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anti Welcome to the Christian Pseudoscience Monitor 2005 Dec 06
     ... Scientific Creationism . Intelligent Design . resources ...
"I'm a chemist-biochemist with little formal training in evolution. When I testified against the 'equal time' bill (equal time for creationism and evolution) before the legislative education committee (NE) in 1981, I knew little about creationism. Perhaps it had disappeared in the '30s. Perhaps I'd get challenging arguments from creationists. I was mistaken. Proponents of 'equal time' were mostly scientifically illiterate and gullible to the most nonsensical creationism. For example, one proponent told me that there were two sides to the issue, the Christian side vs. everything else (evolution plus New Age speculation, Native American creation myths, etc). Scientific training doesn't prepare one for such logic."

crankier World By Design 2005 Oct 07
     ... Scientific Creationism ...
"Creation Research, Science Education Foundation ... I read a book on evolution during the seventh grade that was very interesting. However, the information confused me. So I went to my teacher, and asked her some questions about this information. She was upset by my questions, and told me she was disappointed by my acceptance of this information. She told me not to believe this story as it is not true, and I should know it is a false teaching. ... The dating of dinosaur fossils is not as simple a matter as the media and mainstream science would like us to believe. There are no magical dating machines generate a report which reads 70 million year old; rather most dating of fossils is done by dating nearby lava flows or other igneous or metamorphic rock assumed to have lost all daughter products and been 'set' at the time of the dinosaur or other fossil formation. ..."

anti Dinosaurs and Bible Don't Mix 2005 Oct 07
     ... Scientific Creationism . resources ...
"Every day, countless millions flock to them to marvel at the breathtaking exhibits and enjoy the fruits of scientific labor [regarding dinosaurs]. But a certain religious sect is out to spoil it all. They claim to be of the Christian faith. They claim to have the ultimate answer to all of the questions asked about the origins of earth history. They claim to be the real deal. But take a closer look at them and you will find that there is no truth in their claims. None of them ever met up with scrutiny. They were discredited and refuted many times, but these people are much to deluded to abandon them. These people, known as young earth creationists (or charlatans. A much better word for them.), are nothing more than advocates of a false doctrine that teaches that the earth is young - about 6,000 years old, that later there was a global flood, and that the universe and the earth were created within a literal 6 day-24 hour per day time period and threatens their audience to '...believe in our teachings because they are the foundation of world history. Genesis, as related in the Bible, is all about God's hand in creation."

parody reDiscovery Institute 2005 Jul 02
     ... Scientific Creationism . Intelligent Design ...
"The reDiscovery Institute is non-profit, non-partisan, public-policy think-tank located in Tacoma, Washington, with branches in Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Worth, Texas. The reDiscovery Institute fosters integration of science education with traditional Judeo-Christian principles of free market, limited government, morality, faith, property, obedience and anti-intellectualism. Our primary focus is to extend and promote Design Theories, which have been so successful in Biology, to the fields of Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Atmospheric Science, Oceanography, Material Science, Acoustics, Condensed Matter Physics, Fluid Dynamics, Nuclear Physics, Anthropology, Physiology, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Meteorology."

crankier Theory of Evolution Disproved 2004 Apr 06
     ... evolution . Scientific Creationism ...
"Most people today have learned about the 'theory of evolution' at some point during their grade school years, and assume this theory is fact. Though most people do not know the story behind the theory of evolution, who proposed the theory, why it is called a 'theory', and how this theory is simply that, a THEORY, which does NOT hold water. Below is some information we gathered from different sources on the subject which we feel are true."

crankier Institute for Creation Research 2004 Apr 06
     ... Scientific Creationism ...
"Welcome to the Institute for Creation Research. We are a Christ focused Creation ministry where science and the Bible are fully integrated."

