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crankier I Found Atlantis and the Garden of Eden 2003 Dec 15
     ... Atlantis . religion . catastrophism ...
"Have you ever wondered if Atlantis was real? Have you ever wondered where it existed? Has it ever occured to you that there might be a correlation between the Garden of Eden, Atlantis, and the flood mentioned in the Bible? Did you know that every 1,460 years a global catastrophe occurs because of the alignment of the star Sirius with the Earth at Sunrise?"

crankiest N.E. PA Polar Shift Preparedness Site 2003 Dec 15
     ... astronomy . geology . catastrophism . extraterrestrials ...
"To a small degree, the purpose of this web site is to alert a handful of you -- repeat, a few -- that a cataclysmic event may occur on earth around late May or early June. Those few are the ones with a vague sense that something big is just around the corner. The rest of you already know what's coming and you found this site through other sources. That said, the primary function of this site is to serve as a communications vehicle for the few of us in northeast PA who've already been informed, by whatever means, that an earthshaking event is imminent, an event that will shake the foundations of our lives and determine what we're really made of."

crankier Biohazard 2003 Dec 15
     ... catastrophism ...
"Good science fiction should be based on science fact. Two years ago, scientists in Antarctica discovered a living bacterium believed to be about two hundred and fifty million years old. Were the dinosaurs wiped out in a cosmic collision? ... Notes to flamers: Yes, I know that the reports of the bacterium in Antactica turned out to be inaccurate. Yes, I know that carbon dating is not the method used to date fossils. However, it is the one most people are familiar with, and the actual methods in use have about a 1% margin of error, which is not at variance with the thesis above."

crankiest Sphinx Stargate 2002 Aug 15
     ... catastrophism . archaeology . astrology . Egyptology . prophecy ...
"At the closing of the last ice age our ancient ancestors endured one of the most lethal global catastrophes to have occurred in the course of human history. Intelligent minds of those times thought it imperative to construct a message that would endure through time and be understood by the descendants of those who survived. Employing sophisticated cryptographic puzzle techniques similar to those modern astronomers use in designing extraterrestrial communications, they created a time capsule message that described the elusive celestial cause of this tragic disaster, alerting us that it could recur at long intervals and arrive at Earth's doorstep virtually without warning. This ancient cipher is today displayed in the heavens in the form of the 12 zodiac constellations (Greek / Egyptian / Babylonian versions), its informational content having been passed down orally in the lore of astrology. Also certain esoteric keys were handed down to help unlock its message, the Sphinx being one and the Tarot being the other."

cranky The World Ages Archive 2002 May 13
     ... revisionism . catastrophism . Velikovsky ...
"The aim of the World Ages Archive is to provide an extensive web-based reference source for the study of the various ground breaking fields of ancient chronological revisionism, [and] catastrophism. ... Largely inspired by the works of Immanuel Velikovsky, the site centres on the book Planet of the Greeks: The Great Time Warp of History by Meres J. Weche. Several links also provide some important background on the debates and controversies covered in the book. Among those, the readers are encouraged to familiarise themeselves with the history of chronological revisionism, the Velikovsky Affair, as well as the ever-growing controversy surrounding the debate on Martin Bernal's Black Athena book series."

crankiest The Electric Cosmos 2002 May 13
     ... catastrophism . astronomy . cosmology . electromagnetism ...
"There is a revolution just beginning in astronomy/cosmology that will rival the one set off by Galileo. This revolution will also spill over into the area of ancient history -- documenting the various cataclysms that Earth has experienced in prehistoric times. This web site is dedicated to explaining the causes of this gigantic paradigm shift. It also presents links to other sites where you can investigate the details of what is happening."

cranky 2002 Feb 25
     ... extraterrestrials . catastrophism . astronomy . Martians . Nibiru ...
"This is where we come from! Mars! My latest research has led me to a radical change in my belief as to where we originate from. To make clear my beliefs, We have been visited by an advanced race of humans. This is clearly evident from the pyramids, Stonehenge 1,2, and 3. The knowledge of the planets, The Mayan calendar, the knowledge of precession, the endless mysterious gigantic monoliths and ancient astronomical temples, to name just a few. Our ancestors as I will call them, are in my opinion exactly the same as us humans today. Our ancestors originated from Mars. Mars is Nibiru!"

cranky Dark Star Theory 2000 Oct 01
     ... archaeology . astronomy . catastrophism . Nibiru ...
"In a nut-shell, this theory postulates that the Sumerian civilisation's description of a planet in an elliptical orbit around the Sun has a basis in reality. Certain astronomical papers have been published pin-pointing its presence in the Oort Cloud. Contrary to the previously held beliefs that Nibiru is a terrestrial world, it can be shown that it is, in fact, a failed star, known as a brown dwarf. This Dark Companion of the Sun has its own planetary system, home to the 'gods' of the ancient world. Building upon the scientific and mythological foundations of the Dark Star Theory, I have offered detailed, and radical, new evidence that its last appearance in the planetary solar system was in the guise of the Messianic Star, heralding the advent of Christ."

cranky Catastrophism 2000 May 13
     ... catastrophism . astronomy . archaeology . mythology ...
"Ever since childhood I've been interested in the interaction of the history of astronomy with archaeology and mythology. I remain intrigued by the possibility that small solar-system bodies like comets, asteroids, and meteoroids have played a significant role in shaping the destiny of proto-historic and historic peoples all over all the world ..."

