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cranky Debunking Physics and Discovering Forever 2005 Dec 06
     ... physics . metaphysics ...
"The Universe is self-creating and self-organizing and doesn?t require a designer, intelligent or otherwise. Everything that constitutes the Universe, and that?s everything, is the product of physical process and is composed of a material substance that we can call matter. That thing called energy is a manifestation of matter and is composed of matter. Everything also has a cause. To consider the possibility of acausality, that things can happen without a cause, is to embrace a magical and non-scientific perspective. So, although the Universe is intricately complex, it?s strictly materialistic and determined in every detail."

crankier Self-Designed Universe 2005 Oct 07
     ... metaphysics . new age ...
"The universe gets wound up into and unwound from four basic forces on its eternal cycles of contraction and expansion or devolution and evolution just as, to a certain extent, a tree gets wound up into and unwound from its seed to become the next tree. ... So no more heated arguments on design and evolution or rather design and Darwinism! Both are like two sides of the same coin of the universal scheme of ?evolution? here on earth. The universe?s going through four basic interactions and consequent mutations provide it with basic and design part. Taking over from there by Darwinian mechanisms of variations, selection and survival in the case of species provides it with the secondary and evolution part."

crankier Natural Philosophy Alliance 2004 Sep 19
     ... metaphysics . quantum mechanics . relativity . Big Bang . science ...
"The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) is devoted mainly to broad-ranging, fully open-minded criticism, at the most fundamental levels , of the often irrational and unrealistic doctrines of modern physics and cosmology; and to the ultimate replacement of these doctrines by much sounder ideas developed with full respect for evidence, logic, and objectivity. Such reforms have long been urgently needed; and yet there is no area of scholarship more stubbornly censorial, and more reluctant to reform itself."

illucid Quantum Thought Experiments 2004 Sep 19
     ... metaphysics . quantum mechanics ...
"It would be quite improper for thought experiments to matter to nature. They are a humble human device. Yet quantum mechanics very naturally frames thought experiments (as against bits of reality). They exemplify the informing powers of radiation. Though based on wave functions that have time symmetry, these fancied tableaus inevitably tell of irreversible behavior by nature. The paper sketches how John von Neumann's measurement theory fits into this and retells N. David Mermin's baseball story. ... When something material passes from fork to walrus, if only a beam of light, then the walrus's fate can depend on your choice of fork." In PDF format.

crankiest Zero Point 2004 May 23
     ... metaphysics . new age ...
"The central argument of the Within-Without from Zero Points book series is that all 'cosmoses,' from that of the universe and the quanta of physics to the consciousness of an individual must be understood in terms of zero point dynamics. Blavatsky describes zero points as the foundations upon which the Gods 'clothe themselves in bodies' - whether the body of a universe, a particle, or a human being."

crankiest Metaphysics of Astrology: Astrological Signs 2004 Apr 06
     ... metaphysics . astrology . astronomy . philosophy . physics ...
"So how does this knowledge affect Astrology? Well it tells us that the planets do actually have some affect on our matter, and perhaps even more significantly, have a pronounced affect on the sun (causing cycles in its energy output) and thus cycles in our weather patterns. Thus it is quite reasonable that the position of the planets does subtly affect our evolution, and in particular certain aspects of our personality. I must admit that I did find remarkable similarities in my personality and the description of a Scorpio, as described in the section below on Astrological Signs. Likewise my partner Karene has a personality very consistent with her Libra sign (though this is irrelevant in terms of Science). We hope that you will enjoy this page on Astrology, and also hope that you find the Wave Structure of Matter an interesting explanation for how these distant planets can subtly affect our evolution and personality."

cranky What is and what will be: Integrating spirituality and science 2003 Sep 20
     ... metaphysics . philosophy . mathematics . science . spiritualism . new age ...
"What is and what will be integrates spirituality and science by making the simplest possible assumptions about the relationship between conscious experience and physical structure. These assumptions have their roots in mathematical and scientific understanding and have implications for those disciplines. The assumptions come from pushing science an mathematics to their limits creating an opening for connecting the structure of science with the essence of spirituality."

crankier Metaphysics, Geometry, Universal Law, Theory of Consciousness 2003 Mar 10
     ... metaphysics . philosophy . mathematics . consciousness ...
"My interest in geometry is often from a metaphysical perspective. In this section you will find papers on basic 2 dimensional geometry, and detailed analyses of some well-known polyhedra. I try to use only the most basic geometric tools, namely, the Pythagorean theorem and well-known Euclidian theorems. I try to avoid trig unless specifically looking at central and surface angles, because the ancients didn't use it, at least to my knowledge. ... I define metaphysics as that subject which investigates universal law and which can be applied beneficially to daily life. I believe that if metaphysical concepts are too abstruse, they are worthless. These essays are not an explication of standard metaphysics. You will not find here any 'critiques of pure reason' or any metaphysical buzzwords like 'ontological' or 'non-deterministic'. I will leave these to the standard metaphysicists!"