crankier Solar Geometry 2004 Feb 26
     ... Scientific Creationism . numerology ...
"Other than the fact that we inhabit the Earth, is there any logical reason to base these relationships on the third planet of the system? Are we still geocentric, and backwards, in our thinking? Take a new look at the solar system and see the incredible relationships that result when Mercury, the first planet, is used as the base measure for the other planets. ... Is our solar system the product of chance or Divine design? Has our Earth-centered view of the solar system masked the unique mathematical relationships that exist between the planets?"

crankier Ancient Dinosaur Depictions on Stone 2004 Feb 26
     ... Scientific Creationism ...
"To the right is a picture of a dinosaur fighting a mammoth from the book Buried Alive by Dr. Jack Cuozzo (click to enlarge). It was taken by the author in the Bernifal Cave, one of the caverns in France that is renowned for Neanderthal artifacts. The cave has been closed to the public. Science News was given the opportunity to publish the remarkable photo, but declined. It seems that evidence against the prevailing paradigm of naturalistic origin was selected against. It is buried alive by the scientific establishment. As Cuozzo says, this is natural selection in the most literal sense!"

anti The Darkened Path 2003 Sep 13
     ... Big Bang . Scientific Creationism . resources ...
"The Big Bang theory is the generally accepted view of the origin of the universe. Take various axioms, all of which are consistent with every experiment ever done, do some (admittedly very complex) mathematics, and out comes the conclusion that the universe began in this way. ... Despite a ton of observations which support the theory, many people still refuse to accept it. Websites devoted to the attempt to debunk the Big Bang theory abound. They invariably do a truly piss-poor job of it. Typical of the breed is Pathlights, which presents the following arguments against the theories."

crankier Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia 2003 Sep 13
     ... Scientific Creationism ...
"Here are facts of true science which can help you and others. Knowing the truth about origins can help people live better, happier lives. You will find here the most complete collection of facts on this subject available on the worldwide web. Other creationist web sites are also listed."

anti Analysis of Kent Hovind 2003 Jul 24
     ... Scientific Creationism . resources ...
"The purpose of this site is to analyze the logic and science used in the presentations of a Creation Science Evangelist named Kent Hovind. This analysis will mainly focus on objective science issues related Kent Hovind's 'seminars'. There will not be analysis of Hovind's theological position, Communist conspiracies, New World Order or Mark of the Beast claims."

cranky Creation Truth Foundation 2002 Nov 16
     ... Scientific Creationism ...
"It was discovered that Bible believing families throughout the United States were suffering the loss of 60% to 70% of their sons and daughters to secular thinking by the time they reached 15 years of age! It was further discovered that church going families were experiencing a 40%+ divorce rate! Moreover, it was observed that the Christian father, the vital link in the family who was intended to provide headship, identity and purpose, was vanishing from his God ordained place of leadership. In short, it became obvious that the number one target of this terrible attack was the family, and the family is, of course, the key to everything else in society. The first task Dr. Sharp had to do was to positively identify the root cause of this attack. The research process extended over a twelve year time frame (1975-1987) that ultimately culminated in the publication of a three volume set of books entitled Science According to Moses."

crankier The Great Dinosaur Mystery 2002 Nov 16
     ... Scientific Creationism . paleontology ...
"Those people with an adventurous spirit would give almost anything to find a real, live dinosaur somewhere in the world. But, of course, mainstream scientists say that is impossible. Evolutionists have long conjectured that dinosaurs were part of a theoretical Great Age of the Reptiles about 200 million years ago. According to their theory, dinosaurs became extinct about 70 million years ago. And man did not evolve until about 4 million years ago. If this is true, no man could ever have seen a live dinosaur. However, some new discoveries indicate that man and dinosaurs may have lived together in the not too distant past. Modern man may have to totally rethink theories of how these great creatures fit into the history of the human race."

crankier Creation Evidence Museum 2002 Nov 16
     ... Scientific Creationism . Bible codes ...
"Among museums this entity makes a unique contribution, demonstrating that man and dinosaur lived contemporaneously."

