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cranky Lloyd Pye 2002 Jul 26
     ... evolution . origins . extraterrestrials ...
"Everything you know is wrong ... Book one: Human origins ... Do it wrong the first time ..."

illucid The New Theory of Life 2002 May 13
     ... origins . evolution ...
"This is the newest theory of life. Heard here first. This is a VALID theory and many hypotheses have been tested to prove this a true theory. I call it the Theory of Rockage. Pronounced ROCK-AGE. You may find yourself enlightened or you may choose to stubbornly stick to your unprobven ideas of EVOLUTION or even worse the simple-minded idea taken straight from the Genesis, CREATION. Several new theories have come up in the past century, but with the dawn of a new millenium comes the most sensible conclusion. If you were to come back to this earth in a later life in 3 more centuries, you will find ROCKAGE is the theory that the majority of the PLANET bases its beliefs on. This may seem similar to evolution, but the origins are completely different."

crankiest The Mysterious Origins of Man 2002 Apr 21
     ... origins . Martians . medicine ...
"Join us as we examine controversial theories about man's origins and evolution, new findings about Egypt, the pyramids and the Sphinx, archaeological cover-ups involving ancient maps, dinosaurs and megalithic structures in Peru. Is the Sphinx thousands of years older than history tells us? Will the answer be found by a similar Sphinx-like face photographed by NASA on Mars? Does the essence of a simple flower have the ability to help cancer patients heal? Curious minds can explore these and other sujects that are reshaping our world."

fringe Cosmic Ancestry 2002 Apr 03
     ... astronomy . origins ...
"... is a new theory of evolution and the origin of life on Earth. It holds that life on Earth was seeded from space, and that life's evolution to higher forms depends on genetic programs that come from space. It is a wholly scientific, testable theory for which evidence is accumulating. The first point, which deals with the origin of life on Earth, is known as panspermia - literally, 'seeds everywhere.' Its earliest recorded advocate was the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, who influenced Socrates. However, Aristotle's theory of spontaneous generation came to be preferred by science for more than two thousand years. Then on April 9, 1864, French chemist Louis Pasteur announced his great experiment disproving spontaneous generation as it was then held to occur. In the 1870s, British physicist Lord Kelvin and German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz reinforced Pasteur and argued that life could come from space. And in the first decade of the 1900s, Swedish chemist and Nobel laureate Svante Arrhenius theorized that bacterial spores propelled through space by light pressure were the seeds of life on Earth."

cranky The True.Origin Archive 2001 Oct 09
     ... evolution . origins ...
"This site provides an intellectually honest alternative to such pro-evolutionism websites as the 'Talk.Origins' Archive. Many proponents of evolution subscribe to a set of naturalistic and mechanistic -- if not humanistic -- philosophical presuppositions, which inevitably adds a fundamental bias to their perspective. This fact (which they zealously deny) severely erodes evolutionists? credibility, effectively disqualifying them from any claim to objectivity in matters concerning origins and science. Much of the material published on the 'Talk.Origins' pages (for example) embodies precisely such a pseudoscientific bias, often articulated under the pretense that it is the product only of purely objective and unprejudiced study."

cranky Origins 2001 May 11
     ... religion . Intelligent Design . philosophy . origins ...
"This site features scholarly and popular resources concerning intelligent design and philosophical theism."

cranky Alternative Science 2001 Jan 21
     ... science . origins . evolution ...
"Scientists and inventors who were ridiculed by science ... Taboo subjects. Investigate these and you're a crackpot ... Richard Milton's outspoken column from Mensa Magazine ... NBC's film that made 'skeptics' foam at the mouth ... How the scientific police seek to patrol your minds ... Richard Milton's books on Darwinism and the Paranormal ... The real facts rather than the Scientific Urban Myths ... Bogus beliefs from people who should know better ..."

anti NASA's Origins Program 2000 Feb 05
     ... science . origins ...
"Have you looked at the night sky and asked yourself where did all this come from? How did we get here? Our generation is privileged -- if we accept the challenge -- to have the opportunity to answer these timeless questions asked around the ancient campfires and in the contemporary classrooms today. NASA's Origins Program will search for clues to help us find our cosmic roots including answer to questions such as: How did the first galaxies form? How do stars and planetary systems form? Are there any planets outside our solar system that are capable of sustaining life? How did life originate on Earth? Is there life (however primitive or evolved) outside our solar system? Over the course of the next two decades, the Origins program will utilize the best minds in academia, industry and NASA to develop the technologies that will enable putting in space a succession of sophisticated telescopes each building on scientific and technological achievements of the prior missions. Augmented with ground-based observatories and research and analysis, NASA's Origins program will give our civilization a better sense of the universe around us and our place in it."

anti The Archive 1999 Dec 06
     ... origins . Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
"... is a collection of articles and essays, most of which have appeared in at one time or another. The primary reason for this archive's existence is to provide mainstream scientific responses to the many frequently asked questions (FAQs) and frequently rebutted assertions that appear in"

cranky AULIS Publishers 1999 May 27
     ... conspiracy . Martians . Apollo program . origins . anthropology ...
"The Face on Mars ... Cities of Dreams ... Dark Moon ... Two-Thirds ... Expand your horizons ..."

anti FAQ 1999 May 27
     ... origins . Scientific Creationism . evolution ...
... is the newsgroup FAQ.

cranky Creation Science 1999 May 27
     ... Scientific Creationism . evolution . origins ...
"Welcome to the Creation Science home page! Here you will find many resources related to the study of origins and science from a Creationist perspective."

cranky Mobius Insight 1999 May 27
     ... origins . science . religion . extraterrestrials . history ...
"It seems that in this enlightened age we have two factions still arguing about the origin of mankind as we know it today. Like a large swinging pendulum, the argument vacillates between religious factions and dogmatic science, with both parties proclaiming to the world the other side is incorrect. History has proven that extremists are seldom totally right ... This collapse of the present house of cards will not occur from within, but from without as it has before every 3600 years by the celestial clock, for four billion years..."

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