the Council of Lucifer based at the Rothchild mansion by the Rothchild family in England in exchange for diviresied [sic] military, political, financial power ..." The lack of spelling, grammar, and the fact that front page text is in ALL UPPERCASE is a nice touch.

cranky Above Top Secret 2000 Aug 05
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . mind control . New World Order . secret societies ...
"Aircraft projects ... Agencies ... Area 51 Installation ... Contractors ... Extraterrestrials ... Mind control ... New World Order ... Secret organizations ... Special projects ... Test facilities ... UFOs & alien craft ..."

parody IDchip 2000 Aug 02
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . hoaxes ...
"The project was to create a spoof website of a company peddling the mark of the beast, and then to compile and tabulate e-mails and log data that trickled in over the next few months from people and companies who wanted to know more. The site was to be loaded with enough clues so that anyone who scrutinized it would know it wasn't for real and would therefor not panic. It was never intended to fool, but rather to make curious."

cranky Little Black Helicopter Page 2000 Jul 07
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"Quite simply, the Little Black Helicopters are aircraft used by the United Nations to prepare for a total takeover of the United States. The privately held property inside the United States would be inter-nationalized, the citizens' weapons confiscated, and children gang-raped if we allow them to continue their covert operations. We have been softened for decades. Think of it! The continual dumbing-down of our educational system and the increasing banality of popular culture are just two clear trends, now becoming so clear we can look through them to their source. That source is Communism."

crankiest The Unambomber's Manifesto 2000 May 26
     ... conspiracy . technology . paranoia . lunatics ...
"Industrial society and its future. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in 'advanced' countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in 'advanced' countries."

illucid UltraSonics -- America's Secret Police 2000 Feb 22
     ... conspiracy . paranoia ...
"I've been targeted for over a year now by a harassment group that consists of private American citizens operating above the law. This group has access to the most advanced surveillance equipment and non-lethal weapons I've ever seen. The equipment and weapons should only be available to special military and special police divisions. The group used this equipment to do illegal surveillance of me and then the group attacked me with non-lethal weapons. I was informed that this group is funded by real estate companies and/or a government agency, such as HUD (Housing and Urban Development). If it is a government agency that funds this group, then the funds are most certainly being illegally diverted from a government program."

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