anti Antidote to Velikovskian Delusions 2000 May 13
     ... Velikovsky . skepticism . catastrophism ...
"Mr. Cochrane presents his case for Velikovsky's genius. Velikovsky was a brilliant man whose speculations, unfortunately, were invalidated by his assumptions about his source materials. However, he was no scientist. According to Lloyd Motz, whose advice Velikovsky often sought, 'Velikovsky's credentials were not those of a scientist ... he had only the vaguest understanding of such basic physical principles as conservation of angular momentum, gravity, and entropy.'"

anti Top Ten Reasons Why Velikovsky Is Wrong About Worlds In Collision 2000 May 13
     ... Velikovsky . skepticism . catastrophism ...
"This Top Ten list is based on 30 years exposure to Velikovsky's ideas which includes eight years as an insider at the Velikovsky journal Kronos, Confidant to Velikovsky, invited 'Devil's Advocate' at Aeon, and 13 years as a turncoat/critic interacting with Velikovsky's defenders and/or successors at conferences, in private, and in Usenet and list-serve forums. I apologize for the stridency in what follows, but I continue to be passionate about the issues involved. I hope the tone of what I say does not obscure the accuracy of my analysis."

cranky Immanuel Velikovsky Archive 2000 Mar 29
     ... Velikovsky . catastrophism ...
"This archive is being maintained by a team of historians to ensure the integrity and preservation of Velikovsky's unpublished writings; it is strictly non-profit and its sole purpose is the advancement of education and scholarship."

cranky Planets Nearly Collide Within Human Memory 2000 Feb 22
     ... catastrophism . astronomy ...
"On this site you will: Get rare information that shatters the prevailing view of the history of the world. Gain access to a powerfully holistic, testable model that explains humanity's deepest wound, and overturns science in the process. Catch a glimpse of a fresh new science for the 3rd Millennium."

cranky Comets, Culture, & Currency 1999 Dec 06
     ... prophecy . apocalypse . astronomy . catastrophism ...
"... will increasingly reflect almost twenty years of research aimed at understanding the social and physical influence of a large comet, in a short-period Earth-threatening orbit. This object, according to astronomical evidence, has been progressively breaking up since the Holocene time period began. The result of such debris scattering was to increase the likelihood of Earth's climate being affected by periodic interaction with extraterrestrial material during this most recent time period."

anti Minds in Ablation 1999 Dec 05
     ... Velikovsky . catastrophism . paleontology . skepticism ...
"In Minds in Ablation, Sean Mewhinney summarizes why he believes the physical evidence provided by paleoclimatic data, especially ice cores, demonstrates that global catastrophes of the type envisioned by Immanuel Velikovsky and others 'could not have happened within the past many thousands of years,' and refutes the defense of Velikovsky's scenario attempted by Charles Ginenthal in his ice core evidence."

cranky The HAB Theory 1999 Sep 30
     ... catastrophism . astronomy . apocalypse . science fiction ...
"Geophysical science offers rather thin explanations for the periods of history during which great glaciers advanced and retreated from the polar regions, leaving a great deal of physical evidence. The more one delves into the actual evidence, the more skeptical one becomes of the existing theories. The truth, according to the HAB Theory, is that periodically -- at intervals ranging from 3000 to 7000 years but averaging around 5500 years apart -- great global cataclysms have occurred which destroyed virtually all of whatever life forms or civilizations had developed on the Earth to that point."

illucid The Message to the Non-born 1999 Aug 08
     ... extraterrestrials . prophecy . apocalypse . catastrophism ...
"For the first time in a history of our civilization the Message of non-human intelligence is discovered. Here I will begin to acquaint you with this Message. It was left to us many thousand of years ago. ... Full decoding and understanding of the Message will require many years. The Message, in particular, this contains information on global catastrophe in the history of the Earth, revival of life after this catastrophe, with reasons and method of prediction of similar catastrophes."

cranky The Great Moon Research Disaster 1999 May 27
     ... catastrophism . astronomy ...
"Tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. caused by Earth-Moon center of gravity ... Alterations ..."

cranky The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies 1999 May 27
     ... catastrophism ...
"The oldest and most up to date society for catastrophist information and research."

cranky Catastrophism and Ancient Anomalies 1999 May 27
     ... catastrophism . electromagnetism ...
"[Senator] Smithfield would have told you that there was too much static electricity floating around in 1957, but for sure he would have not enjoyed living in ancient times; there was a lot more of it floating around back then. The more powerful electrostatic and electromagnetic nature of the Earth in ancient times was occasioned by and itself was the cause of a number of phenomena which divide the ancient world and our world into fundamentally different kinds of realities, resulting in the present fubar state of virtually every branch of science which attempts to make sense out of prehistoric conditions." In PDF format.

crankiest Immanuel Velikovsky 1999 May 27
     ... Velikovsky . catastrophism ...
"... in his 1950's book Worlds in Collision proposes that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events: worldwide global catastrophes of a celestial origin, which had a profound effect on the lives, beliefs and writings of early mankind."

cranky Velikovsky Homepage 1999 May 27
     ... Velikovsky . catastrophism ...
"Research, publications, and presentations ..."

cranky The Velikovskian: A Journal of Myth, History and Science 1999 May 27
     ... Velikovsky . catastrophism ...
"[Immanuel Velikovsky] presented this question to us regarding the possibility of global catastrophism in human history. Several other scholars have also investigated this concept, presenting other mechanisms as the basis for these cataclysms. It is the purpose of The Velikovskian to give full reign to those involved in this research so that their concepts may be explored and examined in these pages. ... If there were global cataclysms, then the cause, nature and impact of these upheavals is an important issue in science, history and humanity and is deserving of our attention."

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