cranky The International Society of Unified Science, Inc. 2002 Aug 17
     ... physics . metaphysics . mathematics ...
"The objective of this organization is to advance in all ways deemed feasible the Reciprocal System of physical theory as proposed by Dewey B. Larson in his publications and as extended by other authors in application to specific areas of the physical sciences. The Reciprocal System is a body of knowledge derivable from the logical extension of its two fundamental postulates: 1. The physical universe is composed entirely of one component, motion, existing in three dimensions, in discrete units, and with two reciprocal aspects, space and time. 2. The physical universe conforms to the relations of ordinary commutative mathematics, its primary magnitudes are absolute, and its geometry is Euclidean."

cranky 2002 Aug 10
     ... philosophy . metaphysics . consciousness . physics ...
"I am a physicist who, as a physicist, has investigated some unusual fields like psychology and one of its recent daughters, the craft of psychological astrology, and found some indication for what might be new laws in culture and possibly even in physics. I have formulated these indications in the form of scientific hypotheses. These hypotheses may be unusual, they may even superficially appear to violate existing physical laws, but as far as I can tell as a physicist, their content has not been tested specifically enough to exclude them, i.e. the hypotheses have essentially to be tested in new experiments. For that purpose they have been carefully crafted to be both simple and specific enough to be experimentally verifiable or falsifiable in an exact, quantitative way. Being a physicist, I will go by what nature answers, by nothing else, even if I might personally prefer that some hypotheses might turn out to be true."

crankiest Primordiality 2002 May 27
     ... physics . consciousness . quantum mechanics . Einstein was wrong . metaphysics ...
"When I was twelve years old, late one night while struggling through my homework with the gods of general math and Euclidean geometry, it came to me. I drew an equilateral triangle and then another inverted inside of the first and I immediately saw that the inverted triangle was exactly one half the size of the first and so I drew another inside of that and then another. I then drew a circle around each triangle and then quite unexpectedly, like an electrical flash, Zeno's Paradox rent my linear thought asunder to reveal in all of its elliptical glory a vortex of irrational numbers and every element of the attractive and opposing relationships between Space, Time, Matter, Energy and Motion. From that time forward I found no rest ..the quest of a lifetime had begun."

cranky Roger's Web Site of Metaphysics, Physics, Cosmology, and Set Theory Ideas 2002 Mar 25
     ... mathematics . metaphysics . physics . cosmology ...
"Hi. Welcome to my web site. My name is Roger. I'm a biochemist, but one of my hobbies is thinking about infinite sets, philosophy, metaphysics and physics. Some of my ideas about these subjects are listed below. As with most ideas, mine are built on all the thinking that has come before me. So, I'd like to credit all those who have contributed in this area in the past and who are doing so today. Please forgive me if I do not reference everything directly. In developing these ideas, my philosophy has been to assume as little as possible, even about the most basic of things, and then try to develop logical and internally consistent ideas. Because I'm an amateur, many academics would consider me a 'crackpot' and dismiss the ideas out of hand. However, in reading these ideas, I hope that you consider them on their individual merits and not based on their amateur source. After the ideas, some links to other, not all related, sites are also listed."

fringe 2002 Feb 26
     ... religion . metaphysics . philosophy ...
"The California Institute of Omniology holds as fact that all theories of Origins, lacking empirical verification, are metaphysical and religious in nature. Therefore, they require and deserve equal examination, evaluation, and, critical review in the spirit of true academic freedom in science. The California Institute of Omniology also holds to the fact that educators and students alike are biased towards one view or another of Origins and other fields of science. In a free society high standards of academic freedom include the expectation that students are to be taught 'how' to think for themselves, not 'what' they should think. Therefore, we support a students 'Right To Know' an instructor's academic background, religious beliefs, and philosophical discipline. This information could be essential in understanding and evaluating instructor's teachings on any given subject."

links Alien/UFO Art Gallery, Ghost & Metaphysics 2001 Dec 29
     ... UFOlogy . alien abductions . ghosts . metaphysics . paranormal . crop circles ...
"Home of the Alien/UFO/Ghost Research Society Please Scroll Down and click on and enter each page of our Web site. Click here to submit UFO, Abduction, Crop Circle, Cattle Mutilation, Paranormal Haunting or ghost report. Note: For all reports, data, etc. submitted: Anonymity will be protected by request."

