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cranky Radial Momentum 2004 Nov 06
     ... antigravity ...
"... is the arithmetic sum of the individual momenta of all the particles of a system, taken from the center of mass. Like linear momentum, Radial Momentum obeys conservation laws. So the fragments of an explosion, or the molecules of a radially expanding fluid, once set in radial motion, tend to stay in motion and maintain the total Radial Momentum, until some force acts on the individual elements. Once fluid molecules start expanding radially, Radial Momentum keeps these molecules expanding into larger and larger volumes ... and the result is that the density and the pressure both fall and induce lift. I propose to demonstrate, with simple experiments and models, that Radial Momentum, and not fluid velocity, accounts for lift or pressure drop in many systems."

crankiest Paradigm Shift 2004 May 23
     ... politics . conspiracy . antigravity . science ...
"Our students being educated in science at these institutions at tremendous cost are being lied to and indoctrinated just as blatantly as those in social sciences, literature, and the arts. Allan Hegland's new book PARADIGM SHIFT: The Failures of Scientific Theory and the Quest for Antigravity convincingly demonstrates that the theoretical foundations of astrophysics, particle physics, biology and geology are lies, and the professors preaching them know this but preach them anyway, consider - The Big Bang never happened, couldn't happen - The standard model of the atom is sheer nonsense - Particle physics spends billions of tax dollars on accelerators and has to come up with one iota of useful or valid information - Evolution was known to be a farce Darwin himself - The earth's crust was formed by meteor bombardment, gravity conflicts and crustal expansion, not by 'plate tectonics' ..."

crankier Antigravitation in Biology 2003 Dec 15
     ... antigravity . biology ...
"Viktor S. Grebennikov is the scientist - naturalist, professional entomologist, gifted painter and, on the whole, comprehensively well-educated specialist with a wide spectrum of interests. For many people and scientists in Russia he is well-known as discoverer of cavity structural effect (CSE). But is far from being all are acquainted with his other opening, also borrowed from among concealed secrets of alive Nature. In 1988 he found out antigravitational effects of chitinous covers some insects species. But the most astonishing attendant phenomenon associated with antigravity was a phenomenon overall either partial invisibility or deformed visual perception of the material object which was located in a zone of compensated gravitation. Based on this opening and by using bionics principles, the author designed and builded antigravitational platform, and also, practically, developed principles manned flight with the speed up to 25 km/min. Since 1991-92 years the device was used by the author as a means of fast movement. ... In 1988 V.S. Grebennikov discovered bilogical antigravitation that is based of effect of cavity structures, in other words, it is De Broighl' waves resonances produced by volumetrical resonators of some biological objects."

crankier Spin-Orbit Duality, Astromechanics and Anti-Gravity 2002 Oct 04
     ... physics . antigravity ...
"When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, the secret of anti-gravity became immediately clear to the author. We were told that the earth never set from their vantage point, due to the moon being in orbit around the earth. The author, however, saw that the earth was spinning. He argued that anybody born on the moon would understand that spin delivers a repulsive force."

cranky American Antigravity 2002 Aug 10
     ... antigravity ...
"Lifter technology is a new type of field-effect propulsion technology that provides thrust without expelling mass. It is based on ion-drive and Biefeld-Brown effect propulsion technology, and uses only electricity to produce thrust."

cranky New Physics of Light 2002 Feb 26
     ... physics . electromagnetism . gravitation . aether . antigravity ...
"Do you need to familiarize with absolutely new objective method [sic] in scientific researches? ... Do you need to know that: the essential reality of universe is not particle but the straight, invisible, infinite and moving Light lines? the mathematical (and geometrical) description of world has objective reality? time is one of the absolute attributes of Light in manifestation? what is spot or 'light ether'? all known forces in universe rely on force of 'Light lines'? the Unified Field Forces is constituted by gravitational, antigravitational, magnetic and electrical force? ..."

cranky The Quest for Overunity 2002 Jan 21
     ... free energy . perpetual motion . antigravity ...
"You are welcome in the JLN Labs web site dedicated to the search of Free-Energy solutions and new generation of space-propulsion systems."

illucid An Open Invitation to the Temples of Science to Break It 2001 Jun 17
     ... physics . particle physics . quantum mechanics . gravitation . antigravity . cosmology . biology . grand unification ...
"Secret of nature: Unification theory and perpetual universe ... Secret of the fundamental particle ... Secret of gravity, force and mass ... Secret of quantum world ... New dimensions of force -- secrets of action and reaction ... Origin of force and creation of the universe ... Evolution of living universe ... Secret of DNA and formation of information system ... Cloning in darkness ... Cracks in the foundation of science ... God throws empty dice -- man figures the number ..."

cranky General Theory of Universe Structure and Dynamics 2001 Feb 21
     ... grand unification . quantum mechanics . relativity . aether . antigravity . extraterrestrials ...
"I have invalidated the Michelson and Morley Experiment of 1887; and the Non-Skewed Lightwaves Experiment, which are the only indications in all of physics history that reject the Ether. When people are ridiculed today for mentioning the Ether, it is because of these two, flawed experiments. ... The Michelson-Morley Experiment is conceptually flawed, and failed to find the Ether Wind because of a tricky bit of wave mechanics. ..."

illucid Rediscovering Gravity, Force, and Quantum Phenomena 2000 Nov 04
     ... physics . gravitation . antigravity . quantum mechanics . grand unification ...
"The scientists are helpless. They are limited by the boundaries they themselves laid. If the ?mass? should be stopped from heading to disaster then the scientist should show in clear terms the drawbacks in science and its limitations. They have to discover a new base on which all developments in science can rest and at the same time it should have potentials to show the relationship between various phenomenon of nature that science has discovered and exploited. In other words scientist should show in clear terms the Unification Theory. It has to link mind and matter. In other words scientist have to clearly show that nature is not conquerable and that any attempt to conquer it by physical means only leads to his own destruction."

cranky Future Horizons 2000 Aug 30
     ... technology . antigravity . free energy . time travel . UFOlogy ...
"Free energy experiments ... Hoverboard ... Obtain fuel from water ... Lightsabres ..."

crankiest The Searl Effect 2000 Aug 30
     ... technology . electromagnetism . antigravity ...
"An effect based on magnetic fields that generates a continual motion of magnetized rollers around magnetized rings producing electric energy and, under certain conditions, an anti-gravity effect that can be used for propulsion. Side-effects include negative ionization of surrounding air and a cooling of temperature around the device when in operation. ... Prof. John Searl is the ONLY man in history to have built and flown an antigravity device called a levity disc, now called Inverse-G-Vehicle."

links Anti Gravity Links 2000 Jul 27
     ... gravitation . antigravity ...
A list of antigravity links.

cranky Physical Theories and Laws of Nature 2000 May 26
     ... science . physics . grand unification . antigravity ...
"Elements of classical structure of physical vacuum ... Some parities of physical constants of vacuum ... Applications of physics and united law of nature ... Antigravitation in Universe ..." In English and Russian. In HTML, PostScript, and PDF formats.

links The Antigravity "Underground" 1999 Nov 26
     ... antigravity . gravitation ...
"This page is an unabashed collection both of mainstream and far-fringe Antigravity files and links. Where professionals fear to tread, the lead is taken by amateurs, maverick researchers, and crackpot inventors. ... Those who smugly dismiss the crazy antigravity inventors of today would have fit right in with those who ridiculed all the amateur aerodynamicists at the turn of the century."

cranky Smart1234's Homepage 1999 May 27
     ... science . nuclear physics . antigravity . religion . philosophy ...
"The New Atomic Testament ... Anti-Gravity ... Religion and Philosophy ..."

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