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crankier Tony's Home Page 2005 Dec 23
     ... particle physics . apocalypse . politics . quantum mechanics . paranoia ...
"My book was banned by Cornell ... VoDou Physics ... ET? ... NO ET? ... 2012 ... Oil and Kittens ... Divine Justice 2000: Gore's loss to Bush ... Quantum Consciousness ... Compton Radius Vortex ... Conformal Gravity ... 130 GeV Truth Quark ..."

illucid The Prediction of System Design Is Coming True 2005 Oct 07
     ... prophecy . apocalypse ...
"Asian tsunami and Katrina are related and point to greater natural catastrophes on the way ... We are heading to a chain of destruction, by wind, fire, water and earth and the break down of psychological state of humanity leading to great wars and terrorist activity ... Discover the only way to escape the agony and fury of Nature ... System design notes that all life is anti- gravitational by its instinct. Human beings are central to the actions and reactions taking place in nature. It underlines that with out Galileo the ball would not have gone to the top of the table for him to role and lay the foundation to modern science."

cranky 2005 Jul 02
     ... apocalypse ...
"This website reveals that within the next year or two (at best): * Oil extraction from wells will be physically unable to meet global demand (the evidence is from the oil industry itself). * Alternative energy sources like nuclear and natural gas will fall far short of compensating for expected shortages of oil. There is simply not enough time to convert over to them. * Massive disruptions to transportation and the economy are expected from about 2005-2007 onward as the global decline of petroleum begins. Most significant effects: * Gradual, permanent cut-off of fuel for transport and for industrial machinery. Global trade will greatly decline. * Agriculture (massive food shortages) depends heavily on fertilizers and chemicals made from oil. * Shortages of 500,000 other goods made from oil. * Therefore, reduction of virtually all business and government activity. Very serious unemployment."

cranky Historical Realists International 2005 Feb 12
     ... apocalypse . religion ...
"By denying the existence of God and asserting that there is no such thing as truth, atheistic ideology has a profoundly negative effect on our efforts to solve the mystery of human existence. Welcome. My name is Patrick J. Conway author of The Awful Truth and founder of Historical Realists International. ... The Awful Truth is: atheism is a dictatorial violent ideological cult that drives radical agendas in government and politics worldwide and, in the guise of education, force-feeds that ideology to our children, by declaring any history that refers to God - 'myth.'"

illucid End of the World 2005 Feb 12
     ... apocalypse . evolution ...
"The world will end soon, only 5 FIVE, generations left for civilised MAN. I would like to extend the theory of evolution, life in the universe is based on the following pattern. ... MAN does not know it but his DNA is very week, although the dominant species. MAN realizes that without evolution, their DNA is becoming unstable. The DNA of MAN is very unstable, and MAN realises that HE will become extinct soon. MAN can genetically engineer a comet to send seeds of his him self and his environment into space so that another planet can evolve like the earth did. MAN chooses not to reproduce any more. The cycle continues."

crankier Exodus 2006 2004 Nov 06
     ... religion . apocalypse . Bible codes ...
"Join the retreat into the Ethiopian mountains - near to the town of Axum - where the Ark of the Covenant is kept. I need some money fairly urgently - so I can visit Axum and start making some preparations. Thanks! ... Bible Codes - this way for the full list of codes and code-related material."

crankier A Mighty Wind! 2004 Jul 10
     ... religion . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"Alpha & Omega Almightywind ... Kuach Ha Kodesh Wildfire! ... Last Chance Ministry ... Prophecies Given to Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia ... I, Yahveh, have declared war on planet Earth from Heaven! ... Below is the dream my beloved husband had on 6/25/04. Those with the gift of interpretation of dreams please email us and share the interpretation ..."

crankiest Operation Terra: Preparing for the Harvest 2003 Sep 20
     ... religion . extraterrestrials . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"The term 'Operation Terra' refers to both a body of information and an operational concept. The information is being telepathically transmitted to Sara Lyara Estes (aka Lyara) by a group of higher-dimensional beings who refer to themselves as 'The Hosts of Heaven.' It comes to us as a series of Messages--cosmic 'lessons' from these celestial beings. The Messages are fully available at no charge on this site, and have also been published in two softcover books, for those who prefer that format. Additional material is available in the Articles section of this site, and an ongoing discussion about the details of the material and its relevance to our present world is taking place in the online Forums."