crankiest Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction 2002 Jul 26
     ... Scientific Creationism . conspiracy . paleontology ...
"This article will discuss the possibility that there may have been an ongoing effort since the earliest dinosaur 'discoveries' to plant, mix and match bones of various animals, such as crocodiles, alligators, iguanas, giraffes, elephants, cattle, kangaroos, ostriches, emus, dolphins, whales, rhinoceroses, etc. to construct and create a new man-made concept prehistoric animal called 'dinosaurs.' Where bones from existing animals are not satisfactory for deception purposes, plaster substitutes may be manufactured and used. Some material similar or superior to plasticine clay or plaster of Paris would be suitable. Molds may also be employed. A 144-page book titled 'Make Your Own Dinosaur Out of Chicken Bones' provides step-by-step instructions complete with detailed drawings and diagrams."

illucid The Supreme Court of Common Horsesense 2002 Feb 26
     ... religion . conspiracy . Scientific Creationism ...
"GE Capital, Christian science, health insurance, Lorna and Gary Wendt, what do these have in common? What did GE Capital do with health insurance to make Edward Baskett do this, for himself and Christian Science, alike? Where do Lorna and Gary Wendt fit in to this picture? How long will GE Capital and corporate America get away with turning Christian Science followers out in the cold with no health insurance? What Gary Wendt did to Edward Baskett is comparable to what he did to Lorna Wendt."

anti Thermodynamics for Two 2002 Feb 26
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution . thermodynamics ...
"Something mighty close to that is what is happening whenever someone tosses out a line like, 'Evolution is impossible because it breaks the Second Law of Thermodynamics.' I know for a fact that I've heard that from folks who haven't a clue what any of the Laws of Thermodynamics are. But they've heard that really impressive-sounding line used in a lecture, or a tract, or maybe one of those tiny little comic books, or from behind a pulpit -- and because it sounds so scientific, they adopt it as one of their one-line slogans that 'disprove' evolution."

cranky Center for Renewal of Science and Culture 2001 Oct 09
     ... religion . Scientific Creationism . evolution . science ...
"Darwinists and others extrapolate such low-level variation into macroevolution, supposing that a grand evolutionary process is responsible for all of life's diversity and complexity. Even here, at the abstract level, it's certainly possible just to define 'evolution' as a gradual process by which God created the beasts of the field and the birds of the air. This is the sort of intellectual negotiation that many religious Westerners make. Their position is often called 'theistic evolution.' And if God is who theists say he is, then it's certainly possible, since God can presumably do what he wants. However, while this position might relieve some cognitive dissonance and help one avoid some fights, it fails to take account of how contemporary Darwinists define the term 'evolution.' They most emphatically do not mean some slow process of divine creation. They mean an unsupervised process of evolution, which draws its creative force from the interplay of random genetic mutation and natural selection. Some may give lip service to processes in addition to natural selection, but they do not allow for any non-naturalistic process, especially a theological one. So one might believe in both 'creation' and 'evolution' given some idiosyncratic definitions of the terms, but one can't believe both that life is created and intelligently designed, and that it is the result of a Darwinian evolutionary process. The two just don't fit."

anti No Answers in Genesis! 2001 Oct 09
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution . skepticism ...
"Creationism is not the alternative to evolution -- ignorance is."

cranky Answers Online 2001 May 11
     ... religion . Scientific Creationism ...
"Goal: To support the Church in fulfilling its commission. Mission: To bring reformation by restoring the foundations of our faith which are contained in the book of Genesis. Strategic Plan: To provide answers from Genesis to make Jesus Christ, our Creator and Redeemer, relevant to the Church and world today."

cranky Access Research Network 2001 May 11
     ... Scientific Creationism . Intelligent Design ...
"... is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing accessible information on science, technology and society. ... Intelligent Design FAQ ..."

