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cranky Welcome to Matrix 2005 Dec 06
     ... Egyptology ...
"The code of the pyramid like starry gates can open the way to the stars, but it can be a weapon of self-destruction for our civilization as well. The history of science shows, that many scientific discoveries didn?t only serve for mankind, but were against people and civilizations." Available in Microsoft Word format.

cranky The Great Pyramid 2005 May 04
     ... Egyptology ...
"So far the message indicates that whoever built the Pyramid knew the Earth well: the length of the year, the radius of curvature, the standard measurement techniques, the average height of the continents, and the center of the land mass. They were able to consruct something that we still cannot construct today, and they were able to tie all these things together in this single structure. Were they extraterrestrial, or perhaps even supernatural? The answer is not yet clear. However, thus far we have examined only the outside of the Pyramid."

crankiest Pyramidical Globalization 2002 Oct 04
     ... Egyptology . conspiracy . secret societies ...
"Disbelief in 'MAJIC' can force the disulusioned into believeing in Goverment, Corporation's, Men and Technology ... Hello! My name is Glen Pearson I believe every Honorable,Decent,Prudent and Wise man should be ashamed of the Goverment they are forced to live under because they are the Minority."

cranky Mysteries of the Unknown 2002 Oct 04
     ... mysteries . Atlantis . Egyptology . UFOlogy ...
A variety of essays on a variety of topics.

crankiest Sphinx Stargate 2002 Aug 15
     ... catastrophism . archaeology . astrology . Egyptology . prophecy ...
"At the closing of the last ice age our ancient ancestors endured one of the most lethal global catastrophes to have occurred in the course of human history. Intelligent minds of those times thought it imperative to construct a message that would endure through time and be understood by the descendants of those who survived. Employing sophisticated cryptographic puzzle techniques similar to those modern astronomers use in designing extraterrestrial communications, they created a time capsule message that described the elusive celestial cause of this tragic disaster, alerting us that it could recur at long intervals and arrive at Earth's doorstep virtually without warning. This ancient cipher is today displayed in the heavens in the form of the 12 zodiac constellations (Greek / Egyptian / Babylonian versions), its informational content having been passed down orally in the lore of astrology. Also certain esoteric keys were handed down to help unlock its message, the Sphinx being one and the Tarot being the other."

illucid The Secret of the Pyramid Text 2001 Aug 11
     ... Egyptology . paranormal ...
"How to have ultimate far journeys-out of body experiences. Hiroyuki Nishigaki.My several exciting space travels, Pyramid Text, shaman. About how and what to do to fly into the vast fine universe from physical body like an ancient Egypt king or Thothor phenix [sic] in detail concretely for the first time in the world. Super adventures beyond the physical body. The manners of psychic world (energy body), too. For example, don't visit others very often or for long time, don't peep at a bathroom, don't use a strong sharp hook(interlock). I succeeded in decoding the oldest classic of out of body book (2000 years ago, in China) 8 years ago and havewritten about it, too."

anti In the Hall of Ma'At 2001 Aug 11
     ... skepticism . archaeology . Egyptology . history ...
"To the ancient Egyptians ma'at was a concept of truth, justice and balance. This web site is put forth in that spirit. The aim of this site is to provide a well reasoned case for the mainstream version of ancient history. We will present articles that validate our true heritage and that dispute the proposals used to support the belief in a lost civilization that seeded the familiar ancient cultures of the world. ... History cannot be written on the basis of possibilities supported by evidence that may, or may not, turn up at some future time; rather, we are convinced that it must be based on material which is present, checkable, and verifiable or falsifiable. It is therefore essential that people seeking to challenge mainstream theories provide verifiable scientific evidence in support of their claim."

cranky Atlantis Rising Online 2001 Jun 17
     ... archaeology . Egyptology . Atlantis . periodicals ...
"Top ten ancient civilizations with advanced technology ... Fingerprinting the Gods ... Top ten impossible inventions that work ... Atlantis in Antarctica ... An engineer in Egypt ... Microbes or more: What's beneath the Martian rock ... Could the ancients fly? ... Japan's undersea ruins ..."