crankiest The Georgia Guidestones 2003 Jun 19
     ... apocalypse ...
"They are these granite stones, 19 feet tall, standing in Georgia, aligned in conjunction with the heavens, and erected under mysterious circumstances, and; They are carved with a message in ten parts, and in eight languages, intended for future generations: 1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000* in perpetual balance with nature. 2. Guide reproduction wisely -- improving fitness and diversity. 3. Unite humanity with a living new language. 4. Rule passion -- faith -- tradition -- and all things with tempered reason. 5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. 6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. 8. Balance personal rights with social duties. 9. Prize truth -- beauty -- love -- seeking harmony with the infinite. 10. Be not a cancer on the earth -- Leave room for nature -- Leave room for nature."

anti Bad Astronomy: Planet X 2003 May 22
     ... astronomy . Planet X . apocalypse ...
"Doomsayers seem to pop up every few years. Last time, it was the alignment of the planets that somehow managed not to destroy the Earth in May 2000. Now, we have Planet X. A few people are claiming that a heretofore unknown planet in our solar system is on a very long, elliptical orbit. In May 2003, it will pass close enough to the Earth to affect it in some way, causing it to flip over (what many call a 'pole shift') and spur many other huge disasters. The end result will be the deaths of many billions of people. There are a large number of web pages, chat rooms and books about Planet X and its horrible effects on the Earth. So the question is, does this planet exist, and will it come by in May 2003 and cause all this horror? No, and no."

cranky Rapture Ready 2002 Aug 15
     ... religion . apocalypse ...
"The rapture is going to strike without warning. The rapture is going to happen suddenly. The rapture is going to be one of the most astonishing events to ever occur."

cranky The Return of the King in 2002 2002 Aug 15
     ... religion . occult . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"There is an ancient Celtic legend that tells of a King who comes back at a time when his country needs him the most ... that time is almost here."

cranky Our Lady's Prophecies: These Last Days Ministries 2002 May 27
     ... prophecy . apocalypse ...
"In 1917 the Virgin Mary gave warnings and prophecies to three children in Fatima, Portugal. Many of these prophecies have already occurred with 100% accuracy. At Bayside, New York, Mother Mary explained in great detail the Fatima prophecies and the events soon to befall mankind."

cranky Future's Edge 2002 Apr 21
     ... new age . apocalypse ...
"Will humanity crash or will humanity soar? Astronomic extinction catastrophes (large asteroid impact, new large orbit disturbing objects in solar system, massive particle wavefronts, gamma ray bursts, massive zeropoint fluctuations) ... biological catastrophes (mutations -HIV like, pandemics) ... ecological catastrophes (elimination of many species, destruction of ecosystems) ... cultural catastrophes (dark ages return) - 911? ... economic catastrophes (world wide depression) ... political catastrophes (extinction of democracy) ... military catastrophes (massive nuclear exchange) Is the danger over? ... geological catastrophes (new ice ages, massive earthquakes, massive volcano generated ash and smoke)"

anti The Little Pebble a.k.a. William Kamm 2002 Feb 26
     ... religion . cults . apocalypse ...
"Our Lady of the Ark. Mary Our Mother Help of Christians. Marian Work of Atonement. Order of St. Charbel. Australia's biggest 'Doomsday' cult."

cranky Overcomer Ministry Home Page 2001 Dec 29
     ... religion . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"The Voice of The Last Day Prophet of God. Jesus Christ is Coming in YOUR Lifetime. THIS is the LAST Generation. Prepare to meet your God. Maranatha."

crankiest King Arthur 2001 Oct 09
     ... religion . apocalypse . prophecy . Nostradamus ...
"We are about to enter the Biblical event known as Armageddon where America and Israel are vehemently attacked. Eventually world war develops. After this arrives a king who speaks of what the world has never knwon ... peace."

crankiest Distillation or DOOM 2001 Oct 05
     ... prophecy . apocalypse ...
"This is not about a prophecy. The information contained herein is an evaluation of historical occurrences that will be coupled with culminating events --s cheduled to take place on October 5, 1997 -- that could be considered by God as the final straw which will set off His wrath." Needless to say, nothing happened.

cranky 2012 Unlimited 2001 Mar 03
     ... apocalypse . Philadelphia experiment . free energy . UFOlogy . extraterrestrials . new age ...
"We present information and tools to help you through the major changes taking place on Planet Earth now. This site and our catalogue cover: the Mayan calendar and prophecies, time acceleration, the frequency rise on Earth to a 16 hour day, the Quickening, Philadelphia and Montauk experiments in time, free energy, DNA upgrades, UFOs, extraterrestrials, the shift to fourth and fifth dimension, the Ascension, the synchronisation of earth with the universe. Other material that covers the mind realities, parallel universes and energy changes."

