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cranky The Black Sun 666 2005 Oct 07
     ... satanism . supremacists ...
"The Jewish people have succeeded in deceiving the Gentile people into cursing and blaspheming our True Creator God for centuries. The word 'Satan' means 'enemy' and 'adversary' in Hebrew. Everything in the Judeo/Christian Bible has been stolen from Gentile Pagan religions predating Judaism from hundreds to thousands of years. The Jews cannot create."

crankier Joy of Satan 2005 Jul 02
     ... satanism . hate mongers . paranoia . Nibiru . extraterrestrials ...
"To enlighten the public to the truth concerning Spiritual Satanism and to work with those who are interested in and working on establishing a relationship with Satan. Our goal is to educate humanity in the ancient ways. Much knowledge has been destroyed and lost which has caused humanity as a whole to degenerate spiritually, to the detriment of us all. We work with people on the Left hand Path so they can advance, evolve and lead happier and more fulfilling lives through Satan."

crankier The Revelation @ The Forbidden Knowledge 2005 Jul 02
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . New World Order . satanism ...
"This domain is dedicated to the teaching of knowledge that was hidden from the human race all through history. Your government is poised to inject you with a tracking chip manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions called, 'Veri Chip'. Don't believe me? Click below, I'll prove it to you. ..."

illucid Jesus Is Lucifer 2005 May 04
     ... religion . satanism . numerology ...
"Fictitious 'Jesus Christ' is itself a poisonous serpent you yourselves - clergymen, Pharisees, and secret societies - created a long time ago, more precisely 2000 and a few years ago and that is the most hideous lie existent on this Planet called Earth and only true and real cause of all evil existent on this planet. You yourselves and other Pharisees created this fairy-tale and fictitious character called by the ones deceived by you as 'Jesus Christ' and you are the main personages of the horror story: the bloodthirsty wolves hidden behind the bushes of your lies! To all of you who wear cassocks and to all those who handles a crosier and wears tiaras I give you my wise whip of despise and my sword of knowledge, understand you the metaphors: With this whip, made of wise words, I do whip you and with the sword of knowledge I firstly tread on the serpents bodies then I cut off the heads of the serpents itself with it. May my words of knowledge be echoed throughout all existent Universes and may it be heard by all humankind of Earth and by all human beings in all Universes! So be it!"

anti Anti-Masonry Points of View 2001 Mar 10
     ... conspiracy . secret societies . satanism ...
"Since the earliest days of Freemasonry, there were people and groups who opposed to its existence for various reasons. On this site, we examine: ... The objections to Freemasonry ... Those who oppose Masons and Masonry ..."

parody Advice for the Satanic Web Page 2001 Feb 05
     ... satanism ...
"To be taken seriously, the True Satanist must have a well designed web site. The aim of this page to to assist you in creating the perfect design."

cranky Freemasonry proven to be occultic! 2000 Dec 30
     ... conspiracy . satanism . paranoia . secret societies . occult ...
"We prove that Freemasonry is occultic, Satanic, from their own writings! We will show you what one Freemasonry Publishing House recommends that their members read and study. We will also prove from this recommended reading list that Freemasonry admits that it comes from the Satanic Knights Templars!"

cranky Things Left Unsaid 2000 Oct 16
     ... psychology . conspiracy . politics . religion . satanism ...
"This site is always being updated. It contains the most famous serial killers, the most famous members of the Mafia, and the most popular conspiracy theories ... Greatest Military Leaders ... The Truth About Religions ... From Christianity to Satanism? And Everything in Between ..."

cranky The Forbidden Knowledge 2000 Oct 14
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . Egyptology . satanism . Nikola Tesla . New World Order ...
"Ancient Egyptian light bulb ... The New World Order ... Freemasonry's connection to Satanism and World control ... Luciferic symbols in government center, Washington, D.C. ... The Creation of Mankind ... Nikola Tesla ..."

illucid World Alert 2000 Aug 13
     ... conspiracy . paranoia . lunatics . satanism ...
"The world is controlled by a Satanic group called the Council of Lucifer based at the Rothchild mansion by the Rothchild family in England in exchange for diviresied [sic] military, political, financial power ..." The lack of spelling, grammar, and the fact that front page text is in ALL UPPERCASE is a nice touch.

cranky Church of Satan 2000 May 13
     ... cults . satanism ...
"Welcome to the official website of the Church of Satan. Founded on April 30, 1966 CE by Anton Szandor LaVey, we are the first above-ground organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man's true nature-that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos which is permeated and motivated by the Dark Force which we call Satan. Over the course of time, Man has called this Force by many names, and it has been reviled by those whose very nature causes them to be separate from this fountainhead of existence. They live in obsessive envy of we who exist by flowing naturally with the dread Prince of Darkness. It is for this reason that individuals who resonate with Satan have always been an alien elite, often outsiders in cultures whose masses pursue solace in an external deity. We Satanists are our own Gods, and we are the explorers of the Left-Hand Path. We do not bow down before the myths and fictions of the desiccated spiritual followers of the Right-Hand Path."

cranky UFOs & Religion 2000 Jan 24
     ... UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . satanism ...
"May we regard God, Satan and their angels alien civilizations which differ only on ideological grounds? The most important conclusion is that the first intelligent lifeform splitted in good (social and without class-differences) and evil (selfish, greedy and with masters and slaves), when it became possible to live on more planets. Then this first intelligent lifeform brought life to other planets, and these are we and the remaining aliens or angels. This theory is the only manner to explain and combine UFO-logic, religious and scientific problems."

cranky Kim Clement: Warriors of the New Millennium 2000 Jan 02
     ... religion . satanism . prophecy ...
"My passion for this generation has consumed me. I am only interested in the youth of America at this time. They are survivors of the present day genocide, perpetrated by Satan, who has a systematically planned the annihilation of the royal heirs of the latter glory and the double portion."

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