cranky The Great Pyramid 2001 Jun 17
     ... Egyptology ...
"The Great Pyramid is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing. It is one of the oldest structures on the face of the earth and arguably the best built. Its mortar joints are consistently 1/50 of an inch, which is incredible craftsmanship, considering that of the over two million stones that make up the Pyramid, there is no stone weighing less than a ton, most weighing about two and a half, and some as much as 20 tons! The Pyramid covers over 13 acres and is solid masonry, not hollow or earth-filled like the Central American pyramids. The Great Pyramid here demonstrates the remarkable character of its placement on the face of the Earth. Joseph Seiss and others have demonstrated that the Pyramid lies in the center of gravity of the continents. It also lies in the exact center of all the land area of the world, dividing the earth's land mass into approximately equal quarters. The north-south axis (31 degrees east of Greenwich) is the longest land meridian, and the east-west axis (30 degrees north) is the longest land parallel on the globe. There is obviously only one place that these longest land-lines of the terrestrial earth can cross, and it is at the Great Pyramid! This is incredible, one of the scores of features of this mighty structure which begs for a better explanation."

chat Yahoo! Groups: FMREZ_TALK 2001 May 28
     ... archaeology . Egyptology ...
"A free online monthly publication dedicated to learning about the ancient civilization and cultures of our world. There is a different focus each month. It also offers breaking news in Anthropology/Archeology and Science."

fringe The Official Robert Bauval Website 2001 Mar 03
     ... Egyptology . astronomy . history ...
"Welcome to my new Website. It has been specially constructed to cater for the growing debates and discussions that are now part of the 'Alternative History' scene. I also want this new Website to be a high quality product that will keep the debates and discussions -- at least those involving my work and findings -- within the ethics and boundaries of worthiness and seriousness that the 'Alternative History' scene deserves and, indeed, desperately needs in order not only to survive but to move upwards."

cranky Debunking the Lost Civilization 2001 Feb 26
     ... archaeology . Egyptology . mythology . Atlantis ...
"This site is now a mixture of Historical topics and spiritual thoughts. ... Plato's Myth of Atlantis ... Notes on Amun's names and the vist to Djamu ... Gods who hear Prayers ... The Great Restoration stela of Tut-Ankh-Amun ... The Man who was tired of Life ... Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, Redating Giza ... Problems of dating ... Age of the Sphinx ..."

cranky Age of the Sphinx 2001 Feb 26
     ... archaeology . Egyptology ...
"When we consider dating the Sphinx outside of the traditional framework, the questions of merit come down to these. What were the traditions? What was the culture? What were the geographics? What fits, and what doesn't? This poetic series on 'The Age of the Sphinx' will answer these questions, and it'll set the date back 30 000 years."

cranky Alan F. Alford Website 2001 Feb 05
     ... mythology . Egyptology . extraterrestrials ...
"Alan Alford is an independent researcher and author, who is gaining growing recognition as one of the world's leading authorities on ancient mythology. His interests also encompass ancient wisdom, archaeological anomalies, and the origins of world religions. Since the mid-1980s, Alan Alford has been on a quest for the truth of human existence, seeking answers to the eternal questions of who we are and where we come from. Inspired by the work of Erich von Daniken, Alford has focused his research on the enigmatic 'gods' of ancient mythology, pursuing his quest with one single-minded objective -- to decode the secrets of the gods and thereby understand who or what these gods actually were."

cranky The Official Graham Hancock Website 2001 Feb 05
     ... archaeology . Egyptology ...
"In my view the possibility of a serious 'black hole' in scientific knowledge about recent prehistory is plausible, reasonable and worthy of consideration. I therefore propose that the conclusions of modern archaeology regarding the origins and early evolution of human civilisation should be treated as provisional until a comprehensive, global, marine-archaeological survey of continental shelves down to depths of at least 120 metres has been undertaken."