cranky Morgana's Observatory 2000 Sep 02
     ... apocalypse . prophecy . mythology ...
"Have you been watching the skies and paying closer attention to what is going on in the world lately? Do you wonder about the decline of today's civilization? Are you in search of multicultural prophecies potentially relevant to these times? Are you simply looking for news sources outside the mainstream media and/or contact with kindred souls? Just want to rest your weary Internet spirit?"

crankiest Red Moon Rising 2000 Aug 30
     ... religion . apocalypse ...
"Everyone will know when it begins ... It will be a spiritual and emotional shakening. There will be no warning. It will occur when life is going on as normal, yet nothing will be the same after it happens. Your reaction to it will probably be, 'What's going on!? What the hell is happening?! Oh my God, I can't believe it!' ... There will be a great earthquake ... The sun will be darkened and the moon will turn the color of blood ... There will be amajor meteor storm ... There will be a polar shift ... The Rapture will take every honest and true Christian to Heaven ..."

crankiest Warning: 666 Is Coming 2000 May 16
     ... religion . numerology . prophecy . apocalypse ...
A cashless society is proof that the Book of Revelations is coming to pass?

cranky CALENdeRsign 2000 May 01
     ... astrology . apocalypse ...
"On May 5th, 2000 all naked eye planets are in an alignment like a bead! This is the same alignment as it occured millennia ago at begin of ancient calendars! Why this happens in of all years in the year 2000?" In German and English.

links Disinformation 2000 Apr 15
     ... resources . apocalypse . conspiracy . politics ...
"Apocalypse Now ... The Conspiracy ... Orgasmatron ... Police State ... The Revolution ... Television ..."

illucid Unicorns, Cetans, Krakens on the Move 2000 Mar 29
     ... astrology . religion . apocalypse . secret societies ...
"Cetus the Whale (impervious to the Andromeda Strain and never vanquished) ... This is the Hale-Bopp comet streaking through Andromeda star system ... The Illuminati & Rockefeller version of the 'Capture the Kraken [Unicorn] ... Age of Aquarius ... Read the real true story of Cain's descendants and the Biblical Flood ... May 5, 2000, this is what will happen above and below! ..."

cranky Book of Life 2000 Feb 09
     ... prophecy . apocalypse . Nostradamus ...
"This was the Nostradamus first day of his seventh month when he was living ..."

cranky Comets, Culture, & Currency 1999 Dec 06
     ... prophecy . apocalypse . astronomy . catastrophism ...
"... will increasingly reflect almost twenty years of research aimed at understanding the social and physical influence of a large comet, in a short-period Earth-threatening orbit. This object, according to astronomical evidence, has been progressively breaking up since the Holocene time period began. The result of such debris scattering was to increase the likelihood of Earth's climate being affected by periodic interaction with extraterrestrial material during this most recent time period."

crankiest Rock Prophecy 1999 Nov 25
     ... religion . apocalypse ...
"Sex and Jimi Hendrix in world religions ... the original asteroid prediction and Microsoft connection ..."

cranky Brain Food 1999 Oct 29
     ... prophecy . apocalypse ...
"Forecasts about the abundance of oil are usually warped by inconsistent definitions of 'reserves.' In truth, every year for the past two decades the industry has pumped more oil than it has discovered, and production will soon be unable to keep up with rising demand."

cranky The HAB Theory 1999 Sep 30
     ... catastrophism . astronomy . apocalypse . science fiction ...
"Geophysical science offers rather thin explanations for the periods of history during which great glaciers advanced and retreated from the polar regions, leaving a great deal of physical evidence. The more one delves into the actual evidence, the more skeptical one becomes of the existing theories. The truth, according to the HAB Theory, is that periodically -- at intervals ranging from 3000 to 7000 years but averaging around 5500 years apart -- great global cataclysms have occurred which destroyed virtually all of whatever life forms or civilizations had developed on the Earth to that point."

links It's the End of the World as We Know It ... Again 1999 Aug 08
     ... resources . prophecy . apocalypse ...
"The following pages contain the most comprehensive collection of apocalyptic prophecies I could compile. Plus, discussion about the various types of Doomsday warnings and obsessions, quirks of the calendar, predictions of apocalypse from around the world and assorted other related stuff."

illucid The Message to the Non-born 1999 Aug 08
     ... extraterrestrials . prophecy . apocalypse . catastrophism ...
"For the first time in a history of our civilization the Message of non-human intelligence is discovered. Here I will begin to acquaint you with this Message. It was left to us many thousand of years ago. ... Full decoding and understanding of the Message will require many years. The Message, in particular, this contains information on global catastrophe in the history of the Earth, revival of life after this catastrophe, with reasons and method of prediction of similar catastrophes."

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