cranky Synergetic Universe 2001 Nov 18
     ... metaphysics . physics . consciousness ...
"As an alternative to the Cartesian spatio-temporal framework and its associated assumptions and methodologies, certain elements of Buckminster Fuller's synergetic geometry are proposed as a model for the structure of the universe on both a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. A direction for human evolution is suggested which is based on the recognition that consciousness and matter emerge from, inhere in, and return to a common source that is eternally present."

crankiest All My Files 2001 Oct 09
     ... metaphysics . technology . relativity . Einstein was wrong . physics . mathematics ...
"The Dark Matter mystery ... Modifications of the strong nuclear force by the action of the zero-point force ... Einstein's twin paradox revisited ... Non-accelerated 'twin paradox' ... Single best argument against special relativity ... Simple challenge to supporters of special relativity ... Short reductio ad absurdum refutation of special relativity ... Another simple argument against special relativity ... Logical invalidity of Einstein's 'train' thought experiment ... Do the Lorentz transformations even do what they were intended to do? ... Does the Michelson-Morley experiment really indicate that the speed of light is a constant? ... Can mass really increase with velocity ... ? ... Contradiction between the special and general theories of relativity ... A short and sweet refutation of Gödel's theorem ..." In PDF, Word, and RTF formats.

fringe Michael Dayah's Essays 2001 Jun 17
     ... extraterrestrials . metaphysics ...
"The Age of Curiosity: Why the sky isn't saturated with radio signals; a proposed update to the Drake equation ... Humans Are Not Self-Aware: The possibility of higher levels of sentience; an alternate perspective on human awareness ..."

crankiest Yun-Qi Kingdom 2001 Jun 10
     ... science . physics . mathematics . relativity . Einstein was wrong . hoaxes . paranormal . astronomy . gravitation . metaphysics . conspiracy . new age ...
"When the new millennium begins, a great NEW KINGDOM also comes. It marks the END of SCIENCE. No matter whether you believe or not, no matter if you want or not, this is already a fact, and will definitely become the reality in the very near future. Actually, my first article 'Yun-Qi Kingdom -- Fundamental One' obviously has very well put today's PHYSICS into the DEAD END. Students, teachers and professors who have a solid background of mathematics and/or physics can easily examine what I say by yourselves. If you think my first article does not sufficiently shake down today's MATHEMATICS, my second incoming article 'Yun-Qi Kingdom -- Fundamental Two' will clearly show you that the MATHEMATICS we have used for centuries is also considerably and lawlessly WRONG. Please do not use today's knowledge as your prejudices to cut immediately what I have said down. Try to investigate it first. I hope one can beat Yun-Qi Kingdom down by using today's science and knowledge, but I'll be afraid to say that NOBODY CAN."

cranky The OverFile: The Story of the Spherit 2000 Dec 03
     ... metaphysics . science fiction ...
"Two millennia after World War III, in the New Order year 1901 AE, StarProbe Tech Lt. Anen Kel is searching for a resolution to the interstellar communications problem known as the Anomaly when his intercept beams awaken a comatose alien creature drifting in high orbit over earth. ... The OverFile was written to showcase a new, speculative theory on the nature of reality and mind. The new model of reality is known simply as the O Model, or O Theory. O is defined in The OverFile as that ultimate, vacuous essence of reality within which, as which, and through which the nowflow of the observable universe operatively subsists and persists. ..."

links Crystalinks 2000 Aug 19
     ... metaphysics . new age . crystals . psychic phenomena . conspiracy . extraterrestrials . medicine . prophecy ...
"Ancient and lost civilizations ... Celestial bodies and entities ... Conspiracies and mystery schools ... Crystals ... Extraterrestrials ... Healing and energy ... Prophets and prophecies ..."

fringe The Ayn Rand Institute 2000 Aug 05
     ... philosophy . metaphysics . megalomaniacs ...
"... is the center for the advancement of Objectivism, Ayn Rand's philosophy of reason, egoism, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism. ... ARI's programs are based on the Objectivist tenet that ideas are the motor of history. As Ayn Rand stated in a 'Message from the Author' appended to an early paperback edition of Atlas Shrugged:"

cranky The Kontraxiom 2000 Jul 27
     ... metaphysics . new age ...
"I describe here as a non-scientist new ideas and thoughts on our world. I try to refer if possible all parts of science of nature and psyche. Even if the thoughts seem to you starnge or foreign, then I think that each something can pull from this Script." In German, English, and French.

cranky Raissa Research: The Path 1999 May 27
     ... science . physics . philosophy . metaphysics . new age ...
"Raissa Publishing is dedicated to exploring the unlimited potential of the human spirit, without restriction. Combining the sciences of physics and metaphysics, Raissa continues research to expand our knowledge and understanding of the nature of our reality and our relationship to it."

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