anti Hatshepsut, the Queen of Sheba, 2001 Feb 05
     ... Egyptology . Velikovsky ...
"I should rightly begin by making it clear that I am convinced that the Punt expedition cannot be equated with the queen of Sheba's visit to Jerusalem. While it might suffice to proceed immediately to a response to Velikovsky's thesis in this regard, I prefer to take a different tack and respond to the main arguments and pieces of evidence cited by Velikovsky in his chapter. I do this because scholars of the ancient Near East have been remarkably silent regarding Ages in Chaos in the nearly five decades since its appearance, and I think that lay readers would be ..."

anti Charlatans and Egyptology 2001 Jan 21
     ... Egyptology . skepticism ...
"One of the major drawbacks Egyptology has had since it started its auspicious existence as a science in 1831, when J.F. Champollion was appointed the first professor of this discipline at the Collège de France, shortly before he died, has been the periodical appearance of charlatans of one or other kind who trying to attract attention to themselves (and perhaps make some money as well), inflict on the public all sorts of strange ideas, which sadly appeal to people's imagination much more than the sober conclusions of serious scholars."

fringe Margaret Morris Books 2000 Oct 16
     ... science . science fiction . Egyptology ...
"We are dedicated to an understanding of ancient masonry and construction technologies. We offer an antidote to wild and unnecessary speculation and bad science concerning ancient monuments. We expose pseudo-science, science fiction and fantasy masquerading as legitimate research! Our current focus is Egypt's Great Pyramid."

cranky The Forbidden Knowledge 2000 Oct 14
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . Egyptology . satanism . Nikola Tesla . New World Order ...
"Ancient Egyptian light bulb ... The New World Order ... Freemasonry's connection to Satanism and World control ... Luciferic symbols in government center, Washington, D.C. ... The Creation of Mankind ... Nikola Tesla ..."

cranky The Official Website of Ralph Ellis 2000 Jul 13
     ... archaeology . Egyptology . religion ...
"Welcome to the all-new Edfu Books web-site. Along with the usual book advertisements, we now hope to be able to add to your enjoyment with new features and information covering all topics on ancient Egypt and theology. We at Edfu aim to show you a radically new version of history and religion, topics that frequently challenge one's view of the world. But, if any of the information in these books or on this site requires clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Useful discussion points will be posted in the 'news' section."

crankiest The Ancient Ones 2000 Jul 13
     ... religion . Egyptology . extraterrestrials ...
"Extraterrestrial-astrals in our midst ... Within these pages you will find full color pictures of extraterrestrials that really exist in our Solar System and those that live within the Earth. We will give you a brief description and explanation of each extraterrestrial andwhere they come from: different galaxies, and planets in and beyond your realm, factual information of who these extraterrestrials are and why they are visiting your planet Earth."

cranky Mars News 2000 Apr 15
     ... Martians . Egyptology ...
"Orion constellation on the surface of Mars? ... The Star Wars Episode One/Mars connection ... Unknown objects on Pathfinder ... Ancient city found on Mars! ... Another pentagonal pyramid on Mars .. Was the Great Pyramid built in the center of all land areas? ... The Mars Global Surveyor anomalies database ..."

cranky Earth 360 2000 Jan 19
     ... mythology . mathematics . science . education . Egyptology . Atlantis ...
"This site contains articles on Math, Science, Education, Ancient Egypt, and many multidisciplinary topics--even my latest research into Atlantis."

anti Egyptians, Dogons and Sirius: A summary 1999 Aug 28
     ... Egyptology . anthropology . skepticism ...
"... is a brief summary of the claims and evidence surrounding the suggestion that the Dogons -- an aboriginal tribe -- have had contact with extraterrestrials from Sirius, based on some peculiar knowledge they reportedly have about that star system."

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