cranky Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture 2001 Mar 31
     ... Scientific Creationism . religion . science ...
"Materialistic thinking dominated Western culture during the 20th century in large part because of the authority of science. The Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture seeks, therefore, to challenge materialism on specifically scientific grounds. Yet Center Fellows do more than critique theories that have materialistic implications. They have also pioneered alternative scientific theories and research methods that recognize the reality of design and the need for intelligent agency to explain it. This new research program-called 'design theory'-is based upon recent developments in the information sciences and many new evidences of design. Design theory promises to revitalize many long-stagnant disciplines by recognizing mind, as well as matter, as a causal influence in the world. It also promises, by implication, to promote a more holistic view of reality and humanity, thus helping to reverse some of materialism's destructive cultural consequences."

anti New Mexicans for Science and Reason 2001 Mar 04
     ... Roswell incident . Bible codes . conspiracy . Scientific Creationism ...
"What really happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Are there 'hidden messages' from God encoded in the Torah? Is the government of the United States spraying deadly chemicals on its citizens? Is the Earth just 10 000 years old? If you wonder what New Mexico's scientists are saying about these and other questions, you've come to the right site!"

cranky Creation Science Evangelism 2001 Mar 03
     ... Scientific Creationism . religion ...
"... exists to support and proclaim the truth of God's Word, demonstrating the perfect harmony of the Biblical record with factual science and history. Additionally, CSE sets out to demonstrate the fallacies and deceptions of modern evolutionary thinking. The ministry of CSE has three main goals: To strengthen your faith in the word of God. We believe the Bible is the infallible, inspired word of the living God. If you are not saved, we want you to have a personal relationship with the creator, Jesus Christ. If you are saved, and you are not doing much for the Lord, we want to make you uncomfortable. There is war going on, we all need to get busy. God has a ministry for everyone."

cranky The 2001 Principle 2000 Dec 03
     ... religion . Scientific Creationism . science fiction ...
"In the 1960s, when 2001 came out, it left its audiences so awestruck, so mystified, and so curious, most who went to see it once, went back to see it again and again, hoping that they would be able to decipher it. The primary mystery is the film's ending. Dave, the sole survivor of HAL's homicidal rampage, has been whisked across the universe, to an undefined place. In a small, stylishly furnished room, we see him grow old and ancient in a time-lapse sequence, until he appears on his own deathbed, incredibly withered. ... Then, just as suddenly, a huge human embryo appears on the screen floating in outer space. Wide eyed, it turns to the viewing audience, and to the triumphant tones of 'Thus Spoke Zarathrusta,' the film ends. There is no explanation, the film just ends. Let us try to crack this riddle. We shall see, in fact, that 2001 does contain a message about reality -- one of ultimate importance for every human being."

crankiest The Origin of the Stars 2000 Jul 13
     ... astronomy . Scientific Creationism ...
"52 reasons why stellar evolution is wrong. Stars could not possibly evolve from gas. Even if they could, it would be totally impossible for binaries and globular clusters to be accidentally set in place. Here you will find scientific facts. Evolutionary theory is a myth; creation science is correct. God created everything; the evidence clearly points to it."

cranky Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia 2000 Jul 13
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
"An astounding amount of scientific evidence disproving evolutionary theory has been uncovered. Here is part of that evidence. Here are facts of true science which can help you and others. Knowing the truth about origins can help people live better, happier lives. You will find here the most complete collection of facts on this subject available on the worldwide web. Other creationist web sites are also listed."

bizarre Chick Publications 2000 May 26
     ... religion . Scientific Creationism ...
"Most Christians want to witness, but many never do. With Chick tracts, it's so easy you'll enjoy it ..."

crankiest The Earth Is Not Moving 2000 Mar 24
     ... Scientific Creationism . astronomy ...
"The belief that the Earth is rotating on an 'axis' and orbiting the sun is the granddaddy of all deceptions in the world today ... Read and know that: All of the precise calculations for the space program are baed on a non-moving Earth ... All of the precise calculations describing eclipses are based on a non-moving Earth ... Indeed, all calculations bearing on navigation, on satellite movements, on anythingstationary Earth ... Know also: That that the Bible teaches that the Earth is not moving and can not be moved ... That mathematics have been invented specifically to uphold Copernicanism. There is no real evidence that the Earth moves ... That the logic against a moving Earth is both abundant and overpowering ... That the exposure of this great lie will precipitate back to the Bible movement that will shake the world ..."

