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crankiest Bible Code 2003 Sep 20
     ... Bible codes . proof of God ...
"Ever since the first Bible codes were announced, skeptics have been saying, 'Oh, well, you can also find codes like that in books like War and Peace and Moby Dick.' We took the time to examine this notion and the best example of it that the skeptics have been able to come up with. The results of our research have completely blown away their theory. Click here to see for yourself."

crankier Science of God 2003 Mar 10
     ... science . religion . proof of God . consciousness ...
"Hardly few realize the fact that the foundation of science has broken and has come one circle, to the beginning point. It started by isolating matter from mind and consciousness. However, with evolution of science and the advent of uncertainty theory and quantum science, it became clear that matter could not be understood in isolation of mind and consciousness. Science evolved from the study of interaction of matter to the interaction of fields and concluded that quantum fields is the physical reality and this physical reality, arises from a unified field. Today Scientist's on one hand is faced with task of bringing up the unification of different fields they invented, on the other hand they are faced with the task of explaining the mental and conscious fields, how they exist and interact with matter field. In a way, science exists and works on absolute ignorance of interrelationship and oneness of nature."

crankier Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe 2002 Nov 16
     ... new age . proof of God . Intelligent Design ...
"Among the most exciting recent developments in science are Complexity Theory, the theory of self-organizing systems, and the modern incarnation of Intelligent Design Theory, which investigates the deep relationship between self-organization and evolutionary biology in a scientific context not preemptively closed to teleological causation. Bucking the traditional physical reductionism of the hard sciences, complexity theory has given rise to a new trend, informational reductionism, which holds that the basis of reality is not matter and energy, but information. Unfortunately, this new form of reductionism is as problematic as the old one. As mathematician David Berlinski writes regarding the material and informational aspects of DNA: :We quite know what DNA is: it is a macromolecule and so a material object. We quite know what it achieves: apparently everything. Are the two sides of this equation in balance?' More generally, Berlinski observes that since the information embodied in a string of DNA or protein cannot affect the material dynamic of reality without being read by a material transducer, information is meaningless without matter." Available in PDF format.

crankier Ark of the Covenant 2002 Oct 04
     ... religion . proof of God ...
"This is the most fascinating real life 'Indiana Jones ' tale of all and combined with today's electron microscope technology; provides the absolute final ounce of proof of not only Jesus' existence but that he WAS born of a virgin and WAS the son of God the Father conceived with the help of the Holy Spirit. ... I have some information here you won't find on Ron's site obtained from those close to him. There are some things entrusted to me I will not disclose here also but for all you fencesitters; this means there should no longer be ANY doubt."

cranky Proof 2002 Jul 26
     ... religion . proof of God ...
"I have said that it is light from above, specifically from Eta Carina that is changing human minds, that is correcting mutant DNA. Light also from Supernova 1987a coming upon the earth to bring a whole new world to replace this one of violence and mutant DNA. I have said that it is possible for you to enter within yourself and by collapsing the wave cause the light from above to embrace the light within you. Words, yes. But now is there proof available for all of us to clearly see concerning these things? I feel that this page will provide you with proof to stimulate your journey into the realm of healing light. The proof comes from scientists working with light and computers at NASA and their most recent news release you will find here."

cranky Intelligent Design Network, Inc. 2001 May 11
     ... Intelligent Design . proof of God ...
"Intelligent Design is a scientific theory that intelligent causes are responsible for the origin of the universe and of life and its diversity. It holds that design is empirically detectable in nature, and particularly in living systems. Intelligent Design is an intellectual movement that includes a scientific research program for investigating intelligent causes and that challenges naturalistic explanations of origins which currently drive science education and research."

cranky Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Club 2001 May 11
     ... Intelligent Design . proof of God ...
"... is a student-run club at UC San Diego whose primary purpose is to: promote, as a scientific theory, the idea that life was designed by an intelligence; and facilitate discussion, debate, and dialogue over these issues in a warm, friendly, and open atmosphere where individuals feel free to speak their personal views."

cranky For God 2000 Apr 18
     ... religion . physics . astronomy . nuclear physics . chemistry . proof of God ...
"As you might guess from the above title, this page and it's contents are all biased toward God the creator. Due to variations in personal beliefs, you may or may not see any value in the information. ... Proof Jesus' name is on his thigh ... Proof God predicted present-day history ... Proof God is a high-frequency spectra [sic] of energy ... Proof God predicted nuclear bombs ... Proof God described planet formation ... Proof God described planet density trends ... Proof God describeda 'pre-sun' star ... Proof God's Firmament allows measuring an exploding star ... Proof God gave the process that formed all the elements ..."

cranky Does God Exist? 2000 Jan 17
     ... religion . science . proof of God ...
"This journal is a part of a program of service titled Does God Exist? The purpose of the program is to provide thinking, seeking people with scientific evidence that God does exist and that the Bible is His Word. It is our conviction that all men can logically, intelligently, and rationally believe in God."

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