cranky Jesus, Dinosaurs, and More! 2000 Feb 22
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
"... is a webpage of scientific evidence supporting the Biblical account of Creation. ... I created this Website to combat the evolutionary teaching found in the public school system and media. I will be presenting evidence that the theory of evolution is not a valid one. And that the Biblical account of Creation better fits with our knowledge of scientific laws."

anti Evolution vs. Creationism 1999 Dec 06
     ... evolution . Scientific Creationism . science ...
... is a large list of links regarding the scientific problems with Creationism.

anti The Archive 1999 Dec 06
     ... origins . Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
"... is a collection of articles and essays, most of which have appeared in at one time or another. The primary reason for this archive's existence is to provide mainstream scientific responses to the many frequently asked questions (FAQs) and frequently rebutted assertions that appear in"

cranky Center for Creation Science 1999 Nov 26
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
"... is a non-profit organization located in Phoenix, Arizona, dedicated to origins research. The questions below and many others are answered in a new book by Dr. Brown entitled In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood. Some questions are answered right here.'"

cranky Science Against Evolution: Official Home Page 1999 Nov 25
     ... evolution . Scientific Creationism ...
"... is a California Public Benefit Corporation whose objective is to make the general public aware that the theory of evolution is not consistent with physical evidence and is no longer a respectable theory describing the origin of life."

cranky Creationary World 1999 Nov 14
     ... evolution . Scientific Creationism ...
"I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it's been applied, will be one of the great jokes in the history books in the future. Posterity will marvel that so very flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has. I think I spoke to you before about this age as one of the most credulous in history, and I would include evolution as an example."

cranky Creation vs. Evolution 1999 Nov 09
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
"This site was created in the hope that you too may see the mountain of evidence which exists on this important topic. We've been taught all our lives that evolution is science, and I'm here to tell you (and show you) that this isn't true! Explore this site and find out why!"

anti How Good Are Those Young-Earth Arguments? 1999 Nov 09
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution . science ...
"A close look at Dr. Hovind's list of young-Earth arguments and other claims."

cranky Of God's Creation Through the Path of Evolution 1999 Nov 04
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
"The purpose of this Web Page is to offer a better understanding of the evolution of our universe. Some people accept the story of Genesis as written by devine providence, while others spend a lifetime searching for scientific proof of the creation. We will never know exactly how God created our vast universe. My desire is that I may help lay a foundation to support some of the [seeming] mysteries in the book of Genesis through research. This page is designed to explain how the outline of Genesis fits accurately with the discoveries of science in our own generation."

cranky Christian Geology Ministry 1999 Oct 29
     ... Scientific Creationism . geology ...
"Those looking for correlation between Creation beliefs and the geological sciences will find some thought provoking concepts here that challenge some of the traditional dogma of both."

anti The ICR Cult's "Back to Genesis" Scam 1999 Aug 21
     ... Scientific Creationism . religion . evolution . cults ...
"... is for people who wish to learn about the 'scientific Creationism' religion in general, and the Institute of Creation Research cult's 'Back to Genesis' scam in particular."

newsgroup newsgroup 1999 May 27
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
... is the place on Usenet to go to discuss issues of creationism vs. evolution.

anti FAQ 1999 May 27
     ... origins . Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
... is the newsgroup FAQ.

cranky Evolution versus Creation 1999 May 27
     ... evolution . Scientific Creationism ...
"For over a hundred years now a battle has been raging over the origin of the Universe and man. Soldiers of Science have drawn the battle lines with each side using various scientific and non -- scientific theories as their weapons. Who will ultimately win the war depends on who holds the most powerful weapons."

cranky Creation Science 1999 May 27
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution . origins ...
"Welcome to the Creation Science home page! Here you will find many resources related to the study of origins and science from a Creationist perspective."

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